Paul Wilson: How Kansas City Mayor Sly James Can Solve the Murder Rate Problem

rockwell_shattered_rectLast week I traded emails with KC Mayor Sly James as he and I are in the process of setting up a meeting to discuss the murder rate in KC for an upcoming story on KC Confidential…

That’s the main topic, with a secondary one being my disgust and bewilderment over him taking the blame for not doing enough to stop it.

When people don’t want to accept responsibility for their own actions they resort to pointing fingers, because that’s far easier. And in the past few weeks, the blame has turned to our Mayor; that supposedly he hasn’t done enough to slow the murder rate.

My contention is, a city mayor can’t legislate that into decline. It’s not about stronger gun laws, it’s not about more places to play “basketball” on weekends in the inner city and it’s not about curfew parties to keep kids off the Plaza.

In my opinion, it involves just two issues; the first being a breakdown of the family unit which has led to a culture of violence in this city, possibly worse than cities much larger than ours.

Is there a solution to this for our city?

Yes there is, but can it be implemented? Doubtful.

While investing another 45 minutes of my life this morning on a conference call that I’ll never get back, I was scanning social media on the side just to stay awake. A close friend of mine – we’ll call her Janie, since that’s her name – blogged these words that say it all.

As a side note, Janie is younger than me, so this isn’t old school advice, it’s not chauvinistic behavior from a subservient wife and it applies today as much as it ever has.


It’s called respect.

It would change the course of all we see happening in today’s world, if there was just the desire to implement some simple guidelines again.

But the Mayor can’t do it alone, it has to come from the heart of a family and that’s what seems to be missing in the world today. Hence, the murder rate, because respect for anything, everything and anyone appears lost. Family values have been replaced by gang bangers going to local funeral homes to prepay for their funeral with the goal being for theirs to be bigger and better than the last one.

Here are Janie’s words:

I was just thinking about a couple of life lessons that I observed while eating dinner as a family, which I was fortunate to do throughout my childhood.

My father insisted on good table manners but that was just the beginning of our lessons, it was my parent’s unspoken actions that were priceless such as…

My mother always gave my father the choicest piece of whatever she was serving. She did so out of respect for him, which in turn taught us to respect our father. My father would receive the offering with a sincere sense of gratitude not entitlement; that taught us to respect our mother.

I have seen my father take an unwanted second portion of food if he sensed that a guest was hesitant to do the same just to make the guest feel comfortable teaching us to observe others and be a gracious hosts.

bfvt-may-2013-sessionsI have seen my mother insist that she didn’t want dessert when there was just one piece of pie left and knowing it was her son’s very favorite she would stash it away to ensure he had it for a snack later. That taught us to be considerate and giving.

I have seen my father swear he preferred his biscuits, popcorn, toast, pancakes etc. a little burned. That taught us to consider each other’s feelings and be kind.

I have been sent from the table to my room for disrespecting my mother. Not by my mother but my father; that taught us that our father puts our mother above us and we should do the same.

I have watched my mother clear countless meals from the table and clean up from dinner without a word of complaint; that taught me that we all have a role to play in the family and that she performs hers with a glad heart.

All together there were many lessons learned nightly around our dinner table and asking to have the salt passed and saying thank you while not talking with your mouth full was just the beginning.

Mr. Mayor, get on that.

Surely you can craft some words into law that make the above a mandatory part of family life in Kansas City. Can’t you?

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60 Responses to Paul Wilson: How Kansas City Mayor Sly James Can Solve the Murder Rate Problem

  1. smartman says:


    Remember on Hill Street Blues when Frankie Furillo used to bring the El Diablo’s and other gangs in for behavioral modification sit downs?

    The KCPD gang unit knows who the players are and where they live. No reason they can’t drag em in for a little bully pulpit session with Sly. And Don’t tell me that Sly and Chief Forte couldn’t get medieval on the street if they wanted too.

    Henry Ford said “If you think you can’t do something, you’re right. If you think you can, you’re right too”.

    Sly doesn’t have the balls or conviction to take on the murder problem. He got his. He doesn’t care about kids trapped in the hood. Somebody else’s problem.

    His ass needs to be working the streets and church’s, religious facility, not chicken joint. Sonofab#tch should be screaming at the top of his lungs about the sorry state of Black Kansas City. Leaders lead!!!

    He could make a HUGE f#cking difference if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. He wants to do stupid sexy sh#t like All Star Games, Toy Trains and a new airport. Useless Idiot is what he is.

    Take me with you Wilson. I’d love some mano y mano time with this turd of a Mayor. I’ll even wear a bow tie.

    He makes me miss Mark and the squid.

    • the dude says:

      They make money off problems until they get so bad KC becomes Detroit.
      Then you are truly screwed. We are getting close to that soon.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Dude, I agree with you on a few levels. We have the crew that I lump into the “race baiting” activists, nationwide and locally, who have a vested interest in it NOT being solved. If the problem goes away the revenue stream leaves with it and what are they left to do then?
        Get a job?
        Use your “Rev” designation and actually “preach” somewhere?

  2. Hot Carl says:

    Paul, that’s a great lesson but going over that with Mayor Sly won’t do much good. Just look at his kid and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what dinner was like at their house.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smarty, I get where youre coming from, but point of correction it wasn’t Mark, it was Gloria Squid-toro…..

    I think the gang summit has merit and I’ve done enough high end, tenuous negotiations I’d be all over that! Would love to make that happen and moderate it.

    Billy Cosby did what you want Sly to do, look what it got him; ousted from the rest of his “community”, not that it was really his “community” any more. Listen to his Pound Cake speech.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hot, not that I have it on any facts, but I’d offer this with regard to your observations on the Mayors sometime rapper son. I’ve known a few cases in my immediate friends where these kids just have a mind of their own. I’ve watched friends who I admire as “parents” raise 2 incredible kids and one ends up being a nutjob! Now, were they great parents to the 2 and just ignored the one? Sometimes its a direct result of what happened at home, other times, the best of everything at home someone didn’t get through.
    Im lost on that one and having raised 4, I’m just really lucky how they turned out. I sure can’t take the credit for it. I did all I knew to do, I was totally invested in them, but in the end there’s always something you wish you did better.
    I’ve seen kids with beyond poor parental modeling who go on to do great things. Its a mystery.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Preach to the choir and keep the donation plate going around. Those who shape policy are those who benefit from the spoils. The schlubs who are supposed to be receiving a helping hand are handed a stacked deck. Like Indians on the reservations.

      Lead by example. Not by subsidizing things best left to private enterprise but by focusing on making the city livable again. The sprawl makes it unsustainable.

      The Mayor can’t solve these problems but he can show it is more important to respect each other and stop the madness than it is to build toy trains and 1000-room hotels.

    • smartman says:

      When I was growing I was allowed to have a mind of my own, within limits. If and when those limits were exceeded I was reminded I would have to move out and make it on my own. In essence I was an employee of my parent’s. If I didn’t like the gig I was free to go. No harm, no foul. My parents were my parents, not my friends. It was an adversarial relationship at times. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

      I became friends with my parents when I turned 30. Best friends I ever had.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        More an indentured servant to my parents. Of course the summers on a farm gave an even broader look at how respect and character were related.

        Taught to question authority at times. And to stand up for your deeds and be accountable.

        The family unit was stronger than the individual pieces.

  5. harley says:

    come on dude…we don’t need you preaching to us about family values
    (hahahahaha)… stop trying to preach to us like you’re the saint!!!!
    the young lady you mentioned is living a time way long past.
    How can a family eat together when the woman is making the money
    and gets home at 7pm and you expect the kids and dad to wait til 8 to
    eat dinner. the world wasa lot different back then during Leave it to Beaver
    first runs. Now everyones on a rush to go nowhere…cellphones connecting
    people from the dinner table to the bathroom….and if you’re not connected
    you might miss something.
    The young lady represents a gracious time..when young women took
    etiqueete classes and learned in school how to walk and be a “women”.
    Try that now Wilson…when th’e girls wear outfits they would never allow
    in the 70’s and 80’s.
    Disrepect momand dad. Hows that possibler when half the marriages
    end in divorce. Dad has contact orders never to get near mom or the
    kids and half the men are deadbeat dads and they spend time in jail making the rest of us have to pay for their failure to be fathers.
    Andwilson…its not just in theblack neghborhoods anymore. went to
    3 funerals in the last month over blue valley kids overdosing….not on
    simple pills but everything from heroin (the drug of choice in blue valley)
    to pain patches. You don’t see whats going on neither does your female
    Then your friend says how proud she is that mom cleaned off the tabl
    of plates and never complained. Well today…unless you live in a
    cave…its the job of everyone to help pitch in. Mom’s tired…so everyone
    helps out (hopefully).
    Oh how swell itwold be to turn back the clock…but wedon’t do that. Oh…how\
    you old folks miss FAther Knows best and Leave it to Beaver. Evertyhing was so simple then. Wally and the beav….and eddiee Haskell was the smart aleck.
    The world has changed. We can’ts get the gun dealers and manufacturers to
    pass background checks and at the same time 70 kids have accidentally shot andkilled
    relatives with guns over the last couple of months.
    You obviously don’t know many black people Wilson. You’ve never worked with
    them day in day out. you probably never mingle with minorities or porbably
    don’t do business with them. Or if you do it’s probably the up class ones
    ….see I’ve been there….had 3 kids I MENTORED thru big brothers and sisters…was
    part of the head start program (which has been obliterated bythe sequester and
    hurting the kids who need this program most)….youdon’t need to talk to sly
    …go talkto Alvin brooks…go down on the streets….find out what’s really
    broken inour inner cities. Sly has abut as much wisdom about street
    violence and growing up in poverty as you do.
    When these kids have no hope…no money…no future….they gravitate to someone
    who can be their friend/family….that’s why gangs existy. They give the kids
    someone to depend on..someone to love and protect them…someone to care about
    them…’s not the music…its the need to feel a part of someone and something
    no matter how bad that person/group may be.

    Times have changed….people have changed…we’ve seen whathappens
    when the powerful screw us…..
    I’ve outlined my rejuvenation program…something you have nothing about.
    We should go after those corporations who have ripped us taspayers off
    and get them to pay their taxes and force them to bring the profits f5om
    America back here.
    Here’s the deal…bring the money back…pay 20% tax on it…invest it in the
    inner city zones….but have mentors and business people handling the
    money….do you know what would happen then….you bring billions and
    billions of dollars into those city zones and jobs and income come with it.
    You can’t fix a family Wilson…you can fix a system.
    Oh how wonderful it would be to go back to “the good ole days”…slow…
    easy…families stu ck together…respect of mom and dad…..sunday night
    dinnrs that everyone was required to be at….no fighting…just the
    perfect life.
    Well Wilson/chuckles/smarmy/dave/hearne/dude….stop living in the
    pst….it’s done gone…and times chaNged and you’ve got to change with them.
    Go waste your time talking to ppolitician Wilson… they.just blowing f*cking
    smoke up all our a$$es.
    Go talk with sly all you want. ask him why they spend a billion bucks for
    a train to go 4 miles…ask him why we’re now arguing over whether
    a woman can use brith control or if a woman will be forced to stick
    a prod up her while the real problems we face are left to the back of the
    go tell sly and the rest of those guys that they’re the problem because
    they have no solutions!

    • the dude says:

      I don’t live in the past you knucklehead, part of the problem is we have corrupt people in power at all levels at government and corrupt people sucking the gubment teet dry and gaming the system as screwing it up for the rest of us legitimate citizens. If we can remedy those problems we would have something significant there but good luck with that, those pesky, bloodsucking ticks on both sides are dug in pretty well harlinator.

      • harley says:

        that’s true dude….we’re not solving any problems
        because of political hatred. The guys in Washington
        can’t do anything so it’s time to replace them asap.
        the problem in kc could be solved pretty easily …just
        no one can agree on the solution and get it done.

    • cheech lifting his pud says:

      harley says:
      July 8, 2013 at 2:40 pm
      sounds similar….but wny won’t they do it..
      big corporations need the cheap labor….i’ll post link!!!!!

      Still no link to your big, important national blog, as you promised above. Put up or shut up. We are collectively tired of the high pressure hot air, you dolt. You have no credibility. Take the Don Harmon Memorial Exit ramp, please.

      • harley says:

        cheech…too much hemp? the don harmon joke is old…just
        like you….
        I will post the link…just gotta find the article again..
        but next time you decide to take on Harley…please use some
        intellectual and informative data to refute what I say.
        Your stupidity and redundancy in trying to be funny is
        really really old….
        but I do appreciate the fact that your FOLLOW EVERY ONE
        OF MY POSTS TO THE WORD….and for that I consider
        you one of my disciples/readers and fans…
        have a great day

      • harley says:

        sorry cheech…too much hemp?
        next time youo try to outdo my comments use something
        that proves you have some brains by using something
        informative and intellectual. You’re old tired jokes
        are worn out.
        Give us your opinion in a logical sense about the article
        so we can see if the hemp has ruined your brain or that
        you’re just naturally stupid.
        I have credibility…just not with the losers like you.

    • Super Dave says:

      You never fail to impress me with your continuous rambling bull crap. You hooked up to a ventilator machine by chance, because I swear you are to stupid to even know how to breathe.

      • harley says:

        thanks dave for taking the time away from cleaning
        the tennis courtsand pools to show once again that you have
        no common sense or intellectual abilities to debate and discuss
        serious issues on an adult level.
        Now…get back to work.

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      The phantom of Huffington Post has spoken again. Mr. big shot money proves your a hypocrit a bold faced liar. This statement proves that point “We should go after those corporations who have ripped us taspayers off
      and get them to pay their taxes and force them to bring the profits f5om
      America back here.”
      Your “enterprise” (self promoted because nobody here has ever seen or heard evidence of it) doesn’t take every deduction and loophole available? Your re-distribution of wealth is flawed same as your carmel messiah the great stooge Barrack Obama. If you haven’t figured it out yet those with money have the means and methods to put it anywhere and do so to shelter that tax burden. That leaves the middle class to carry your “redistribution of wealth” burden.
      Your rejuevenation plan is that another phantom article on the Huffington Post cause it damn sure isn’t coming from the law4life spam bucket.

      • cheech lifting his pud says:

        Davey Jones just stuffed a punk in his locker, middle school style! Looks like a lack of a link has left him limp and longing for legitimacy in the Huffing n Puffington Post blogosphere.
        You’re my new hero DJL!

        • harley says:

          I have no offshore accounts…no swiss banks…sorry
          Davey. The country is being ransacked by those with
          billions/trillions in taxable income moving it offshore.
          that leaves me and you to pay the tab. or maybe just me.
          My rejuvenation plan isout there…been on kcc many times
          and was written about on huff post. If you read my
          logs which I know you do because you quote them word for
          word quite often (which I do appreciate)…you’d know what
          I’ve outlined in detail and what needs to be done.
          But you’ve got no plan…no ideas and that leads me to believe
          that you’re just another follower.

          tell us what you think the answer is. We all kow the problem.
          Show us something that makes us think you’re more than
          just a morbid idiot on here to curse/hate and spread b.s.
          about others.
          good luck..lyou’ll need it

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            Your such a moron. In case you haven’t been listening your law4life is a scam your huff post is a scam I have asked you at least 5 times to cough up a link, a story title, and you’ve claimed many times that law4life is the place to get on the mailing list.. BULLSH!T. I sent an email and haven’t gotten dick! Quoting you hardly!!! Never read you cause your not published ya fraud. You don’t have off shore accounts because your not the big fish you think you are. PHONY and I am calling you out!! Simple point those that have money can protect money no matter what the law or the loop hole. That yields nothing more then those that CAN’T manipulate the system and buy those that run it to carry the burden. Set the Tax rate at 75% for the top 1% and you won’t yield 35% more in revenue they will change strategy, citizenship, or tax shelters. So when your liberal agenda wants to redistribute the wealth they won’t get it from the wealthy it will come from the middle class cause the 1% will be untouchable.

        • harley says:

          hey cheech….if this davy jones is your hero…you
          are one bad off dude.
          put down the bong long enough to takea breath.
          Your brain is fried!!!!!!

        • cheech lifting his pud says:

          Davey, here’s what you are going to find….for all Harlinators bragging about writing in national blogs on a national level occupying so much of his time, my bet is he COMMENTED on or wrote something one time, if ever. So your not likely to see proof. If its one story, that would be too embarrassing to admit. And you know he’s not a regular. Either way he remains a liar, punk and blow hard. If Harley passed hot air in the woods and no one was there to hear it, would it still make that giant sucking sound?

          • hou arley says:

            davey….tell us about yourself dude.
            another hater on here who by the way has
            followed every comment I’ve made.
            thanks davy….i’m not like hearne or
            krugman i know my stuff and no one on this
            site has been able to refute in an intellectual
            or proven factual manner anything i say.
            In othe r words ….you’re just another punk
            calling people names when in reality you’re
            one big shlub with no brains.
            Sorry….truth hurts.
            I’ve put out a plan….tell me how its bad or
            use what little brain power you have to discuss

          • Davey Jones Locker says:


            I’ll tell you about me when you can post the title of your Huffington Post article the day before it is actually published.

            Because I read every word doesn’t make me your fan it means a bully needs to be set in his place. I’ve read your bragging and boasting with not a shred of proof to back your claims of fame, fortune, and philosophy enough to figure out it has the stench of BS. What say you Harley balls in your court.. Title up if your publishing to the post you should know the title prior to it hitting the site. Failure to pony up proves your dreaming and a fraud.

          • Davey Jones Locker says:

            Your right cheech. Fact is if he was published he could easily post the title of any upcoming article as verification. Don’t even need a link just a title. And since it’s time stamped here on KCC should be easy to see that same title at a later time over on Huff Po. I’m not holding my breath cause we all know he’s lying.

    • mike says:

      Sly should set up a special task force and put you in charge of it. With all of your immense wisdom and intellectualism, this problem that has steadily getting worse for the past 40 years could be solved in a couple of hours!

      • hou arley says:

        thanks mike…he should…
        every problem can be solved in 10 minutes…if the
        sides understand that a solution must come.
        sly could give a darn…for 40 years we’ve seen this…
        and not one mayor could do anything bout it…
        why? they only movd one piece of the puzzle.
        and let me put itthis way mike….icould nt do any
        worse than sly or the other shlubs inoffice have done.

        • cheech lifting his pud says:

          Loser, commenting on a blog at 10:30pm, get a life. (Just using your words on you. It’s always so much fun)

          Cough up you national blog, phony, you told us you’re busy writing on a national level, just one story can’t be that hard to find. No? Once again, you’re a fraud. Words out you’re that on several levels. You aren’t the only one who gets emails.

          Cough it up, prove it or go away. Fraud.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Ahhh, I love a sincere compliment; I will now count you among my “readers, follower and dis3iples.” Thank you, Mike.

        • mike says:

          Not to disappoint you, but I was talking about Harley. He always has an answer for everything and is always right. I got on and was amazed at his wisdom and depth of thought. If he wasn’t so busy with all of his successful businesses, he should run for mayor!

  6. chuck says:

    The pathology of the African Ameircan culture producing the lion’s share of crime in the US, a share dramatically dissproportionate to the population, is brought about by racist Liberal low expectations. Those low expectations, those whispered asides in the halls of academe, the corridors of political power, the boardrooms of the corporate elite and the cloakrooms on capital hill the last 60 years have created 3 generations of entitled, angry, underperforming citizens burdened with social engineering programs, set asides, quotas, Affirmative Action and a cacophony of certainty from all quarters and all experts that scream, “You are not good enough.”

    Mission accomplished. Minorities now believe they are not good enough and the resulting dependence on Government programs in their lives, from cradle to grave engenders hatred for their metaphorical masters, created by the 4th estate and Hollywood in the personification of the evil white conservative.

    The pernicious, counterproductive narrative of revisionist history and propaganda served up by liberal media apparatchiks designed to reconstitute sinecure for politicians, race baiters, “community organizers”, preachers, Federal, State and City employees et al, is based on an Orwellian concept of a conflict that need not exist. The sell by date is decades past on government programs which excaberate government dependency, encourage division, accent jealousies and in fact, are quintessentialy racist by design.

    The murder rates in all large urban centers are a direct result of misguided laws in conjunction with self aggrandizing politicians who seek to make bank and the backs of the very constiuents they represent.

    The sun must set on the liberal shibboleths that has poisened our kool-aid for far too long and in the morning, when we wake up to smell the coffee, get ready to work.

    There is no mayor, no politician, no policeman, no priest, no pope, no one man who can or will change the African American culture of violence. When we face the truth for what it is, we will have taken the first step.

    Hard times are coming.

    • expat says:

      Sorry the problem with black violence is not culture it’s the average black OQ being 85. Everything else stems from their low IQ problem and it’s intractable. You could change the culture enough to ameliorate the crime rate to a small extent but it would still be higher than the white rate and the measures you’d need to take would make Jim Crow look like child’s play.

      • chuck says:

        Maybe so, I am not smart enough to call anyone else stupid.

        I can read though and this violence in Kansas City is ubiquitous and pervasive throughout the nation’s cities.

        I have heard this guy, Colin Flaherty interviewed on the radio. He never states opinions, he says he just reports what the media refuses to report. He wrote a book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot”.

        This, is his report of the violence just this last weekend. It is astonishing.

        There is NO mayor, who can fix this.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Bingo, we have a winner. You’re exactly correct, Chuck. Families fix families, communities fix communities; programs and systems do nothing, contrary to what some always right people think.
          It has to change from the inside out.

          • chuck says:

            Indeed I agree Paul, but the best and most immediate help for this violence, is a spate of violence when all of these Government programs are phased out and people learn to support themselves and take pride in their work, families and communities.

            That won’t happen without some painful medicine. Government programs breed contempt and destruction when infused so dramatically into the social fabric of a country.

            Check out this video of some poor guy who rented his house to a lady by way of Section 8. It cost her 54.00 a month.


            I think this video is a metaphor for what free money and no expectations of any resposibility has done to the much of the African American community.


          • hou arley says:

            pauly….stop living in a make believe world.
            you’ll flounder trying to change the system that way. Its not from the inside out.
            Not this problem.
            When you have abusive husbands beating wives…deadbeat dads…and other familial
            problems not just evident in black neighborhoods
            but also seen in the areas of joco…you can’t
            change that….
            you need a social/economic/and internal
            revolution using all available resources to
            change the environment in theenitre nation.
            think about that !!!!!!! tell sly hello!

      • chuck says:

        expat, grant me the courtesy of one more submission sir.

        There are great numbers of whites and blacks both, with IQs far less than 85 who do no harm today or any other. While there probably IS a correlation from criminal violent behaviour to diminished, impaired or low IQ and that incidence is noteworthy, it would seem a more reasonable efficacy with respect to such wide spread criminal behaviour, would be the predominent culture which incessantly produces that same criminal behaviour.

        A supposition worth some argument?


        • expat says:

          Of course culture offers feedback both positive and negative, but ultimately the causality is biology -> culture not the other way around. Even if you rounded up all the black kids, forced them to live with white families and live off Brahms and Beethoven and Kumbaya, they would still have a higher rate of crime and violence than white kids raised under the exact same conditions. Low IQ has a direct correlation with poor impulse control, low future time orientation, and other traits which tend to contribute to violence.

          Turning the question around, what would your solution to the culture problem be? Keep in mind it has to pass disparate impact lawsuits, etc.

    • Davey Jones Locker says:


  7. cheech lifting weights says:

    You should ask him why the KCMO PD doesn’t use the Stop and Identify/Frisk Statute, specifically put on the books for STL and KC only (MO Rev. Stat section 84-710(2) ).

    A heavy use of stop and identify/frisk has been credited in a number of major cities (NYC most notably) as a way to keep warrant violators and people conceal carrying illegal firearms without a CCW off the streets.

    I think locking up more wanted felons and taking more illegal guns off the streetcorner would likely help lower violent crime numbers…

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Buff Cheech Man, good points and thanks for the statute reference!

  9. Super Dave says:

    The problem is simple, No Discipline, No Discipline, No Discipline, No Discipline!

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks for all the comments on this piece. I think it made its point and had a lot of good discussion. And, as we can see, the resident special needs child, regardless of going back on his word that he would never comment on KCC again, is back in full force. I’m sure we all enjoyed the break, I know I did, but in its reappearance, I’ve taken a new tact and will continue to.
    I’m not going to invest any time trying to prove an idiot wrong. Here’s the thing about proving idiots wrong; they don’t care. They won’t learn. They don’t know or admit they are wrong even when they have proof staring them in the face. They will stay idiots and detractors, espousing on things, personal or in general that they know not. They use the same, tired lines, call the same tired names and for the 1000th time will make fun of someone cleaning pools or hot tubs like its new and never been heard before. They will write like a kindergarten kid and sell it off as being too busy making millions to write like an adult. They make claims they can’t prove and when backed into a corner, they simply deflect and go down another rabbit trail to pull the attention away from being proven wrong and move on to the next tangent.
    That gets old, but not to the idiot. The idiot doesn’t have a lot of cognitive thought processes at play. Just bloviation and self-admiration. The sole member and president of their own personal fan club.
    A friend of mine reminded me of something this morning and I’ll paraphrase his words combined with my thoughts;
    The idiots who said the airplane would never fly ignored the success of the Wright Bros. and went on to condemn and bloviate on something else. When they got onto an airplane themselves, they didn’t apologize about being wrong. They just did what our problem child does, claim to be right anyway, regardless of the fact they were wrong with the airplane flying over head, and move on to criticize the next thing they don’t like. Criticism is their way of life for them, you can’t change that. Like I said a year ago, in the words of my grandfather, it’s like wrestling with a pig. It takes about 30 seconds to realize you’re muddy and the pig is enjoying it; the pig wins.
    I used to have a list and I kept it in my head, the list of every time and everything this asshat said and the degree of its ugliness. Personal attacks with no proof, insults and things far uglier than he actually addresses when he thinks he or his pal have been insulted with ugly comments. The number of law suits threatened, the “punkings” and a list as long as your arm. Keeping that list is the same as drinking poison yourself, hoping it kills the other person.
    What I discovered was this isn’t the point of why I write here, and my goal wasn’t to prove him wrong, it was only to do the work that was worth doing. It’s to tell the story worth telling. It’s not for him, it’s not about him, it’s not even in spite of him, he just doesn’t figure in to the quotient. So I stopped keeping track. It’s not about the idiot or idiots. It’s about the people who care about, support what’s being written and said here. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Instead of working so hard to prove the idiot wrong, it makes a lot more sense to delight the people who enjoy what you write, say and do. They deserve it, after all, and they’re the ones that are going to spread the word for you. Anyone who does something worth doing has detractors, I’m fine with that.
    It’s gone from annoying, to humorous, to something akin to living next to the train track. When company comes over and says, “What’s that noise?”… you realize you don’t hear the train anymore.
    Thanks again to all the great readers and great comments, pro or con. I appreciate you each and every one.

    • hou arley says:

      you’ve never proved anyone wrong….because you can’t
      you have no facts or details to prove me wrong and that’s why
      you’re in the place you are in life. all bull…no show.
      While you bang on those who are doing things …who are
      playing in the game….you’re on the sidelines with your fancy old
      time opinions and attempts to be someone you’re not.
      we know…you’ve ripped plenty of people on here…but the fact
      remains that there are those who take the correct path and those
      that took the wrong path. Which one did you take? be honest!!!!!!!!
      I have astory….never get into a fight with someoneewho has nothing
      to lose…and quitefrankly noneof the posters on here has anything
      to lose…no one on herehas anything to lose.
      So they fire up their hate andanger and become the ugliest posters
      on kc blogs.
      I’ve received many emails about you kcc boys …..I won’t post them…that’s not
      my style…but you’re agreat actor….maybe should win an academy
      award….because as the old saying goes “you can’t dress up a pig”…
      andthats so true in your case.
      good day.
      now go sell some boxes!!!!!!

      • Davey Jones Locker says:

        The phantom of Huff Post. Can you publish a title to your article before it publishes Huffington Post? law4life is nothing more then a spam bucket. You haven’t proven yourself hardly let alone proven anyone else wrong? Time to step up or step away.

    • Erwin "Cannonball" Baker says:

      You can’t wear out, an Indian Scout, or it’s brother, the Indian Chief. They’re made like rocks, to take hard knocks, it’s the Harleys that give all the grief!

      Different subject but the same conclussion as your’s Mr Wilson.

    • mike says:


  11. Super Dave says:

    50 comments a new Scribe has arrived.

  12. Libertarian says:

    Help for the black community must come from within the black community.

    No outside influence can fix the hip-hop mentality.

  13. hou arley says:

    you can personally attack anyone…I know thingsabout everyone on this site
    but its irrelevant to the topics…
    keep writing about the topics…the topic was how to solve the urban crisis..
    and I wrote that it would take more than just restoring the family circle…
    and even to do that it would take a massive program like we’ve never seen befort e.
    then you attack me for what I say….nothing directed to anyone except those
    who promote hate and violence…which has not been the answer.
    stay on subject and discuss what can be done…because you’re the problem
    with no solutions.
    so far…no ones outlined a plan to solve the problem…except Harley.
    I invite intellectual conversations…not hate.
    and that’s all you boys know…is h ate and insults…..personal insults.
    You do them with glaze and you do them with me.
    It will never solve the problems.
    peace and love to all.

  14. cheech lifting his pud says:

    hou arley says:
    July 11, 2013 at 12:26 pm
    “stay on subject and discuss what can be done…because you’re the problem
    with no solutions.”

    That sounds like an insult to me, coming from the guy who doesn’t insult.
    Post your link to huffpo, fraud. Wilsun may not think so but I do.
    Sorry you think you’re so bright and so right, you’re just a thorn in the flesh here.
    Harley was wrong on Wilsuns IRS story – said it wouldnt last past end of May. It did. I dont care if its big, little, or what, it went past when you said it would, that makes you wrong. No way out of that wonder child.
    Harley said on TKC he would never post on KCC again, here you are. We can call that wrong or a lie, take your pic.
    Harley brags about all his national blog writing, so far he can’t produce one link. We can call that wrong or a lie, take your pic, you gutless wonder. Any writer on here can produce a link in seconds, whats taking you so long, all those important “internatunal biznesses” in the way?

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