Mermaid: Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Loose @ Twin Peaks!

I had no intention of making this my comeback story but…

This Hooter’s upgrade was soo hot I just had to do it. Everyone in town is talking about it – the place is on fire! The first time I drove by and saw the sign, “EATS-DRINKS-SCENIC VIEWS,” I thought, “What is that all about?”

Then I saw the sign, TWIN PEAKS.  Yep, this is the place all my male friends have been raving about for weeks. I pictured it as an out of the way place like in old Paola, but it’s right on 119th street right off Blackbob in Olathe.

As a woman I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would react.

I’ve been to Hooter’s plenty of times and never felt so much as a twinge of envy or jealousy while gazing at the girls who work there dressed in those hideous orange shorts and fake tan hose. In fact, I’ve had some pretty good laughs over the tawdriness of their getups.

1350050226-screen_shot_2012-10-12_at_8.56.32_amBut hey, Dorothy we’re not in Kansas anymore, these women have Texas sized hooters! Because you know, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? And that’s where this chain originates. Two nice gentleman from the PB&J chain sunk their teeth into this and from the looks of it – they’ve struck the motherlode.

Walking in you feel like the restaurant should be in Colorado or Montana.

The theme is BIG GAME HUNTER. Maybe because in reality men are the hunters and women the prey. The restaurant’s beautiful inside with a log cabin feel and a hyper technological aspect as well, with Hi-Def TV’s every two feet so you can catch your favorite game from wherever you’re sitting.

Now on to the part you’ve all been waiting for…the girls!

My first thought was, “Is this a strip club or a restaurant?” Actually, it’s the 2013 version of the Playboy Club, but who remembers that? I was like two years old at the time but my dad was a member and it was the hottest club going from 1964 into the 1970’s. I still have my dad’s key which makes a great necklace that I wear on special occasions.

But this chain is smart. Smart enough to combine good, wholesome sexiness into a wholesome cabin decor. The girl’s tops are tiny but somehow the red buffalo plaid and camouflage colors tone it down. The shorts- they might as well just be thick khacki colored bikini bottoms – start at the hip and end, um, shortly. No fake hose in these here parts, just beautiful 20 year old legs with cute socks and Uggs.

Each girl has a different, cute jeweled belt which draws the eye to a place you really don’t want your boyfriend or husband going. I stared on the sly but many of the men around stared blatantly without qualm.

The girls have to feel a little bit like a piece of meat.

Then again, they are the stars of this hunter themed theater. They were all beautiful and very young with bodies and beauty that seems wasted on the mundane act of delivering nacho’s and burgers…

But who am I to judge?

The entire restaurant was 95% men with a few couples here and there. A group of eight women came in and at first I thought, “Why?”  But on second thought, why not? The place is packed with men. Single ladies take note.

On to the food because this is after all a restaurant.

The menu is short and sweet – one side with beers and a few cocktails and the other side with appetizers, a couple salads and about 12 entrees, including a few hearty meals like meatloaf and pot roast.

My friend and I started out with fried pickles. I ordered a Cosmo, which threw the whole bartending staff a loop, but it was excellent when it finally came. I was a bit leery about the food so I ordered fish tacos because I’m a vegetarian. My friend had the chicken fried steak served over mashed potatoes and green beans.

We both loved the food and were pleasantly surprised.

Of course, I’m sure it won’t be the food that brings most patrons back- it’s that woodsy ambiance.

Now I have to be honest…

I wouldn’t want my boyfriend frequenting Twin Peaks on a regular basis.

A drink with the boys now and then maybe, but beyond that I’d be upset. I’m sure some fights will ensue between couples because, in all fairness, these are not your run of the mill bar girls- this place is hot!

Don’t get me wrong- the place is fun, a little risque, and a great place for a bite. In fact Hooter’s might want to get out of the orange short’s rut because this place beats it hands down.

All in all it was a fun experience, but as I drove away I kept thinking, “I need to go to the gym more, and where will I get the $100,000 to look 20 again?”

No one said 40 would be easy.

By the way – if you see my boyfriend there tell him to pick up some roses for me on the way home!

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48 Responses to Mermaid: Whatever You Do, Don’t Let Your Boyfriend Loose @ Twin Peaks!

  1. rww says:

    I agree with all of this, except fish is not a vegetable.

  2. the dude says:

    Sounds like Glaysure’s worst wet dream come to life.
    Do they have ruga and ‘roids in the dispensing machines?

  3. chuck says:

    “I’ve been to Hooter’s plenty of times and never felt so much as a twinge of envy or jealousy while gazing at the girls who work there dressed in those hideous orange shorts and fake tan hose.”

    I think full disclosure is in order here. Mermaid has no reason to get jealous of other chicks. I would imagine she could hold her own on the red carpet next to any movie star (No smartazz remarks about Breadly Cooper.).

    Nice article.


    • chuck says:

      Oops, Bradley Cooper, although I guess if he gets around too much in Hollywood he could pick up a yeast infection.

  4. CG says:

    Debbie nice to see you back on KCC. You were missed. Top notch story, wonderful photos. What a fun place. I haven’t been there yet, as you wrote, everyone is talking about it. Girls look great, food looks solid. Wish I owned it. Fun, fun, fun. Nice job Debbie.

  5. smartman says:

    Two steps forward with Wilson and Sutherland and now one step back with this.

    Twin Peaks is where stupid children come from. Undereducated girls with no job or life skills, sans fellatio and copulation serve food and drink to hormonally imbalanced and genetically challenged wanna be blue collar males from Lenexa and Olathe.

    After second date that ends with Ultimate Nachos and matching tattoos, accidental procreation occurs. Nine months later more tornado bait springs forth forever damaging the vaginal tightness of mamma and further stretching the demand on daddy’s minimum wage income.

    Forever enslaved in the Rockfester lifestyle the de-evolution of mankind continues.

    • chuck says:

      Jesus that was hilarious.

      Come on smarty, there was not one thing wrong with Mermaid’s article. It is a cursory look at a new place to go in town with some anecdotal information that in no way portends the future of mankind or fried food.

      That said, I am still LMAO.


    • Chairman says:

      So-called “smartman,” you sound bitter and left out. I know Debbie (from Burgers & Tots) and she’s got a great article here. Why ya gotta be a hater? If you’re really a “man” and you’re “smart,” you’ll drop the charade of trying to appear superior by talking trash on beautiful girls who aren’t afraid to parlay their looks and hard work in staying fit) into some cash to pay bills or get through school. The abusers like to degrade women who are out on their own rejecting abusive relationships and making it on their own. But your thin disguise is exposed here. Are they supposed to put up with douchebags just to remain “classy” in your eyes? That’s not how the world works, Gomer.

    • vegas says:

      Hey, at least the girls have a job and are willing to work. I’m sure they make a bundle on tips too. Jealous a little?

  6. CG says:

    Again smartcoward stay in the basement and wait for mommy to bring you your clean underware and t-shirts you messed on last night. Most of us know many ladies who worked such places for a couple years, working to make money for college, getting their start in life at 19. These are not strippers or hookers Mister never go out anywhere cause nobody wants to speak to you anywhere. A hot new spot like this can earn a young lady over 1000 dollars a week in tips. Even KCC’s Maria was a Hooters Girl back in the day. Today she graduates KU. So leave these more important issues to adults.

    Your hate for anyone that does well or is in the limelight continues to be fantastic. You are the supreme hater and an example of your class. Hate because you can’t do anything in life, so hate those who do or at least try. Thats you smartcoward.

    • Super Dave says:

      Get over it he was making a funny and damn funny it was. You would think a person in the comedy business could see that. So just who is the loser?

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Tip your waitstaff, Smartmans here all week. Drive home safely, have a great night ladies and gentlemen.

  7. smartman says:

    Once again you speak without knowledge or credible information Craig. It requires wisdom to understand wisdom.The music is nothing if the audience is deaf. Or in your case deaf and dumber.

    Every time you open your mouth you provide more evidence of your lack of knowledge and intellectual horsepower.

    You make Jay Carney look like Albert Einstein.

    I have a friend who owns thirteen Hooter’s. With the rare exception of a celebrity or high roller coming in the girls are not making $1,000.00 a week in tips. The reality is it’s about half that. And it’s not like the good old days when you could just pocket the cash free and clear. The feds are getting their fare share. So now your $500.00 a week in tips is down to $375.00. And that doesn’t count tipping out cooks, busboys, etc. With the new Obamacare regulations the “girls” will be getting their hours cut back too.

    His highest paid employees are his managers who range in between $55K and $75K annually with incentives. Some of his managers started out waiting tables and climbed the ladder.

    If all you’ve got going for you is looks and a body and you wanna cash in, you model, strip or do porn. If you are smart and don’t have issues with drugs, addiction or jagoff boyfriends you can get out of the business in 5-7 years with a $1/MM-$2/MM in savings and probably a house and car that are paid for. Not a bad place to be in your mid to late 20’s.

    No way in hell you’re gonna make $52K a year waiting tables at Twin Peaks or Hooters.

    And as for Maria the aspiring journalist if she can make $52K a year waiting tables that’s a helluva lot more than she’s gonna make working for the Journalism Man, unless she becomes an author and starts knocking out her own stuff.

  8. harley says:

    smarmyman…you’ve obviously not going out much….because those girls
    at that restaurant are not some stupid hot chicks.
    Been there twice and both times the girls who served us were not only
    beautiful and intelligent and in tremendous shape but one was getting her
    degree in nursing and headed to a special program for specialized training
    and another was a music major at umkc. I was good friends with mike the
    original owner of hooters at 107th and metcalf and knew many of the women
    who had worked there. One now is a top attorney at a major law firm here in
    kc. Another who once worked there is now married on the west coast to the owner
    oneof the largest auto repair franchisees in america and she’s doing serious
    film work including working with george clooney.
    As glaze said…you are the eternal hater…you hate everyone and everything and
    never a nice thing to say about anyone. These girls work very hard and yes they
    know how to use their “attributes” but isn’t that the key in business!!!!
    As far as twin peaks….having been in the restaurant business for bout 18 years
    i think its a great idea. Hooters has gotten stale and old and the food has needed
    a major makeover. And it’s location is not condusive to the bigger crowds
    at twin peaks.
    The food is good…the beer is excellent…and pbj has jumped on a another winner.
    I heard the numbers their doing is astronomical and you have wiating lines there
    while other places are empty.
    As far asthe customers…hardly all blue collar. There’s suits/and high leel
    bank people…including a friend of mine who loves their food whos made
    so much money in the lending business he could buy the place with just his
    credit card.
    My opinion is that if a woman is comfortable in their own skin…they’d have
    no problem letting their spouse/boyfriend go there… just another marketing
    gimmick (and a very good one) to sell decent food.
    It will be interesting to see if the crowds continue but the location is perfect
    for that type of restauarant.
    As for smarmyman…get out more dude…the world is a whole lot different
    than what you see…and the girls are a lot more intelligent than you give
    them credit for.

    • the dude says:

      The problem with these places is it objectifies these women as sex objects and furthers stereotypes that an attractive woman is nothing but a nice pair of knockers and must be exposed as much as possible for better tips. If they have good food and cold beer let those things speak for themselves and keep more clothing on the wait staff. The whole Hooters/breastaraunt experience is a worn out and tired trope.

  9. CG says:

    Man you are a downer smartcoward. Or is it ‘debbiedowner’, you pick

  10. Reba says:

    Story was great Debbie! Loved a woman’s view on it!

  11. balbonis moleskine says:

    Once again the irony of a comedy club owner with no sense of humor is lost on CG.

    These types of places are more sad than anything.

    Lots of unintentional hilarity in this thread. The Hooters waitress who can now boast she graduated from the elite institution of KU. The Hooters 6 who is now a Law Firm 10- undoubtedly hired because of her excellent advocacy skills and superior research talents.

    Ahh….KCC never disappoints.

    • the dude says:

      I hear ya baloney, Hooters and strip clubs were great when I was 18 and 21 but at my age they just seem to be sad places and the desperation hangs thick in the air.
      No kidding, a comedy owner with no sense of humor, who’dathunkit?

    • paulwilsonkc says:


  12. Sean says:

    Debbie great article – You should consider applying there!!

  13. diggerdave says:

    Deb-great article and good to have you back. I am so impressed by this place I am going to go there at least 3 times a week.

  14. CG says:

    Boy Debbie you sure mix the pot. Fun article, nice photos, got more? Send them to Hearne, we love it. Smartcoward Neal and Bob really, man you got to go out with Super Dave and maybe Balboniss man and find a girl. I know it can’t be a regular girl, but if you cruise Prospect like at 35th or 37th you got a shot. Not too late at night, might end up with an adams apple girl. But hell you wouldn’t know the difference, let Super Dave help you out, he can go first. Enjoy.

    • shtuped says:

      I always thought that it was Stan that cruised Prospect at 35th to 37th. Am I wrong?

    • the dude says:

      You would know where to find the Adam’s Apple goils wouldn’t you Mr. Carpethead?

  15. CG says:

    Let me say this to haters trying to find ANYTHING TO ATTACK ME WITH…men with hair adds include: Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Burt Reynolds, Iiam Neeson, John Travolta, Humphrey Bogart, and the list goes on and on…so when you say these stupid things do you aim them at Frank, Sean, Bruce and Big John? Granted mine is modern and looks better than these guys, but hey men who are handsome and have a stake in the game do all they can to look their best. They do,did and so do I. I would venture to guess those who attack this issue about me, don’t look anywhere near as nice as I do. Far from it. So please find something else, this is worn out, even Johnny Dare is done with it…hey I know I’m a damn nice looking man, we get it…thanks for pointing that out though.

    • CG says:

      PS Dude or is it smartcoward/Super Fat, who your photo. I’d give Hearne 1000 grand and have a fair vote, on who is better looking and in shape, promise you lose. Just sayin.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        “So please find something else, this is worn out, even Johnny Dare is done with it…”
        Craig, everything gets old and worn out, given enough time. Some of the comments these guys made are strictly satirical writing, I don’t think they were taking shots at you. Some of the things said the last couple of days were incredibly funny!
        I’ve backed way off of the insult train in an attempt to make this a fun, interesting and informative place to read and comment. There are attacks on all sides that may get old, but it doesn’t come just from the few you single out.
        “Smartcoward” and “StupidDave”, “SuperFat” gets just as old as “feces infested hot tubs”. Some things are funny the first 100 times, but after that, its like watching JJ Walkers act again! It gets old listening to how I’m always wrong all the time and Harley is always right, all the time, 100% of the time. Even though he commented on TKC he will never come back here, will never comment here, again, here he is, but he’s still “always right, all the time, never doubt Harley” That gets old, doesn’t it?
        The IRS boondoggle that I was so criticized for, WILL go on past Memorial Day, even though he chastised my story saying it wouldn’t make the 24 hours news cycle, then modified that to Memorial Day, so he will again, be wrong, even though he never has been, ahh, wrong. Get me point? Doesn’t that get old?
        It gets old reading someone tell you how stupid you are, how they are the real journalist, but you have to go back and reread what they wrote 5 times, try to connect the dots, bad grammar, misspelling and random, disconnected thoughts to figure out what it looks like they said opposed to what they really said because it was written at a 3rd grade level! And then, if that’s commented on , you get the response that they are still always right, all the time, always the smartest person in the room, but, “are too busy to worry about spelling and grammar”. You just can’t read that and keep a straight face, and that too, gets old. My new attitude is to hit the scroll DOWN button and close my eyes so they rapid back and forth text doesn’t make me sea sick. It’s irrelevant in common discourse on the topic at hand and no one pays attention to the ranting of a crazy person anyway. I just smile and how much my file gets on said subject with each email from my new found “friend” who has taken an interest in who he really is! That too, even, gets old.
        Everyone on here and pled for the rhetoric to die down. Not just one person owns the match that lights that fuse. There’s enough blame to go around. I’m choosing to look at this place going a little more upscale and some of the old people (not you) who claimed to have been “the heart and soul of KCC” being less and less relevant. Some people (not you) think this site couldn’t exist without them. Well, guess what, it has and is doing well with new blood, new comments, new readers no matter who wants to pull what kind of stats out of their collective a$$ to say otherwise. That gets old, doesn’t it?

        You make some great points in a lot of your stories; I think some people simply tire of the self love/self promotion more than they are just aiming at picking on you. You’ve done a lot of stuff in this town, no doubt. But I would agree, as far as picking on anyone goes, you and Harley get it worse than anyone. It may just be that “success envy” isn’t at the root of it all the time, though. Be it lifestyle, dating issues, business practices or whatever, when its that out in front there are going to be detractors for all kinds of reasons. You could have someone with 100 times your net worth make the same comments, its not all broke dick haters who just want to tear down successful people.

        As I said, about anything gets old, given time.

    • Bone says:

      Its very humorus that Mr Glazer compares himself with the like of John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, John Travolta, Frank Sinatra, etc. etc.. But this is the same festered hemiroid that compares himself with John Dellinger, Jesse James, etc. etc. Hearne takes off the comments that ring true with his butt buddy Glazer. Think about it.

      • admin says:

        Hearne takes off or edits the comments that are crass and in poor taste, such as your previous comment and the portion I trimmed from this one.

        Grow up!

  16. CG says:

    Paul really all in fun. Then so am I. Its boring, it isn’t me who does the same attack over and over and over. I don’t always answer just once in a bit to remind your pals they are little doo doo birds that nobody gives damn about. Get my drift. Again I have never attacked anyone in a mean way unless attacked. Reason nobody much attacks the other writers, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, NOBODY KNOWS YOU GUYS. Thats all. Sorry just the truth.

  17. Clint Eastwood says:

    Glazer if you want me to help you to make a movie you must chill. Out here nobody knows you or cares about you. Chill. Your a little fish in a little pond in old K.C.

    • the dude says:

      Mr. Eastwood, it is OK that you would rather talk to a chair than make Glaysure’s bogus, rat movie. I would do the same thing if I were you.

  18. harley says:

    wilson…you and the guys read everything i write. You read it because its
    right…and the irs scandal that you lifted from drudge report is about to dissipate.
    Sure it’s summer…not much news…and the fox news boys are trying to make
    hay with it.
    I told you about benghazi (dead story)
    I told you about the emails (dead story)
    I told you about ap story (dead story in fact noone cares because it involved
    national security and i’m sure a patriot like yourself is more interested in
    protecting hundreds/thousands of americans versus the government picking
    up a few phone numbers.
    I told you the irs story will die…summer recess and these guys keeping it going
    are just trying to get some mileage out of it. Fox news cares…but their ratings
    are tanking like a sunken boat.
    To think that a constitutitonal lawyer like obama would get involved i ths
    crap is stupid…plain stupid.
    So stop trying to discredit me…i am the best writer on here with facts…and
    actual information that isn’t ripped and written from alex jones’s website.
    No personal attacks wilson…but when you’re consistently wrong onkccand
    in the emails/books you send me its my job to correct youand explain the
    facts and tell you what is really happening.
    You’re like the rest of the rght wingers…trying to grasp for straws when obama
    is rocking the nation with an economic boom despite what the republicans have
    tried to obstruct.
    Get used to it wilson…i enjoy your articles…but i’m going to point out that your
    vantage point is wrong and your views are wrong. Nothing personal…just debating
    topics that you bring up.
    truth is wilson you can’t take the heat. Very thin skinned. When i point out you’re
    wrong you take it personally and cry hate..hate…hate.
    Not hate…but you’re proven to be consistently wrong from the jardines
    affair to politics to business….to almost everytopic. I never attack you personally
    but i keep to the facts and what youclaim in your writings.
    If you’d listen to me…you’d not be wrong so often.
    I have nothing against you personally…you write a story just like krugman/
    hearne/ etc…and i prove that what you wrote is categorically wrong.t
    Not just one instance but many.
    I’ve also agreed with you in the few times you were right.
    If you think i’m wrong…prove it with legitimate facts instead of trying to
    accuse me of hating.
    Get over it. Be a big boy. It’s not about you or your personal life…its
    about your public statements which have proven to be WRONG AGAIN AGAIN
    If youdisagree….print it here…and we can intelligently debate the facts as
    smart people do. No name calling…(which you are always doing)…no
    personal attacks…its just you have such thin skin that when someone points
    out you’re wrong in a story you try to make it a personal attack and thats
    not what it is.
    Good day….

  19. CG says:

    THE nobody bunch. Ok. Dude really, easy to be a bad ass when you hide behind a fake name huh. Same old crap from the same old shlubs.

    • the dude says:

      Come on Glazey-wazey, don’t put down the harlinator like that.
      You’ll make the poor special needs kid cry and poop his pants.
      That’s right, I am the biggest, baddest hard ass you never met and if you want to meet we can. Meet me at 27th and Prospect at 8PM sharp tonight at the northeast corner. You’ll know me by the onion in my beltbuckle.
      Be there or be a total wimp wussy, your choice.

  20. CG says:

    No don’t want to interupt your work, I knew you were a low level punk but a male hooker on Prospect. Damn do you do any women or just men? Just saying. Why else would you hang out there? Dude or is Dudie.

    • the dude says:

      I noticed you did not make it to our meeting place last night so I could knock that hairy rat off your head and then laugh in your face- heartily. It’s OK, I was pulling a few stings of my own out there while you were soiling your underpants at your little yuk-yuk shack.

      I’ll tell ya what, you meet me at the NE corner of Independence and Prospect and I’ll show you what a true schlub, schmoe, schmuck you are. You’ll know me by the onion in my buckle.

      the dude

  21. CG says:

    Dude if you for real lets meet and talk. No problem.

    • the dude says:

      Glazer, if this was for real and I was taking this seriously we would have met already. This is the intarwebs, only goofballs take this kind of talk seriously.
      I don’t get mad about internet discussions and neither should you.

  22. TJ says:

    KC is finally seeing the greatness of TWIN PEAKS. I have had the enjoyment of the food, cold Dr. Pepper and atmosphere for 8 years now in the Dallas area at the original…KC, enjoy it, your time has come.


  23. bobby cowan says:

    go twin peak pretty there take picture women good food love you

  24. bobby cowan says:

    good time twin peak girl love you

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