Sounds Good: Pitch Showcase @ Westport, Buzz Under the Stars @ Sandstone

Well, that happened quickly...

Another summer is sliding away, folks.  So drink it in while you still can.  And you might want to listen to this, one of the best summer songs of all time.  Maybe the best.

Here’s a couple shows that might help…


Friday, August 1st

The Pitch Music Showcase at a bunch of venues in Westportshowcase_logo.png

25 local bands and DJs are taking part in this deal, including Rev Gusto, La Guerre, Stik Figa, Oils, and many more.  But not the ACBs or the Shy Boys.  Nope, they’ll be at the Replay instead.  Check out the full schedule over at the Pitch’s website.


Saturday, August 2nd

Buzz Under the Stars Night 2: Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Gogol Bordello at Sandstone Amphitheater

This is a pretty cool lineup for 96.5’s summer show.  I’m most excited to see Queens of the Stone Age, fresh off the release of their latest album, 2013’s Like Clockwork.  It’s pretty rockin’, as most Queens stuff is.  Here’s what Pitchfork’s Stuart Berman said of the record:

“(L)ike Jack White (with whom [lead singer] Homme occasionally shares custody of keyboardist Dean Fertita), Homme knows how to reinvigorate well-worn classic-rock influences by filtering them through his peculiar personality, and this is where …Like Clockwork really comes alive: The monstrous groove of “If I Had a Tail” imagines how Zeppelin would have turned out if they had survived disco, while the moonage-daydreamy verses of “Kalopsia” are deviously upended by a Ziggy-wiggy, stardust-covered crunch.”

And of course, there’s the Killers, who’ve topped the charts with about a dozen different singles including Mr. Brightside, Bones, When You Were Young, Read My Mind, etc.  Get your emo pants on.

You do have emo pants, right?
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4 Responses to Sounds Good: Pitch Showcase @ Westport, Buzz Under the Stars @ Sandstone

  1. PB says:

    Might do the Pitch Showcase because my kids want to see one of the rappers (Gee Watts), but outside of Sons of Great Dane and Making Movies, I’m a little disappointed that many of the nominated bands that I like, won’t be playing this event. btw, been trying to find out if this is an all ages event, at least the outdoor stage?

  2. legendaryhog says:

    Summertime is a fucking awesome song. I actually can’t believe a local hipster band hasn’t ironically covered it. Maybe someone is working on it now, but they are like “Nope, not ironic enough yet to play at the end of our hipster set. Add more irony or people will think we actually like the song…even though secretly we do. Maybe if all the backup singers smoke American Spirits during the chorus? I dunno, my super tight jeans are cutting off circulation to my brain. Also, I’m totally fine with my loss of balls. It was worth cutting them off to it to fit in these jeans and tucking my junk back between my legs. Alright everyone, from the top!”

    Also, how the fuck is Gorgol Bordello playing anywhere but behind a gypsy wagon. I….don’t….get….it. Is this one of those bands like Alt J, where they get no radio play anywhere but KC, but the Buzz’s music director loves them so they just keep spinning the shitty singles?

  3. MythicalPig says:

    legendaryhog is a hesher lunatic.

  4. underratedswine says:

    So everything with these hippsters has to be ironic? They could not do a cover of Summertime because they genuinely liked it?

    And think of the summers of the past
    Adjust the base and let the alpine blast
    Pop in my CD and let me run a rhyme
    And put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime

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