Sounds Good: Ghosty @ Bottleneck, Spring into Summer @ Replay, Insane Clown Posse @ Granada

Ahhh, graduation.  That magical time when young adults get really drunk and walk down a hill.

Yep, Lawrence will be packed this weekend, so you know there will be some shenanigans on Mass. Street and in the student ghetto.  I put the over-under on couches burned at 6.  Any takers?

Meanwhile, there will be some kick ass tunes to jam to…


Friday, May 17th

Ghosty with Shy Boys at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

A seasoned KC-area favorite and a new-ish band get together on this bill.  The scenester veterans Ghosty recently released a self-titled album that many have praised highly as some of their best material in the last several efforts.  Shy Boys, though they’ve existed not even a year, I think, crank out pop harmonies and hooks, with several members of the ACBs leading the way.


Saturday, May 18th

Spring into Summer at the Replay in Lawrence

This all day street party features bands, food, hipsters, and plenty of sundresses.  Plus probably a few hula hoops and some handle bar mustaches.  Bands include Y(our) Fri(end),  Pale Hearts, Dry Bonnet, Up the Academy, and more.  I expect this one to be pretty well attended – who doesn’t like drinking in the sun?


Monday, May 20th

Insane Clown Posse at the Granada in Lawrence

Hopefully all the families will have packed up their students by the time ICP hits the stage with their bizarro show.  This one could get weird.  Juggalos… unite!  Bring your clown masks and get ready to be sprayed down with Faygo.  Just don’t ask OK?

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