Hearne: Death of a Salesman — The Smartman Checks Out

imagejpeg_3The comments dude KC Confidential readers know as smartman is no more…

Most of you had no idea who that wily rascal was. He did a pretty good job of trying to pull the wool over my eyes even and conceal his identity, but I knew. He was definitely a Lone Ranger, with a penchant for cutting, crafty, edgy humor and at times, painfully blunt remarks.

At the same time, smartman always had a point to make and usually made it with a deft touch.

Could he be a bit crude at times? Hell yes, he could. He’s the reason I blocked the N Word in the comments section. And at times, he could be rather scatological and crude sexually. But even at his worst, he got his points across, even if as often as not I disagreed with them.

Many of you will always remember the smartman for calling out the Scribe and agreeing to meet him in front of the Beaumont Club in Westport earlier this year to duke it out.

“Battle @ Beaumont a No Show,” was the January 30 headline for the story I wrote about the encounter that never went down.

“Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.” it began. “Such was the case at 5 p.m. sharp tonight outside the Beaumont Club in Westport. That’s where former KCC scribe Craig Glazer was supposed to throw down with the comments section personality known as smartman.”

Who won, I asked afterward?

“Me, he no-showed,” Glazer said. “I was going to fucking kill him. I had Bill Nigro and my brother Jeff there as witnesses. I waited until about 5:20 p.m. and I didn’t see anyone who wanted to tangle with me, so I left at 5:25 p.m.”

Glazer and the smartman tangled countless times in the comments section and smartman took great delight in having lured the Scribe down to Westport and then standing him up.

Exclusive - Alana Thompson Competes in "The Sparkle & Shine Pageant"“I remember a few months back I jokingly said to him, ‘You’re gay. You should check out the ads in the back of the Pitch,’ and that got to him,” Glazer said. “Look, I don’t know who smartman is – he could be Bill Clinton for all I know – or Honey Boo Boo.”

But he wasn’t Honey Bo Boo, he was Marti Dolinar, a man who worked the road, crewing with rock bands in the 70s and 80s. He ran the Uptown at one point and produced a number of Spirit Fests and other outdoor concerts.

Dolinar produced my first show, The Happy Together Tour with the Turtles, Grassroots, Buckinghams and Gary Lewis and the Playboys. He produced my sold out Romantics concert at the Uptown. And I grudgingly earned his respect – no easy task for a white boy from Pembroke who grew up with a silver spoon.

1372195642-chris_fritz_sabrina_staires_pitch_6.2013_06192013_0646I probably shouldn’t share this one, but I remember Marti marveling one time at my romantic prowess after a certain girlfriend that had worked for concert promoter Chris Fritz gave him an earful. Unbeknownst to me, of course until Marti told me years later.

I dunno, I think he maybe thought I was gay or something prior to that.

Marti was an excellent source and resource for me over the years because he had tons of contacts in the entertainment and bar biz. He hated the Leiweke Brothers. And he admired prickly Theater League honcho Mark Edelman. He respected local concert god Chris Fritz.

And he totally went nutso on me after my life fell apart in late 2008 when my mom, dog, job and marriage all died in a five month span. It was incredibly crude and ugly, but I’ll leave it at that.

Marti wanted to write for KC Confidential when I first left the Star. But I think I hurt his feelings when I passed. Frankly, I was afraid he’d be too incendiary for the site and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control him – or maybe restrain is the better word. When things kind of opened up a year or two later, I offered him a writing position but he declined, telling me I couldn’t afford him.

Geez, who could I afford? Certainly not me even.

That was cool, I’d have hated to risk losing smartman in the comments section. BTW, to his dying day, I’m not sure that he didn’t think he had me fooled. I confronted him early on when he went off the deep end and he denied being the smartman and threatened to sue me. Bring it, I said. After that, I basically just pretended not to know it was him, but it was Marti all right.871e3aa198e40a7f0235aa.L._V164286864_SX200_

Smartman loved Greg Hall and until his final days was a regular commenter on Hall’s website. He hated Tony. Obviously. He hated Harley – who never let the smartman forget after he slipped one time and mentioned that he refurbished used hot tubs.

smartman was a tough customer.

He almost bought a Fiat Abarth for his wife two years ago until he saw the J Lo telelvision spots and then vowed never to let a 500 to darken his garage door.

There were 64 responses to my story about his no-show showdown with The Glaze.

That’s more than double the responses The Pitch got on Glazer’s cover story.

Here was smartman’s response:

Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
Glaze can’t hit
What Glaze can’t see

Seems pretty light out
For a photo at 5
Just one more sad story
More Glazer Jive

Just like Patrick Swayze
I Roadhoused your ass
Go take your seat
At the back of the class

You are no match
With your fists or your brain
Go post at Tony’s
So we can complain

I missed the smartman’s comments the past two days – especially given my Kanrocksas story – and I wondered if something was maybe wrong.

Marti died yesterday afternoon when an infection in his leg spread to his brain and “he went from nursing a bad leg to knocking on death’s door.”

smartman, we hardly knew ye;  you will be missed.

Services for the smartman will be held at 10 a.m. Monday @ St. John the Baptist Church on Strawberry Hill in KCK where Dolinar grew up. A visitation will take place between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.


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84 Responses to Hearne: Death of a Salesman — The Smartman Checks Out

  1. Super Dave says:

    Wow talk about having the wind knocked out of one’s sails. I knew of Marti but not in a million years would have thought he was the one and only smartman.

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Wow, always enjoyed the repartee between he and I. If he disagreed he did it from a common sense approach but could come back next story and be your advocate. Wow; no other words.

  3. Kevin says:

    I’m a reader, not a commenter usually, but I had to take a second and say Smartman will be missed. Always looked forward to his comments.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed…aside from the authors, smartman was one of the best reads on both Hearne’s and Greg’s sites.

  4. Davey Jones Locker says:

    He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    Smartman was talented. I will miss his posts. I always looked out for them. RIP

  6. Sargent Shriver Stedenko says:

    This is very sad news. We like to take it out and dish it here at KCC and smartman was perhaps the best at it.

    Spirit Fest was one of those really neat KC events and the Uptown was a venerable old dame as well.

    This place is going to be a little less funny, a little less snarky now that he is gone.

    Rest in Peace, smartman.

  7. dreamwriter326 says:

    Thanks, Smartman, for reminding us that behind the anonymous names and occasional bitter exchanges are real people who are sitting next to their computers as many of us are now.

    I think it’s fitting to say that in the end, Mr. Smartman kicked CG’s ass. If Glazer responds to the contrary, it’s open season on the former Scribe.

    RIP, Marti.

  8. expat says:

    That sucks…

    Do us a favor and out Harley before he dies.

  9. Mark says:

    What a shock. While I didn’t agree with his politics, I loved chewing the show biz fat with Dolinar. Condolences to his family. He’ll be missed.

  10. Tom Lancaster says:

    I always wondered if Smartman was a caller to the local (and national) sports talk shows who went by the handle of “Wolverine Willie”. The vocabulary, edginess, poetry, etc. were very similar between both pseudonyms. Wolverine Willie was eventually banned by the Jim Rome Show and has not been able to get airtime on any of the local sports talk shows for the past number of years. Just a thought.

    RIP Smartman.

  11. Libertarian says:

    Wow. His comments were one of the reasons I got hooked on this board.

    RIP Smartman.

    All the best on the other side.

  12. harley says:

    lifes a bitch ….and then you die.
    After we checked out who all the anonymous names were on these sites
    we did find out who smartman was. Got the name thru an anonymous
    email that was sent yes to law4life1000@yahoo.com.
    But as I always said….this was for fun and entertainment. could have
    mentioned names and snt them out like others did to me but that was
    not my style….not the way I rolled.
    I was threatened onthis site…I was harassed at my home….my address was
    sent to people…I received emails that were beyond anyting that ever made
    it on to tonys blog….but I still roared on even after getting one that I recognized
    the author because of the domain name…even got many from people who
    sent letters from their company computers… many compliments…a few
    really really nasty nasty horrendous emails….
    One famous current writer threatened to put my homes pics on the you tube
    with the signs so people could come by and harass me.
    But…I was never really worried because I knew that they would never do it.
    I knew I knew smartman because he kept mentioining the liewickes who I knew
    from my second family who was in the entertainment/concert business.
    Had some good back and forths with the guy….and I’m sure he slipped with
    his used hot tub stories………………..
    yes…we’re all just a bunch of wanna be journalists expressing our opinions
    and extolling our versions of life.
    I’m sure he sent one email probably about two-three weeks ago which if
    hearne allows me I will put on here. I knew it was from him. It was funny
    and even though we battled he did havesome funny shit to talk about.
    We battled each other…we called each other names…if I met the guy i’m sure
    we could have told a million stories since I spent years at everyvconcert…
    cowtown…freedom palace when I was just a young kid…(rememeberthts)…kemper
    ….spirit fest with tim and tracy…..municipal (and the genes bar across the street)
    fox theatre in st. Louis…every rock concert….backstage at some of the
    biggest black/soul shows….worked the volunteer staff at spirit fest…..worked
    when young the ticket outliets like tigers records (theres stories there too!!!)
    and we could have had about 10 hours exchanging stories.
    I still contend ….even though glaze and I are the most favorite targets
    for you guys onhere….even though glaze has taken some of the most
    vile insults to himself…his family….his business….his brother who passed
    away….that if we all got together we’d have one hell of aparty.
    NO doubt smartman and I had our verbal battles… I hated the guys responses…
    but once I got an idea who he was it was like…hey I probably knew this guy.
    Sad…but lifes a funny funny trip. Just saw some of people I knew who
    losed their sons to drug overdoses….another 2 found out about stage 4 cancer…
    and then you wonder WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.
    I’ve always said I know everyone on this site….I have a huge family and more
    friends than any human cold want….we’ve been here for 100 years …..so
    everyone knows someone whoknows someone….and even the guys who
    came after me the most I offered to have abeer because everyone’s got a
    story to tell and everyone knows someone on here or someone who knows
    someone else.
    I hope smartman has a computer in heaven. I always said what would kcc
    be without glaze and Harley….and now what would it be without
    Lifes a bitch and then you die.
    Maybe we need a par5ty…..no knives..no guns…wands at the front door…
    security …a bunch of free booze…hell have it at glazes joint…..
    becasuse as I always said …this is for fun and entertainment ……hell I’ll even
    buy Wilson a free beeer (he’ll probably have it checked before he takes the
    first drink)….we’re all just dudes living life as if its the nly oone we get.
    lifes a bitch and then you die. For smartman maybe that washis outlet
    knowin something bad was goig to happen.
    thanks hearne for the news….and to let smartman know i’ll never forget his
    rude and sometime funny stuff that he wrote…Imean some of it was
    gut wrenching funny…..
    rip smarmyman!!!!!!!!!!
    luv ya….mayve there’s a “HEAVEN CONFIDENTIAL” blog you can take over!!!!!

  13. mike says:

    Sorry to hear that he is gone. Even though I didn’t always agree with him, he always had something interesting to say and added life to this site. RIP Smartman!

  14. admin says:

    Thanks, H Man.

    You know, Marti was pretty cantankerous. I don’t know that he truly hated anybody. He sure wanted people to think that he did though.

    Was telling my wife when I got the news last night during dinner on her birthday, how strange it was thinking about him dying. Because it wasn’t just a guy, a friend dying. It was like three distinctly different people checking out all at once.

    The Marti who produced all those concerts and shared all kinds of other weird stories through the years. The Marti who was a caustic, cheerleading source during my time at the Star. And then the mixed blessing of smartman – who he wanted me to think was some friend of his who lived up north somewhere, who provided us all with his arsenal of pithy comments.

    Just like that, all three gone at the age of 52.

  15. Brandon Leftridge says:

    Here was his first comment to me on my first story, a horrifically optimistic look at the Royals 2012 season :

    “Here We Go AGAIN!

    Another NEWBIE offering up crackpipe dreams and info you can easily mine for on a dozen or so baseball sites if you really give a shit about baseball thirteen decimals places out. I guess as a Royals fan you have to do that since the numbers in front of the decimal point, WINS, don’t look so good….

    Articles such as this are as ridiculous as articles about the ARAB SPRING having a profound and positive impact on relationships between Jews and Jihadists; like it’s a modern day Mork and Mindy.

    We don’t need any more JoPo bullshit. We need a Lech Walesa to lead a movement to run Dave and Clark out of town. We need THE DAVE CLARK FIVE! Kinda like the GANG OF FOUR!”

    He was a harsh critic, but once the “newbie” status wore off, I think he actually grew to like me. Though I often found myself at odds with his abrasive rants concerning personal politics, I always appreciated his wit and unyielding opinions.

    RIP, Marti.

  16. Jess says:

    Wow, Prayers to his family. He will be missed

  17. Orphan of the Road says:

    When I leave this mortal plain, I hope someone who has had a love/hate with me can distill my essence as well as you did for the smartman.

    His observations will be missed.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Well said, Lefty. Well said.

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    I would suggest maybe we get together a group and attend his funeral. Anyone interested can contact me at;

    • admin says:

      What, are you going to rent a party bus and have everybody meet you in front of the Beaumont Club or something?

      See you there. I’ll be the guy disguised as Harley (in drag)

  20. Hearne says:

    That’s funny Brandon.

    Excellent mining of the KCC comment archives on that one.

    It also reminds that I had just instigated a clean up the comments section campaign and outlawed a number of bad words. Hence smartman’s use of asterisks in your spanking.

    Smartman was largely the reason I implemented the policy, because he had written a really vile, raunchy, sexist description and had been making a habit of doing so fairly frequently.

    I think he almost single handedly ran off Maria – he and Craig.

    After I wrote a column about screening for certain words and why, smartman went on a comments strike and didn’t weigh in for however many weeks. Eventually he broke down and returned, but rather than wait for his comments to be “moderated” started using the asterisks and / or dialing back the depravity a bit.

    For the record, most comments with the F or S word are quickly approved, I just felt we needed to instill some civility in the comments section and I think it worked.

    Here’s a funny one.

    I actually outlawed the word “gay” a year or so ago in order to curb the Scribe’s use of it to demean – wait for it – smartman, Super Dave and others.

    It’s not a “bad” word obviously, but in the context in which it was being used it was. And made the site look homophobic.

    It’s back in play now.

    • The Stomper says:

      As a relatively new commenter at KCC , I am not worthy of claiming membership in the esteemed club that Smartman was a member of but I always enjoyed the back and forth he had with Harley, Chuck, Dude, Orphan, CG, and the others. Sometimes friendly and sometimes not so much . Didn’t always agree with Smartman but usually found his comments to be thought provoking at a minimum . Now that I know his real identity, his passing has hit close to home. I first met Marti during Hearne’s days at Firm Productions. Still have many fond memories of him at the Happy Together Tour show at Municipal Auditorium, I believe. Also at the Romantics Uptown show where the activities backstage really opened my naive eyes. Lost touch when I had to get a real job but memories of him are still strong.

      Godspeed Marti Dolinar.

    • CG says:

      Have to comment here Hearne again this is the kind of statement, untrue you do way too often. Maria had a strong crush on me, you knew that you were there. We parted friends, she is a nice person. In fact about two months ago she came to Stanfords even called me after the show. So how did I run her off your site? This is exactly what I mean brother. And you knew better. Its not a big deal, but then you go “oh no Craig see I meant…”

      • Jess says:

        Go away you classless douche nozzle

      • Super Dave says:

        Oh this from a guy who has been busted left and right with lies. And now you would like us to believe this dribble? See even your word as well is worthless.

        You don’t deserve to have me on this site on my own anymore. I will contact Hearne and tell him no more interviews for KCC. So I am not needed Craig Glazer 7/23/13 @ 7:20

        • CG says:

          The only thing worthless is you Super fatso. I do know who you are, from facebook and your little Amazon attempt. Know what I will find time to see we can hook up pal. You and me need to talk in person. I think its only fair to you to do so. You think? You are a little bug. You hate everyone and anything that seems to be doing something in life. You need to learn a lesson. I never met you, don’t know you at all, and you have launched a campaign of hate. No reason, just hate. I’ll need to give you a reason. Then you can hate on me with good cause.

          As for Maris, a nice girl, we went out, Hearne knew that fatty, he posted photos of us together more than once. Not my idea his, the postings. Maybe that ran her off guys, not me. There are a too many Super Dave’s on here and not enough Chucks,Bshloz,and other more normal people.

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            The broken record has spoken again. Threaten much?

          • sunnyvale steve says:

            Spoken like a two time loser. How can you be a fat cokehead? Even in death Smartman looked fitter than you!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            No justice; Smarty should be here today, Harley should be at room temperature, meeting his G-d.
            You guys are in for a real treat now…….

          • harley says:

            rip in peace marti….you were a fun but rough guy.

            as for super dave and glaze….now that’s gonna be one hell of a
            event that iwill be sure to attend. Hey hearne….just like the old
            days…get the uptown and lets sell tickets….the glaze “talks with” the
            super dave….I’ve got $1000 cash on glaze. winning the “debate”..get it together Wilson …..lets
            see what the haters can bring to the table…but glaze…ya gotta wait for
            dave to finish cleaning the toilets before he can meet ya!!!!!!!
            and glaze says he knows where he is…..
            ohand by the way little man….don’t live near a sewer like your
            email said….house next to me 800K….other side 750K….when you
            can afford to get out of section 8 give me a call and I’ll help you
            haul that “furniture” from the salvation army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahah

          • Super Dave says:

            Harley now you have two people after you. You think this is all funny but it isn’t. I have seen the stuff Paul sells along with all his fellow artists and they are a nice wonderful group of people to be around. Paul’s wife is a very nice lady and shouldn’t have people such as yourself and Glazer calling her foul names or her kids either as well but it has been done. So say what you will act how you want in the end the hard rain you like to talk about so much is going to fall and knock you down.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Get to know Lori, you f’ing ass. You’re going to be an appetizer for her, but youll meet me on the street…..you think you’re connected to the North East crew; its wake up call time for Harley.

          • Sargent Shriver Stedenko says:

            well if we find Harley in a porto potty Paul don’t forget to use CC cleaner to wipe the HD of your home security system. Aaron Hernandez taught me that.

          • The Ox says:

            What was it that Rodney King said?

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            Don’t beat me bro!

          • the dude says:

            All I can say is the gutter trash started it all. Most of us came here to eulogize a man, others came here (galzer, harlinator) to stir the pot and threaten people again with bodily harm and be general douchebags. Great job guys, I hope you are proud that you loused up yet another thread you had no business crapping in.

            I’ll be sure to do the same and take the biggest burrito dumps I possibly can on your graves when you bitches croak, which I hope is very soon.

            No class whatsoever, I thought you two schoolchildren had a little more class than that. Say your peace and get the fuck out of this thread please.

          • paulwilsonkc says:


          • Jess says:

            Well said

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            At least you kept it to a paragraph this time Harley. I figure it this way anonymous is best for Glazer and even Harley. Because after one was finished beating your a$$ they’d own all your $h!t and Glazers days in prison would seem like a sunny day on the beach. Regardless win or lose the latter is certainly a guarantee.

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            So Harley prove the house next door is 800K otherwise your talking out your a$$ again. Let’s see the MLS Listing, post the address for all too see i’ll look it up on the GIS. Put up or shut up time again. Still waiting for that Huffington Post proof too.. that’s 2 strikes loser.

          • Super Dave says:

            Now you see why people don’t like you Craig. Four other people have spoken up about what you said here. So is the game plan to track them down as well so you can sling hate at them for disliking you or for what you say? As for the Amazon thing funny you think that the truth is a campaign of hate. Have you contacted all the other people who made reviews you didn’t like on Amazon and threaten them? Here is what I said on Amazon just so all can see what you are so worked up about.

            I have read this book at the urging of the author and to make matters worse see or hear about this author every day.

            This book is a sham and total lie for the most part. If people knew more about Craig Glazer they would never buy this book. I know I didn’t

            Many great authors out there who will give you great reading I recommend you buy those books instead.

            No I didn’t buy the book but saved my money and checked it out at the local library to read. Now if you hadn’t been so in my and everyone else’s face to read this I probably would have skipped on it, but you was so insistent, so I read it and gave a review. Let’s see another person said, “unverified, uninteresting, unreadable -yawner” and then another said, “This guy is sooo full of himself, it’s disgusting. Good thing I got the book from the library and didn’t give him any money” and then we have, “Most of this book is simply untrue. The so called “King of Sting” has pulled off one sting, and that is the publication of this book. I know Mr. Glazer. His story is a fabrication.” App 23% of the reviews are not favorable towards the book. As well easy to pick the false reviews only because they stand out so bad. As another comment on a review said, “I agree with your review. Nice to read a review from someone who’s NOT friends or related to the author.” There is more but one can get the drift I am not alone in saying I didn’t like your book and many have said so in this blog as well. You say you know who I am well congratulations Jr G man join the list of hundreds of other people who know me as well. The real lesson that needs to be learned here is you owning up to the fact you can’t take any criticism and think spreading false statements and deeming yourself better than anyone else has a tendency to really irritated people. Yes a few worship you no doubt but many more can’t stand you. Hearne said just the other day he shares opinions and has opinions and as a rule all the commenters share opinions just as well. You seem to think only you are entitled to an opinion. Well sorry the game of life isn’t that way. As well I can’t name a single other person on this site or any other site who has been busted for posting false posts in an attempt to make themselves look good. So I will leave you with these words to ponder.

            Be careful how you behave, because in trying to harm others you could bring trouble on yourself. Be careful what you say because not all will believe or think as you do.

            As for Maria I really don’t know who she is or for that matter really care. But I will believe Hearne’s version of what took place long before I will believe what you say about it. In fact Craig it’s to the point I don’t believe anything you say anymore and I am sure I have good company with those thoughts as well.

          • Greg Clazer says:

            You cant just leave well enough alone, can you super duper fatty fatso dave. Are you threatening me by saying I could bring trouble on myself…all you are is a hater, super fat fatty fatso dave. why don’t you meat me in front of stanfords. If you don’t have the balls to fight me, we could have a wet tshirt contest. I will pick up a bunch of my girls off of Independence avenue to judge who has the better man boobs, me or you. You will leave embarrassed, super duper fatty fat fatso dave. You are not halve the man I am and never will be. That is why you are such a hater. Not only can I pick up more women cruising Independence avenue than you ever could, I have better man boobs than you ever will, super duper really fat fatty fatso overweight Dave.

          • The Reel Harlie says:

            Ewe r knot the …….reel Greg and eye no….
            I can sea ewe ………in my secret video linx from my $7 ore $8 or $900 hundi thousund doller hoam. Wee, and I sed wee, no evry thing bout you.

            And four …….yur info, I jus waxed
            Greg’s bak and
            chest so ewe haturs leave him
            Yu Mae act like him butt never in a millyon years kould ewe bee him.
            I no, I have lots of art and stuff.

          • Greg Clazer says:

            At least there is won guy on here who is reel. The other people on hear could learn from you.

          • The Reel Harlie says:

            Thanx….I will
            count ewe…
            amung mi fans
            reeders an deecipuls.
            If ewe knead help aisle
            send ewe my noos ledder.
            Butt enuff a bout mee, what
            due ewe
            think a bout

          • Greg Clazer says:

            Thank you for being a friend, Reel Hardlee. I will give you a free copy of my Pulitzer prize winning novel, The King of Stink the next time I see you.

      • Hearne says:

        Don’t take everything so personally, wild man.

        Who knows for sure why Maria left? But she got raped in the comments section and despite that “crush,” nothing ever came of it, did it?

        I think the combination made her feel like she was hanging with too many creepy oldsters…the comments people were pretty barbaric.

      • admin says:

        Hate to say it, but you THOUGHT she had a huge crush on you.

        Remember the night she told my GF that’s she’d sleep with you if you paid for a bunch of stuff for her?

        Never happened. She was friendly and all but in the end I think he actions speak louder than your words.

  21. StillAtMyMoms says:

    Wow, this took me by surprise. Sad to see a regular commentator gone. My condolences to his family and friends. The KC blogsphere sure lost a memorable voice; whether we agreed or not.

  22. Franklin says:

    Marti and my brother have been best friends for over 36 years so he has been a part of my family all of my life (I’m 39 now) A lot of people saw him as a ass hole but we had a good side when our dad died in 93 the only thing I rember from his funeral was when I got out of the car Marti was there as I walked to the grave he gave me a hug fixed my tie and said “It will be OK kid now go set next to your mom”
    and I have known Craig most of my adult life having worked at Stanford’s in the mid and late 90’s and I would have loved to see that fight but it should have been at the Sprint Center everyone would have payed the see who was the biggest Ass Hole in the City

  23. CG says:

    Due to the sad circumstance I must respond. First off, I don’t know this man or didn’t. Hearne thought it was this person who worked in the concert biz back in the day at the Uptown. Turns out it was Marti person. I say to his family my sympathy goes out to you. Again, I have no interaction with any of the people who hate on me here or on any other blog or comment section. I can guess who one or two are, but makes no difference.

    Smartman was a character. In fact early on we were not at odds. I don’t know how it happened really. War of words of nothing I’m sure. As it built up he got pissed and wanted to fight me. I said ok fine. I showed up he didn’t. Strange how anyone with a rational thought would say this to themselves…”HEY GLAZER HAD NO IDEA WHO THE DUDE WAS, WHO HE MIGHT COME WITH, IF HE HAS A WEAPON, NOTHING, YET THAT BRAVE MO FO SHOWED UP TO FIGHT. THATS A TOUGH PERSON WITH BALLS” END OF STORY AND THERE CAN BE NO RATIONAL ARGUMENT THE OTHER WAY. NONE. This b.s. oh we tricked you is just b.s. I was brave this person was not. I would stand and fight anyone, and with rare exception nobody else on here hating on me would.

    Does that make me smile that this poor soul has passed away. Absolutely not. Is it Karma. No. It’s just a bad deal. I’m sure he was a decent guy in real life. Look Hearne likes to fuel the fire with his articles about me and others, its what he does…there are no puff pieces. As for stories and response on Tony’s or the Pitch, who I don’t write for, I’ll stand by what I write or say.

    Again we are all on that train to lifes end. Nobody gets out alive. I am sorry that Marti passed at age 52. It sounds like he will be missed. I have no grudge against him and wish his soul well. Maybe he and I will be friends in the so called after life, who knows.

  24. legendaryhog says:

    Wow, I just always thought he was a dude who was a fucking dick who didn’t know what he was talking about…

  25. chuck says:

    I am just sick.

    Say hi to Chris Hitchens buddy.

  26. harley says:

    super dave:
    we know who you are….what you do..where you work…etc etc.
    but i’d never mention your real name or address or what yo did..
    but I do know that you consistently sent texts to others on kcc everytime
    someone misused my Harley name and said something bad about someone.
    Wilson sent mean email that he was “awakened that super dave sent him
    a horrible text saying how Harley had ruined and used vile comments against
    him and Wilson”…..unfortunately super dave…those were not from me…
    they referred to fags…things I never mention etc….but you were the
    man who moved the haters to hate each other.
    As far as my omments about smartman….they came with a special email
    he sent. He left no name or return email address that I could or even wanted
    to try to track and said this:
    “you’re a smart ass…but you’re also a smart guy. I do what I love and I love
    how I do it. You can create an image for anyone on here you want but we’re
    all just players in the band. Eventually our music stops. And besides…
    you work for _______________, __________,____________ and __________
    (smartman always said iworked for a law firm with names like dicks/sukz/
    etc..so he gave his identity away).
    when I found out who he was and what he did I had no wayto contact him
    but I can tell you we’d have a blast telling stories about the shows/concerts/
    ticket duplications/the days of fannys (victor Fontana)….the days of the
    uptown …..the back stages I worked at for family friends….we would have
    talked for hours on end. Because we both loved those days. the zuckermans/
    the tickets….the arrowhead shows….I mean this is what I grew up with in my
    day. When not working 18 hours aday…this is what I did….from cleaning up
    asners capers corner lot on mission to get some cherry bombs….to tigers….
    to the days of partying with all those people…..j.p’s in Westport…the jerwicks
    store…..it was one bigfamily.
    The liwickes…the greatest salesmen in the world….andtheir rock tour show….
    I knew that maybe this guy was just a showman….a guy who would drawa full
    house to glazes joint. A bobby slayton or don rickles kind of humor…..but you
    knew the guy had one freaking crazy personality.
    I won’t attend his funeral. My policy is if I didn’t know you in life…I don’t know
    you in death. Been to too many lately…..and 52 is way way too young for todays
    We’re all going sometime…..its just when the clock stops and the hand comes
    and gets us.
    I alwsyas preach at the endof even the most horrendous comments I made that
    :”life is beautiful…enjoy it”…..”hate is a terrible emotion”…..it will destroy your
    heart….it will erode your sense of well being”…..I always said “enjoy the day”…
    even after cursing and harassing guys like Wilson or smartman.
    In my religion after the burial when we go to the grave…we leave a rock.
    the rock lets the dead know we were there.
    even with althe horriblewords…the nasty comments….the last thing in his
    email he said was….”good luck”!
    thanks…..rip smarmyman!!!!!!!

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      Geesus you must love to type.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Harley, you’re a gem; “life’s s bitch and then you die?” Priceless eulogy.
      And then more lies. You always back peddle when you’ve made a nasty attack on someone, been caught, and claim it wasn’t you. Your constant lecture is about foul language others use that you’d never use and that’s how we should know it was a fake Harley.
      That’s a little hard for use to discern since ALL Harley comments are, in essence FAKE Harley’s!

      Well, this was your comment on my Ian Anderson story using the fake email “paulisagoof,” but it was your IP, unmistakable. It got killed in moderation as youre a reprobate; I’ll clean it up for readers;

      Oh dear god f*ck off, what a bunch of drivel and Ian Anderson c*ck sucking. terrible band, ridiculous critique and obvious play for the progressive contingent. Stop.

      Be a man of your word and leave. This isn’t about you, it’s about Smarty, you remain a vile, crude liar who’s lies are coming home to roost with a side order of libel.

      Which is worse; being (1) illiterate w a faux J school degree (2) a wife beating dead beat dad or (3) all the above?

      (I hope you don’t find that distasteful, it’s just your words turned on you)

      I have to hit the studio and design more junk furniture now, you ass. You show me 2,000 daily fans of your art on your web site from 17 Countries and pieces of yours in mega homes and beach front property all over North America and I’ll concede your point.

      Oh, that’s right, you still can’t link us to ONE “nationul blogg sight” yet, after all your promises, can you?

      Always right Harley; wrong again. Wrong and irrelevant .

      • harley says:

        MR. WILSON..
        your obseccsion with everything Harley is beyond anything
        on tkc or kcc.
        I will prove that “paul is goof” email that you talk about
        did not originate from me…match up the ip addresses and
        you’ll see that they are completely different from mine.
        You are wearingthin. Your veiled threats are getting even
        more ragged. Just as you threatened to put my home address
        on you tube we have infothat everyone in this town will
        love to know about the “NEW SCRIBE”

        • harley says:

          As glaze said…haters hate….nothing will change you…
          I win….I’ve got you so f*****d up you can’t even
          go a minute without thinking about Harley!!!!!!!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            You’d make a great politician; you have a distinct inability to answer a question and truth is immaterial to you.
            Your comment was blocked BECAUSE of your IP, you dolt. I sent it to you. But as usual, facts are meaningless to you.
            Now be a good boy and post that link to your writing you’ve promised so long, then keep your word and go back to TKC.
            See what I mean; truth eludes you.
            Go ahead, ignore that and chase another rabbit trail….

  27. bschloz says:

    Really sad news. I have always been in favor of anonymous comments and always liked Marti’s rap. I remember when the site was first rolled out he would write some songs and bits that had me in stitches. Always could count on Smarty for a good porn reference or the like. Rest In Peace Smartman. Condolences to the family. And KCC community who lost a good one.

  28. admin says:

    Dear Stomper:

    Yeah, the hedonism going on backstage and in the hotel rooms at Crown Center by the Romantics was pretty out there. You got in on some of that maybe, right?

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, I can’t quite decide), I was too busy working to partake, but the stories some of my “hands” shared were wildly graphic.

    Naturally, we got screwed by the guys at the Uptown. Sold out show, they handled the money (it was like our second concert) and we were presented with like a $500 profit.

    Which was better than how Brandmeyer came out at Kanrocksas, I guess.

  29. DSW-ESQ says:

    He was a great- if controversial commenter & with be missed

  30. mark smith says:

    Even in death Smartman/Marti is in Glazers head and under his skin as evidenced by his ghost written diatribe on Tonys and here as well . Classless sums it up best.
    RIP Smarty

  31. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a threat Glazer.

  32. Bully's are cheap punks with no balls says:

    Sounds like a threat Glazer. How much of your life are you willing to throw away for a tough guy attitude.

  33. Hearne says:

    Remember guys, the percentage of people who comment is an ultra tiny number compared to the readers.

    Craig is a comment magnet.

    If our traffic was cut in half or more, he’d still attract 30 to 100 comments. Doesn’t mean more (or less) people read him, it just means that he has the uncanny ability to make some people’s blood boil.

    Seriously, if our readership – or anybody elses, including the Star’s – was limited to the number of people who leave comments, we’d all be out of business.

    My advice to Craig continues to be, don’t let it get you down. My advice to some of you who can be maybe a little meaner than you need to…

    Uh, I don’t have any advice, actually. All I ask is you keep it halfway clean.

    It’s about entertainment, guys. It’s not a life and death struggle.

    Know what?

    Both Marti and smartman understood that, I think. And between the two of them – as was similarly the case with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -they left a legacy of clever and thought provoking postscripts that many of us will long remember.

    See you at the funeral!

  34. Sargent Shriver Stedenko says:

    Ahmergawd, old man fight!

    Remember when Harley was threatening to sue Paul and vice versa? You guys are hilarious.

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    Sgt., Davey, stick around; it’s going get real interesting. Funny what can happen when some Union thugs owe you some favors.
    And boys, stop wasting your time on asking him for MLS listings and links to anything; it’s not real and we all know it. He’s a sociopath of the highest order.
    He just stepped in a huge pile of Harley feces this time. Sit back and watch; I’m stepping out of it now….not my game any more.

  36. admin says:

    Know what you’re saying dude…

    Then again, somewhere I think the smartman is sporting a snarkish smile and getting off on the business as usual comments section goings on…but this time in his honor.

    I can almost visualize his ghostly apparition pulling up in front of the Beaumont Club in Westport and hovering there in wait for his pal in pugilism to join him.

    Maybe they can have a pillow fight after all is said and done.

  37. harley says:

    Harleys 3 line eulogy…
    when I heard smartman died of an infection I was stunned. How could this guy
    who no doubt was very intelligent and very very witty fall prey to an infection.
    He knew about everything…sports…politics…guns….cars….music….hi def equipment…I mean the guy was an encyclopedia and truth be known I did learn
    some stuff from him.
    He also was one nasty dude who probably got his laughs from getting all the
    kcc guys riled u p with his out of the box comments. And he did a great job with
    that. When I found out he repaired hot tubs I lambasted the guy for a long time
    about that. But he also got me with some good word juijitsu stuff….a lot of it
    made me laugh….and he always made mention that I worked for the law
    firm with the “d*ck/sukz/___________ and ______________name…which
    did get old.
    he didn’t fight glaze…which was a brilliant decision since glaze is one tough
    hombre…and it would have made front page news for hearne tabloid and whats
    better forvhearnes readership that a big front page pic of glaze k.o. ing
    marti? But marti’s bttter judgement got to him and he didn’t show up…thank god!!!!
    see like glaze said none of us g et out alive. Its true. I say “lifes a bitch and then
    you die”….just each of our own way of saying that while were here lets have some
    good memorable times and some good laughs and some good stories.
    In my eulogy imentioned that I could have had a 10 hour conversation with
    marti….never met the guy but we sure could have had a few brews (I prefer rum
    and coke)….and had one hell of conversation. I remember my current enemy
    hearne….and the great dinner we had with my good friend mr. McDonald at
    pierponts and we laughed and told stories….and I gave him some tips about
    the movers in kc….of course mr. McDonald didn’t pay for the mean (it was
    trade) and we had onefreaking good time til hearne had to leave. Meand
    McDonald left for another drink and finished up about 3am….but I ‘d never
    met hearne…saw his srticles…knew everyone that was mentioned in his
    stories….and knew more rumors and sex filled tales that could fill an entire
    edition of the kc star sunday edition….but we laughed and had one down drinking
    event. Now..we don’t know each other and we argueand we harass and he
    censors me…and he accuses me of getting int o the mud…..and we’re at
    odds after really getting to know and trae some funny f******ing stories.
    I meant it when I saidlets get together for a drink. No hearne and Wilson
    I won’t show upindrag…I normally wear a suit and tie….but this isn’t
    a come to jesus meeting…its not a war meeting….its just a easy night (every can
    bringat least one open carry since it will be prairie village or overlandpark)….
    and we sit down and havesome fun.
    I know you all…youall know me…i’ll bring youto my house afterward…..let
    you see what I do all day….who I work with….my newsreels and articles and
    letters from hundreds of veterans who I work with…..but its not about me
    any longer. I’m done. I’ve fought too many battles without figuring out
    that all you guys have the same needs we all have….
    nomore battles…..everyone (even those who battled marti)felt horrible what
    happened to him. Noonewas happy of his death. And we never met the guy..
    we never knew him besides the computer writings he put on kcc and greghall
    and tkc……but we allhad this idea about him when in real life he could hpeacave
    been the most gracious selfless man we would ever meet. Don’t know.

    If something happened to anyone….Wilson…dude…super dave….all the guys
    who use the fake Harley name to get all the other guys mad….I would feel
    no differnet than I feel right now. I knew them from afar….I knew we battled
    bak and forth whth absolutely insane remarks sent ot people we all had never
    met. Yet I know that marti….smartman…super dave….mikey….lefty….they’ve
    all got a heart…and someone cares for them….and that we all get way out of hand
    with what we say to each other and that’s not what I think we’re all about.
    Marti woke me up….I left a meeting today and though t bout him and his
    family and friends who may never have known what he wrote here.
    Or what he left behind…or what great things the guy could have done…I mean
    he was talented..nd could have been a writer …comedian…author…poet….something
    with power.
    someday when tempers simmer down and we all stop cramming our brains
    with the wasteful crap thatwe put on here….we’ll have a hugeparty…and
    Harley will buy the first shots of tequila…..lifes too short…maybe even a bus tour
    to see my housethat your guys love to hammer…..
    rip martin smartman….you made us laugh…youmade us angry….you even almost
    got yur head torn off….but now that’s all forgotten…..see you again…and don’t
    forget to not use those nasty words on your next commentary entry.
    Harley…your friend…your antagonist… and your favorite object of some really
    funny jokes!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Hahaha Greg / Reel that’s some funny $h!t there.

  39. BlackJack says:

    First of all, I want to give condolences to smartman’s friends and family. I never knew him as a person, but I will say that, although smartman was a talented “blog commenter”, let’s not pretend he was some warm, loveable character.

    Many of his blog posts were low-brow, racist, misogynistic, and simply hateful. His posts will not be missed that much.

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