Whinery: The George Zimmerman Media Circus

tmDo the right thing…

Which is precisely what the jury did in the George Zimmerman case. Anyone who
looked objectively at the evidence of this case as presented by the State – and how could the jury do anything else? – would have found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty. The State’s own witnesses made the Defense’s case for self-defense.

When one testified that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him down “MMA Style” and a detective testified that Zimmerman may have acted in self-defense, what other verdict could the jury have returned?

george-zimmerman-closeupThe real criminals here are the members of the mainstream media who behaved with a complete disregard for the truth. They did everything in their power to turn this tragedy into something it was not – namely a crime of racial hatred – and that was never the case.

The New York Times called Mr. Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” whatever the hell that means. MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Zimmerman was not injured during the altercation, even though there was photographic evidence showing his nose bloodied and the back of his head bashed in.

ABC News also claimed Zimmerman suffered no injuries. Then there was NBC News selectively editing the 911 call to portray to Mr. Zimmerman as a racist and only following Mr. Martin because “he looks black.”

george_zimmerman_injuryThe news media has behaved in a morally repugnant manner since this case began and they’ve have done precious little to abate that behavior, other than relentlessly cheerleading for riots and a race war since the not guilty verdict came down.

The media have become all too comfortable engaging in liberal activism that creates the story instead of simply reporting the facts.

Will there be any backlash against these race baiters masquerading as members of the Press?  Doubtful. The media will continue its shameful behavior of peddling hypocrisy and lies.

Because that’s the industry they are now in, which is PROPAGANDA. Whatever serves their liberal narrative will be what is reported as fact, no matter how false it may be.

Thank god for internet bloggers and the alternative press, because without them, these mainstream news whores would still be able to monopolize a narrative and brainwash the masses.

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  1. Super Dave says:

    Sure make Jessie Jackson believe that

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      Make that Jackson, Sharpton, Eric Holder, the US Justice Dept. and as a whole the entire judiciary outside of the municipality. What this case proves is that the only people that can scream racist are black people. Considering “Crazy Ass Cracker” sounds like profiling to me.

  2. Bob in Eudora says:

    Zimmerman’s legal team is going after NBC for the doctoring it did on the 911 calls, among other things. When all the dust settles George will walk away with several million bucks and truly be able to disappear.

    • mike says:

      Besides doctoring the 911 calls, they continually showed pictures of a prepubescent, cherubic faced 12 year old Trayvon Martin, instead of showing him as a big strong 17 year old young man. Zimmerman’s defense was based on the allegation that he was getting his head beat into the ground by Martin and had to shoot him to possibly save his own life. Continually showing a much younger Martin looks to me like a deliberate attempt to discredit Zimmerman’s story in the eyes of the public.

    • hou arley says:

      bob….Zimmerman will be a broke man when its done.
      just like oj.
      the family of trayvon gets a huge judgement against Zimmerman
      in a civil lawsuit and he’s in debt for life.
      they get to sell off anything he might own…
      in oj’s case it was good…in this one who knows…but Zimmerman
      will probably have tons of problems….

      • the dude says:

        Well, at least he doesn’t have harlinator short bus problems.
        He can thank the good lord for that.

  3. chuck says:

    Since the arrest and now through the verdict in this abomination of a political show trial, the apopleptic animus of a liberal 4th estate, an Eric Holder led Justice department, the “Post Racial” President and the majority of the African American population for any and all things “white” has never been more evident. A malevolent bedrock of hate, nurtured, stoked and fed by militant race huslters in conjunction with a narrative of revisionist history and a incessant, spurious, rhetorical tautology designed to reconstitute that same hatred at every opportunity.

    Those less than nuanced liberals in reciept of talking points handed down from apparatchiks with vested interest in the continuation of conflict, blown by every wind and wet by every rain, are less inclined to parse the evidence when affectation and emotion are so much easier to muster. Trayvon’s hagiography in the press, the President’s deisre for just such a son, the demonization of a “WHITE Hispanic” and the predictable suseptability of the target audience for these theatrics removed the patina of civil discourse, legal protection, resulting in a criminal indictment at the time for George Zimmerman and should now result in a criminal indictment for Angela Cory. That, won’t happen.

    Incessant coverage of this trial, while all over AmeriKa, in inner city abattoirs, African American victims of African American crime are stacked like firewood in the streets is the epitomy of hypocrisy. This pathological preoccupation with any opportunity to expose ANY semblence of white on black crime, while all over this same AmeiKa, black on white crime is ubiquitous and pervasive speaks to a new 21st century Heart of Darkness. It is ugly and unmistakeable. It is hatred and it is misguided and counterproductive, especially for African Americans.

    The liberal, facist Star Chamber show trial just concluded, proved not only George Zimmerman’s innocence (At Least until Eric Holder can gin up some Civil Rights charges.), it exposed the lengths to which the powers that be in this new AmeriKa will go, to destroy any and everything that heretofore represented “Traditional” American values. Those whites, immersed in a cozy untinking myopia, co opted into this army of hate would do well to remember that 96% of African Americans voted for Obama while perusing “Back To Blood” by Tom Wolfe. The scorpion always stings the frog.

    Weaponized racial hate is the guidon for a movement that now, in conjuction with a sea change in demographics portends ill winds indeed for those of us still interested in Lady Justice’s di riguer including a blind fold. Those scales now tip ominously in favor of that new majority of Americans, benefiting from cradle to grave government largesse and eager to keep the wheels of the “White Guilt” money machine running at full speed.

    That machine used to run on money, but now wants blood.

  4. Here’s what I think is likely to happen over the coming weeks.
    1.The Obama administration will drag out the “probe” of Zimmerman for several weeks. This will give them time to coordinate demonstrations and outcry from across the country. The demonstrations will be front page/first story on every major newspaper/TV network news broadcast and will suck the oxygen out of “news”.
    2.The DoJ will file civil rights charges against Zimmerman.
    3.Martin’s family will file a civil suit against Zimmerman for “wrongful death”. A civil suit carries a much lower burden of proof – preponderance of the evidence – than a criminal trial – reasonable doubt – and Martin’s family will be represented pro-bono by very high powered civil attorneys, not the collective doofuses that prosecuted Zimmerman. Add to that the concept that “facts” won’t matter in a civil case they’ll have pictures of 12 year old Trayvon plastered all over the media, this one will hinge solely on emotion. Just like the Goldman family’s suit against OJ, which they won hands down.
    4.Concurrent with the DoJ’s civil rights charges we will be deluged reminders of the 1964 civil rights charges filed by Robert Kennedy in the Mississippi Burning case where three civil rights workers were murdered by the Mississippi KKK. We will hear over and over about how the state would never have brought the murderers to justice without the federal civil rights case and they will use that to justify prosecuting Zimmerman on federal charges.
    5.The victim community, led by Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP and the media, will use that same theme to press for new civil rights legislation because we are obviously the same racist nation we were in 1964.
    6.Expect to see a groundswell demanding gun registration, much stricter background checks for concealed carry permits, elimination of “Stand Your Ground” and “Castle Doctrine” laws and strict regulation of “Neighborhood Watch” groups.

    This will absolutely be the only focus of the media for at least the next 18 months. You can forget seeing anything about the Obama foreign policy disaster in the Middle East, forget NSA and the European melt down over US spying, forget that countries around the world now hate the US (and don’t fear us) at an all time high.

    Forget the IRS going after political opponents – after all, the Zimmerman verdict proves they’re racists anyway. Forget oversight of NSA snooping. Fast & Furious will be remembered as nothing but a bunch of movies. Immigration? More evidence of racism. Calls for fiscal restraint? More evidence of racism.

    Trayvon Martin is the gift that will keep giving to Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular at least through the 2014 election cycle.

    “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.” And this President wouldn’t bat a eyelash over the fact that “his son” is a dead gangsta wannabe who simply jumped the wrong guy and got what he deserved.

    • the dude says:

      Ugh, this is sad because race has nothing to do with this case but it seems everybody on the defense’s side wants to inject it in. This is sad that this country has become a bunch of racebaiters and race exploiters. Cue the Jackson/Sharpton nonstop talk show tirade and the upcoming civil rights case.
      This is going to make me sick.

      This case shows how glaringly bad these stand your ground/castle laws on the books are. They are horrible ideas and even worse laws.

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      +1 – Don’t know if your right but it sounds like its right up the liberal media playbook.

  5. chuck says:

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.” –

    Jesse Jackson, at a conference for the Rainbow/PUSH coalition Chicago 1993

    Jesse is far more guilty of “Profiling” than Zimmerman.

  6. Bob in Eudora says:

    The FBI in prior interviews with 35 people already determined that Zimmerman was/is not a racist.

    In a civil trial all those pics and texts with Trayvon and his weed, bong, bling and talk of guns and fighting will come out in discovery. Zimmerman can’t be painted in any worse light. Trayvon and his family have everything to lose.

    • chuck says:

      Excellent points, but they already received $1,000,000.00 on the back of their dead kid (By the way, the family is Tradmarking and Copywriting the picture of him in a hoodie etc etc), so it’s apparent they are interested in chumming the water all around the Civil Rights garbage scow for as long as possible.

      I think they jump right in.

  7. mark smith says:

    George needs to go visit his moms people in Peru. Quick, fast and in a hurry. The feds will file a civil rights case, evidence be damned.

  8. smartman says:

    Sorry black people but you are not going to get your way on this. So STFU and maybe expend some of this energy dealing with black on black
    crime in your own communities.

    Nationwide, over 100 young black men are shot every week. Most die, others are permanently maimed and the rest will die when they heal and go out seeking revenge.

    It’s beautiful when you all come together. That type of power and cohesiveness can solve a lot of problems.

    Obama already sent the jury has spoken memo. His participation at this party is over.

    Eric Holder won’t prosecute the Black Panthers and he’s gonna pile on George Zimmerman. Good luck with that.

    Alan Dershowitz is so wound up about how Zimmerman got screwed he may show up pro bono for George’s continuing cause.

    It was a bad deal. No winners. Both men could have made better choices. Too bad stupidity is legal in the US.

  9. hou arley says:

    again Harley was right. The prosecution team of this case was by far the worst ever
    assembled for a large public case. I predicted Zimmerman walks. It wasn[t hard
    but to watch the idiots who were trying to put together a case against Zimmerman
    you could tell they were trying to patch a case together. I seriously think even the
    prosecutors knew they had a no win situation but political pressure put on them to
    bring a trial forced them to work with little if any real evidence to prove zim guilty.
    A huge waste of time and effort but showed again that the lust for news by the
    24/7 news outlets really drove the story. As for nancy grace…how did this
    lady ever get a job on tv?
    Some said there w there was no “race” involved in the case. Obviously they did not followthe voire dire (spelled right?) where the prosecution tried everything to get blacks on the jury only to have the judge put two white women on there.
    From the jury pool….where was the black jurors? Where was the “peers” of
    the case….the prosecutors made a huge mistake putting all those white women
    on the jury and it killed them in the end.
    But most important is that all the atttorneys on both sides said blacks got the
    oppressive side of the justice system. Most commentators including almost all
    the public state prosecutors who commented on the trial even said that if Zimmerman was black he’s been arrested at the scene and never seen daylight til the trial..
    and probably convicted of at least manslaughter.
    What a sham. A terrible trial…although I felt omeara came off as a very cool
    nice polite man who knew who he wasplaying to.
    6 white women deciding if a young black man was murdered? Having made
    presentations in front of women in business…the state should never have
    denigrated the women jurors by attempting to appeal to their female emotions.
    Have all your rallies…protest the not guilty verdict….sit and discuss what
    happened in this trial but It all camedown to the fact that Zimmerman acted
    in self defense and under the law had the right to use applicable force.
    Nothings going to change folks. This is a problem that has a simple solution that
    few people wants to discuss….we need a new program.
    Don’t starve the babies by cutting food stamps…don’t cut back on the job
    programs…America can afford to continue those programs….but we need
    a new direction and a new positive action plan to rid the cities of the criminals.
    Remember…only 2-3% of the people are criminals…yet they wreck havoc
    on the rest of the people. 98% and more of blacks are law abiding…good people…
    but they too have become victimmms to the hoods and outlaws that terrorize
    their neighbrhoods. I’ve seen it first hand….people no differnet than those on kcc
    wanting to raise their kids….but we need the “Harley Plan” using every possible
    government and private organization and funding to rebuild these areas.
    Allis not lost. The words of hate and evil that you read on tkc are just a few
    of the idiots who are spewing the angry vile language because they have seen
    no alternative to the situation we now have.
    Guys like chuck and super dave and smarmyman…small minded haters
    who have done nothing to try to solve the problems besides their rants
    and screams of disgusting language that does nothing to solve the problem.
    Trayvon is just an example of what we need to focus on. Our jails ar filled
    with millions of jails….most unfairly put there because they were black
    (that’s not just myopinion …but the opinon of prosecutors and lawy
    ers in the areana everyday.
    This w as a ridiculous trial that was prosecuted by some really bad state
    attorneys. Could zmmerman have been convicted of a lesser crime…of course
    he could…but the state tried to fool/bamboozle/ the jurors and they got
    Peace to all….its still a beautiful world out there….enjoy it while youcan.

  10. Libertarian says:

    Thug profiling is NOT racial profiling.

    If I dress up like a clown, and go out in public, I have no right to get mad when people treat me like a clown.

    When I dress up like a gangsta thug, complete with baggy pants and a hoodie, I have no right to get mad when people treat me like a thug.

    Idiot with a gun + a thug in the making = one hell of a mess.

  11. Hot Carl says:

    I guess I must have missed something. Dude #1 put a gun in his pants, went looking for trouble and then found it, eventually killing Dude #2 who, prior to the arrival of Dude #1, was just walking down the street.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Hot Carl, we agree.

      Mr. Whinery, two unusual details here. One, I rarely disagree with you. Two, several have me wrongfully pigeon holed with some others as the resident racist here. While I have some strong feelings, not always conventional, I’m certainly not racist. Yes, I know, if you have to EXPLAIN how you’re not…. you like are, but I’m not.

      Anyone who pretends to have been a soothsayer or great sage in predicting the outcome of this trail also needs to go on record and declare what time sunrise will be tomorrow, it was no more difficult to see than that. But here’s where I part company. I do not understand the claims that this was no about race. How can anyone pretend that? It started with race and ended with race.
      I give you his opening 911 comment;

      “Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh, this guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

      Zimmerman had been following him, as the self-appointed Sub Division volunteer watch captain. And, given all that’s been found about him, I’m pretty sure he was a “crazy ass cracker” even though he’s a white Hispanic version of “cracker”

      His next observation is interesting;
      “Something’s wrong with him. Yup, he’s coming to check me out, he’s got something in his hands, I don’t know what his deal is.” (it’s an ice tea in one hand, candy in the other, dumbass)

      The “deal” was, Zimmerman had been following him. Martin had his share of issues, but still, a white guy is following a black kid carrying a tea and skittles. That’s all. But to Zimmerman, he was BLACK, so he couldn’t possible live in such a fine neighborhood, so, something had to be wrong. None of us know what good blacks deal with as a result of the bad apples. We have no concept of driving a nice car through Prairie Village and getting stopped just because we are black. I’m pretty sure that’s what that kid was thinking.

      And his next comment;
      “These (expletive) they always get away”

      Who are “these”? Blacks? Criminals in general? So far, there was no more probable cause than the Olathe Police stopping someone for DWB.

      When asked by the dispatcher if he’s following him, he says yes and the dispatcher replies, “Ok, we don’t need you to do that” and he replies, OK.
      But what does he do? He continues, because these expletives ALWAYS get away with it, and the hoody wearing Negro is NOT going to this time! So, why should we say this wasn’t about race? If it was a cute little resident walking home in a tennis skirt with tea and skittles, he would have only checked her out and kept driving.

      Here’s the issue, the trial separated the events leading up to it from the Stand Your Ground law. If you try Zimmerman on Stand Your Ground, sure, he was not guilty. But what kind of law is that? Can I go to Florida, stalk someone I don’t like, instigate a fight, let myself get hit a few times then kill them?

      Clearly, the answer is yes.

      He was told to stop, he didn’t. He pursued the incident. He knew he had a gun. He wanted this kid because they allllllllways get away with it.
      If Martin broke into the house while Zimmerman was on the couch reading Dos Mundos, he should have unloaded every shell he had into young Martin, reloaded and do it again. If Zimmerman was walking home from the 7-11 with his OWN can of tea and skittles, Martin came from the bushes and said, “Hey, you crazy-ass cracker, I’m going to kick your pansy white-Hispanic ass” and proceeded to throw the first punch, Zimmerman should have unloaded on him.

      But that’s not what happened. Florida used a law, meant to do good and allow one to defend themselves when needed, but surgically extricated what mattered most. Zimmerman was the aggressor with no probable cause other than a kid walking home, talking to his moron girlfriend on the phone. End of story.

      Florida should be a great State of stalk someone you dislike, start a fight, get some blood on you, then off your enemy under total immunity from prosecution.

      I’ve gotten multiple emails from “my fans, readers and dis3iples” at my web site wellcoiffedscribe4life@yoohoo.com, indicating they are taking up a collection to by one commenter a free ticket to Florida…….

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Had Travon prevailed in the struggle, leaving Zimmerman dead, he would have been able to walk based on the Florida law.

        It seems to be a boon for street thugs who shoot each other. And better to shoot and kill in fear than spend 20-years in jail for firing a warning shot.

        The prosecutor who lost the Zimmerman case did manage to put a woman in jail who fired a warning shot at a man who had abused her.



        • Davey Jones Locker says:

          Paul, Love your articles but got to disagree here. For starters it wasn’t stalking. Zimmerman noticed something out of place in a neighborhood he was familiar with we’ve all done it in our own neighborhoods. Second it is reasonable to suspect given the history of the crime in the area and the fact that the criminals were black males wearing hoodies. Zimmerman did not get out of his car with the intent of killing someone and it is not a crime to have a hero complex. Finally the 911 dispatcher asked Zimmerman where the suspect was BEFORE he told Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that” with regards to following the suspect. If I am on the phone with 911 and the dispatcher says where is he I can see where Zimmerman would take that to mean go see where he is. The dispatcher did not give an order to stop, to stay put, to not take pursuit. He only said “we don’t need you to do that” and Zimmerman has interviewed as saying he turned around and was heading back to his car when the altercation took place. If there is a guilty party in this matter it is those that executed the crimes against this neighborhood. If the DOJ and other resources went to task on that case like they did on this they would have those individuals and have the property they stole recovered. But then that’s not good media is it?

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Yo, Davey, I always welcome your comments, youre a good dude, for or against anything I say or write!

      • Super Dave says:

        The ugly fact so many are unwilling to acknowledge is that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he had behaved himself like the sacrosanct individual he is now portrayed to have been. His conscious decision to attack George Zimmerman epitomizes the street thug mentality he embraced and that decision cost him his life. Regardless of what the media and other race-mongers would try to have us believe, it is inconsistent with appropriate behavior to physically assault someone because you do not like that they are following you. I applaud the jury for taking the facts of the trial into account and rendering the only verdict possible — George Zimmerman is not guilty of the charges brought against him.

      • harley says:

        paul..just like in the stalking stories this comment has more
        holes than a piece of cheese.
        If you’regoing to play journalist get facts straight…if not…
        tonykc has a special place for your pieces.
        YOu don’t understand the stand your ground law…you
        don’t understand the circumstances…your line of events
        is wrong and again….if you choose to publish on such a
        nice blog learn to get your facts correct.
        Also…my saying Zimmerman walks prediction was just
        one of many that make you look like a fool. Of course anyone
        watching this trial would see that the prosecution was
        second rate. More importantly was the makeup of the jury..
        when I heard it was 6 women I said….”ITS OVER”……..
        and having read and followed the case long before the trial
        I also noted before the trial began that zim walks.
        You keep trying to bring me up in your comments and
        with your usual FAILURE style come out looking like
        a fool trying to prove me wrong.
        You always say you never read my comments but you are
        always able to recount them when you make a fool of yourself
        trying to doubt me.
        I do appreciate your relating all your stories to me….even
        though you are almost always proven wrong!

  12. hou arley says:

    paul…race was an issue long before the trial started. The state was
    trying to stack the jury with blacks and the judge ended up putting
    two white women back on the jury. The state never wanted
    6 middle aged women (some gunowners) on that jury….but they
    looked down the list of potential jurors that were coming up and
    felt that it would have been better to take the women.
    The state started the race issue during the trial.
    But it wasn’t about race….except to the media…because zim was
    a “white hsipanic” which I’ve never heard of before.
    also Wilson…..this was amixed race community of townhouses…watch
    the videos of the area of the shooting and you see many whites and blacks
    walking thru the area. It was not a white only area where this took place.
    The questions remain…why were there no minorities on this jury?
    and what clowns were assigned to this case by the state?
    and one other thing…..Harley picked the outcome before anyone on
    kcc…..although even the racists on kcc probably knew what was going to
    Nice try Wilson….come on by….just bought a new painting that you’d love
    to see!!!!!! hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!

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