Hearne: KSHB’s Lezak Handicaps Weird Summer Weather, Chiefs

gary.lezak.is.my.heroWhen it comes right down to it, what’s bigger in KC than the weather and the Chiefs?

I mean, really.

We’re either burning up like last summer, water logged like this one or scratching our heads about snowstorms in May or how bad last year’s Kansas City Chiefs team was.

Everything else seems almost incidental at times.

And who better to weigh in on both topics than KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak?

As for our current dripping wet, cool-as-a-cucumber state of affairs, “It’s the same weather pattern we’ve been in from this past winter,” Lezak says. “I forecast there would be a lot more precipitation than last summer and it would be a lot cooler. And last summer we had around 20 days where it was over 100 degrees and this year we’ve had zero.

“The drought has ended in Kansas City, however Kansas City only had 2 1/2 inches of rain in July and Wichita had more than three times that. So we’re just barely out of the drought, but I’m expecting August to be really wet.”

nfl_u_smith_d1_400How about Lezak’s forecast on his beloved Chiefs?

“Well, it depends quarterback Alex Smith and his ability to improvise,” Lezak says. “The Chiefs have a lot of talent, so I’m predicting a 10-6 season and they have a chance to win the division. If (Denver QB) Peyton Manning stays healthy, probably not, but I’m not expecting Peyton Manning to stay healthy.”

As for this fall’s weather, stay tuned, Lezak says.

“Remember to LRC? Lezak’s Recurring Cycle¬†is up in the fall, so a new pattern will set up in less than two months – between now and October 1st.”

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11 Responses to Hearne: KSHB’s Lezak Handicaps Weird Summer Weather, Chiefs

  1. Fresh says:

    “I forecast there would be a lot more precipitation than last summer and it would be a lot cooler.”

    That’s not a forecast. It didn’t rain last summer and was the third hottest on record. Awful.

  2. Sargent Shriver Stedenko says:

    Lezak and Craig without the rug should put their heads together for a column. They’d really make an ass out of themselves…

  3. chuck says:

    Not on subject, but how much do we all miss smarty?

    God bless.

  4. Super Dave says:

    I don’t know how to take this.
    Was it entertaining? No…..not at all.
    Was it insightful? Again not at all.
    Was Hearne just bored today and wanted to mess with us? Now that I can believe.

    • Mysterious J says:

      Cut Hearne some slack. Bob Lefsetz has gone mysteriously silent and poor Hearne doesn’t know what to write about.

  5. mike says:

    I am predicting right now that it will not snow this coming May.

  6. bubba says:

    Guess Hearn doesn’t follow the NFL much or he wants to make Gary look stupid. Gary thinks Payton will get hurt, Alex will gel with the new coach and team, team will gel with the new coach who really doesn’t have that impressive of a track record. Maybe 10-6 and win the the division.

    I say there is no evidence having seen Payton play last year that he is anything less than a 1/2 step off his best, which is still the best. The Broncos have a much better organization than KC. There are many more questions about the Chiefs new QB and coach.

    No doubt there is some talent there and maybe even a future but a 3rd year of rebuilding? This year Chiefs go 6-10 at best, 3rd or last in the division. This is not a complete bag on the Chiefs, this might work in a year or two, but not this one and the team will have to stick together and work it for several years.

    My biggest concern is that the Walrus reminds me too much of Marty. Talented and hard working but never seems to make to the top of the heap. He’s not a hack but this is the NFL and the top of the heap is the goal.

    • admin says:

      Some of you sports guys take yourselves so seriously sometimes…

      I mean really Bubba, it’s a freaking game. And Gary’s studied opinion is every bit as good as yours or anyone else’s. The difference being that he’s not hiding behind a cute, fake name taking mindless potshots.

      How’s that?

      • bubba says:

        I am not a “sports guy”. If you ask me about something I don’t know about, I admit it. I wouldn’t want to go against CG in NCAA football, but he is clueless in NCAA basketball, I think my picks are better in the NFL but I bet only the games I know about where the spread is out of whack with reality. I don’t try to make the volume of picks he does. Point being is that I would never say I am an expert, I just look at the cold hard facts and then look at the spread.

        There are things we do know. Peyton Manning and the Broncos looked very good last year, I mean really a 13-3 season. Facts.

        The Chiefs on the other hand were 2-14 last season and now has a new QB and coach that haven’t proven much. Plus they get worst first round draft class in years. Facts.

        It is not hard to laugh Gary’s predictions even if you are only nominally informed about the NFL, AFC west, the Chiefs and Broncos. I say 6-10 at best for the Chiefs. Maybe edge SD out for third in the division.

        Your premise seems to be that all opinions regarding sports should be considered, as no one is real expert. I disagree as some opinions just don’t have the facts to back them up.

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