Sounds Good: Victor Continental @ Liberty Hall, MidXMidwest @ 3 NoLaw Bars

It’s the end of an era for a dirty Lawrence tradition…

The Victor Continental Show – known for its no-holds-barred satire of life in Lawrence, dirty puppet shows, and a martini-swilling Euro-host – presents its final two shows Friday and Saturday at Liberty Hall.

The finale is entitled Big Finish, Happy Ending, and after 15 years of dishing out skits and songs to the Lawrence faithful, I have a feeling this sendoff will be as filthy as ever.  And probably sold out.  A brief search showed only balcony GA seats still available, so if you want in, act now…  


Friday and Saturday, July 26th and 27th

This VERY under the radar festival involves local bands that normally don’t get a ton of run.  But maybe that’s what makes this deal kind of cool.  No Twitter blasts, no flyers – hell, I haven’t even seen a single piece of pub on any of the local music blogs, the Pitch, or  They do, however, have a Facebook page here, if you want to see the whole schedule.

It all goes down at three North Lawrence bars: Gaslight Gardens, Frank’s North Star Tavern, and the Slow Ride Roadhouse.  And yes, the Outlaw Jake will be playing both nights.



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  1. legendaryhog says:

    I like the girl with the butt, I like the girl with the tits, I like the girl with the pussy, I…..Like The Girl…..With the big titties!

    Perhaps the greatest lyrics ever written.

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