Donnelly: Wakarusa Mud People Brave Storms for Music

9365_432511476844881_1245000644_nThings haven’t gone exactly the way someone putting on a huge, outdoor, four-day concert would have hoped.

Torrential rain, wind, and hail have descended on northwest Arkansas for the past few days, putting to the test the mettle of music fans, many of whom trekked from far to visit picturesque Mulberry Mountain.

On Thursday night Galactic had to cancel their set – and the same thing happened to them Friday, according to the band’s Twitter account.

And here’s the latest string from the official Wakarusa Twitter page.

  1. @wakarusafest is it safe to pull in via riverside?

  2. @wakarusafest Be safe you party people.

  3. @wakarusafest today’s lineup? WSP still confirmed? 1hr away and want to make sure we can park w/out getting stuck!

    282806_657875427572602_38275088_nAnd this just in from Wakarusa organizers:

    “Mother Nature has put on a significant and impressive display over the first 3 days of Wakarusa at Mullberry Mountain, Arkansas. Wakarusa Festival, celebrating it 10th anniversary, has taken many significant blows from the numerous storms that have moved thru the region. Only because of the undeniable dedication, skill, and spirit of the staff, artists and crowd – the festival
    continues on for the final two days all be it dampened but not diminished. All sets and stages for Saturday and Sunday are expected to occur as planned at this point. Tickets sales for the event have been suspended since Thursday and remain suspended because of the extreme conditions created by the storms.

    “Wakarusa wished to thank the spectacular assistance and leadership provided by the various local and state agencies and friends of the event in making a very challenging situation manageable.”
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5 Responses to Donnelly: Wakarusa Mud People Brave Storms for Music

  1. smartman says:

    This is why all intelligent pot smoking, drug dealing, anarchist loving, communist sympathizing, maggot infested, jam band adoring, hippie types drive Subaru’s. This is the perfect event for an Outback, Forester, Tribeca or my favorite the WRX

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    Smartman’s got a bunch-up in his patchwork pants. Spin around in a circle and wait out the rain.

    Protip: Don’t ever be a guy who slides around in the ‘mud’.

  3. Lizzie says:

    I was there- just got back. We did have a great time, the mud was a little over the top. Why was there no mulch? It made me stick around the Satellite Stage a lot, but that place was super cool anyway. There were times, such as Friday night’s tornado winds, that I was actually scared for my life. To avoid fierce mud, wind, rain, & lightning, the closest place for us to hide during the tornado winds was in our tent. We were inside literally holding it together (we have a small yet very sturdy tent.) Those gusts were insane. The rain was out of no where. I have never seen Mother Nature act so viciously. The radio in the car had already said there were areas flooded earlier that day and that they found people in the water, floating. Including a sheriff. So- I had every right to be completely frightened. The rest of the Wakarusa experience I wore lots of plastic around my shoes that I also used duct tape to make. So glad I did this- I eventually saw what look like hookworms in the water. I saw on Instagram a picture that someone had taken of a crawfish in the mud. Also there were frogs in my neighbor’s tent. (They forgot to zip it up, but it was true, there were frogs.) The good points were the people. The people who actually stuck around were the true fans. They were there for the music. They couldn’t of been there for the drugs. Who wants to be tripping on acid during vicious tornado winds and monsoons? We are troopers, you guys. Anyone who made it like we did. We rocked out at Widespread Panic. We raged at Umphreys. We danced like crazy people to RUN DMT. We did it you guys. Gives yourselves all a pat on the back. 🙂 Most difficult festival I’ve ever attended- but I still had a fucking good time! SWAMPARUSA 2013 Lizzie from Alabama

    • Ryan says:

      DUDE! we are in the same exact state of mind about Waka. we survived that shit! hahahaha just don’t forget mutemath and amon tobin busting in a trap set half drunk x)

  4. smartman says:

    Lizzie, I have to question your Alabama bona fides.

    First your writing suggests above average intelligence.

    Second, as a native of Alabama I would think you’d own a proper pair of “mudboots”. For future forays into the festival world might I suggest a pair of Rocky MudSox Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots. Item 0007248 at These would have been perfect for you at Wakarusa; practical, functional and above all stylish.

    Roll Tide!

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