Starbeams: Wild Pigs @ Isle of Capri, Michael Douglas Gets ‘Oral Sex Cancer’ & Tiger Does Perkins

gluttonyMillions of wild pigs are causing problems to Missouri crops.  They’re also doing a number on all-you-can-eat buffet at Isle of Capri.


Michael Douglas says he thinks he got throat cancer from oral sex.  I was young!  I needed the money!  He said he was clean!  Oh, with a chick?  Never mind.


I was just informed by my plumber that I have a sticky ballcock.  I said, “FIX THE DAMN THING AND LEAVE MY PERSONAL LIFE OUT OF THIS.”

The TSA is eliminating body scanners.  From now on ladies, if you want your body scanned, you’ll have to resort to walking past construction sites.


Tiger Woods just had the worst nine holes…since the last time he hooked up with a Perkins staffer.


Bumper Sticker:  Keep KCI as it is….asbestos is making a comeback!

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