New Jack City: Travel Tips for the Faint of Heart & Delicate of Wallet

06b871eb55eb5e2ba3862614472b4736A few weeks back I tried to answer some oft asked travel questions…

Topics included weekly best bets to book airline tickets, best times to purchase vacation packages, days of the week for best availability of lowest ticket prices and hottest new cruise vacation products.

Well, today I’ve got even more answers to the travel questions you were about to ask.

Q: Like what foreign country offers the most bang for the buck?

A: For my money it’s the great all-inclusive resorts of Mexico including those in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cozumel.

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Kidnap1Q: Are Mexican resort destinations safe?

A: A heck of a lot safer there than here in Kansas City. The drug related violence you’ve heard about occurs mainly near the American border. They won’t let that happen near the tourist meccas.

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Q: Is packaging a vacation vs. a la carte more economical?

A: It is 95% of the time since vacation consolidators usually use unpublished bulk airfares and negotiated hotel rates.

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seguro+viagem+4Q: How important is it to buy cancellation insurance?

A: I usually suggest to clients buying the more expensive packages to consider purchasing insurance. It’s one thing to take a hit on a $600 Vegas getaway, quite another dropping three grand on a Caribbean vacation.

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Q: Is it true that Southwest is no longer giving credits for unused tickets?

A: Yes and no. Southwest has announced that beginning later this summer you must actually cancel your flight if you decide not to take it. Just not showing up for the flight won’t work anymore because if you don’t cancel, you will lose the full amount of your Southwest ticket.
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imagesQ: Is Frontier Airlines really going to charge for carry ons?

A: Again yes and no. Actually the charges will be $25 if paid in advance and $100 if you wait until you’re at the gate. So yes, they’re going to bag you for using the overhead bin—IF— you booked your tickets anywhere other than on Frontier’s website.
There’s no charge for bags fitting under your seat.
So if you’re using Orbitz, Expedia or any of the other online outlets…..get ready to cough up extra cash.

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Q: What time of the day are aircraft most likely to be on time?

A: That’s an easy one. First flights out in the morning usually leave on time. Why? Because they probably arrived the previous evening and overnighted at the airport.
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Q: Should you buy the insurance rental car companies try to sell you when you pick up a car?

A: Probably not. I always suggest for clients to check their own policies or call their agents before leaving home. More often than not their personal car insurance policy also covers rental cars.

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worlds_best_travel_agent_magnetQ: Why use a travel agent?

A: Because without one—you’re on your own—and it’s a cold, cruel world out there,

(Note that Jack – uh, that’s me – is an independent travel agent with Shelton Travel in Kansas City.)

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10 Responses to New Jack City: Travel Tips for the Faint of Heart & Delicate of Wallet

  1. jon says:

    If these two are part of a package vacation then count me in.

  2. admin says:

    I think the one on the right is jack’s hygienist, dinner date friend

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    With websites like Funjet,, etc. I have no need for travel agents.

    • jack p. says:

      Using a professional travel agent in making arrangements for a vacation package, honeymoon, European tour or cruise does make sense. We often have insight tracks to preferred suppliers, consolidators or tour providers who only deal with agencies. (i.e. GoGoVacations.)
      And if there’s a problem on your vacation we’re on your side dealing with the supplier on your behalf. Try that with an on line outfit based in New York.
      Example: A client checked into a resort hotel in Cancun that had the pools under re-construction. We complained on behalf of the client and got him a healthy refund.
      And guess what, there’s no charge for these services!
      Like I said, without a travel agent you’re on your own.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        LOL! Using Funjet, you get a travel agent/representative thru Lomas Travel that meets you at the airport, gets you to your hotel, and is literally at your resort every single day. I’ve used Funjet numerous times, and have had zero problems. Pardon me if I’m not frightened of the travel world without one. It’s just not that hard to do it yourself.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Oh and by the way, what kind of dipshit agent books a client into a hotel that’s remodeling it’s pools? All the resorts I deal with announce their re-construction or repair plans well in advance.

        • jack p. says:

          Funny you mention Funjet. We’re a preferred Funjet agent selling between 500 and 1,000 of their packages annually.
          We book them through their professional agents booking engine ‘’
          The example I cited involved Funjet and a Cancun luxury property that hadn’t informed them of pending construction—hence the info was not included in the resort updates provided to us by Mark Travel Corp.
          It took no time between our agency and Mark Travel to get an apology and refund for the client.
          We’re local, knowlegable, have buying power and are there for the client—and don’t charge for those services.

  4. the dude says: is a good one too.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I will agree with Jack on Mexico. It’s by far the best bang for your buck, especially in Playa Del Carmen at the higher end all inclusives.

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