Katie: 98.9 The Rock’s 2013 Rockfest

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In This Moment

Check out the sights at 98.9 The Rock‘s 2013 Rockfest. As seen through the eyes and lens of KC Confidential‘s Katie Grogan.

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Red Line Chemistry


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In This Moment

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In This Moment

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Papa Roach

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Papa Roach

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Killswitch Engage

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Porn Star Ron Jeremy

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In This Moment

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Papa Roach

Papa Roach

Red Line Chemistry

Red Line Chemistry

In This MOment

In This MOment




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21 Responses to Katie: 98.9 The Rock’s 2013 Rockfest

  1. cheech lifting weights says:

    uhh…why no alice n chains

  2. newbaum turk says:

    Man, “rock stars” sure are anonymous these day.

    • StillAtMyMoms says:

      LOL! I’m 28 and only heard two of these bands. Wow, rock is DEAD.

      • Huh? says:

        55,000 people show up for a concert and say Rock is dead? Your 28? If you want to see what’s dead….check out the mirror.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nicely done, Katie; OUTSTANDING photography, but man, what a freak show!!

    • tiad says:

      I happened to be staying at the Sheraton (formerly Hyatt) at Crown Center this weekend and just couldn’t believe some of the people staying in the hotel. The circus had obviously come to town!

  4. smartman says:

    Friend of mines son went. I gave him my digital video camera and $100.00. He did not disappoint. Got close to 4 hours of video containing sales and use of marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, meth and lots of pills. Public intoxication, urination and vomitting, boobs, muffin tops, puss guts from men and women, buttocks and even some penis. Lesbian and or bisexual kissing and groping, fingering, along with the hetero kind including what appears to be a couple shagging in a port-o-potty. Underage consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. Lots of mullets, bad tattoos and gap toothed and missing teeth smiles.

    KCPD’s finest doing what they do best…..nothing.

    In short, if people were feces Rockfest looks a lot like the inlet side of a water treatment plant.

    • the dude says:

      Trailerfest is more like it.
      Or maybe Tornado baitfest.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Post the video to YouTube and let’s see it.

      • harley says:

        There’s no tape! It’s smarmyman. And if anyone knows
        feces its smarmyman who cleans used hot tubs to
        make car payments.

      • smartman says:

        First thing I need to do is find a 12 year old that knows how to use the video editing software package I have so I can condense all the content down into about 20 minutes of the most over the top behavior.

        Not sure what I can or can’t do on youtube with the adult content, and how I don’t cross any lines that relate to fair use. Don’t need radio and entertainment conglomerates suing me.

        • legendaryhog says:

          Why would you encourage a 12-year-old to watch/edit something like that? I smell bs. You gave your son’s friend a video camera and a bill for this purpose, and he spent the concert hunting down drug use to film? And the folks smoking crack were allowing themselves to be filmed? I don’t think so buddy. Post it and I’ll happily eat crow, but this seems like trolling.

          Aside: Is that Ron Jeremy up there?

          • smartman says:

            Was trying to be funny with the 12 year old reference. You know how kids just intuitively know how sh*t works. No tutorials, no classes they just figure it out.

            Friends son is not an ordinary kid. Sophomore at UMKC majoring in Criminal Justice. Wants to get a JD after that and then clandestine service in the CIA.

            I’ve never been to a Rockfest but have been to many Schwagfests at Camp Zoe. Not too hard to find anything your looking for.

            Anytime you put 55,000 white trash head bangers (allegedly) in one spot for one day you’re gonna have drug dealers and other ne’er do wells looking to monetize the opportunity.

            Sex, drugs and rock n roll were the real headliners at Rockfest.

    • StillAtMyMoms says:

      Upload, please?

  5. Katie says:

    They had a separate approval list and no one knew about it. I think only like 2 of the 15 photographers that were there got approved.

  6. StillAtMyMoms says:

    The guy in the Ecko shirt says it all about Rockfest. R.I.P. Rock: 1956-2001. Never forget.

  7. gleen says:

    The Great White Trash Festival

  8. CG says:

    When all is said and done, RockFest is a monster hit, has been for years. Nothing else we do outside of sports draws over 50,000 to one spot for any entertainment in this city. Nothing. Yet some still put it down. If you don’t like the people who go, well sorry this is the largest section of folks who live in this area, blue collar, average incomes, some upper middle, love rock, love 98.9, enjoy Johnny Dare, who should have been in this photo group, this is white Kansas City at its best. Just is, we don’t have 50,000 people who go anywhere from Mission Hills or Halbrook. Well many we do have in those areas were likely at RockFest. Its the beginning of summer, there are few problems, people have fun, can’t some of you unhappy people just be thankful we have something people in Kansas City enjoy and smile about? What is wrong with you all?

  9. Kash says:

    Rockfest was pretty awesome. I’m not so sure there were a whole lot of other drugs (I didn’t see any), but pot was pretty easy to find. All I had to do was look around and I would find someone smoking, of course I did go with people who smoked, but pot was pretty common. Beer was also pretty popular. I arrived at around 12:45 and we were joining the crowd at the Monster stage and there was some girl who was already passed out drunk being carried out by her friends. I’m 18 and have never been to a concert before Rockfest and I am fucking happy I went.

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