Hearne: Wakarusa Drowns While Pitch, Star, Journal World Slumber

282806_657875427572602_38275088_nIt’s bad…

Global warming may be a controversial topic depending on your, um, politics, but make no mistake; the weather these days couldn’t get much weirder or worse.

Or could it?

The latest looming disaster: the Lawrence-birthed Wakarusa fest in Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas.

“200 bucks to see panic and stand in the mud all day. Plus that grueling and expensive 14 hour drive my buddies took from nc,” lamented attendee Logan CanaleĀ on the fest’s Facebook page.
“Why the fuck is waka not updating everyone by the minute?!” added an anxious J Alexander Mata of Chicago.

Then there was the matter of concerned parents and friends unable to reach attendees by phone.

“I feel so much better now!!!!!!!!!!!” Facebooked
Keli McKenzie-Brown shortly after 1 p.m. today .Just now heard from (my) daughter for the first time, thank God!!!! ! Hasn’t had any rec
eption, says their phones don’t work at all if its raining, and we know its been raining. They have been at riverside, but never saw the river once, and have only seen one band the whole time. we are texting now but it takes a while for them to get there & vice versa. They haven’t even heard of Byrds! On a shuttle back to riverside now, so they haven’t been helping get people out of riverside like I’d heard!!! Car is stuck in mud. Her quote ‘this is and has been hellish'”

Wait a minute, Brown’s daughter never heard of The Byrds!

Predictably came the naysayers…

“Sorry Arkansas sucks ass Wakarusa!” says Justin Parrish. “I vote next year we move it somewhere else.”

580472_657875620905916_805228547_nThe good news from organizers – as of 25 minutes ago:

Rain stopped falling mid-morning and clearing skies are forecast. Stage programming will resume throughout the afternoon. Bus service is operational and servicing the Riverside Campground. Our operational crews are fortifying roads and working to remove any stuck vehicles.

“We thank all the patrons and staff for their resilience as Mother Nature paid us a visit.


“We’d also like to thank the Local and State agencies who’ve supported us through the event.”

The beat goes on…

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  1. mark smith says:

    It’s spring. It rains. No polar bears were killed in the making of this post.

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