Hearne: Whatever Happened to ‘Watson’s Girl’ Jennifer Eichler?

228108_10151084411441903_468444257_nAsk and you shall…

Hold it a sec, a reader request for an update on Jennifer Eichler aka Jennifer Foley aka The Watson’s Girl seemed reasonable enough. After all, it’s been two years since last we checked in on the grrrl who broke a thousand hearts while hustling above ground pools and tanning beds alongside step dad  Andy Prefontaine.

These days Watson’s goes by Family Leisure and the buxom young woman that every red blooded Johnny Dare listener had the hots for is nowhere to be found.

She’s pretty much gone down periscope.

Just two years ago when I tracked Eichler she was on fire.

She was divorced, single, sporting a new boob job in TV ads for an Indianapolis plastic surgeon, popping up at charity events and in social columns in Indy, hosting an R-rated podcast and “reacquainting” herself with being single.

A You Tube video promoting a podcast she put out featured a sultry Eichler lying on a bed, cloaked in white sheets warned, “We’re going to be talking about everything. Maybe even things that have happened in my bed.”



So what’s the latest on the 20-something girl who proudly told me right before she got married a dozen or so years ago that she was looking forward to becoming a MILF?

Not at her stepfather’s Family Leisure store. Not at the plastic surgeon’s office that she modeled her boobs for two years back. And not at the Indianapolis Star.

“I honestly don’t know anything,” says Talk of the Town columnist Cathy Kightlinger. “I do know this though, I don’t think she’s dead. I know that she’s alive.”

That’s a relief.

After a quick further check Kightlinger advised, “She was recently on a talk show. She was a caller who called in. I think it was a sports talk show – Query & Schultz.”

True story.


She voted

Host Jake Query caught up to Eichler two weeks ago while she was on a family vacation.

“We had her on jokingly because there was a big celebrity softball game with all these media people and we weren’t invited,” Query says. “So we decided to do a D-list celebrity softball game and her name kept coming up – The Watson’s Girl – so we tracked her down and she came on the program.”

Is she remarried, dating, doing soft porn, selling shoes, teaching scuba – anything?

Query has no idea, but at this stage of the game – at the ripe young age of 35 – the illustrious Watson’s Girl  has become something of an anomaly, a zeitgeist, a blurry visage of the mid 1990s and early 2000s.

Watson's Girl at 11

Watson’s Girl at 11

Eichler’s go-go days appear to be behind her.

She got her  TV swimsuit gig at age 17 and by the time she was 21 she was already the object of a weekly Watson’s Girl Watch on 98.9 The Rock, had grand marshaled Elvis Day in KC and was appearing in a local car insurance TV ads.

A check of Eichler’s Facebook page reveals she did some ad work last fall for Family Leisure in Indy – tanning bed, I think – and she appears to hitting the party trail on a regular basis. Maybe she needs a Scribe hookup?


Eichler & Bro

“She’s a little girl with a big body. She’s just been blessed. It just came about.”

Eichler could not be reached for this column.

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13 Responses to Hearne: Whatever Happened to ‘Watson’s Girl’ Jennifer Eichler?

  1. bschloz says:

    “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”

    • paulwilsonkc says:


    • smartman says:

      It says that women need to go get a second job,

      Also, based on that first picture I retract all previous statements I might have made to the effect of eating various quantities of her poo to see where it came from.

      If I want a thickburger I’ll go to Hardee’s.

      • chuck says:

        Come on smarty, she might be a “Thick Chick”, but she is still way hot and would bring you some fine sons.

        Plus, the Chiefs are still suckin eggs on the D Line. bschloz is right, this chick should be pulling down a phone number from “The Clarks”.

        Whats her 40 time?

  2. smartman says:

    Sorry Chuck but I have allergic reactions to cellulite and I’m thinkin’ with the cottage cheese she’s packin’ that Daisy Brand will cut a deal with her before the Clark’s do.

    It’s for that reason I have avoided all class reunions after 5 Years. I wanna remember those long, smooth, toned, milky white legs the way they were from ’75-’79. Some days it’s those memories of a simpler time when chronic masturbation was all that mattered that get me through.

  3. admin says:

    Guys, she’s only 35

    That may be too old for the Glaze but…

  4. Super Dave says:

    I’m sure Jennifer probably has more class and smarts to know staying away from the likes of the so called Scribe is the smart thing to do. I mean look what happened to Kelly Jones. Maybe Jennifer figured out her time in the media is over and time to move on to something else.

  5. Libertarian says:

    Hey, whats a little hail damage as long as she runs good?

  6. Hot Carl says:

    Wow, she got fat. Not that surprising…even when she was looking good she was pushing maximum density.

  7. harley says:

    wow…a bunch of beeer bellied 60 year old men piling on an attractive…
    sharp…articulate…monied….fun….very socialable…..generous….
    and smart woman here in the kcc comments section.
    I met her on a trip years ago to Indianapolis and she and her
    family were some of the nicest people you’d ever meet.
    We had dinner with her and another family in indy and I
    and was impressed with her looks and brains.
    Not a single one of you…even on your best day in life…would have
    gotten a second look from her!!!!!
    how low can you go???????

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