Hearne: Crawl for Cancer Sets Record But at What Cost?

c4c-306.jpg.640x640_q85As drunken expeditions go, this year’s Crawl for Cancer was a humdinger…

A record setter, in fact. After years of going down in Westport, this year’s for profit “charity” event scooted down to the Power & Light District, who swiped the event, in the interest of making a few more bucks and landing in the Guinness Book of Records.

Which it did.

This year’s Crawl reportedly had 4,885 participants, breaking the previous record of 4,718 in Australia.

Just one problem -or maybe two – or three…

For starters, because the Crawl for Cancer is a for-profit organization, it doesn’t have to open its books to account for the percentage of profits go to the charity as opposed to into the pockets of the organizers.  So of course, it doesn’t.

c4c-401.jpg.640x640_q85On top of that, in addition to being banned by some cities owing to its rep as a drunk fest, Crawl for Cancer has been called on the carpet (and lost reputable charity sponsors) because of it’s unhealthy and arguably heathen approach to ostensibly raising monies for a good cause.

To wit, check out this story on Alcohol Policy.Org

The headline: “The Unintentional Irony of the Crawl for Cancer”

“The Crawl for Cancer describes itself as “a fundraising organization driven to plan and host events that support lifesaving research and those affected by cancer while having a little fun doing it!” it begins.

“Meaning, of course, that it celebrates the excessive ingestion of a Group 1 carcinogen* in order to raise money to “cure” cancer.  Awareness of the role of alcohol consumption in cancers of the head/neck, female breast, liver, and colon/rectum is growing – but not fast enough, apparently, to permeate the consciousness of the “philanthropies dedicated to fighting cancer” who receive money from this farce.  Would any source of money be off-limits?  Cigarette sales?  The Indoor Tanning Association?”

c4c-368.jpg.640x640_q85There’s more.

“Bar/pub crawls are nothing new, of course, and by their very nature are typically synonymous with binge drinking…” it continues. “But the saddest irony of the entire enterprise is nested in its promotion of excessive alcohol consumption for the sake of raising money for a disease whose risk factors include … excessive alcohol consumption.  Like with the pinkwashing phenomenon, this is another case of confusing causes of disease with cures for disease.”

An issue supported by the following: “The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization has determined definitively that alcoholic beverages are carcinogenic to humans, a designation shared with only 108 other agents – including tobacco, benzene, asbestos, estrogen therapy, wood dust, and certain types of salted fish.”

So what’s the Crawl for Cancer actually like?

c4c-310.jpg.640x640_q85Check frequent flyer Craig Glazer‘s take:

“It’s like a beer fest, a public drunk, like St. Partrick’s Day. And everybody knows there’s a bunch of drunk girls there. They know it’s a great opportunity for guys to pick up really drunk girls. The word got out that there’s a lot more women there than men. I mean, in the beginning it was 70 to 80 percent women.”

And now Kansas City holds the, uh, distinction of holding the record for this upstanding event.




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73 Responses to Hearne: Crawl for Cancer Sets Record But at What Cost?

  1. Super Dave says:

    So now we know Glazers secret to getting a date. Go where the really drunk women are.

  2. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Good story right up until the Glazer part. Hearne why you use this guy as a source there was plenty of good content here and then you end it with that take. It’s like ending the Gettysburg address with a quote from Dumb and Dummer

    • admin says:

      You mean, dumber?

      Well, here’s my excuse. I know Craig was right in the middle of it in Westport for all those years and Bill Nigro won’t give me an honest quote because it’s a huge revenue booster – mostly during the day when there otherwise would be nothing – so I needed an eyewitness willing to tell it like it is.

      And frankly, who better than a dude who is a known opportunist to spill the beans. Without Craig’s quotes, we wouldn’t know those facts. And he is certainly qualified to speak to the topic.

      • Mysterious J says:

        I have to agree with you here. There are probably few people in all of KC who know more about taking advantage of drunk people than Craig!

      • admin says:

        Per Craig’s request, allow me to clarify something.

        When I refer to him here as an “opportunist,” I’m talking about a red blooded American boy who was right in the middle of many of these – a single guy – who actually has war stories about picking up women at the event.

        It has nothing to do with him initiating anything, he merely was kind enough to answer my questions and provide some eyewitness accounts.

  3. Andrew says:

    Yeah, but you forgot one thing—if they broke the record, doesn’t that mean cancer is over? A friend tried to get me to go along, and he was all, “But it’s for cancer!…and we’re trying to beat a world record!” I asked what would happen if they beat the record. Would cancer just stop? No response. What a philanthropist, that guy.

    So okay, maybe I’m just no fun. Maybe I’m just too old for that shit. Whatever; I don’t really get the appeal of pub crawls anyway. It doesn’t seem fun to me. But to each his own, right? But I do think it’s kind of offensive to dress this up as a charity event and to let the binge drinkers perpetuate the myth that they’re doing something good for the world when they really just want to drink until they puke and then repeat with a few thousand strangers. Giving money to cancer is just an excuse, and a poor one that that, given that it’s a for-profit that probably doesn’t give anything much at all.

  4. CG says:

    Interesting. One I never said it was a drunkfest you did Hearne. I said it was like St. Patricks Day. I also said there were never any problems with it in Westport. I think its a good thing for those areas and has been. As far as drunk women, that was your angle not mine, I just said well sure there are some girls who get crazy, hey that happens every weekend somewhere. So. Hearne had an angle and thats the way he writes it, simple as that.

    As far as me giving comment, well I was in Westport all those years. Hearne asked about it and said it was a fun deal, as for women that was all he wanted to know about. As far as me talking about it, I don’t care one way or the other, I was just being nice answering his question, but he only cared about girls and being drunk I guess.
    I don’t appreciate the “opportunist” comment. I couldn’t give a damn about this story, other than Bill Nigro works hard to make them work, and they do. I haven’t been to one in the last few years. To make these sound ‘evil’ is so stupid. Why don’t you all just stay home, don’t go out. Like Royals games don’t have a large amount of drunk girls there as well. PLEASE. Grow up.

    • admin says:

      I’ll stand by Craig’s quotes.

      The reason I pressed him on the women angle is that’s what he blurted out when I first asked. So I zeroed in to get a more full explanation. That’s the way journalism works.

      Somebody says something and you press for more detail with followup questions. I think the substance of what Craig says speaks for itself. And I thank him for sharing his views.

      As for the hot, drunk chicks angle, once he said it, I was reminded that several years back Bill Nigro urged me to come down and check it out for largely that same reason.

      Nigro called me this morning to give me a friendly hard time for this story and when the topic of hot chicks came up, he said the following:
      “It’s absolutely Kansas City’s biggest gathering of beautiful women.”

      In fairness to Bill, he also added that the event when it was in Westport provided many of them rides home.

      You need a ride home when you’ve been “binge drinking.”

      • Careless Donkey says:

        Not sure that journalism works by interviewing your buddies for nearly every story, which seems to be the case with more than half of these posts.

        • admin says:

          There was a lot more to this story than a couple of quotes from Craig at the end.

          That said, he has been at a ton of these deals and knows how the game is played and was the one guy willing to go on record about how the game is played.

          On the far more serious front remain the issues of why the Crawl won’t open its books and questions about the propriety of promoting “binge drinking” under the guise of everything being for a good cause.

          Here’s the odd part.

          In other markets the local news media has dug into this promotion and asked the tough questions. For some reason here, the only only thing Kansas City’s lazy media have to show for themselves is a handful of puff pieces with zero reporting.

          Why don’t you address how journalism is working there?

  5. the dude says:

    Get $hitfaced drunk off your a$$ for cancer!
    WOO HOO!
    For Profit?? WOO HOOO!!!!

    • the dude says:

      So they have never ponied up their numbers to help people know what percentage actually goes to fighting cancer? This sounds like that cancer organization that Cooper observed that only gave 2% of the proceeds to actual cancer ‘things’ that only meant they gave some moonpies to cancer patients.
      It was hilarious to hear the president be interviewed, “Cancer patients loves to receive the Moonpies and other treats we give them.”

  6. CG says:

    “spill the beans” hey Hearne, you call me I don’t call you. Find someone else to quote on your stories then. I don’t care. I don’t need to be in them. I am a media guy on issues that touch me or I care about…this one doesn’t…I do not agree with your angle. This town is kinda dead, needs events like this not to be Andy of Mayberry. You get pressure from two haters and put me down. Like I’ve said before THERE IS NOBODY ON HERE with my guts and balls. I do these more for you than me. Stories like this are just something to fill gaps thats all. So Hearne in the future call smartcoward or Mysterious Jackoff, or one of these more informed sources for your stories.

  7. CG says:

    P.S. no big deal, but this is an example Hearne of what I mean…I never said drunk fest….you did…not me…again not an important story, but an example of how you do a story…you have a quote in your head, get the person to come close and then use your quote, all as asked in a question by you..”so its a drunk fest for girls, and guys can have a shot at them right” answer: no not really, its like St. Patricks Day…big party, sure people get drunk, but many don’t…its had no issues HERE. Ends up, “Glazer calls it a girls drunkfest” … thats what I mean.

    Again this story is so not important anyways, but it shows how it works. I quoted here and in media mostly cause I have been around many issues in this city and outside of it..few others are in that boat. I try and be honest with what I know about when its ok to get into it…thats all.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      I now know how to feel about this event. I didnt at first, but 3 CG posts later, its all clear.

    • admin says:

      Craig, I thank you for your quotes as always.

      You are correct, the reason I call you and others is because you pull no punches. Yes I pressed you on the girls angle because you brought it up. Prior to that I had no intention of going down that path.

      Read my past critiques, hot chicks never came up. Just drunks.

      And while you conceded the drunken part, you did say it wasn’t as bad as St. Patrick’s Day.

      Well, for crying out loud, what I ask you is?

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    This thread totally delivers!!

  9. Bob in Eudora says:

    MEOWWWWW! Cat Fight?

  10. CG says:

    There is no fight, Paul and others. Hearne and I are friends, in fact I suggested he be quoted in the Pitch story for next week about me. I just don’t like it when he has a preconceived story in his head and then makes your interview fit the quotes he already has in mind. Like it or not. Many times I try and get him to just go with my input, but he usually makes it fit his story. Yes sometimes we both agree so that’s not a problem. I like Bill Nigro, he is a hard working good guy for this town. I don’t think this event is a big thing as far as if its right or wrong. ITS A PARTY, so the f what. Our town needs more things like this,not less. If the money is not going where they say, let the powers to be fix that, the party is fine. That’s all.

    • admin says:

      Let the record show that Bill Nigro’s fingerprints are nowhere to be found on this story. The Power & Light District stole it from Westport and Bill has been a good sport about it.

  11. harley says:

    well well…the sparks between h jr. and glaze are flying.
    butwho cares. The charity doesn’t report how much gets to the cancer
    fight…the cancer people gladly take the money knowing that
    its one huge beerfest (I’ve been there and there’s tons of drunk
    people ….some who should not even getclose to a car and driving)
    and the barsand promoters make big money on this “charity” event.
    We all know that cancer won’t be cured. Too much money is seeing it
    continue. If they cure it…what happens to all the drs/cancer wings/
    donations/charities that make billions off the disease.
    and lets be honest…the top oncologist said we’ve really not made any
    huge strides in fighting cancer…we can detect it quicker…we know
    how it moves thru thebody…we know the environment has some part
    in it….we know thefood we eat plays a role….but we’re still doing the
    same “slash and burn” to fight it. radiation/chemo…that’s the same
    thing done 20 years ago and we’re still doing it.
    When money is involved…and billions involved…you get every
    con man/artist involved in trying to make money off it.
    maybe they should have a different angle than a pub crawl. and guys..
    when there’s drinking like the type done at crawl for cancer…there’s going to
    be lots of drunk people…and drunks get horny…and drunks have lots of
    sex….so stop trying to fight it……because if it fights the disese it’s at
    least trying to find a cure.
    But…how come these promoters don’t publish the numbers….that’s
    the real story here……and as far as glaze..he’s 100% right……it is
    a big party.and glaze iins’t the opportunist… the real opportunists
    are the guy running this
    “charity”…the bars who make big money….and all the other
    people with their hand in the till making money while people get
    really really drunk.
    so now…move on.

    • admin says:

      As always, thanks for your divine wisdom and I’m quite sure we will as you suggest move on.

      But not so fast!

      The bars do make a ton, but not all of them participate.

      Kelly’s in Westport, for example, being one that doesn’t.

    • Mysterious J says:

      El puto Harley, I could have sworn I read you over at TKC stating you wanted the haters to stay on KCC leaving you a Craig to rule TKC. I also could have sworn I read you saying you would never comment on KCC again beacuse it was a bunch of old losers and you were too busy on your “national blogs” where you get 225 comments. What happened to that cause here you are? I guess that makes you wrong, again.

      • Super Dave says:

        Come on J you really believe anything he says?

        • Mysterious J says:

          That was not posted by me. I am honored that I now have a fan who feels they gain something by using my name though! In the future, anything you read under this name that includes ANYTHING about TKC is a fraud…I never waste a minute over there.

  12. Super Dave says:

    CG says;
    “Again this story is so not important anyways”

    Yes Craig we have been tell you that about your stuff for sometime now and you ignore us. I sure do hope Hearne does the same towards you. Like how you get all bent over what you was suppose to have said which I think you did. Just now looking at it in print makes you look like the non stud you are. But I find it interesting how now you seem to be putting words into what Hearne is saying by twisting the facts to try and make yourself look better. Now you can post three more times about what I said in an attempt to deny you don’t do any of that either.

  13. CG says:

    Super Punk..I don’t care really. I am just upset with Hearne he does that. As far as what you say or think fatso, you are such a jealous hater you went on amazon to put up a comment on how much my book sucked, a book you never read. You are the example of why people of note don’t want to write on these blogs, guys like you Super loser. You have no life, you have never accomplished anything that matters and sit back and hate on people like me who have. People you don’t know or likely never met. While your constant hate comments are often entertaining, even to me, they are the same things over and over and over, like you and your close pal, smartcoward. Same thing. Anyways I’m kinda busy and have to get back to that life now…you aren’t so keep on hating that’s all you are good for Super Loser, nothing else.

    • Super Dave says:

      Sure Craig, I am the only person who went on Amazon and posted what you think are bad things about your book. Face it you’re mad because there isn’t anything you can do about what I or anyone else for that matter has said in those reviews, You could go into your own reviews I guess and call us names and so forth and prove to the people what we said does have some merit. But the question I am sure many have is how many of the 18 posts that claim it to be a five star book are fake posts made by you. Everyone who reads these pages and TKC comments all know you make fake posts and you have been caught more than once in the past doing so. I bet the people at Amazon would like to hear about that little tidbit of fact but then again they probably don’t care about you either.

      For the record once again I have read your book, I borrowed a copy of it and as I said am glad I didn’t pay for it. It was at your insistence that I read the book that prompted me to do so and as a result of doing so I posted a honest review of what I thought of it. If you hadn’t made such an issue of me reading the book I would never have gave it a negative review from doing so. So once again what you pushed for and asked was done and it blew up in your face.

  14. CG says:

    Super Punk..I don’t care really. I am just upset with Hearne he does that. As far as what you say or think fatso, you are such a jealous hater you went on amazon to put up a comment on how much my book sucked, a book you never read. You are the example of why people of note don’t want to write on these blogs, guys like you Super loser. You have no life, you have never accomplished anything that matters and sit back and hate on people like me who have. People you don’t know or likely never met. While your constant hate comments are often entertaining, even to me, they are the same things over and over and over, like you and your close pal, smartcoward. Same thing. Anyways I’m kinda busy and have to get back to that life now…you aren’t so keep on hating that’s all you are good for Super Loser, nothing else.

  15. admin says:

    Rubbing me eyes…

    Am I seeing double?

  16. smartman says:

    If I were you Craig I’d get my attorney(s) to file a lawsuit for trademark infringement against NBC and The Biggest Loser.

    You clearly own that title.

    If I win the lotto I’m buying the rights to King of Sting and making it with Andy Dick playing you.

  17. CG says:

    Smartloser, as you may have read the book got great reviews, thus the movie interest…I think it averaged 4 stars, a few haters like you maybe a couple, as with most things like this most don’t comment. Like I said I have had a life that was made into a book and more, what have you done with your life? Man who hides behind fake names? Hmm.

  18. smartman says:

    Well, I’ll never be as accomplished as you Craig. I haven’t taken a “teenage” date out for ice cream since 1979.

    Haven’t given anybody an STD.

    Haven’t dragged a drunk chick into a bathroom stall to bang her.

    Haven’t avoided reporting income to the IRS.

    Haven’t brought shame on my family.

    Never had a woman’s son walk in on me while eating at The Y.

    Wow! You’re right! I am a loser.

    • the dude says:


    • CG says:

      Smartcoward, thats your real name isn’t it? I agree I did many of those things, save this IRS crap whats that all about, you wanting to get me in dutch with them about what? I’d worry about your own worthless a hole. I never brought shame on family, just fame. You can’t fight me with words, or fists as you ran away, but now you want to fight me with history…good luck fake name guy. I see you as the gay Robin to Super Losers Gay Batman. That’s you two. Fat and fatter.

      • cletus says:

        Glazer equals bald and balder with no dick.

      • smartman says:

        OK, this is rich! You’re saying that all of the years you’ve been in the comedy and entertainment business you’ve reported every single penny you’ve made, or took?


        All the cash you took out of the till, or cover charges at the door….you reported it all? Yeah, and Inna Gadda Da Vita is only 2:12 long.

        Never slipped $20.00, $100.00, $500.00 or $1,000.00 in your pocket?

        I’ll pay for the lie detector tests and if you can pass I’ll donate ten grand to the charity of your choice.

        Oh, And I’ll also supply one of your former manager’s who will state under oath, if necessary, that you routinely took cash and laughed about it being “free and clear”.

        Yeah, you brought fame on your family like JFK Jr did.

        BOOM! Goes the dynomite.

        Face it Craig, I own you. Hell I might even go to the DMV and get you titled. Wonder if DOUCHE is taken for a license plate yet?

        • Heather says:

          A friend of mine worked the door at Stanfords the last 6 years they were opened in Westport. He said he collected 3 million fom 98 to 04. Glazer claimed 6000 dollars. Oops.

  19. Mysterious J says:

    This thread is TOTALLY why I keep coming here.

    • Jess says:

      I know, I was totally wrong for wishing the Glaze would leave. Need 1 or 2 of these threads a month to wet the whistle.

      Glaze is such a fantastic train wreck.

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    This should be renamed “Crawl to Increase My Net Worth” as that’s all that’s going down here. I give you their 2012 results, by their own internal accounting, so it’s not an accusation; it’s what they had balls enough to admit;

    •$1,235,985 Gross Receipts
    •$700,302 Operating Expenses
    •$32,507 Taxes
    •$327,176 Charitable Contributions
    •$175,999 Wages
    •$0 Retained Earnings

    That’s some fine charity you’ve got there, but again, they aren’t a 501c3 and don’t pretend to be. There’s not charitable deduction here for the ticket you buy, you just drink, have access to a high number of blasted females, puke and go home.

    And to be a group that claims their mission to be, ” a fundraising organization driven to plan and host events that support lifesaving research and those affected by cancer while having a little fun doing it”, I would venture a guess far more money is raised to defend DUI’s after one of these events than funds that ever find their way to a petri dish.

    Also interesting, out of 30 plus questions in their FAQ, only 2 apply to where’s the money go? Most relate to more important topics like, how many colors to the shirts come in or private labeled pitchers…..

    I think curing cancer is secondary to everyone involved. Just my guess… I could be wrong.

    • the dude says:

      But Wilsun, do you think the average frattastic jane or joe gives a hoot about where the money goes as they puke out the chili cheese french fries and pucker shots they scarfed down at the last bar? They are getting blottoed for the good of humanity!!

      Around 26% to charitable contributions, and I am sure the contributions go to further muddy organizations like the People Fund- Money for People.

    • admin says:

      I wouldn’t put that much stock in those numbers. For starters they’re unaudited, un-varified and don’t paint the big picture

  21. harley says:

    okay hearne…glaze…billy…wilsun…samrmyman…
    I disagree wholeheartedly with what mr. hearne publicshed in his
    article. Nothing to do with the charity or this drunk fest (come on old guys…
    get a bunch of hotties toegether…with some horney guys…throw in
    booze…booze and more booze and you’ve got one real potential
    F**K FEST ON YOUR HANDS. Have you old guys forgeotte n what its
    like….?????? hotties…booze….power and light….and its day time which
    makes it even better since there’s no stopping at 3am!!!!! come on guys
    get real…remember 50/60 years ago what it was like when you had
    a few cocktails and saw some hotties???
    I was lucky enough to attend the party at woodside this last Saturday night…
    and let me say this
    1. blair and everyone did a great job in the new pool/cabanas/layout…
    etc….beautiful job in redoing woodside…inside and out…first class..
    2 . If there was ever more hotties/knockout women / than was at that
    party Saturday night i’ll pay someone $1000 cash. Been to the crawl..
    been to rehab in vegas…bare in vegas…moreau beach club….been to
    brazil during carnival…..but in all my years in kc…never saw so many
    beautiful/classy young ladies than at woodside on Saturday night.
    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glaze was right!!!!!!!!!
    You old guys can dream and jag off to your hot tub biz…running to the
    courts….fixing TV’s….but theres nothing finer than to be with such
    hot hot hot hot hot hot ladies….
    the point is this….300kto charity is nice….that’s still a lot of money…
    and the people had fun doing it….so stop arguing over who said what..
    hearne never claims to be a journalist…he’s a gossip writer…and he
    needs glaze and me to pump this site up.
    imagine kcc without glaze and Harley….hell this thing would read like
    the AARP newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • mike says:

      This site has been doing fine without you.

      • harley says:

        glaze and I are lightining rods…we get all the people all
        crazy and wired up.
        they love to attack us and threaten us with you tube
        videos etc…etc…
        it makes for good readingfor kcc readers…I mean I read
        some comments about a story hearne wrote…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
        hearne doesn’t have the platform he had with the pitch
        and the kc star (400,000 readers)…and honestyly I’ve
        been a big supporter of hearnes…offering ideas to
        really make this a big time site.
        Wilson’s story on the Kaplan kid…althought filled with some
        holes…was good….hearne need more like that .
        Whinery has some good comic book articles but hearne
        needs to let him get unleashed and really let it blow.
        take smartman and give this guy a column….he’s got some
        good stuff but I really feel that one day he and glaze
        are going to meet and all hell breaks loose…and smartman
        can be funny but he needs to stop the constant attacks
        because they take away from some really funny stuff…
        there’s chuck…and chuk could be a great right wing columnist
        with his links and right wing opinions. Hearne..sign this guy
        up….even with his constant anti black rants he does make
        some good points that would generate some real fireworks
        on the site.
        Hearne…its all about creating news.
        Wilson can do it…he’s got some good contacts and he can
        create some interesting stories about some good topics.
        and hearne…where’s all the big stories you used to break
        at the star. ….seldom do you break a big story…usually
        a week late in getting info out…which is old hat.
        And I wonder how the star’s internet program is going..are
        they getting people signed up…I know I like reading the
        stories but I’ve been cut off…I could see them getting
        50-60k online readers…maybe more creating another
        $500,000 in pure cash plus the additional advertising revenue.
        but still a fan of kcc…still enjoy some of the stories…
        but hearne you need to be the leader and get the big
        stories that’s out there in kc…living in Lawrence might
        hinder that.
        how about a top notch investigative reporter….maybe someone
        and lefty…he’s got a big potential deal with the craigslist
        stories….and then maybe add a sports guy with experience
        like a retired sports guy who would love an outlet.
        good luck hearne…thanks for editing all my comments…

        • admin says:

          Food for thought…

          As for editing ALL your comments, I’ve edited only a few. And none lately.

          The objective being to keep KCC halfway legit but not allowing every foul diatribe, racial and homophobic slur imaginable onto the site.

          That’s why god invented Tony!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            “Wilson’s story on the Kaplan kid…althought filled with some holes…was good….hearne need more like that”
            How is a story filled with holes when we have more insight, more coverage on this kid than any local media? It’s just barely in its “discovery” stage, it’s all new news.
            We are the only ones connected to an alleged THIRD girl the media hasn’t even talked about yet. Why? They don’t even know she exists!
            Harley just finds it impossible to deliver a compliment without a back handed slap, it’s just who he is.

    • admin says:

      Hey Wild Man,

      Thanks, but allow me to put the words in my own mouth.

      I bat to all fields and am definitely a journalist. One of the most highly paid at 18th and grand with a bevy of regular news stories, front page and other, to show for it.

      This however, is a column, Mr. H. Taking verified facts and applying opinion.

      • harley says:

        Wilson….your story had so many conjectures that even
        about the connections between the father and the judge…
        the bail being too low (which even whinery said was
        normal) and numersous other points that you first came
        out with that hadto be backed away from.
        Even whinery pointed these out ….including the
        competence of the people at the courthouse.
        It was anice job for someone who doesn’t getthe law
        like a guy like whinery or the other jailhouse lawyers…
        then the “jewish lawya” snafu….and afeew others.
        congrats for covering this but you need to check and
        recheck facts like h jr. would before you print them.
        You did a nice job….but ithink that there’s still lots
        of things tocome out about the entire incidient that
        will prove some of the statements in the media
        were wrong.
        but otherwise a nice attempt at your first investigative
        story…..would love to see many more…….

  22. CG says:

    Know what Harley is right, sounds like a great party, I missed it and I’m sorry I did. Now the big night spot is Woodside Friday and Saturday nights, music, live bands, upscale women and I missed it, had to work, last Friday 500 people, damn. That’s nice action. KC needs more fun events with pretty ladies so I say have at it.

  23. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Funniest and lamest comment on KCC ever..
    “hearne never claims to be a journalist…he’s a gossip writer…and he
    needs glaze and me to pump this site up.
    imagine kcc without glaze and Harley….”

    We can imagine it in fact we long for it, hope for it, and have only learned to tolerate it because Hearne (who is a journalist or at least was) can’t seem to shake it like a bad cold. I find it sad and pathetic that two people (Glazer and Harley) measure “success” in womanly conquests, mediocre business success, lavish parties, and endless lists of petty goals.

    “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    • CG says:

      Whos Einstein?

      • Davey Jones Locker says:

        Enough said

        • Mysterious JJ says:

          Davey, Harley left KCC to rule TKC, swearing to never come back to KCC. He was even more poorly received there. He had so little impact there, being a smaller duck in a huge pond of anonymous hatred that he had to go back on his word and come back, a sad day for all. He can’t prove his national blog prowess where he says he’s so loved so he has no other home. He’s universally unwanted, unneeded and unappreciated anywhere but his own mirror.

          • the dude says:

            Ugh, I wish he would have stayed there. At least Glazer can cobble together a lucid thought every now and then.

            Go back to TKC harlinator, PUHLEEEEESE.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Dont we all, Dude, don’t we all. I’m just putting my monitor on “heavy ignore” and hitting the scroll button.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Davey…

      I don’t have the paycheck anymore – not the size of the Star’s anyway – nor even what I was making at the Pitch at one point.

      But I remain a journalist.

  24. balbonis moleskine says:

    ITT: Old perverts arguing with narcissists about drunks.

  25. CG says:

    This story, which was not a big news story, ended up getting 70 comments or more. From what I’ve seen that is one of the bigger hits as of the last few months. Paul Wilson has been consistent with his comment people responding. It’s obvious that when Hearne can put me into a story it does energize the site or that story somewhat. However if we are all honest, Harley has a point, the comment people are generally the same 20 or so readers. 99 per cent of the readers here don’t comment, ever. Yet for some reason the writers are always judged by how many comments they can get on a regular bases.

    Yes there is some good in that number. At Tonys I often receive 70 to over one hundred comments on stories. Does that mean I have more readers there? I don’t know. Yes its easier to comment on Tony’s cause he makes it that way, so that helps, but stories are up for only a few hours not days, so that is also a factor.

    I really don’t hate Smartman or Super Dave or any of these constant commenters who have been hateful to me. It’s just part of the way it works. If you are high profile and different that’s going to happen, anywhere. I realize I got overly pissed a few times, who wouldn’t, but now its more entertainment than reality. Clearly nobody is going to ever face me on any issue in person, its all on these sites and nothing more. The real public enjoys the battles and mean words. In my case its really fun cause it can cover so many areas, women, aging and still playing ball so to speak, entertainment, sports, city opinions so on…oh yeah, crime…so that’s a wide range of areas to ‘scream’ about from all sides. I get it.

    Do I think it will stop. Not likely. I don’t know who most of the hate mail people are, I don’t do any business with them, so its all kinda make believe. In almost all situations I probably never really met them. They have no real axe to grind, its all about them and the perception of themselves vs. a guy like me, that’s all.

    So we will never know what the masses think. They are silent. So Harley, Chuck, Smart Man, Super Dave, Dude, JJ, and crew carry on, its all really just some over the top entertainment. By the way I think there are some really great stories on KCC and I believe Tony does a nice job with his site as well. Maybe it just kills boredom.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Once again, Craig, thank you, that was alllllllmost a compliment!

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      Da CG Says:
      >However if we are all honest, Harley has a point, the comment people are generally the same 20 or so readers. 99 per cent of the readers here don’t comment, ever. Yet for some reason the writers are always judged by how many comments they can get on a regular bases.

      Craig is a bigger radio guy than I ever was so I’m sure he has heard this nugget. At best the call in line (text lines nowadays too) make up 1/2 of 1% of the listenership. And they are a vocal bunch. So you essentially ignore anything they have to say, all while encouraging them to voice their opinion…..until you see the Arbitron ratings.

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