Hearne: Glazer Reviews, Rates Pitch Cover Story on – Who Else? – Glazer

craigcoversmIt ain’t easy being Craig Glazer

Truth be told, it’s a lot of work. There are hotties to bang (and put up with), wee hours radio and television shows to ferry comics to,  movie deals to be made and exotic British sports cars to be driven. And that’s just the fun stuff.

There’s also a business to be run, bills to be paid, staffers to be hired and dealt with and a looming expansion back to Midtown Kansas City in the hooper. It’s a dirty job at times, and the gentleman we lovingly call The Scribe has to do it.

Which brings us to David Hudnall‘s cover story about “the Glaze” in the Pitch.

Glazer’s from one to ten take on the journalistic mugging?“Well, I’m probably too close to the fire, but there’s two ways to look at it,” he says. “As far as an entertaining read goes, I’d give it an eight. As far as fairness and balance – that’s the weaker part – I’d have to give it a six. For whatever reason they didn’t want to play up my successes on certain things.

“Like my book selling for $.0.01 on Amazon. All used books get to that point at some point. Look at the new ones, they’re $17.95.”


The Glaze back in the day

“Here’s the best thing I can say to everyone reading it; I didn’t call the Pitch to do the story, they called me. That says everything.”

What Glazer didn’t like about Hudnall’s tale was, “It all kind of had this feeing of a guy really trying hard to be somebody and it never happened,” Glazer says. “But that’s not true. I mean, I’m not Johnny Depp but my accomplishments are pretty impressive. I mean, who else has done all that? I was just hoping for a little bit more fairness as far as my accomplishments and where I am.”

c480x270_59One highlight:

“The Johnny Dare part was one of the best parts,” Glazer says. “Like when he said, they’re never going to make my movie. Come on, Johnny Dare doesn’t know anything.”

If Glazer had it to do over, would he still submit to the Pitch request?

“Boy, you know I was warned,” he says. “My family said, don’t do it. It’s the Pitch. You’re high profile. They’re going to go after you. Boy, that’s a hard call. If I had it to do over again – I don’t know – it’s a coin flip. If CJ Janovy was still there I probably wouldn’t have done it because we had that huge run in. She wrote that I was an admitted drug dealer and I called her and said that wasn’t true – I’ve never admitted that. And I guess they checked and found out she was wrong. So I told her if she didn’t fix it I was going to sue her for defamation and slander.”

More on this later, but she “fixed” it.

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43 Responses to Hearne: Glazer Reviews, Rates Pitch Cover Story on – Who Else? – Glazer

  1. smartman says:

    Nothing flattering about the article at all.

    Pretty clear that if mankind never advanced physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, spiritually and intellectually beyond Craig we still wouldn’t have invented fire.

    And let’s face it, that picture does have a caveman vibe to it.

    There is a purpose to be served by “useful idiots”.

    • the dude says:

      And yet he did it, and that speaks volumes knowing what he knew before agreeing to be interviewed.

  2. Bob in Eudora says:

    A friend of mine who is a body language expert pointed out the position of his fingers in the photo. One set on top of his arm, the other tucked inside. A sign of emotional unbalance, uncertainty and confusion.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Ummm, try folding your arms some other way. I’m no Glaze apologist but if the photog asks the subject to fold his arms – that’s pretty much the pose anyone would end up with.

  3. Fresh says:

    ““Like when he said, they’re never going to make my movie. Come on, Johnny Dare doesn’t know anything.””

    So, when is the release date?

  4. CG says:

    I think what todays media proves, you can’t win and please everyone. When the movie is done and it will be, people will still bitch and complain. When you are in the public eye its always gonna be a little wicked. Today more than ever. As Hearne stated, not my idea to be the cover boy. The Pitch almost never does this type of story anymore, so it is kinda an honor to be singled out. There were many comments from David that were on the weaker end of things, like the Amazon book price for my book is still the same, hard and soft at 17 plus and 14 plus, all used books are cheap, even best sellers, you pay the 8 bucks shipping fee hello, somebody still makes a buck. There was almost nothing about my five movies I did make, as a producer and host at times, the ones I acted in etc…David had people to contact on more Hollywood info. He just chose to stand pat for some reason. I’m not mad, just a bit disappointed David wasn’t more fair on some of my wins and hit harder on the warts so to speak.

    As far as the hater squad on KCC, well nothing I do is going to please them. We all know that. Hey the title was a play on THE GODFATHER producer Robert Evens life, his book and doc. I knew Evens and was at his home several times, interesting man, we did not hit it off. Still the guy was a huge power in Hollywood with other smash hits China Town, Rosemary’s Baby and many more, president of Paramount Studios on and on…now all you hear about is his using coke and women etc…not very fair. That’s life today. There are quiet men like Ron Howard and well that’s about it.

    I overall have to thank David and the Pitch for their tip of the hat to my many adventures wins and loses and that I am a strong and relevant person in the media and more in this city and have been for 4 decades. Good photo on the cover. So yeah I guess its overall worth it.

  5. harley says:

    again boys…glaze still get lots of ink. He did a bad job with this story.
    But for anyoneof the 4 or 5 people who read and comment on glaze
    on tkc or kcc its all old news.
    Nothing new…we’d heard it all. Butto get your pic on every
    newsstand in kc is going to be good business for
    his clubs.
    Call him what you want…use every imaginiary bad phrase you want..
    but we know who all of you are now and none of you have lived the
    life even close to glaze.
    Is that good ? Depends on what you want to do with your life.
    Is that bad? tosome of you you’re happy with a life of being just another
    shlubb in the world (that phrase came from goodfellas movie)
    for guys like Wilson/smartmyman/stupid dave/chuckles the sad clown/
    hearne/and the rest of the glaze haters they’re happy living a boring
    mundane, non essential, low key, invisible, lifestyle while on earth…which
    is fine.
    But for the rest of us who wanted to make a difference…who wanted
    it all..who wanted to live every minute to the fullest it’s not.
    To each his own.
    If a guy wants to sell furniture fine….have at it.
    If a guy wants to hate 24/7 and put that hate for others to read…fine!
    If a guy wantsto sell used hot tubs to pay his bills…fine!
    just not the way others might want to live.\
    If a guy beats women…is a deadbeat dad…is a criminal….kills someone…
    lies andcheats…then that’s really really bad.
    So instead of fighting glaze on every front…give himcongrats…read the
    article…keep your opinion to yourself and go about your business
    in life.
    But your constant banging on everyone and everything is old….
    and hearne…sorry but with friends like you ….no one needs enemies.
    to allow these typs of comments to beput on your personal site about a
    ” good ” friend like glaze….I don’t know hearne…I’ve got a conscience…
    I covet and love my friends like family….If I had this blog I would have
    never allowed this type of commentary on this blog…
    but again…i’m not hearne Christopher….just my opinion!!!
    You’ve shown how little lifelong friendships and associations mean to
    you over the last couple of weeks with the misstatements and now
    this disgusting commentary to be makde public about glaze.
    to each their own!!!!!

    • cheech lifting his pud says:

      Could you write an even longer comment next time? The longer they are the more stupid you look. You are just clueless when it comes to your assessment of others and life’s value system.

      Six words for you, take the Don Harmon Memorial Highway exit ramp. You’ll be happier , well be happier.

    • Interesting Fact says:

      Yup we know nothing and he calls people in here losers. Book should have been called King Loser.

    • CG says:

      guy who must have no life…IMDB usually deals with pictures made or shooting, just so you’ll know KOS was listed for two years but since its still in developement its not shooting, thus Eric Eisner had it taken down til we have a shoot date and cast, that’s all…it was listed as a 2011 film before and we didn’t get it shot in 2011. If you google KING OF STING THE MOVIE you will get your feelings hurt, NEW YORK TIMES LISTS all credits including mine and producer, director, etc…all there son…all there…IMDB is a hard place to always get up on, YOU have to send all the updated materials and there is IMDB PRO which I think Sting is on as are other credits I have including three other movies I produced and a couple acting credits, like Billy Lonebear etc…just so you’ll know, it matters not, where are your credits in life? none I see.

  6. Libertarian says:

    “Here’s the best thing I can say to everyone reading it; I didn’t call the Pitch to do the story, they called me. That says everything.”

    Yeah, right.

    What says “everything” is the fact that Craig’s #1 fan is none other than Craig himself.


  7. Bob in Eudora says:

    It’s Robert Evans….not Evens…..good lord man. His legacy in Hollywood goes far beyond booze, broads and blow. He’s held in the same regard as Swifty Lazar. Please, show some faint form of humility and not try to associate your plight with his real reputation.

    Hollywood is about one thing only, making money, not making movies. There are no more morally flexible accountants than the ones that work for the studios. Your movie will not be made until someone can show a reasonable ROI. From what I know of your book the subject matter seems a little long in the tooth for today’s audiences. I don’t care who writes the script or stars in it, it ain’t gonna be Goodfellas.

    The fact that personal validation for you will come in this movie being made is pathetic. Your validation should come from the fact that for decades, Stanford’s has been providing a place for people to kick back, have a few cocktails, laugh their asses off and forget about life for a while. Over the years how many people have walked through the doors at Stanford’s???? 500,000, a million, more??? That’s your legacy, not some bullshit, look at me, played by somebody else on the big screen movie. Get your priorities straight.

  8. Nice Pic.... says:

    Looks like Rip Torn with a goatee and a bad hairpiece.

    • CG says:

      Thats you in your mirror, I look fantastic, thus the women, the stories, the fans, you got nothing. No game.

  9. CG says:

    Look as Hearne said, “Craig wins, he’s on the cover” simple as that. You want to bitch about it, you’d bitch about anything I do haters. Again its so simple, at my age to have this life is one in several million, as evidenced by the cover story. David is not making fun, he’s being entertaining, hard to make fun of a guy who’s done all that. You can try. I’m tired of having to repeat all this. If it makes you happy to knock someone like me, great. Again, in the game of life, this is a big win….again. You can’t win them all…as the story ends..”People can say all they want about Craig Glazer, but, fuck, the guy has been in the spotlight for four decades now. Forty years,and this Glazer guy just won’t go away!”…Oh yeah 360 articles in the Star from 93-2011, p.s. I’ve had more since and hundreds before…so guess what…most written about PUBLIC PERSON IN THIS CITIES HISTORY…Boys if thats making fun, I’ll take it…Accept it kids Craig Glazer like it or not is one of this cities most interestng people of this past half century its just a fact….in less than 20 years 360 articles…END OF ARGUMENT.

    • CG says:

      P.S. only sports guys in the sports section or political leaders have as many or more in rare cases. i.e. George Brett or Cleaver…that’s bout it….and guess what they are on really one major subject…I’m not….hate all you want boys its a fact and its in your face..live with it, learn from it. There’s a little Craig Glazer in all of us, even Super Dork.

  10. CG says:

    Hows that hair looking boys…got ya!!!

  11. George Wilson says:

    After reading the reader comments in this post and the prior one about the article in the Pitch, I thought the article would be a real hammer job. On the contrary, when I finally read it I thought it was reasonably fair in its presentation. The reason why it might come off as negative to some readers is because a lot of the facts are not positives. When a guy has multiple brushes with the law, serves prison time, and admits he has had a series of affairs with skeevy women, that is going to sway a lot of peoples’ opinions.

    So I don’t think the writer was negative or went out of his way to paint Craig in a bad light. I thought he did a pretty decent job of presenting both sides of the story. It’s just that there are enough pretty horrific negatives that needed to be included that it overwhelmed the positives.

    The thing about Craig that I think I understand from his postings on various sites is that his moral compass is different than most other people. He thinks bedding lots of women and getting on local radio and tv trumps felonies, bankruptcies and the like. So instead of acknowledging that there are some enormous holes in his personal history he winds up wondering why a writer wouldn’t play up his achievements more and blames said writer for making the article too negative.

  12. Richard Cranium says:

    The biggest tell tale sign that this “human” doesn’t understand the way of the world is that he doesn’t admit any mistakes he has made. He blames other people, and then calls other humans “haters” when they point out that he did fail. Idiot, people fail all the time. That’s what makes them human. It’s their response to failures that make them successful, or just another blighted pimple on the human race. You sir are a whitehead that no Proactive could possibly cure. You revel in your absurdity, and that is what will make you a bottom rung has been for the rest of you 7.5 years of existence. Live and learn with that.

    • Fresh says:

      Exactly. He could just be another old guy telling funny stories. He chooses to be old guy acting like a Bro.

  13. CG says:

    Guys you are wrong, I have said I made mistakes, many times. I did. I don’t tell young people to do what I did. I speak often to college and high school students about life, I tell one or two adventures and explain this is not a life to live….damn. Media doesn’t want to hear that, it’s boring! They want action.

  14. chuck says:

    Glazer is Kansas City’s Falstaff with thunder in both hands.

    Glazer is in Mike Fox’s Delorean and he, in his mind, never ages. Would…, would that I were still young enough, to hear the “chimes at midnight” with a dream and identity that will not fuc*in die. Perception being everything, self perception is that most holy of holies in a solipistic life, a blessed life, for those who lead it. Many, if not most of us, are guilty as charged. Convenience and time, gets us off of the hook.

    Lets review our own lives, lets remember blood spilt and the lessons that we ourselves aquired by way of that same blood. Literally and metaphorically.

    I confess my sins, and offer a prayer, that the Glaze might, I hope, like.

    Glazer’s Prayer—

    Bring that weight, bend my knee, let me see, let me feel again, the weight of a world that I was sure I could bend to my will, where no galaxy could be encompassed without my direction to still a better galaxy, by way of my, yes, MY hand.

    God, bring to me, no more usefull conceits, for they are no longer usefull.

    As my hand struck, as my fights did harm, as those causes petty in false alarm, now diminish me in excess, let my new vocation, my supplication, give you now, some little rest.

    Time and time, please all things stay, time and time I’m Dorian Grey.

    I’m not.

    I’m ok.

  15. Arte says:

    If there is a movie, the lead role should go to Danny McBride.

  16. CG says:

    That was good Chuck. These articles are stories of my adventures, nothing more, its about enjoying the fun ride, not judging my every word and breath as many of these guys do. This city has really never had a character like me in the media this long. I think the last guy was Freddie Williamson, good guy, had a nice career and we became friends years ago in LA. He was kinda a dark knight in this town back in the day, nobody since really. We are a city that is middle America, watches porn Saturday and goes to Church Sunday.

  17. admin says:

    And may I say, Happy 4th of July to Scribe haters everywhere!

  18. Nate says:

    I just recently got a job here at Stanfords Comedy Club working with Craig on a daily basis helping to improve the club. If anyone cares to know Craig is not this big asshole that her is portrayed to be. He cares deeply for his employees and business. People hate him because they say he is a huge dick. No the truth is he is honest. He will tell you straight up his opinion or if you screwed up. People need a little tough love these days and need to be put in there place. If you do not believe me, i dare you to come out to the club on a showtime and meet and talk with him. Your perspective on him will change.

    • CG says:

      Thank you Nate. Nate is a student at KState, good young man, works hard and will go far, very clean cut. We need more people like him around these days.

    • the dude says:

      It is good to know you work for an honest felon, we would hate to hear you worked for a lying, cheating felon. Good for you Nat.

      • CG says:

        He doesn’t work for you dude, he works for me, did you confused, you are the lying cheater, not me. We all make mistakes.

        • the dude says:

          And yet you never seem to learn from yours. I may tell the occasional white lie eevry now and then but I am a fairly honest person and most of all I am not a convicted felon. YOU ARE, FELON.

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