Paul Wilson: Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Back to Leawood…

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 2.07.45 AMStop the presses…

Forget everything I said about loopholes, homeboy Eric Kaplan just closed them on himself. Arrested tonight just before 9;00 pm, he sits in the Johnson County Detention Center charged with stalking a second victim.

And this time out JOCO wants $50,000 before he gets to go back home. You may recall, girl number one only cost  him $1,500.00.

These stalking gigs can get expensive!
The second alleged stalking victim came forward after recognizing Kaplan in local media reports. She’s been talking to police for several days.

see you in courtKaplan now faces a total of four misdemeanor charges in Johnson County. including two counts of stalking relating to two woman.

Court records show his bond has been set at $50,000. His court date for the second case is set for June 3.

I’ll be there.

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51 Responses to Paul Wilson: Just When You Thought it was Safe to Go Back to Leawood…

  1. chuck says:

    The only difference between Kaplan and this guy-

    is timing and luck.

    Frequently, you will hear about killers taking a plea of insanity and catching a better life in a mental ward, than in Gen Pop at Pelican Bay (Which is really nice this time of year.). Many, including especially family feel cheated of justice. In this particular instance, it would seem the best way (I am outta my pay grade here, a little help?) to keep our wives and daughters safe, would be to lock this guy away in Larned State and dose him with neuroleptics up the azz until he breaks a hip in his dotage.

  2. mike says:

    The only thing that is saving this kid at all is that he may have been scared to follow through with what he had evidently planned on doing or just not very good at it.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, you’re on a nice thought process, maybe, without knowing it. A Mike Kaplan shows up as being heavily involved in a support group, “raising kids with Aspergers Syndrone”. Check your Garmin, you may be on course, fastest or shortest route. Still digging to see if it’s dad.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, I tend to think you’re right. And a lack of thought may be part of it. He speaks to the first girl, follows her to work then paces back and forth, in plain view, in front of her store. Frustration? Not knowing what Step 3 should be?
    Girl number two, no communication, first date kit in the back seat. Makes you wonder.

    • mike says:

      Most 18 year old guys that were an accomplished musician and drove a BMW would be having girls chasing them! Something is definitely weird here.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mr Kaplan walked out of JoCo Detention Center at 6:25, on bond.

  6. smartman says:

    Interesting. Wonder if mommy and daddy bailed him or if he has his own resources. Maybe he got a title loan on his BMW.

    Either way, this kid is marked for life in more ways than one.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smarty, Dad appears to own Bavarian AutoGroup out Martin City way and has for 30+ years. It seems to have been a passion from an early age and he’s well respected for acquiring the best of the best in pre owned Bimmers. That’s the car connection.

  8. smartman says:

    An event of this import needs a theme song. Sing to the tune of Little Drummer Boy:

    Eric Kaplan wants to get some.
    Rape kit in his car he stalks soccer mum
    He wants to tie her up and fill her with cum, up in her bum, up in her bum.

    More later got a tee time!

  9. LeawoodParent says:

    Let’s not forget about Jessica Ridgeway, the 10 year old little girl that was abducted, raped and killed by Austin Reed Sigg, the 17 year old who lived less than a mile from his young victim in Westminster, CO. If you recall, he first attacked a 22 year old runner, but the woman fought him off. So after failing, he turned to an easier victim, a child in his neighborhood.

    My family lives within a mile of Eric Kaplan and we trust that the police and justice system and hopefully his family will do everything to keep him from every getting another chance to harm someone.

  10. paulwilsonkc says:

    Parent, I’m looking for people with some insight, BVN teachers, friends, feel free to contact me.

  11. mark smith says:

    These type of freaks generally have to work up to busting their abduction cherry. As Leawood Parent suggests, they often move on to easier prey, kids. We dont really know what hard evidence they have and if it’s nothing more than what the news reports then the case is weak at best. I’m not saying he is innocent, clearly he had ill intent, but that wont get you a conviction. A decent criminal lawyer will get it thrown out before it ever sees a jury. While the items found are damning on their face, none are illegal. As for the wearing a ski mask while following the victim. It was at night, headlights were shining in the ladys rearview, cars moving, etc. A lawyer would rip her apart. This case goes away within the next few months. The kids parents send him off to college out of state. Maybe he never offends again, more likely he just hones his stalking/creeper skills and finally crosses the line. If it’s the latter, hopefully his victim is packing and gives him a 180 grain lobotomy.

  12. Irishguy says:

    What’s truly sad is this story wouldn’t have gotten five seconds of attention if it had happened in Wyandotte County.

  13. smartman says:

    Here’s the solution Wilson. We know how this kid is gonna turn out. Let’s get him on the correct path.

    Someone mentioned on TKC that according to actuarial tables Glazer has 6 years to live.

    We get dad to upgrade Eric into a 9 Series, get him a membership at Woodside, pay Glazer 6 times EBITDA for Stanfords, double what most deals go down for, pay Craig ten grand a month for six years to teach Eric the ropes on how to legally rape, er, uh seduce women, pick teasers and blog.

    It’s a win-win-win.

  14. balbonis moleskine says:

    I just want to say I think the way Paul is covering this story is not very responsible. Especially digging up dirt on the parents and the kid unrelated to the charge at hand. Not to mention totally jumping to conclusions (mat) and assuming he was some high powered guy who was connected. When the truth is his dad is a used car salesman.

    When websites go on doxxing hunts on people it makes the readership pause and wonder whether they want to continue to participate in the website.

    My two cents is it looks like the guy is a bit OCD and maybe a perma-virgin beta who was just trying to follow pretty women. But as usual, the truth tends to come out in the end.

    In a bit of levity to end this post I think people should remember these 2 rules regarding whether the attention you are giving to a woman is sexual harassment or courting:


  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Balbolonious, whats irresponsible and what dirt digging? Let me explain some of my points.
    In trying to understand that why behind a $1500 bail, I ran down a list of satirical things one things of. If a crime like this is charged, how would one walk on a bail that small? So I did the laundry list of possibilites. Connections, political, religious, Jewish lawya, country club set, etc. And dad isn’t a used car dealer, I mean, he is, but it seems to be a pretty high end bimmer shop. Not AutoNow.
    And, from every contact I’ve had with anyone, the mom and dad are only described as incredibly nice people, Eric as well.
    I think Ive made a couple of suppositions and labeled them as such, but thats it. Nothing that I would consider dirt slinging or un related dirt slinging. I’d be more than glad to hear you out, however, always value your opinion.

    • Another Leawood Parent says:

      I guess dirt-slinging doesn’t include bigoted name-calling like “Jewish lawya?” Watch your mouth if you want people to take you seriously.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Another Leawood Parent, I’m truly sorry if you took that as offensive, that was not my intent. But if you read all my story/stories, you’d find in there, I mentioned that when I first heard the story and the amazingly low bail, your mind goes to all the possible under the table ways this took place. I then laid out, in a satirical fashion, they stereotypical reasons people come up with. There was no intent in my writing to have said, “I bet some damned Jewish lawya made this happen!”, it was meant to come across as what people typically think when a story like this comes across the air.

        Some one knows someone, the Judge is a next door neighbor, and someone plays golf at the CC with someone…. that was my intent. And, you are correct, those are bigoted view points, but it doesn’t stop people from having them, daily.

        And if you also read further, you would have seen in a follow up, I wrote how entirely wrong all those assumptions were and its an issue buried deep in the JoCo Court system.

        Bigoted intent vs. satirical writing, pointing out peoples thought processes; big difference, but thanks for you comment. Again, I apologize if it offended you. That was not the intent.

        • Another Leawood Parent says:

          And I suppose it’s just a coincidence that the Kaplans are Jewish, eh? Even if you’re being “satirical” (and I don’t think that word means what you think it means), it is an unacceptable use of a stereotype and one to be avoided by a journalist, but then again, you are a hack so I suppose that doesn’t apply.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Another Leawood Parent; I apologized if I offended you and that was sincere, still is.

            Satire: a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

            Hack: A writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work: “a hack scriptwriter

            So noted.

  16. paulwilsonkc says:

    And, Balbo, on a side note, I’m looking at all different angles in this. And on his bail; $1500.00 for stalking girl one with a virtual first date kit in the car.
    Girl two, who was actually first, got him a $50,000 bail. Sure, it’s second offense, but he was just pacing outside her store.
    If it’s a $1500 offense, it get that there’s a “premium” you’re going to pay for getting caught twice, but 33 timed your earlier bail?
    This has interesting angles all over. I’m not trying to be nor did I think I was irrisponsible, but I’m open to your reasoning; I could be wrong.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      Honestly I think you are just trying to dig up dirt on a kid who is probably poorly socially adjusted. Often times police will arrest a person twice to bolster an already weak case. Because one incident a stalking does not make. I also currently have twine and a ski hat in the trunk- leftover from tying down furniture and being cold this winter.

      You are mudslinging. You literally asked anybody who went to BVN to give you gossip on the kid. You should be ashamed of what you are doing here.

      None of these women were harmed in any way. None were touched. Heck, none were even talked to.

      I bet you wouldn’t like it if someone dug up the public records of your divorce, posted your kids names and where they went to school, put the address of your house online, how much your bonuses were. I bet your ex filed some pretty histrionic motions. Probably some that would put you in a bad light.

      Honestly man, this is the second time you have done something like this. You have harassed Harley, who is clearly not all there, repeatedly and told him you installed a keylogger on his computer (which by the way is a Federal felony). This bullying behavior isn’t cool, and it isn’t journalism.

      Next time you are curious why his bail is so low, look into it then write the story. The short answer to your question was: 1) bail is not punitive but a method to guarantee appearance. 2) It was an all cash bail so saying he only had to pony up $150 should have been run as a correction. 3) He was charged with misdemeanors.

      You are a smart guy but you come from an age of analog. An age where people’s indiscretions are forgotten by the time the next sunday paper comes out. This kid’s trial hasn’t begun yet and you are already destroying his life. And for what, for following around a pretty woman.

      • chuck says:

        I remember the “Analog Age” well. We also called it the “If it walks like a duck” age.

        • balbonis moleskine says:

          I’ll hold off on the hanging rope and the torches for now, Chuck.

          To butcher a famous saying: Paul is at a 9 right now on this story. We’d rather have him at a 5. He’s much better at that intensity level.

          That being said, good to see you’re still around here Chuck. I always enjoy your posts and I was afraid Tony banninating you would have caused you to give up on KC blogs…

          • chuck says:

            The ban was lifted a week or so ago and I was returned in grace to Tony’s Kansas City of God.


            And so a quote from St. Augustine with respect to Mr. Kaplan and Paul’s articles.

            “Let those who think I have said too little and those who think I have said too much, forgive me and let those who think I have said just enough thank God with me.”

            Finally Balbonis, begrudge we old men some small courtesies in our certanties which we now, in that old age, would save thou thy labor in pursuit of lost causes and the redemption of evil men.


      • paulwilsonkc says:

        And further, Balbo, the story before this one is exclusively about his bail and why it was so low and admits I was wrong on all previous suppositions. Read it….it actually says he got what he got because of changes in JoCo Court. Very even handed and you can read me saying my initial premise was something Harley can say, wr, wr, wr, wrooong.

  17. chuck says:

    Gimme a break Paul, you are not wrong.

    The ability of folks to expose strangers to a threat while pontificating for consitutional rights is a time honored and important part of the social contract which produced that same constitution that protects Mr. Kaplan from more violent and utilitarian folks like me, who would cripple the freak right now and save us all a lot of headaches. Equal protection under the law is and must be a moving target achieved by way of mistakes made at both ends of the aformentioned spectrum over the dead bodies of innocents, who shuffle thier mortal coils in a quest to keep those occasionally innocent defendants from the gallows.

    Google Serial Killers with the word rope, restraints and the page list is endless with examples of that show these are the tools of the trade.

    Again, due process is of paramount importance in this country and comes at the cost of innocent citizens at the hands of sh*theel fu*ks like Mr. Kaplan.

    Let me offer this, if in some alternate universe, you were forced to wager your mother’s or daughter’s life on the possible outcome of Mr. Kaplan’s adventure and intent late the other night with no interference from law enforcement, and if you were wrong, that life was forfeit, then, which way would you, me and Mr. Balbonis bet?

    In other words, if he is guilty he kills them, if he is just enjoying a late night drive in a ski mask, then he is innocent.

    I say he rapes and or kills her.

    That is my opinion.

    When OJ gets out, will he continue to look for the “Real Killers”?

  18. LeawoodParent says:

    I personally am thankful that Paul is following this story and not letting it become yesterday’s news. Everyday my daughter asks if Kaplan is in jail yet or not because she is nervous to be living so close to him.

    I hate to break it to you balbonis moleskine, but Paul isn’t “destroying Kaplan’s life….for following around a pretty woman.” Kaplan is destroying his own life, Paul is only reporting on it. Kaplan followed two different woman, one time wearing a ski mask and bringing along a lot of things the average 18 year old doesn’t carry in his car. The only one to blame here is Kaplan. The suspicious items in his car speak for themselves, any reasonable adult can connect the dots. Thank God neither woman was harmed and we can only hope there is time to help Kaplan.

    Moleskine, are you involved in Boy Scouts? From what I hear, boy scout supporters seem to be the only ones trying to justify Kaplan’s behavior. Unfortunately, even Eagle Scouts can have issues. Anyone trying to justify a ski mask, knife, rope and lube in the car of a socially awkward kid is in deep denial. This kid needs help before he actually hurts a woman, or moves to a younger, easier target, such as a child or teen. We can’t pretend his motives are harmless! But we can pray the young man gets help, A LOT of help.

    So don’t attack the reporter, who is just reporting on a story that is interesting to some and down right terrifying to others (i.e. women, parents and young girls that live in Johnson County) I agree that some of the comments are mean-spirited and are going for a quick laugh that may be hurtful to the Kaplan family and their supporters. But Paul’s reporting is fair and I appreciate his insight and respect his reporting. Please don’t stop following this story Paul.

  19. smartman says:

    Balboni breaking Wilson’s balls over harassing Harley? That is rich! Hell, that’s Mark Rich, rich, b#tch!

    Well done Wilson!

    You think comments are nasty here? The good folks at the Tsar disabled commenting because “they can’t handle the truth”. As W. Axl Rose said, “welcome to the jungle baby, you’re gonna die!”

    Young Mr. Kaplan has more in common with Norman Bates than Wally Cleaver. Which is ironic since both Norman and Eric had cleavers as part of their tool kits.

    And let Jesus burn me in hell if I’m wrong but there are some parenting issues here.

    Wilson hasn’t done anything to Eric or the Kaplans that the MSM didn’t do to the Tsarnaev brothers, James Holmes or Joe the Plumber. Alls fair in love, war and blogging.

    As a reminder to our resident legal scholar let me quote from Shakespeare, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”. Which, in context is actually a compliment.

    And finally, when I asked my parents for a BMW they gave me a bicycle with metal wheels not a 3 Series. Just sayin.

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    BalboniousMaximus, I really do like you, man, but I think you’re off base on this one.
    And I’m assuming your displeasure with Harley getting his own medicine is the assumption we have an unfair IQ advantage? We, in poor taste, tipped over his wheelchair? We waited for the KCC short bus to pull up and we caught him unaware as he stepped off?
    I agree I’ve been hard on him but he needed to be neutered, and he was. You never got bogus emails from him pretending to be Stan Greenburg, “his attorney”, I did, also a felony. You weren’t threatened with “fedurul lawsuits” from him, I was. He’s never gotten more than he dished out. If you think he’s that handicapped, Ill be glad to never comment on him again, if you can exercise your digital age skills to affect a change with him. Heck, Ill do it anyway, just because he now knows who is superior intellectually; all the readers of KCC except him.
    Ill let my stories be judged on fact and merit when it’s all over. I just borrowed some of Chucks tea leaves and spent some time reading them.
    I’m glad you extend enough grace to young Kaplan to assume the lube was WD40, rope to tie up his Beemer muffler, gloves so his hands didnt get dirty. And heck, everyone carries a knife.
    We need idealists, thanks for providing that side of the story.
    Oh, my plea for BVN people was looking for primary research. Nothing more. I even asked Leawood Parent to contact me.
    I’m working an angle on what the defense is going to be looong before it breaks. KCC will scoop it.
    As usual, thanks for your comments, I really do appreciate your and anyone else’s view; except Harley’s. Darn, there I go again!

  21. Super Dave says:

    harley had had coming to him every comment ever thrown back at him. harley as we speak should as well have been in the post bail making of some sort I’d be guessing identity theft as the worst of the charges that could have been brought against him. In fact only reason it isn’t happening is the person he was impersonating feels that if it doesn’t happen again that’s good enough for them.

    So balbonis till you have all your facts I’d tread lightly on the harley stuff and as for the Kaplan charges, Paul is trying to show all sides of the story the same as all the other media outlets are more or less so I don’t really see your beef. Paul letting his feelings about it all be known as well but showing the truth as well and asked for those who might know some truth to come forward, I wouldn’t call that mudslinging.

    • mike says:

      I agree with you about Harley. Every time someone including me tried to lay off and be nice to him, he returned insults. I congratulated him for being right about the election and he proceded to be more insulting than ever. If he can dish it out, he should be able to take it. He lacks the ability to disagree with anybody on anything without issuing ad hominum attacks on them and making it personal in the process.

      • chuck says:

        I actually like harley’s stream of consciousness, pejorative, screeds.

        It takes all kinds to fill up the freeway and if you take anything too seriously in the comments section, you miss the opportunity to walk in the other guy’s shoes.

        Harley’s shoes would no doubt lead you into nomadic and nondescript regions on a start and stop parapetetic journey into the salt of the earth.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Chuck, thanks again for adding clarity to a murky issue; you have given me new light and I’m going to modify my approach. Your Harley explanation made since, as soon as I read it my first thought was, hey, Paul, there’s the Olympics and then, there’s the Special Olympics, same games, same athletes, just a variation on a theme.
          Thanks, and from forward, that’s the paradigm in which Ill view this, the rose colored special glasses Ill see it through.

  22. Super Dave says:

    Ok I was just told Kaplan was released from custody with out cash or guarantee money bail and is on house arrest. This is getting stranger? I agree with my cop shop friend something very strange going on here.

    • Super Dave says:

      Correction he is under house arrest but as well had to post bail first. Jo Co case file shows bail post a day later which is true but guess was slow in making the website and is what I think is causing some to think he didn’t have to post bail first.

  23. AnotherSoccerMom says:

    To follow the example of Leawood Parent, I wanted to be another voice of support for these ongoing stories. I am of the same demographic as the women Kaplan followed in his car and I have a young daughter. I also live within walking distance of where he sits right now. And to put it bluntly, I am unsettled at the least. Pretty scared, actually.

    We can make assumptions about his intentions. But if there is even a minute chance that he was planning on carrying out what is suspected, then there is a reason for me to be fearful. I am being more mindful of my activities in my neighborhood and watching my kids like hawks, but another part of my effort to be empowered is following this story as closely as I can. So I am thankful for coverage like this because I am not seeing too much on the mainstream press.

    I personally will not feel comfortable in my neighborhood until I know this kid is away…either in jail, rehab or a mental health facility. I also hope the parents can take a clearheaded look at the situation, for the good of their family (he has a little sister) and the community.

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks SoccerMom. Feel free to contact me if you’d like at There are two loose ends I’m trying to tie up that no ones looking at.
    Appreciate your comment.

  25. smartman says:

    Just talked to Harley’s mom. He’s speaking at the Build A Burger conference this week. He’s presenting his consumer matrix research on taste preferences based on the order in which the patty, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles are laid down.

    He also told her that he and Glazer just signed a new prodigy to their management company. His name is Glazerace…GLAY-ZER-AHH-CHEEE

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smarty, I really appreciate your continued contributions here, but as Hearne always tells me, CHECK YOUR FACTS… nothing is more inportant than having the story right, and you missed this one in a big way. Harley isn’t at the Build A Burger conference, its a Build A Bear conference. While they sound the same, they are very different venues.

  27. KCJazzMusician says:

    I have interacted with both Eric and his parents on a number of occasions. Eric is a truly gifted musician for his age and has always been polite, slightly shy, but not strange in my encounters with him. His parents are very nice folks who always support and encourage his musical aspirations.

    To hear and read all that has happened is a severe shock to me and others in the tight-knit KC jazz community for sure. I pray for his family and hope that he gets the help that he desperately needs.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      KCJazz, I couldn’t imagine being in that position with one of my own. Good advice.

    • Bob in KC says:

      I have had the opportunity to hear Eric play at various events, from the Blue Room to West Chase Grille and am convinced that he will be a name in the jazz world. It is refreshing to see a kid be so impassioned about Herbie Hancock and George Coleman when the typical Johnson County kid is into Maclemore and “Thrift Shop”. Although I don’t profess to know him intimately, I will give him the benefit of the doubt because it appears to me that the press and this Paul Wilson Column in particular is eager to embrace anything that appears to be sensational and promote images that encourage many of us to think in ways outside of the norm. I thought justice meant innocent until proven guilty and have realized after talking to my Johnson County friends that indeed their mantra is Guilty until proven innocent.

  28. harley says:

    was out of town when all this came down…but i give you credit for
    doing a excellent job covering this story. Despite a few glitches you showed
    what is happening in joco and how it’s turning into a money makiing machine
    for anyoe who gets stuck into the revolving criminal doors.
    I’ve know the kaplan familyfrom my “beemer” days and can say nothing
    but great things aboutthem.
    But like all parents theres a saying that follows their kids… “we might not always
    like them…but we always love them”….
    hopefully whatever the case might hold….their son comes out to be a
    productive citizen and any problems are hopefully resolved.
    I did see this young man play at the grille with another son of a family we
    know. H’es incredible musician…but sometimes kids get sidetracked
    in their lives and they need help.
    But there are thousands of kids out there who have probolem who won’t have
    parents with the financial resources to help them get backontrack.
    Those are the ones we as a socity need to worry about. With recent cuts
    in mental help funds and resources we’re going to have to deal with hundreds of
    kids who didn’t get the helpandattention they needed.
    hopefully…the state/county will seriously look at the funding that was cut
    and replenish it because these kids need help before they really getinto
    serious serious probolem.
    nice job wilson…i know you never thought i’d say this…but i hope you
    continiue to look into these issues because they are as important as any
    we face.

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  30. bubba says:

    I haven’t checked this site for a bit so I could not or did not have the time to go through all the points. In fact I would have let it be except for today the “Night Stalker” died in prison. Wiki and google him if you don’t know the case.

    I was all for suspending the mob burning at the stake bit because I did not know if this was some twisted love affair with an under age guy that became obsessed. If the second “vic” is real than no, the law really has no teeth to head him off at the pass. He really hasn’t done anything. I don’t know if is from a lack of trying or the second vic coming out because she is telling the truth or hysterical.

    We don’t know yet. If I believe the media, lock him up for good. I hope the detectives are really looking into the first reported stalking and will figure out the truth.

    I hope justice is served. Be it that a troubled teen gets help or killer in the making gets life. I don’t care. I just hope justice is done.

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