Hearne: Smokey Alert — Free Movies Tonight @ Boulevard Drive-In

smokey-and-the-banditThis just in…

When’s the last time you had – you know – heavy duty romance at the movies?


Well, here’s your chance. The days when drive-in movie theaters were called “passion pits,” owing to the conveniences afforded by dark parking lots and steamed up car windows are in the rear view mirror. And chances are many if not most of you missed out on that action. Like I did.

But tonight you can travel back in time – free of charge – to the Boulevard Drive-In at 1051 Merriam Lane in KCK.

blvd“They’re celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first drive-in to open in this country and it’s also owner Wes Neal‘s 60th anniversary at the Boulevard,” says KCC movie scribe Jack Poessiger. “So they’re going to show ‘Smokey and the Bandit and a documentary about the history of drive-in movies and they’re supposed to have the lady that made it there.”

It all goes down at 9:10 p.m. tonight.

As for the movie itself, how many fingers?

“Probably for the times (1977) and its audience, I’d give it three out of five fingers,” Poessiger says. “It was very popular, especially in this part of the country.”


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