New Jack City: Is Gay Hollywood Under Seige?

liberace-behind-the-candelabraDirector Steven Soderbergh‘s BEHIND THE CANDELABRA was apparently too gay for commercial theatrical exhibition in the United States…

So instead it ended up on HBO where it has performed surprisingly well in the ratings. In world markets though the Michael Douglas-Matt Damon lovefest will make it to the big screen prior to reaching secondary distribution platforms.

Raising the question, is Hollywood starting to hold back on gay themed movies?

behind-the-candelabraThat jury’s still out.

However David Letterman addressed the controversy last week night with a top ten list—and just in time for the Tony Awards.

In case you missed it, here’s Letterman’s list of  OTHER FILMS TOO GAY FOR HOLLYWOOD:










And hey, there’s always Netflix

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19 Responses to New Jack City: Is Gay Hollywood Under Seige?

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    The original X-Men movie was an allegory for gay rights. So no need to hit Bubba & the Bible-bangers over the head.

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, in the third one they moved the Golden Gate bridge to mutant island if that is not enough symbology for ya.

  2. smartman says:

    This movie was not too gay for Hollywood. It was too bad. It was like a really awful SNL skit.

    Unlike Sean Penn in Milk, this movie did nothing to advance the career’s of Douglas or Damon. Even the sex scenes were weak, by gay or hetero standards. In gay parlance, they boned it in.

    I’m sure that Blue is the Warmest Color won’t have a problem with distribution.

    Same for King of Sting if it ever gets made.

  3. chuck says:

    All Michael Douglas needs is a smoking jacket with frayed sleeves, holes in the ass, a swisher sweet curled in his gnarly fingers next to his buddy Ron Jeremy holding a petri dish full of HPV Type 16 recently harvested from his latest squeeze.

    How fu*kin broke can those guys be to make that flick?

    How much money do ya need?


    Mike’s lothario rep has “degenerated” into creepy restraining order territory.

    If he lives 5 more years, his agent should have him doing LAVA SOAP commercials every day.

  4. mark smith says:

    The Liberace movie was bad. However, Douglas claiming he got throat cancer from yodeling in the canyon was the final straw for me. Couldn’t have been the decades of smoking? He’s gone full blown hollywood fruit cake, no pun intended. Ok, maybe a little intended. This is the guy who did Wall Street and Falling Down. WTF happened?

    • Interesting Fact says:

      I agree Douglas is on a one way road to a career dead end.

      • admin says:

        Well, he’s pushing 70 so chances are he’s not going to getting many hot sex with young chicks roles anymore.

        He’s not exactly what you’d call a character actor.

        He’s kind of a cleaner cut, aging Craig Glazer in a way

    • chuck says:

      Check this Mark.

      “So – is cunnilingus inherently riskier than fellatio? While studies on sex differences aren’t entirely clear, a US study found the prevalence of HPV in the mouths of men was 10%, versus 3.6% for women. Overall, HPV-related oral cancers are most common in heterosexual men in their 40s and 50s, leading the NHS guide to conclude that:

      This indicates that performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) is more risky that performing fellatio (oral sex on a man). This seems counterintuitive, but the concentration of HPV in the thinner moist skin of the vulva is mugh higher than the amounts of virus shed from the thicker dry skin of the penis, and this affects how easy it is to pass the virus on.”

      HARLEY : “Whew!!!” *clicks heels together*

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      I’ll cut him some slack on the yodeling in the canyon causes cancer thing. He listed all the things which can be a cause of cancer.

      The fastest horse isn’t always the winner but that is where the smart money goes.

      • chuck says:

        Orphan, here is another quote from the article.

        “Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much research evidence to back up Douglas’ claim that the cure for throat cancer is still more cunnilingus.”

        I am gonna risk it. I can’t tell ya how many times I have drunk myself sober.


        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Not oral sex but HPV. Since it is unknown what causes most cancers, the best they can say is smoking, drinking, oral sex with someone who has HPV are all risk factors.

          You can’t get cancer from oral sex unless the person has the HPV virus. If you and yours were the first and only, no sweat.

          In one study 72% of those with a throat cancer had HPV-16 (specific strain) in their system. Not sure if it is a a risk factor independent of alcohol and tobacco use.

          That quote from the article, written by GC?

          • chuck says:

            I like the quote where he says he and his finace are worried about dying of cancer, and might “cut down”.


            No one is going cold turkey here ya know?

            Some of the stuff in articles I have read is so unintentionally hilarious.

            I keep waiting for someone to invent a patch, or a 12 step program with a meeting where everyone is really nervous from all the coffee and gets up to talk about how bad it can get.

  5. chuck says:

    I gotta admit, we should all take this new threat to our health very seriously. This story is getting some real legs and I predict that their will be a book and a movie of the week about Patient Zero and the genisis of this disease.

    “The Hunt For Fred October” is cumming soon.

  6. Hot Carl says:

    “Is Gay Hollywood Under Seige?” Are you kidding me? You can’t swing a dead cat around the TV industry without hitting at least one gay character on every damn show!

    • the dude says:

      Or gay actors playing ‘straight face’.
      I am looking directly at you closet scientologists John Revolting, Tom Cruise and Will Smith.

  7. Snappietom says:

    I used to enjoy Michael Douglas movies, Wall Street, Perfect Murder, Basic Instinct, but after the Liberace movie, I’m done with him. How much cash do you need to do that type of movie? In the scene when he is giving the business to Matt Damon, I had to turn the channel. I’m out.

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    News flash to Hollywood– The vast majority of people don’t want to see dude-on-dude man fuckin’. And it’s not because we’re bigots.

    • the dude says:

      News flash to middle Uhmericuh- most gheys don’t care to watch straight sex scenes. And in other news, Franco is still dead.

  9. PB says:

    Too gay? What a crock. That flick was decidedly tame by any sexual standards and was decidedly crappy by any film making standards.

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