Hearne: KC Confidential Looking for a Few…

481807_252849418175167_1617017355_nBeen awhile…

Seems like forever since KC Confidential last put out a casting call. So like, we’re due, right?

I won’t bore you with the particulars, other than to say, if you have an interest and a hankering to write about food, music, theater, the arts, local news, politics, media – you name it.


We may be just the ticket.

OK, we may not, too, but why not find out?

Email me here and tell me a little about yourself.

Think of it as a may win, can’t lose offer.

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55 Responses to Hearne: KC Confidential Looking for a Few…

  1. chuck says:

    Dear Hearne,

    youre way past it old man……yuo neede to get me on borde wso the,
    few rdeeders u have lefted….now theirs a term i love, lefted, can see the future,,,,,…..the futurje with my insites on politiks and monies. i am nver worn or wrong ____her is the proofe.

    harley says:

    May 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    wilson…you and the guys read everything i write. You read it because its
    right…and the irs scandal that you lifted from drudge report is about to dissipate.
    Sure it’s summer…not much news…and the fox news boys are trying to make
    hay with it.
    I told you about benghazi (dead story)
    I told you about the emails (dead story)
    I told you about ap story (dead story in fact noone cares because it involved
    national security and i’m sure a patriot like yourself is more interested in
    protecting hundreds/thousands of americans versus the government picking
    up a few phone numbers.
    I told you the irs story will die…summer recess and these guys keeping it going
    are just trying to get some mileage out of it. Fox news cares…but their ratings
    are tanking like a sunken boat.
    To think that a constitutitonal lawyer like obama would get involved i ths
    crap is stupid…plain stupid.

    theree ya have it herne, my predictions a hav….e all cum tru. noe one is talking about the irs, teh stick market it….is WAY up, Ben Gazzara has been dead since 2012 DO SOME REESERCH, and fos newz is last in ratings.

    i am not cheep herne, go to loozersforlife.com reed it an weep

  2. chuck says:

    Dear Herne,

    oH yeh, just for the reccord….wIlsun dosnt no anyting abowt muzic ether.


  3. chuck says:


    Actually, I DO wish Harley wrote an article a week here. I am in no way kidding. What a hoot that would be.

    harley says:

    May 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    wilson…you and the guys read everything i write. You read it because its
    right…and the irs scandal that you lifted from drudge report is about to dissipate.
    Sure it’s summer…not much news…and the fox news boys are trying to make
    hay with it.
    I told you about benghazi (dead story)
    I told you about the emails (dead story)
    I told you about ap story (dead story in fact noone cares because it involved
    national security and i’m sure a patriot like yourself is more interested in
    protecting hundreds/thousands of americans versus the government picking
    up a few phone numbers.
    I told you the irs story will die…summer recess and these guys keeping it going
    are just trying to get some mileage out of it. Fox news cares…but their ratings
    are tanking like a sunken boat.
    To think that a constitutitonal lawyer like obama would get involved i ths
    crap is stupid…plain stupid.


    Tell me that isn’t beautiful.

  4. chuck says:

    PLUS!!! You won’t have to edit ANYTHING!


  5. Super Dave says:

    What about folks who just want to do a spot every so often and not really concerned with receiving any pay?

  6. paulwilsonk says:

    Chuck, love your stuff, man.
    Super Dave, since I like you, Ill split half my KCC paycheck with you.
    Oh, Chuck, Harlinator said IRS wouldn’t last 24 hours. Then he changed it to Memorial Day. If there’s ONE story about it Tuesday, guess what that makes him? WRONG! For the first time ever, since the last time he was wrong.
    (And little does he know…..I never read Drudge, for the same reason I don’t read TKC; takes no talent to repost someone else’s story.)

  7. chuck says:

    Truth is, I was just as wrong as harley. I didn’t think the IRS would get much traction at first.

    Barry’s agenda has big problems.

    Eric Holder will take the bullet for him, but government by fiat just took a hit.

  8. paulwilsonk says:

    You can’t use the word fiat. Fiats are gay.

  9. paulwilsonk says:

    Oh, the difference between you and A Hat is he honestly thinks he IS always right. The rest of us know we aren’t always.

  10. CG says:

    Since my Royals story on Tonys got attacked here by the usual ‘not real bright’ haters…boy do I continue to look like the sports guru I am and have been. I was the first in KC media call it…THEY STINK..not a slump, not a bad spell…they stink AGAIN. Some here doubted that…NOT NOW…they couldn’t beat SME in a series…no star, not one….Gordon is good not great…Shields didn’t help…2 and 5 sorry no help there..a good ERA is nice, looks good, but 2-5 and don’t look now American Leagues 5th worst record and after losing today, again, maybe 4th…wow maybe they are WORSE than last year.

    • Super Dave says:

      Go away you add nothing

    • I'm Glazers Bi tc h says:

      Calling the Royals out for stinking is like calling grass green. Why did nobody report it because it is old news. Irrelevant and largely unworthy of the bandwidth it takes to publish. However, in retrospect so is everything Glazer writes!

      • Irishguy says:

        For those who didn’t read what Glazer wrote on April 22:

        “So as one who has been so down on the Royals, I am going to be open minded and say this: based on what I’ve seen this team can compete for a wild card this year.”

        Aand this from March 14:

        “Go Royals! Yes, the Kansas City Royals have a legitimate shot at the post-season.”

  11. Missterious D says:

    Cancer kills millions each year. You heard it here from your medical guru. (Man did I ever call that one)

  12. Missterious D says:

    More predictions.
    If you drink too much you will get drunk 100% of the time.
    Heavy roid consumption makes your balls look like raisins, at least until they fall off.
    Eating ice cream too fast gives you a headache.
    (I’m getting good at this guru thing)

  13. I'm Glazers Bi tc h says:

    D – Ohh damn that is funny!
    Hearne sign him up to write a satire piece!

  14. Missterious D says:

    Thanks, IGB; I get my material from Wilsun, he writes it, I post it.

  15. CG says:

    I see, that’s why the comments were ‘give them a chance, they aren’t so bad’ I see.

  16. harley says:

    A beautiful sunday morning yesterday and the weather is great…the sun
    is out…people on vacation…enjoying the day…and what goes on with the
    old boys on kcc..
    they wake up with hate and anger in their hearts…at 7am…quoting me as
    if i was the head writer at kcc. I’m a small time commentator who happens to
    be right on with his comments. Not a writer..not a wizard…just someone who
    can see what’s happening…analyze it…and be correct with my comments.
    Sorry boys…harley is still right. Read the headlines on red state/drudge/
    major news fox site….those stories are dying a slow death. You can barely
    see any of these stories still on those right wing nut case websites…essentially
    they’re falling off the news…maybe they’ll get a lift after the cons come back..
    but americans really could care less (read the polls !!!!)
    WHY? Becasue america has seen what the republicanswant…the downfall of
    Simply to run this nation into a deep hole for strictly political gains.
    Bob Dole says the republican party is a freaking mess …a bunch of losers.
    Newt Gingrich says the republicans are way over doing these “scandals” and
    will hurt them.
    ABC NEWS poll says 50% of the registered republicans in america think the
    party is in serious trouble…that it doesn’t care about whats happening in america.
    50%!!!! And there’s the civil war between the tea party and the sensible
    republicans over where this entire thing should go…all the while great majorities
    of americans saw exactly what the republicans cared about during the
    background check votes where 90% of americans were in favor of those
    new laws (including 70% of nra members) and now they are seeing the
    death of the republican party.
    The scandals lead no where…except to 1 bush appointee….an attorney general
    who tesitfied that those leaks to the press were puttingintelligence gathering of one of the highest danger terrorist attacks at risk…one where hundreds of americans
    were at risk from a yemen al quada terrorist blowing upa plane…and guys
    like wilnone and chuckles the sad clown still don’t get it with their
    make believe worldof tmz type stories.
    The irs…welll sure…they targeted small tea party organizations and as i said
    in my previous pieces its going to blow the hole in d.c. politics. But the republicans
    know they’ll take it as far as they can until the truth of the money laudnering
    and illegal contributions is about to come out ….then everything disappears.
    What was lost in all these worthless scandals are huge economic news…
    booming economy….even california has billions surplus (with gov. brown showing
    that a maixed porgram of cuts and increased reveneus can turn even california
    around)….stock market record highs (which means pensions/retirements are
    strong in value)….states wondering what to do with the money (iincluding our
    state of missosuri)….profits booming….and all under the economic programs
    set up by obama…
    and in the auto industry…another 5000 jobs…expansion like never before…
    including a huge building boom right here in kc as dealers see a bright future
    with over 1 billion dollars in new dealer construction going on….
    Wilnone and chuck and smarmyman and super dave and whiney boy can dangle
    all these small time “scandals” trying to change the story….but boys you were
    wrong for over 2 years and you’re wrong again.
    The american people are fed up with the repubs and their games. Read the
    polls. From the birther lies to the commie lies to the socialist lies the fact is
    tht polls are showing a major shift awayfrom conservative to liberal politics
    in the nation. We’ve seen what the conserviatives offer (b.s/lies/obstruction/
    bullsh*t scandals trying to change the story in america) and america is finding
    out that it’s all just trash to divert attention from the real issues we face.
    A beautiful sunday morning…and you guys wake up with hate and anger…
    because i write the facts (of which noone has refuted). Where’s the stats/
    the numbers to show what i say is wrong. Bring it on wilnone and chuckles
    the sad clown….lets see some intelligent conversation.
    I was right before…right again….and it’s sad that old 65 year old guys
    who have so much negativity in their lives have to wake up with such hate…
    anger and jealousy. You guys can’t handle it. I don’t know if it’s because
    life’s passed you by and you have nothing fruitful and exciting to do or
    because maybe you know what the truth is and can’t handle it because
    life dealt you a bad hand.
    Today is memorial day. We’re going to the cemetery to visit my father
    a WW2 pacific theatre veteran and my uncle a lead tankcommander for the
    greatest general in american military history.
    I surely hope when i reach your guys age i’m not waking up on a beautiful sunday
    morning with rage and anger over a little commentator on a small blog who
    writes so fast hecan’t spell or use correct grammar.
    Yet you read it…you qoute it…you get all angry over my comments…you
    repeat them…..I win. You lose.
    And just like glaze…all the people who write those terrible things about
    him…he knows he’s beat them.
    My little comments get all of you so bent out of shape it makes me and
    my readers laugh . Its a blog…it’s not life and death…its to have fun…
    and on a beautiful sunday morning my little comment about these minimal
    scandals ruins your entire day.
    Hopefully whatever happened in these issues they will correct the problems.
    Losing 4 americans is terrible…but the lead guys said there was no way
    to save them with the position of militry. We do need to find out what happened…
    why the repubs cut back embassy security…what was the problem ……how to
    avoid it again….find out if there was a real problm….but for you guys its just
    another political charade that leads nowhere.
    Have a great day…smile…it’s a beautiful world ….I love life…and maybe for
    wilnone/chuckles/dave/smartman/hearne and the rest of this crew can
    learn to enjoy themselves and get over the hate and anger that consumes
    your life.
    I write these comments quickly….i’m not into spelling…i prefer to use
    polls/facts/analysis all of which leads me to be right.
    I showed whiney boy the truth last november…i show all you dudes
    that harley is right and if you disagree i invite civil debate with facts/
    figures/data etc…..none of this b.s…..
    As far as being a writer for kcc…no way. The iq of the readers here
    is pretty low. I prefeer my other blog sites. I can use facts/stats/data
    and various other forms of legitimate information to make a point and not
    have old guys get all wound up with hate and anger and most importantly
    That’s what it is dudes. Jealousy. Yousee glaze on tv/radio/books/
    newspapers getting asked questions about issues of the day….he’s running
    a scuccseeful; comedy club….lives his life his way…WHILE THE REST OF YOU

    • smartman says:

      This diatribe has been sponsored by the consulting firm of Harley, Lykes, Cox, Longenhard, Indeeaz.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      You stupid f*ck! My dad was a Marine in KOREA. So you don’t have to Google it, WWII came BEFORE Korea. Unless your dad “produced” you when he was 40, you’re likely older than me! Or else, as usual, you’re lying or have your truthiness hat on where facts don’t matter.
      If I could buy you for what you’re worth, sell you for what you THINK you’re worth, I could retire twice, buy an annuity for Smarty so he could retire and sell NEW hot tubs. Then I’d buy a comedy club for Super Dave where you’d be duct taped to a chair every night on stage and heckled endlessly by all those your diluted brain tells you are fans, admirers and disciples. (I can’t even type that with a straight face)
      So suspend the old, broke dick guy talk till you have your facts straight, loser.

      • mike says:

        You should show Harley more respect, Paul. He is old enough to be your father. Weren’t you taught to respect your elders?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Hey, loud mouth, link us to ONE of your big time blog sites you write for. Otherwise, STFU; it’s just more of your lies. That’s the fact based discussion you asked for; link us to it or it doesn’t exist. Same way to treat us. Turn about is fair play.

    • Come git me douche bag says:

      Geesus another long diatribe from Hardly. Once again hearing himself talk must be the highlight of his day. Bashing those on here at no matter what time when he just spent a chunk of his day spewing his idiocy. Quoting stats and scouring the mainstream media is just short of plagerism and only a fool would ever consider the mainstream media anything but bias. If a border collie could speak it could do the same. Especially bias to the caramel messiah BO that has yet to deliver. Secondly pretty easy to tell where Hardly falls in his political views right squarely in the liberal back pocket and doesn’t hold a line to his self promoted success. Self promoted but by no means verifiable.

    • the dude says:

      You never cease to entertain me harlinator.

  17. smartman says:

    Since the subject matter might make Jack uncomfortable I’ll volunteer to do the review of Blue Is The Warmest Color.

    I’ll even do Behind The Candelabra as a bonus. Always wanted to see Michael Douglas get cornholed.

    • Super Dave says:

      Behind the Candelabra was a very strange show to sit and watch. Douglas/Damon many times made my skin crawl from their acting. Guess that shows what some people will do if paid enough.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley has proven his irrelevance and inability to deal with fact. He said the story wouldn’t live past a 24 hour news cycle. He then changed it to Memorial Day. It’s here, it’s still a story, just based on the facts of your claim that makes you WRONG. No red herrings, no topic changes, no personal insults, no chasing rabbit trails changes that. You said it wouldn’t, it has, case closed, you’re an effing idiot and……. WRONG on this one. And soon, people are going to see WHO the Wrong Harley really is. And that’s going to make you wrong on a LOT of your previously claimed “facts”; the list is growing. Go back to your sandbox and poop in the corner instead of here.
    You’re tired, irrelevant, wrong and your insults are older than JJ Walker and dyyyynooomite! You ARE the feces infested hot tub.
    You’re done, yesterday’s Drudge report, today’s TKC. Take your kick ass tips elsewhere, we have more relevant things to talk about than your always right pipe dreams.

    Get ready, little man….you can hear the train a commin, it’s commin round the bend, it’s had your real identity since, I don’t know when….

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Smart man, Harley is the only person I know that can make a blatant statement of fact, be proven wrong on it’s merits, but he can manufacture a reason why he’s still right while throwing up smoke screens and insults.
    “This won’t be a story by Memorial Day” is pretty clear. It’s Memorial Day. I just saw another story about the ONGOING hearings, but he’s still RIGHT!
    He confuses being quoted with admiration. People read and quote Hitler, Neru, serial killers, BTK, Ted Bundy and the Backstreet Boys.
    This is referred to as a sociopathic behavior, when facts, right and wrong no longer matter. I’ve said my piece, Ill distance myself from further comments and he knows why. I’m just going to seed the clouds while I sit back and watch the rain fall.

  20. CG says:

    NOW Harley wrote you guys a nice story. On Memorial Day yet. Take heed. Know what as much as you down the man, he has made some very good points over the last two years. He was dead on with Obama. I gave you boys the Vegas odds and they said Obama a shoe in, he was. Harley is often just having fun with you gentleman. I’d say half the comments on here have to do with him, you four or five downtrodden hatters, and when I’m involved. Odd thing. As far as I know none of us know each other at all. I don’t know who you guys are except chunky smartcoward who drove by Westport before he ran from the fight he couldn’t enter cause he had no chance. Other then that, I don’t know you guys. I doubt Harley does. Anyways have a nice holiday weekend and lets all play nice after the weekend right? I doubt it. WE’ll see.

  21. Super Dave says:

    Glazer/Harley we are not haters, we just know crap when we see it and express our displeasure for it only for the simple reason that no sane person would ever say they like crap, enjoy seeing or reading crap or let alone enjoy the smell of crap.

    • CG says:

      WELL SUPER hater not according to my thousands of loyal readers on Tonyskansascity. Though you and your hate crew jump on me there as well, its fun to read.

      ON A MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: MY BEING FIRST IN THE MEDIA TO IDENTIFY THE ROYALS AS BASEBALLS WORST TEAM AND THEY ARE, IS NOW PLAYING OUT LIKE I WROTE IT…JAMMMMIEEE SHIELDS IS PITCHING AND GETTING JACKED BY ST. LOUIS CARDS AS I WRITE THIS DOWN 4-1 IN THE THIRD. NOW HE STINKS TOO. Lets see 2-6 and he’s our ace. He quits today, trying that is…time to make the Royals a clown show like Charlie O did in the 60’s, have Alex Gordon play each position one night including pitcher, get a mule, have a rabbit throw the balls to the pitcher…don’t sell the Royals, we need something to do when fans get drunk and tan in May and June…as for July-Sept when we are in last as always…hmmm….I got it…Playmate Girls from Twin Peaks, Hooters and Playboy led by the Mermaid manager….sound good? Oh boy now here come those didn’t do ANYTHING to improve the team in the off season Chumps…lets give them preseason before I say…5-11..maybe 6-10…or dare we say it 8-8…lets plan that parade…8-8 second place, no post season. Chiefs and Chopper….

      The Royals have given up and its May, damn, the lineup is from a team playing in the Ozark League…Johnson, Shmoooie and Gooie…who, what, where’s Moose, where’s Cain, Where’s Salvador…our future…gone baby gone.

      • Super Dave says:

        Thousands? Your over inflated ego is running rampant again. The negative comments always appear to out number the positive ones and no you wasn’t first to break your Royals story no matter what you say. But if it gets you through the day think what ever. I wouldn’t be claiming much fame of any kind in regards to a post on TKC. Besides we all know you don’t write them.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      SD, lets just wait for him to link us to his “national blogs that get 215 comments” on his stories.
      Craig, I write some interesting stuff on here, I don’t hate you or anyone else. Harley has just had a hayday posting his dillerious lies and half truths as well as making fun of people and their vocations. It’s been worth an enormous amount of time and effort to get to the point where the same thing could be done to him! That’s fair, isn’t it?
      And when that gets done….I don’t think even you will want to be so cozied up next to him. In fact, I can promise that. As much as you dislike Smarty, you’re going to have even more reasons to dislike the fraud Harley is going to be proven to be. In fact, you may want to make a documentary about it. Yes, it really is that good. My 4 YouTube episodes will still leave you plenty of room.

      • CG says:

        Harley is entertaining. Some of his stuff is funny and on target. He used to attack me, but latter switched over to some extent. I find him fun to read. You guys have issues, I don’t know all the details. But I’m sure it will be interesting.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Point of clarification, Craig, I don’t comment on TKC and only read it when the attorney involved cuts and pastes something Harley wrote that’s germane to what we are doing. Thanks.

  22. smartman says:

    Wilson, don’t kill my margins! When somebody GIVES you a hot tub and you dump $1000.00 into it and turn around and sell it, installed in less than three weeks and net .$2300.00 that is a blessing. Nobody is making $2300.00 selling a new hot tub. Better yet, where there is smoke there is fire. In the last month I picked up 2 Honda Trail 90’s for $500.00 put $1300.00 into them and sold them for $4700.00 in less than 30 days. That’s better than pimping or selling drugs.

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m sorry, Smarty; I didn’t mean to lower your margins! From my recent eBay research, thinking about my Jr Hi toys, Rupps are where it’s at! Those have gotten more pricy than 90’s!
    I just thought if the hot tub was free and we could smash Harley inside it or let him sit in it when he sees his identity released, either way it’s going to be full of Harley feces, there’s some poetic sweetness in that thought. I let that over shadow my concerns over your margin, and for that, I apologize.

  24. CG says:

    PS loser Dave, if I don’t write them who does? You. I write everything, they are edited so loud mouth fatso’s like you will shut up, that’s all. I write them all, always have. Lose some weight pal, pools are open, you fall under that Whale restriction dude.

    • Jess says:

      Hearne, can you block this douches IP?

      Bringing the site down; always has, always will.

      Glazer why can’t you stay on Tony’s site and call everyone a hater on there, your shtick is old.

  25. Come git me douche bag says:

    BTW Harley.. Surewest called saying your service will be out effects all IP’s with: 64.136.x.x – Due to work on 95th street. Guess that’s one way to shut you up.

  26. Interesting Fact says:

    So nice to see Craig and Harley show up to trash another decent blog again. Typical actions of losers who can’t stand to see something nice. No they have to trash talk people and flip out their lies trying to impress who nobody knows, none of us for sure. Why don’t you two stay over at TKC with the other douche bags, as even Tony calls you and spew your dribble. But as one can see if they was to venture over to TKC nobody really wants them over there either. Glazer has to post phony post after phony post saying how great he is and so forth which he can’t get away with here at KCC since IP addresses are track able. Many will remember when he got busted doing that here at KCC. People who are popular don’t have to rant about how many people like them we would all know it. Just for the record Craig you wasn’t the first to say the Royals would suck, just another quote you jerked out of your ass claiming to only be yours. Be a man, act like a man and stop making yourself look stupid.

    • interesting fact the sequel says:

      I had occasion to email Tony as a result of things said at TKC by Harley that affected a client of mine. You would not believe the names he used to describe Harley, douche, loser and nut bag among them. I’ve got the email and more than happy to share it. And he added he has no idea who Harley is. Harley makes it sound like they are tight…but no, he’s just another anonymous phantom.
      Craig on the other hand serves a different purpose. Tony uses the soft porn models to get misdirects; you search the girl and wind up at TKC. Same idea as whitehouse.com. Craig drives traffic because he’s so intensely disliked. Only he and Harley think otherwise, but that’s a common symptom of narcissistic personality disorder. Clearly nothing to brag about but the affected person doesn’t know any better.
      Good point all, Interesting.

  27. CG says:

    Now kids, come on now just cause you have no girlfirend thats under 300 pounds or isn’t been jacked up by the ugly stick, is no reason to attack poor little old me. I try and stay on my site, Tonys, but Hearne likes to quote me and write what I think all the time. Amazing huh, I mean he doesn’t ask you guys what you think, hmm…maybe cause nobody cares what you think. Hmm…really about anything. Hows that feel? Truth hurts boys. As for me on this site, well if you haven’t noticed when I am in a story, the story or asked about a story those articles get the most attention on this site. Only Paul and Mermaid have had much attention other than me and sometimes Hearne. See Paul and Debbie don’t write much, I do. Hearne does. Sadly there just isn’t enough of the GLAZER to go around. So enjoy my presence while you can boys. Notice how only Paul Wilson got a column, Super pooper didn’t, smartcoward didn’t and the other haters, Jess, dude and jackleg didn’t. Hmmm. Keep on firing at me boys, soon Harley will be back and I’ll send him after you all…have a nice day.

    • Interesting Fact says:

      Say Glazer you’re the one who no longer gets to write here. So before you pull your chest beating crap you might stop and think who no longer gets to write here. It’s you buddy not us.

      But you know if you was so great why not start your own site for all these millions of readers to come and see your jabber. Reason you don’t is because you’re not smart enough to do so and would find out real fast your a nobody, plain person, just as many many other people are in KC and the world beyond.

    • the dude says:

      Holy baby jesus glazer, PLEASE GO AWAY.
      You let in the harlinators along with the flies.

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    Gosh, Craig, that was close to being a compliment; I’m shocked and amazed.
    I’m going to write more, I’ve been too busy landing a huge client. Wrapped that up last week so I have a little spare time for the first time in months.
    My goal is one or two a week going forward.

  29. CG says:

    Paul you do a nice job, good stories. As for the attackers, hey what else is new.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Well thank you, kind sir.
      I’m doing a story today and referencing you in jest in the opening line, but all in good fun.

  30. Brother Sunday says:

    Too Long – hard to read. The skim was interesting then Bat Shit republicans chimed in. 3 1/2 out of 5

  31. HERE'S YOUR JOB BABY! says:

    The Kansas City Star is seeking an experienced journalist to lead the award-winning Features department. The position, Assistant Managing Editor/Features, oversees a staff of 25 reporters, columnists, editors and paginators.

    Each week, The Star’s Features department publishes 10 newspaper sections, noted for enterprise, creativity, vibrant story-telling and surprising trends — as well as blogs and other digital offerings. Among the topic areas are Lifestyle, Food, Arts, House & Home, Entertainment and Faith.

    Anyone interested in the position should have at least seven years in our profession, with an extensive background in Features editing.  We’re looking for someone with excellent people and administrative skills and a vision for Features coverage on all platforms.

    Anyone interested should contact Mike Fannin or Steve Shirk by Friday, June 14.

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