Whinery: Happy 237th Birthday America!

imagesDon’t worry about the silly things that this Country was founded upon…

Like Freedom. Because 237 years later we’re a shell of what we used to be. We’re nothing but an Empire rotting from within. Look at how many people are unemployed and are having to depend on welfare and food stamps if you don’t believe me.

This 4th of July caused me to look around at what we’ve become.

Everything is backwards.  Lawyers subvert the law. Doctors dont heal anymore, just medicate. Teachers indoctrinate and punish free thought. Journalists peddle propaganda and avoid the truth. And our politicians are morally bankrupt and treat their constituents like serfs.

Maybe after 237 years America has lost its way?

pota5E pluribus unum has given way to the “hyphenated American.” People now immigrate here who no longer assimilate but self segregate.

And what does this Country stand for anymore that would make people want to become Americans? Death from above by indiscriminate drones. Or the fact that we spy on the ENTIRE WORLD. Or maybe our meddling in the internal affairs of countries in just about every corner of globe?

We even had the temerity to force the President of Bolivia’s plane to land- from airspace we don’t even control- because NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden was rumored to be on board.

what-do-you-think-of-national-security-leaker-edward-snowden-pollI’m gonna risk sounding like Oliver Stone for a moment.

But here’s a question for you; is the USA still a beacon of freedom for the World to aspire to become? Or just a modern day Roman Empire inflicting it’s jingoistic view of Pax America? We’ve got military bases in over a 170 countries which makes the answer to that question pretty self explanatory.

A Gallup Poll came out recently that asked whether the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be proud of what the USA has become. A resounding 71% of respondents said they would not. I’m not going to go over President Washington‘s farewell address – Google it if you are so inclined – but this Nation has fallen into every trap our 1st President warned us about. And we are weak, divided and bankrupt because we have ceased to be a great nation and are rapidly devolving into a failing empire.

The thing about empires history teaches is that they always collapse.

And this makes me sad.

Should I travel internationally anytime soon, I’ll claim to be from the Canadian Province of Manitoba, if for no other reason than not wanting to deal with the baggage that comes with being an American. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Country – it’s just the political leadership, or lack thereof, that brings me great heartache and shame.

It is not too late for America to find its way again…but we’re running out of time.

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15 Responses to Whinery: Happy 237th Birthday America!

  1. harley says:

    oh whiney boy…go see dr.feelgood and get some anti depressants because
    I know you’re still upset the republicans won and have blocked everything that
    could have made a difference but on this nation’s birthday you really need to
    have a serious attitude change.
    The same garbage you write has been written throughout the nation’s history.
    Even after the founding fathers inked the documents there were negative
    people like you who claimed the old woe is me syndrome.
    oh…and whiney boy…please stop using the gallup polls…you saw how wrong that
    poll was when they predicted boy Romney was going to win by a landslide.
    We’re not rotting from within. With a flexible political system…the greatest
    education system in the world that still turns out the smartest most innovative
    y oung people in the world…a social safety net that despite some long term
    problems will continue to offer benefits….a military that is second to none that now
    has the ability to kill our enemies without any casualties on our side….
    an economic engine second to none in the world that controls the entire worlds
    economy and despite some thieves and banksters has ssurvived to still be
    the wonder of the world.
    Immigrants line up(legal) to come here for the better life. Obviously you’ve
    forgotten the millions who take the final pledge to become citizens…talk with
    those anywhere in the world…and they dream of coming to America. You’ve
    become so jaded that you can’t see it and too much negativity from the fox
    news hosts has you in a deep depression.
    We are not weak….yes…we may be divided on some issues but that’s what
    the founding fathers wanted…free speech to express opinions and the right
    to speakat will….that’s what the founding fathers wanted and today it’s
    even more profound.
    I’ve traveled the world and never was afraid to say i’m an American.
    Because deep down the world knows that America is the beacon of hope in the
    world. You might choose to say you’re from Canada…fine….that’s your right…
    but don’t denigrate those of us who are proud of what this nation is.
    Then you say doctors don’t heal anymore…another wrong statement…we’ve
    made huge advances in almost every disease and more every day….and we’re
    our lifespans haveincreased dramatically which in turn causes the problems with
    the safety nets that we built at a differnet time in America’s history.
    Yes whiney we have problems….the money in politicis has infected our political
    system and the answers to that are very simple oncepeople wake up and realize
    that it’s paralyzing our nation. The corporations have taken over to where they
    pay nothing while the 98% pay to run the nation. But despite all the
    problems there’s no better place to be IN THE WORLD.
    I have written where guys like Wilson/smarmyman/chuckles/hearne/dave and all
    the other old guys on here have taken on this increased negativity about life.
    They are so negative all the time about the world and how bad it is and how
    they hate people…hate others not like them….
    That’s old style. The world is changing. But its changed since we were all kids.
    Technology is taking over…jobs that once took 4 people now is done by computer.
    But there’s 4 million unfilled jobs out there because we failed to train the
    workforce for the types of jobs that were needed by America in the future.
    We’ll solve it…we always have. We still stand for economic power…not china
    or japan or india…they’re small potatoes compared to us….and they’ll never
    have the economic power that America has now and will continue to have.
    Whiney….I thought you got over the election of 2012. I thought you got
    over losing but realized that the future is b right
    There will be tough days and fmonths ahead. We know what ails America…
    but will we have the guts to change it.
    We are still the greatest nation in the world…today and tomorrow.
    The world still envies what we have and what we will always be.
    I’ve heard this old man theory that our society is dying for 50 years…get
    over it!!!!!!!! It’s the same old song and dance and the same old words!!!!!!!
    god bless America!!!!! Don’t ever forget that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the dude says:

    No, we are a corrupt police state that reeks of hypocrisy.
    Bread and circus is all that remains to keep the citizens from thinking about the illegal wars and police actions.
    Bring the revolution.

  3. smartman says:

    We’re gonna find our way back? Good one! Lemme guess, Edward Snowden has the only set of moral compass settings the government was going to give us to make it all good. And all this welfare state expansion is just a test so we can see how bad things are when we abandon religion, morality, discipline, education and work ethic.

    If Nixon and Kissinger were running the country Bradley Manning would be missing, Julian Assange would have been whacked inside the Ecuadoran Embassy and Ed Snowden would have been handed back over three weeks ago. Benghazi would have resulted in cuts and bruises and not four deaths. IRS leakers would have all come down with some sort of virus that rots your brain.

    And now a musical interlude:

    And I’ve been knocking and no one answers. I’ve been knocking most of the day. And I’ve been calling, hey, hey Johnny can you come out to play.

    Like Lennon said. It’s gonna take a revolution. By my estimate the accidental disappearance of about 2500 people in politics, media and pop culture is all it’s gonna take to get this country back on track. We can do that the easy way or the hard way.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    cue Jack Nicholson…


    The Founding Fathers just established a new order for aristocracy, landed-gentry with women and black folk to own. Just ignore the law of the land and continue illegal land grabs and thefts until there are too many plaintiffs with too little clout.

    It was a family member who gave George Washington’s eulogy. Shortly after the Constitution was signed, he resigned his commission as leader of the army when forced to raise arms against citizens in the Whiskey Rebellion.

    “Well I was thinking about Abraham Lincoln
    And the enemies of the truth
    But I could not tell a Kennedy
    From a John Wilkes Booth”

    And the beat goes on.

  5. chuck says:

    “It’s not too late for America to find it’s way again, but we are running out of time.”

    The only difference between Pax Romana and Pax Ameircana is the level of national introspection and resulting guilt available for us all to bear by way of the vehicles of Olover Stone, Hollywood and the 4th Estate. While agreeing that Bill, Ted and Dick Cheney’s excelent adventure in Iraq was a galactic blunder on the international stage with concomitant casualties, recriminations and expense, the self flagelation we are now expected to perform on that same stage atoning for our exuberant American Exceptionalism is fuc*in preposterous.

    The history of the myriad civilizations which peopled various and sundry geographies throughout the last 3 millenia are rife with incessant Hobbesian nightmares of death and destruction. The elevation of behaviour for nations states, now supposedly relevant in our Amerircan ascendancy is no coinsicidence. That we now, are placing the noose around our own necks in Patrick Buchanan’s “American Suicide” is a tribute to a liberal narrative of revisionist history, ethnomasochism, and the self aggrandizing penchant of kleptcrats and plutocrats, who throughout time, seek short term gratification at the expense of long term security.

    Alaric the Goth stands outside the walls of Rome in 410, seeking forced immigration, free money, cultural sea change and diversity at the point of a sword. The American culture wars are now won not on the battle field, but at the ballot box, by an ever increasing Roman Mob whose dictates create successful politicians, desultory by habit and unconsciously pernicious by nature in every endeavor.

    If we seek Constantine and his Christian dream at Milvian Bridge, we must remember, that his great city, Constantinople, which replaced Rome and flourished for a 1,000 years, is now called Istanbul and administered by another Islamic horde whose population is in no way retrospective and, as would millions of legal and illegal immigrants, seed the destruction of American tradition from within and without. That Tuesday, in May of 1453 when the walls of that great city fell, the first thing the invaders did, was to ride horses, fuc*ing horses into the Church of St. Sophia and burn the greatest Western Canon known to man at that time.

    I don’t feel guilty about fu*king anything.

    Hang Snowden the day he is caught.

    • expat says:

      Chuck you’re letting nostalgia and tribalism get in the way of your thinking on this. Can you honestly say there’s anyone in the US government who has your best interests in mind right now? They see you as an enemy – the entire US gov thinks like Harley but many of them have the IQ to pull off their plans. I think what you love is your people, your place, your culture, not necessarily your government. But the US government considers you up for replacement and your naive attitude assists them in the task by giving cover.

      • chuck says:

        “I think what you love is your people, your place, your culture, not necessarily your government. ”

        Thats affirmative.

        The world now, is too small to vote with your feet and I am too old to move anyway.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      chuck, if Snowden is guilty of treason for giving the enemy information and he gave that information to the American people. So the American people are the enemy?

      • the dude says:

        According to the US, yes. The people are the enemy.

      • chuck says:

        Come on Orphan.

        State secrets, kept by any government worth their salt, are best kept secret for the good of the state keeping them. That state, as it exists now, for better and worse, includes the people of that state, who are greviously harmed by information that stays secret in order to compete, economically and politically in the world.

        If we are all so naive, and we are not, that we believe that all nation states do not constantly surveille people within and without their borders, well, lets double down on those Mortgage Backed Securities before it’s too late.

        If Snowden is a hero to you, himself and others, he should come home, face a jury of his peers and plead his case.

        Snowden’s patina of sanctimony covers an aberrant, narcissistic personality disorder, fostered by the solipistic, liberal shibbloleths which are shoved down our throats at every opportunity by the left.

        A modern day Field Marshall Cinque, a guidon for the revolution?

        Do I smell patchouli?

        • the dude says:

          Seatec Astronomy.

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Snowden, a hero? How this person got the clearance, the job and how the hiring contractor operates is a bigger concern than if this guy is a toad or a prince.

          Seems the latest “terrorists” found by our police state were led through a plan so stupid and unrealistic, there was no choice but to push them farther and farther along the path.

          • the dude says:

            The feds are so desparate to justify their existence in this zero sum game they are willing to entrap complete rubes. Meanwhile in realityville we are no safer than we were before all this homeland security nazi/stazi bullcrap.

  6. chuck says:

    These are still on sale.


    Paula Deen has one. Who knew this guy was such a racist?

    Power to the people!!!

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