Hearne: Why MU Will Never Admit They Made Mistake Going to the SEC

Brady Deaton, Mike SliveHoopla aside, Missouri sucked its first season out of the gate in the SEC

In the $ports that matter that is, men’s football and basketball. And while the SEC is a prestigious conference, there’s more to the equation than the football successes of Alabama and LSU says, savvy sports scholar and KU fan Brett Mosiman.

“If you really pick apart the SEC, they have the best teams, but they’re not in the best conference,” Mosiman says.

The awful truth:

“You would never get anybody at Missouri on the record because they’re so full of themselves, but there isn’t anybody at MU who doesn’t think they made a big mistake leaving the Big 12. And if they could, they’d turn back the clock and not go to the SEC.

296523_10150449996603092_679963091_10457503_819883679_n“Traveling over 1,000 miles to play some of their games is a big hardship. I predict West Virginia will always be an also ran in the Big 12 because they have to travel so far to play their games. Kansas played 9 bowl teams, but in the SEC you only play the teams in your division, which is six games. And there’s a lot of really weak football teams in that conference.

“But there’s no really weak football teams in the Big 12. Iowa State was probably the next weakest team to KU and they had a lot of big wins.”

As for why MU’s football team had so few wins last year, “Well, they beat up on the two really bad teams in the SEC and the rest of them kicked MU’s butt,” Mosiman says. “The league picks who you play in the SEC and it isn’t exactly fair. So they have some classic unbalanced schedules.”

mizzouHow Missuri’s second coming in the SEC is looking this fall?

“I don’t know,” Mosiman says. “I listen to the talk radio talk incessantly and they have them anywhere from 2-6 to 6-2. My guess is, I don’t think MU will do any better. They might be able to go 4-4 in the SEC, but I don’t think they’ll do any better than that. But four of the games they play will be against nobodies.

“They play Indianapolis which is the KU of the Big 10 and they haven’t had a winning season in like 82 years. So they’re playing at least three cupcakes. Look at MU’s first four games; I mean, they could be horrible and win all those games.

@ Vanderbilt: “They lost to Vanderbilt in Columbia last year, so they probably lose that game this year and that’s a game they have to win. And Vandy’s probably the worst team in their division.”

@ Georgia: “I think they’re 0-2 in the SEC after that game,” Mosiman says.

Florida @ home: “They’re probably 0-3 after that game, but Florida, I hear, is a little down this year.”

South Carolina @ home: “They lose to South Carolina.”

Tennesse @ home: “I think they lose them all, so they’re 0-5 in the SEC after this. I take it back. I think they’ll beat one of those teams in Columbia.”

@ Kentucky: “I’ll be honest, (they could win there because) a lot of their road games are against horrible teams. They almost have a perfect (road) schedule except for Georgia.”

@ Ole Miss: “That’s a loss. Ole Miss is good.”

Texas A&M at home: “A&M.”

Mosiman’s bottom line on MU and the SEC:

“Who are the two best teams in that league? LSU and Alabama. And Missouri doesn’t play either of ’em. What a bunch of crap. They have the easiest road schedule you could imagine.”



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26 Responses to Hearne: Why MU Will Never Admit They Made Mistake Going to the SEC

  1. Terri says:

    Geez, what a balanced look at this issue. KU fan feels Mizzou made a mistake when they left them in the dust to join the glory conference. Big news! No weak teams in the Big 12, really?? I think it has been proven time and again that the best of the Big 12 can rarely hang with the best of the SEC in recent years. Mizzou will struggle, but at least they are trying to play in the big leagues now.

    • admin says:

      This is an opinion piece, Terri.

      From a very savvy sports follower. Full disclosure on Mosiman’s KU biases is there for all to see and if you noticed, he basically picked KU last in Big 12 this year. Although look at how many bowl teams KU played last year.

      Mosiman would probably agree with you on the best versus the best but…

      Did you not catch the point he was making? That once you get past the two or so “best” SEC teams the drop in quality is huge.

      • the dude says:

        MU could gives two $hits less about the big 12, they are making much better money now and that is all that matters. When Texas finally gets too greedy and the Big 12 implodes remind me how MU misses the the Big Longhorn ruined 12.

      • KCMonarch says:

        He can’t be that savvy about college football if he is of the belief there is a college football pre-season and if he believes there is a college football team in Indianapolis that plays in the Big Ten.

        Credibility factor: zero

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    You’ve done it now…..I can’t wait to see this one.

  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    This Mosiman guy is clueless. Hearne, why not just close your eyes and grab any random beaker stumbling out of the Wheel and ask them to comment on MU? This crap is even worse than Kietzman’s illogical rants about MU leaving the B12. How many sour grapes can the soil in Kansas actually grow??

    You actually can make a handful of arguments as to why Mizzou would be better off in the newly structured B12 conference (which is an exercise in futility given that the current B12 conference structure was not an option for MU when it left. MU’s only option at that time was to remain in a B12 with a deeply flawed structure that Texas refused to correct in any fashion (until, of course, MU left)), but arguing that the SEC is not the best football conference is not one of them.

    As soon as Mosiman said, “If you really pick apart the SEC, they have the best teams, but they’re not in the best conference” he lost all credibility. If he was trying to say that a 14-team league is not the best structure because you can’t play a round robin then say that, but don’t try to say the SEC is not the best football conference. Right now it’s pretty indisputable that, regardless of conference structure, the SEC is currently the best football conference in America.

    Mosiman then backed up that ridiculous comment with “there’s no really weak football teams in the Big 12.” I guess someone should tell Charlie Weiss who said his own team was a pile of crap. Perhaps in Mosiman’s mind, a pile of crap is not a weak thing.

    If that wasn’t enough Mosiman then quotes as saying that Mizzou will play “Indianapolis” this season. I think the savvy sports scholar needs to brush up on his savviness — it’s Indiana and it’s located in Bloomington, not Indianapolis.

    Now, if you want to argue that MU would be more competitive in football in the newly structured B12 or that it would have an easier path to a national championship game in football, I’ll listen.

    • admin says:

      Repeat: Mosiman just got thru backing Weis comment on KU coming in last.

      The Indianapolis was a typo. My bad.

      Must have been stumbling out of The Wheel when I wrote that!

      • harley says:

        how great is it when football is the top sport in the
        college football world and your #1 fan is happy that
        they are going to finish last.
        what losers ku fans are….can you not ascribe to at least
        coming in next to last or maybe even winning a game.
        as Charlie said “they’re crap”…did he mean the team or
        the town? both seem the same to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. b12 says:

    Savvy sports scholar? “They play Indianapolis…” Either that’s Hearne’s typo, or KU guy is a dumbass. They play Indiana, in the NCAA. Not Indianapolis, in the NFL.

    They didn’t beat up on the two really bad teams in the SEC. They did run away from Kentucky, but a multi-overtime win over Tennessee is “beating up” on them.

    A 7 point loss at Florida, Mizzou with the ball with a chance to score at the end of the game is not getting their ass kicked. I never thought I would defend Mizzou…but holy crap Hearne, if Lefty isn’t putting the article here, leave sports off this thing.

    Glazer’s nonsensical rambling sports crap was better than this thing you threw together.

  5. harley says:

    savvy sportscaster…ku fan….that says enough hearne….add bar tender…
    owner…and completely foolish in his writings.
    Lets see…
    1. Quarter billion (that’s a b) in new athletic facilities that are coming in the
    near future including the fact that theres more money where that came
    from….say maybe about 85 million dollars in additional funds that are
    waiting on the table to be used when needed.
    2. an extra 20 million a year in broadcast rights….yes broadcast rights…
    because with the sec network…additional sponsorships and now that
    they were named as the 20th largest national fan base of any
    university in the nation there’s more money than where that came from.
    3. Need more…look at the development in Columbia…luxury apartments
    for students now that would rival anything in kc….the kids at MU are living
    high on the hog….and the increased taxes/income/revenues for development
    of that city are going thru the roof because of the influx of new money.
    4. licensing….while hearne complained about ku fighting some nickel and dime
    t shirt vendor being hounded by ku mu licensing rights are thru the roof.
    As a national branding program mu will make millions more than ever
    before with all the additional revenue that will come in.
    5. student tuition….mu is now having a waiting line to get into the school.
    and where are those students coming from….out of state….in just the
    additional revenues takingin out of state versus in state student tuition fees
    mu could be looking at another 20 million in just the second year.
    Look at alabma where that additional revenue is about 50 million dollars
    plus….and with the expanded capital improvement programs mu could add
    more millions in revenue.
    6. upcoming donations…a freaking pair of dogs gave 5 million dollars to the
    university….so you can iimaginewhats to come next. Word from my sources
    say that a grant well into 100 million dollars is forthcoming to the university
    along with a new drive to bring in another billion dollars.
    7. added national exposure…..even gary pinkle was surrounded by media
    on sec media days…of course gary had a tough first year but we look for
    some improvement or mu will have a check for 4 million ready to bring
    in a sec power coach and team to compete.
    Whoever this mosssiman is…he’s a complete idiot…he’s not seen the
    excel spread sheets…the numbers that mu has coming in….since they
    left the big 12 or the texas league. This guy is one complete fool for
    making this claim and hearne is even worse for forwarding it.
    Total picture….the mu boards made one of the best decisions ever in moving.
    KU/Kstate are dying…theres nothing there. KU might have a basketball
    team but its tapped out its ability to generate funds. In a world where states
    are cutting back heavily on education the universities need that money bad.
    KU is a failing institutution…in fact I know many friends with kids that
    went to blue valley/smission and who passed up state schools to go to
    mu which has not been seen in years.
    The addition of hundreds of millions of dollars….the national brandingthat
    the sec offers mu….the increased out of state and national recognition
    that mu is receiving…the flood of reseaearchand development dollars….
    and eventually the upgrading of their sports programs which will happen
    make the mu move one of thebest ones ever made by the administration.
    Obviously mr. mossiman owns some small bars inlawrence…and Lawrence
    is filled with bars serving underage
    under educated Shawnee mission and blue valley grads beer and the use
    of terrible drugs (3 died this summer from overdoses of such things as
    heroin)…..so he needs to take care of his own city of Lawrence as it withers
    like the rest of the state of Kansas and its failing educational institutions.
    Should mr. mossiman want to debate the muversus ku rivalry I would
    greatly do so….but Lawrence and its sister little apple will be struggling
    instititutioins as long as they remain under the state of Kansas and its
    apparent hate of higher education.
    MU will be back….with a billion dollars we can afford to buy the best
    of anything we need.
    No problem in Columbia…the waltons got everything under control and their
    billions sure make a bigger difference than the petty few ku alumni who can’t
    even get anough to pay off their 2 loser coaches….oh…and how’s Charlie
    working for you guys mr. mossiman….”our team is a bunch of crap”…no
    he was only half right….”the entire city of Lawrence and its residences and the
    educational establishment of ku is a bunh of crap””””””…..
    please hearen…find an expert in asubject before you let some guy like this
    blew his stupidity to people who are educated and understand the game
    of education and that while sports is important money is making the world
    go round.
    goo luck mr. mossiman….you’re wrong again..
    Harley reigns again….maybe you can take a cup and get some of those
    free loading Shawnee mission or blue valley students who couledn’t go
    elsewhere to give a few dimes….
    ku is dying…mu is growing to be one of the top instittutuions in the entire
    more b.s. on hearne’s part. I expected better from you hearne.
    Next time you need info on mu ad their rise in the nation and throughout
    the world you know where to reach me.
    sad journalism at its worst again by hearne.

    • admin says:

      WELL MR. H…

      One of your favorite sportswriters is a gentleman named Craig Glazer, who similarly is little more than a bar owner with a penchant for sports.

      I’ll put Mosiman up against the Scribe on KU and MU any day of the week.

      • harley says:

        bring cash….because mr. Mossman can’t prove one thing
        that I printed to be incorrect.
        just another wasted…unhappy….depressed….and probably
        jealous fan who just can’t handl;e to see others with success.
        Bar owners (not comedy club owners) usually get into their
        profits and usually can[‘t make rational statements based
        on actual facts.
        When you refer to this mr. Mossman…refer to him as
        some bar owner……do not give this dude the benefit of the
        doubt of knowing much about athletics/or anything besides
        how to order kegs of beeer for a bunch of college student bars!!!!!!!!!
        Don’t know the guy…might be a cooldude but he’s way
        beyond his scope of knowledge when it comes to colleg
        heres the deal…I wont tell him how to run his bars and his
        festivals and he doesn’t pretend to know more than that…
        fair deal? if you want info on mu hearne you’ve read enough
        of my stories sand comments to know that Harley knows
        the facts…and can give youto truth about whats happening
        there and at other operations in this town and thru the
        city….just ask….Harley is pretty damn intelligent and with
        the contacts I have I can give you the straight facts and the
        real truth about most subjects.
        thanks for your time.

        • admin says:

          Funny guy…

          So a comedy club (as well as bar) owner knows more about sports than a concert promoter, venue and bar owner does?

          You’re a piece of work, H man.

          And btw, your IP address goes out on all your emails, Mr. Internet Expert

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Jesus, Hearne, how do you not understand that? It’s the same reason I trust a bowling alley owner over a transmission shop when I’m looking for information about East and West coast trends in design. It’s clear as day to me. (I warned you, I knew this would earn you a 2000 word zig zag 3rd grade diatribe, abscent valid rebuttal points, fact and being intellectually inferior to the blog owner)

          • harley says:

            didn’t say that mr. hernia….but when it
            comes to mu and mu money and athletics
            lets not go to some drunk punch college bar
            owner in small time Lawrence who’s known
            for more shall we say sadder things in the
            town for information. I choose not to get
            I don’t really know nor care what glaze says
            about pro football or college…I know what
            I read and discern from the real experts…
            I don’t bet either ….love the 6/8 at craps…
            made a killing at the Hollywood…headed
            to mandalay bay for a 40th birthday party
            and will plan to make big bank there too.] I
            ride with the rollers….not the strollers like
            mr. furnisture man downtown hawking the
            redand green ghetto refurbs.
            For the simple minded Wilson who really only
            cares about refinishing old worn out furniture
            left for the big trash pick up in Johnson county
            by Deffenbaugh he proabably doesn’t understand
            the math and stats associated with the big
            Theere are guys like htat that claims they was once big money guy…but
            that’s another tall tale…more b.s……
            oonce a bottom dweller…always a bottom
            when you’re at the top of the heap you c
            have some fun.
            I pay attention to one thing when I bet…
            the rollof the diceand the odds on the
            bets on the felt.
            besides that I leave the small stuff of the world
            to the small people like Wilson.
            Those types of “wizzes” wouldn’t know the prop bet on a table in vegas if it was explained to him by
            lefty…we’ll leave himand his crew to the garage sales
            in kc selling early American ghetto crap to
            city dwellers.
            good luck…..maybe one day you’llreachthe
            tp again…til then….stfu!

  6. Andrew says:

    “If you really pick apart the SEC, they have the best teams, but they’re not in the best conference,” Mosiman says. “For example, Alabama and LSU only play each other about every 6th year.”

    Uhhh, Alabama and LSU play each other every year because they’re in the same division. Vandy is nowhere near the worst team in the SEC East (9-4, 5-3 last season). If you pay attention, you would see that James Franklin has turned that program around to be successful considering the recruiting restraints and academic requirements to get into Vanderbilt. A lot of so-called experts (Phil Steele) think that Florida will actually be better this year but may have a worse record just because of who they play. Nine teams were eligible for bowl games last year as well.

    Look, I know that it’s a rivalry (yes, it still is judging by all the shots both school’s fanbases still take at each other) but if you are going to write something that is “journalistic” then make sure it is factual based. And I would start by not having an obviously bias KU fan start by saying he knows that Missouri regrets the move with nothing to back that claim up.

    • admin says:

      You don’t like opinion columns?

      This isn’t a news story, it’s an opinion piece.

      As far as backing up the claim, he cites the lengthy travel distances, MU’s poor record this past season. Then takes apart the coming season game-by-game.

      • Andrew says:

        Then say it is an opinion piece because people like me who rarely visit this site have no idea what is and isn’t an “opinion piece” or an actual article. But I wasn’t aware that claiming an opinion piece means that you can throw just baseless and useless drivel into a column and spit it out as “opinion.”

  7. Sergent Shriver Stedenko says:

    I preferred the old sports stories when Glaze would post his picks after kickoff time, tease games ineligible to be teased, then threaten to fight the comment section.


  8. kUpaul says:

    Did he say Mu plays Indianapolis? Did anyone else catch that? Its Indiana, Buttwipe.

  9. chuck says:

    I will leave this to the experts, but I would say that MU to the SEC was bad for Kansas City.

    • Superfatdummy says:

      Yes I agree chuck was a bad move. But Mu can’t ever admit it was. MU fans can never admit it was either. As for the experts who are they? There aren’t any that’s why there is no real answers to everybody’s questions. Just as Hearne has his opinion, the so called people claiming to be experts have their opinions, nothing more or nothing less and should be taken as so.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Hearne, one of the many problems with Mossiman’s idiotic diatribe was that he claims that “there isn’t anyone at MU who doesn’t think going to the SEC was a mistake.” As if the dickwad actually knows every last person at Mizzou and their administration.

    Oh and as others have noted, a guy who can’t even get the fact right that Missouri plays Indiana and not some team named “Indianapolis” can’t comment on anything Mizzou related and be taken seriously.

    As for the SEC strength….I mean, come on. He’s beyond ridiculous. The Big 12 was weak last year as evidenced by their bowl faceplants. What was the conference record? 4-5? Ooooh. What a powerhouse conference.

  11. UltimateDude79 says:

    O.M.G. This has credibility written all over it. Asking a ku guy to comment on Mzzou?? It would have been fair to have an MU fan give thoughts on ku, but nope. ku dweeb gets to offer up his unintelligent opinion on both schools. In fact, come find me prior to ku bball season. I’ll give you an accurate and fair analysis of the most overrated, underachieving basketball program to ever exist. That d-bag sure sounded “savvy”. What in the hell would possess someone to use savvy sports fan to describe that idiot?? Is he your best friend ad only person you know that watches sports?? This needs to be offered up as the worst piece of journalism in history. Wow this is fucking insane.

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