Hearne: It’s Official; ‘Stanford’s on Broadway’ to Debut Next Month

91725*304This is huge…

It’s been like for-ev-er since Kansas City has had a comedy club. A real comedy club. You know, like Stanford & Sons.

No mas.

As of right now, that’s about to change. Because Stanford’s on Broadway is slated to open in late August in the Uptown Theater‘s “Conspiracy Room.”

“I’m going to sign the lease today,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “So we’ll be open by the end of August barring some unforeseen circumstances. We’ll start with comic Mike Steenberg and then I’m going to call in some favors and bring in some big names early on.

“Right now we’re in the process of getting the room ready and getting it staffed. We’ll be open Friday and Saturday nights for the first six weeks and in the end, I think it will be Wednesday through Saturday.”

StanfordsLogo_fullOne wild card: “We’ll have a nightclub right next door,” Glazer says.

“You’ll be able to enter from either the comedy club or on Broadway. And people can go in there and hang out before or after the comedy club shows. And hopefully, we’ll be able to have a DJ in there and the room will stay open after the second show and people can to to the nightclub and just hang out until 1:30 a.m.

“In a couple weeks we’ll have more information. It’s funny, we haven’t had a nightclub since Johnny Dare‘s closed in 2003.”

There’s a thought; what about naming it Johnny Dare’s again?

“Yeah right,” Glazer quips. “You name it Johnny Dare’s.”

“Probably in three to four weeks we’ll have everything mapped out – we’ve got about six weeks to get everything done. Luckily, the room in 90 percent ready to go.”

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75 Responses to Hearne: It’s Official; ‘Stanford’s on Broadway’ to Debut Next Month

  1. harley says:

    huge congrats to my internet pal glaze. You’re doing it…despite all the
    horrendous comments…the low blows….the people who tried to pull you
    down….you’re expanding!!!! You’re doing what others couldn’t or wouldn’t
    do…..Westport should be a great location and hopefully you will do very very
    well there with the new comedy shop. Please bring in bobby slayton…he’s
    super….or maybe even lewis black (yes!!!!!!!!)……
    super success story…keep it going…and I expect a special invitation to the
    grand opening.
    Your friend

  2. Rules be Rules says:

    Are you piggybacking on the liquor license of the Uptown because you can’t get one in KCMO due to your federal felony drug convictions?

  3. CG says:

    Thanks for your deep concern. All of our clubs have had liquor work done with the agent not me. Most companies have many officers and so on. So I am not a holder of any license myself, nor have I been. But thanks for asking.

  4. Sally says:

    I live in Brookside, used to go to the Westport Stanfords ALL the time, saddley, Legends location is just too far to drive for me, i CAN’T WAIT for the new comedy club to open!!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  5. DARREN says:

    I think this will be fantastic for the area. I work in radio and we needed a comedy spot near this part of town. Now I guess we’ll have comics on twice a week. Hey I love it. I see Chris Katan will be in soon. Should be cool to hear what he has to say.

  6. The Real Harley says:

    You better bring in Bobby Slayton Glaze.

  7. Ted says:

    Oh no Glazer’s back in Westport! Kidding, you guys are a riot. I’ll be there.

  8. Ted says:

    Can we go online to see who is going to be there? Showtimes and so on. Thanks

    • Jess says:

      I am pretty sure (but don’t hold me too it) that you can go on Furrytoupee.com and see everything you need about the glaze

  9. Debbie says:

    Great room, have been there for a private function. Should make a unique and cool comedy club. Will you guys use the bar next door as well?

  10. Dean Boese says:

    It’s great to have comedy back in Mid-town! The Westport Stanford’s was always hopping! Hoping to see some great comics there! Craig, you are crazy if you don’t bring Butch Lord out there, he always used to crush in Westport!

  11. Midtown lovah says:

    Good to see someone like CG finally coming to terms with his sexuality and moving into such a gay friendly neighborhood.

  12. paulwilsonkc says:

    Rules, it’s far more common than you know for licenses to be held by someone OTHER than the club owner. I have no criminal record, but when we were looking at buying Jardines, we weren’t going to MOVE to Missouri, just own the business. We had several people offer to place the license in their name since you have to be a Missouri resident. We had already talked about leasing a place in the Montroux for weekends but not even that would allow me to hold it in my name since it would not be a primary residence.
    So like Craig or not, it happens all the time for a host of reasons.
    Congrats, Craig, on the new digs.

    • Rules be Rules says:

      from the Missouri Board of Alcohol Control application for a Beer, Wine and Spirits license, Requirement #2:

      Criminal record check dated within six months preceding the date of the application must be submitted for
      each individual owner, or partner if a partnership. All members of a LLC must submit a criminal
      record check. If applicant is a corporation, the following individuals must submit a criminal record check: the
      managing officer, each officer and director; and all shareholder(s) that own ten percent or more of the stock of
      the business.

      I understand that often people have sham holders of the license but those are the requirements. I’m sure Sanford’s is an LLC so that means he either is not an officer, a manager, a director, or a more than 10 percent shareholder.

      • harley says:

        as Wilson says glaze probably has a great “jewish lawya” and a great
        “jewish beancounter”. That’s all you need in kc to be in biz with the
        There’s so many loopholes in these deals that’s theres proaby an
        “operating agreement” set up that gets past the requirements.
        If glaze uses a separate operating agreement with those who hold
        the license he might be okay. I’m not a liquor license guy but I know that
        operating agreements can really get those things taken care of in
        other businesses.

        • admin says:

          Nice try, H Man but…

          I’m not going to roll around in the mud with you and play your hateful game. That’s your style, not mine.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            It always amazes me; I could go to the American Defamation Leagues site and post comments under the name, Hitler, and get 100 times more responses than any one else. How deluded would I have to be to equate that to my new found fame, popularity and my position as the number ONE person on the site? The one most talked about?
            How does one internalize that as positive and that allow me to claim I’m the only reason people come to the site and I’m KING, as a result?
            I can’t wrap my head around how some make that leap in their own heads, as we can see here from time to time.

          • the dude says:

            It is called being delusional wilson, harlinator and Glazer have it in spades.

          • hardly says:

            ewe are delusionul if ewe thnik eye am knot the king of this sight……..me an glaze get moore coments than anny won else…….also moore woman then any won else…….ewe are jus a jellus luser………ewe wish ewe had the dispicables/flowers that eye have………..ewe are jus t an angry old never was broak dick fat littel hardly wannabe…….ewe live in a trailor making a livign paintin over old discusting junk furniture…………the only thing ewe can rap youre hed around any more is a cheeseburger and supper sized frys……..if ewe want to turn youre pathetek live a round…….contract me at low4rmoflife@aol.com …………….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • the dude says:

        I think you know how this permit will go down, Rules.

    • Rules be Rules says:


      According to Requirement 2 all officers, directors, agents and 10% or more shareholders are subject to criminal background check.

  13. the dude says:

    Jesus Glazer, stop it with the fake comments already.
    I hope your new endeavor has legs but stop the spamming.

    • Jess says:

      I was thinking the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was reading these comments thinking who the hell are all these new people? And why do ALL of them make comments like a cheesy late night infomercial audience member.

  14. harley says:

    rules be rules….most companies are under shell names…or under
    unfamiliar names….it depends on the formation of the corporation
    and what the owners want to occur. Our company is under other
    names to protect assets of the owners and that’s very common to do.
    Many companies owners use their wive’s names/kids names/other
    names for legal and financial reasons.
    So for glaze to do this is not unusual.
    Infact …depending on the real owners portfolio it usually makes sense
    to use other names toset up operations in adjoining states.
    Not sure about liquor licenses and such but many of my clients have
    other businesses set up in other members of their families names.
    not uncommon.
    For further information if you’re thinking of opening a new
    operation confer with a solid business and financial accountant
    and legal advisor.

    • Rules be Rules says:

      I’m pretty sure I know more about business incorporations than you.

      Why would you ‘put your company under the names of other owners to protect assets’? That’s exactly what a LLC does, legally. LLC stands for LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Harley.

      And how is Discount Truman Rd Car Handjobs, LLC doing nowadays?

  15. harley says:

    I deal with some large business entities that have specific “split laws” in
    effect. I could go into this but don’t have time.
    Management contracts are required for certain Industries that I’m involved
    in because you can’t split revenues. Could go into more but its pretty
    complicated for those types of businesses. And we pay these people for their
    advice and information.
    and yousaid “Why would you ‘put your company under the names of other owners to protect assets’?” well there’s about 1000 reasons which if you ask a real
    attorney they would tell you. Again… I’m not an attorney but there are very important reasons for doing that. I just listen to what my attorneys tell me…not my
    business..but I have great ones who handle billions dollar operatins so as a
    smart businessman I always listen to what they tell me. thanks

  16. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Hearne, I’m assuming you meant downtown Kansas City when you mentioned Kansas City having a “real comedy club”? The Improv has been open for quite some time in Kansas City MO.

  17. Former Agent says:

    First off a person with a felony CAN get a permit if he goes through the process in most states. In this case Glazer likely would qualify for many reasons. His service in this industry for decades for one with no liquor issues of concern. Stanfords has a clean record for decades. Second he does not need to be the license holder. In fact in some cases he couldn’t be CAUSE HE MUST LIVE IN THAT CITY. Hundreds of restaurants and bars have the liquor license in the name of a manager or other employee. Common. A person with a felony may run many other areas of a club or bar. Common.

    Stanford and Sons has been operated by the Glazer family, the father, mother, grandfather or other person for more than 30 years in many locations. Neither Missouri or Kansas has had issue with any of the facilities. They run a model establishment. There have been no drug or beverage issues at their places. Craig’s issues had nothing to do with Stanford and Sons at all. Further more that is old news and over a decade plus in the past. I assume you wrote what you did to try and cause them a problem. You didn’t.

    Since you sir are an expert maybe you should go get a degree and practice law. One thing is certain Stanford and Sons Comedy has been a well liked and accepted establishment in Kansas City for many years. They do our city and population a service. They have been down this road many times.

  18. DARREN says:

    Rules person. I hate to say it but you are a more and more common insect on this planet. I see it daily online and on radio call ins. Hateful people who just want to weigh in an issue to be a jerk. You know damn well that Craig and his family have run comedy in several places all over this city. They followed the rules no doubt. I don’t know if Craig has or ever had or needed a permit, but I am quite sure the establishments all had them. As someone else wrote you are just trying to be an ass wipe. You couldn’t give a good God Damn about the issue, which is we are getting a class act comedy club back in midtown. That’s good for everyone.

    I see this man every week, he is a great guy and a hard worker. Like most of us. You on the other hand are a terrible human thing. I understand hating and why, but just how bad is your life to write crap like that? Must be awful. Do we need to set up a ‘pass the hat’ so you can eat or something? We can do that. You need some wine money? Take up a spot at Quick Trip, plenty of loud mouth bums like you hanging around there all the time.

  19. CG says:

    Hearne and now Paul use my name as a lightening rod. I get it. A simple opening of something most people want and then you get all these fake name haters. They find something to hate on almost anything don’t they. Kinda sad.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Hey! I said CONGRATS on the new location AND stood up for you on the license topic, CG! I’m a big enough lightning rid, I was just being nice!

      • CG says:

        Paul give me a break son, you tip toe on your attacks…why use me on a story about Rivera? I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t ask to be in it. You do it for action. No other reason and at my expense, there are no real good wishes from and never have been. Who you kidding not me. Paul I don’t know you and I think you have done a nice job for Hearne. Really. I never mention any of you guys when I write, never. Only when I have had to defend. I don’t need to use any of you boys in my stories. I left this site what about 8 months ago. Yet a few weeks don’t pass without a Craig slant or mention or a story…I NEVER ASK TO BE ON HERE. I am nice enough to answer Hearne on his questions. Often leading to hate mail. I know that. Maybe I should just not respond. That’s fine.

        I got nothing against you Paul. But please don’t pretend you aren’t pandering to these hateful schmucks. You are.

        • Jess says:

          Maybe you should fight him?

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Look, son, how does standing up to Rules comments, explaining to HIM how the license work and saying CONGRATS ON THE NEW LOCATION equate to pandering to haters? If nothing else it would put me in bad light with them and 75% of the readers! Are you so jacked up you can’t take a compliment???

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          I don’t mind someone taking a shot at you when you have it coming, but Rules didn’t have a clue so I took the chance to defend you. I fail to see how that’s pandering, but be my guest if that’s how you see it.

          • harley says:

            more hate on kcc!!!!!typical of the old haters!!!!

            HC: And Harley, you are right up there, hating right along with the best of ’em.

            And no, I decline your silly dare.

            You want Craig to join forces with you to “investigate” the commenters here and expose them? Why not start by outing yourself first?

            Or how about this, why don’t you track down all the anons on that “other channel” first and I’ll publish your findings here.

            Then we can talk.

        • sunnyvale steve says:

          You really shouldnt be granted a permit. What happened with Dare’s club? The Pitch had an interesting theory that marched your previous convictions. Considering the two time felon and numerous stories on how your club was in the 80s, I dont see how you pass the character requirement.

          Just because you are a character doest mean you have character.

          • Interesting Fact says:

            People that put themselves above others will fall longer and harder.

          • harley says:

            the comeback kid comes back…
            again glaze…good luck with your new establishment…..i’ll be there…
            loved the bread and seeing some great comedy.
            as you always said….”the haters hate” and nothing will change.
            I write with facts and stats and then guys like dude or dave or the rest of
            the little guys on here come with their little sayings….
            you’ve proven that you can win the world glaze….go do well…
            these guys on here have one thing to do …and that’s tear people down
            all they can……because they’ve been left behind with little more
            than than a obscene remark or insult.
            I congratulate you on your new opening…..i’ll be cheering you on
            for all the enterprenuers like myself who are making things happen
            in this town and world.
            I just opened a new business…and without a dbout its going to be
            good luck and as my family and friends would say…lahaim and salud!!!!!

          • mark smith says:

            call me Winston. Move outta the sticks fellas.

        • harley says:

          I rememeber when the little men went after you glaze
          and then he backed down……another hater with
          no balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          just a lot of hot air…………and a lot b.s………

      • harley says:

        right! sure! you’re a great guy…right!!!!!!!!1

    • admin says:

      Come on, Craig.

      This is the Internet, the haters are EVERYWHERE. I don’t think there are any fewer on your new home-away-from home.

      But even though you don’t write, this is still your home. We’ve been dating for more than 20 years!

  20. CG says:

    I think we’ve reached that point folks. I realize there are about 15 or less commenters on this site. Same people over and over and over. When I am not on it for week or more you guys ‘jones’ to get to the next Craig story. Cause you have nothing of your own. So I am your local ‘color’ guy. I get it. However here is a nice story about a new club in mid town. Your comments for the most part are aimed at trying to cause issue where there is none and you all knew that. You don’t deserve to have me on this site on my own anymore. I will contact Hearne and tell him no more interviews for KCC. Enjoy your boring stories without me. I find you all to be small minded people with no lives. I don’t mean the decent folks like Chuck and Bshloz and a few others, Debbie of course, but the regular hate team is like trying to swat a bug. They run under everything. I know you guys are cowards that is obvious. I know you fear me, that is clear as well. So lets just part company. You can still come over to Tonys site and bark from time to time. I am on here for ratings. I know when I left the numbers fell off badly, even Hearne told me that. They are better now. So I am not needed. I’m sure Paul or Hearne will still mention me from time to time. I just see no point in dueling with the same five or ten fake name morons. You fight each other or praise each other. Enjoy that ok.

    I’ll leave you with this to think about, like me or not I have accomplished a great deal in life, films, a book, local media attention like nobody else has ever had for four decades plus, ups and downs. You haters have done little but finger point, and in some small ways done many of the ‘bad’ things I did in my past from use drugs, if that’s bad to bed women, just not as many or as hot. You’ve all lied, cheated and stolen at some point. Me, I’m a much braver man. I stood up for myself at every turn. Over and over and over, even in prison. I survived the whirlwind of some of the hardest times in life. For many of you its a story on a screen or in a book for me, it was my real life. I’ll settle for that.

    • Jess says:


    • Sergent Shriver Stedenko says:

      You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!

    • Interesting Fact says:

      Actually we get along just fine over here with out you Craig. Only your delusional thoughts make you feel like we all sit waiting for you to say something. Well guess what we don’t. But Craig, your a liar same as harley and you will be back because you can’t stand to not get the attention.

    • the dude says:

      OOOOh, the BIG BRAVER man that ran away like a punk bitch when his buddy was getting ambushed and gunned down. Big brave man is what you are, go run in the other direction braver man.

    • mike says:

      Sure, their are people on here that don’t like you. That should be expected as you have always played by your own set of rules. Don’t forget, however, that you have also benefited from the publicity. Many more people read this site than comment on it and they now all know about your new club opening up. I didn’t know about it until reading this and most of them probably didn’t either.

  21. Hearne says:

    Boys, boys, boys….

    Relax. This is some pretty cool news for Kansas City and midtown. Why all the squabbling?

    When I released Craig into the wild in January, I offered and he agreed to return to our journalist / subject relationship of the previous 18 years. And of course, he was free to write elsewhere, which he now does.

    I have only read a handful of Craig’s newer posts but from what I’ve seen, he gets just as many if not more jabs in his New World as he got here. Probably more, because many of u have followed him there, plus he’s pissing off the readers there that didn’t know him before.

    So frankly I don’t see the difference. He doesn’t mind being insulted there but it bothers him here? Go figure.

    Most comments there are by “anon” so maybe that’s easier to swallow.

    Paul did defend Craig here today, but in fairness, kinda threw him under the bus yesterday.

    Craig is a big boy though and he’s been thru all this for the past 20 or so years and he’ll live. He loses it on occasion but always bounces back. That’s what makes him Craig.

    And you guys say you wouldn’t miss him, but I say you’re kidding yourselves.

    Look, 365 doses of Craig a year were too much. But I didn’t write about him hundreds of times in the Star because he was boring and unimportant.

    Can’t we all just get along?

  22. BS says:

    twice the Screech!!!!! twice the Jimmy JJ Walker!!!!! Dy-no mite!!!!!!

  23. One Who Knows says:

    Glazer and Sells, two peas in a pod!

  24. gerald bostock says:

    You’d think that someone who runs a comedy club and has an up-close appreciation of some of the wittier stand-up comics would have a better sense of humor and recognize that in the KC Confidential context, he has become a meme, an easy go-to topic to make fun of — where would Leno, Letterman et al be without their quips over the years targeting Teddy Kennedy for being fat and drunk, George W. for being stupid, or Anthony Weiner for his weiner behavior.

  25. mark smith says:

    I love the smell of a good melt down in the morning.

  26. Sergent Shriver Stedenko says:

    I think having Stanford’s in a tackyish side room at the uptown won’t be super fun but hopefully it will save or prolong the existence of the Uptown. They seem to have fallen on hardish times after the midland opened and haven’t really found their niche yet now that Midland is prettier. Although from what I understand Larry who runs the Uptown is married to an heiress and this is just his plaything and a long real estate play for the wife.

    Gotta give him credit, that theater is fun as heck and it is the only thing keeping Broadway@Valentine area alive.

  27. admin says:

    Greg Hall used to by far get the most comments on KCC.

    Smartman wrote something like, “Without Greg Hall this site ain’t nothing at all.”

    Anybody seen Greg’s numbers?

    He’s never got within telescope vision of KCC’s numbers, but I’m sure he’s having fun and he’s doing a great job. He’s also doing exactly what he wants to do and nobody (besides readers) can piss him off.

    Craig always thought he was the highest read on KCC because of his comments numbers. Which stayed strong, btw, even after I blocked him to prevent him from commenting on his stories under assumed names. Names that instantly all went away after the block.

    And as Craig wrote the other day, I told him KCC was ahead of Tony but dipped after Craig left, while Tony went up to about where KCC was just before that. We fell off some after Greg left, too but came back stronger than ever.

    We’ve come back since Craig left too and it’s understandable that some KCC readers are checking out Craig at his new home. Had he started his own site, he’d have found out the hard way what Greg did.

    That it isn’t quite that easy, but hey, different strokes.

    Some people like to read links to other people’s stories and un-verfied news rumors. Others want to know what sports radio talk show hosts and television anchors are saying and thinking. Others still like quirky entertainment, sports, news and opinion.

    Life’s a big tent.

    • Jess says:

      Here is the thing, glaze gets a lot of comments, but 90% of them are either someone calling him a douche, or him challenging them to fight. I for one do not follow him to that trashy tony site, and am very good with him staying gone.

      • the dude says:

        I could care less what he does but when he gets on his ‘hater’ rants when we call him out on his BS it gets to be a little much.
        Now, if we can only get the harlinator to go away permanently we would all be better off.

  28. Craig & Jeff,
    Your brother Jack would be so proud of both of you! The more “player haters” you have the more successful you are! To all the “Haters” I have know the Glazer family going on 25+ years now so I feel I can honestly give an opinion. They are GREAT Businessmen and have bought not only revenue to the area but a lot of talent as well! Both Craig and Jeff to most may seem rough on the exterior, but they have HUGE HEARTS and have done so much for KC in charity work and are always there when any charity is in need! I was Jack’s (the youngest Glazer’s) partner (fiancé) for over 25+ years, so when you speak against Craig and Jeff or any of the Glazer’s you speak against me as well! I challenge any of you who speak ill of the Glazer’s to list your accomplishments! It is easy to criticize successful people, but in the end who does it really benefit? If all the successful people in KC believe your posts and quite doing business because of it what is the end result????? Stop with the negativity and just be accountable for yourself!

    • CG says:

      Just saw this Candy. Quite nice of you to defend and speak up, most don’t. They want to be its ‘too much trouble’. Ha. We need to get together, haven’t seen you in far too long. So call me. Thank you again for being a nice person and we all badly Miss Jack. I know how much you loved him Candy. All the best.

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