New Jack City: Jack Says, ‘Go For It!’ on New KCI

,,,THUMBS-UP-boratOK, I get it…

There was no real closure to my KCI story the other day. I did say that I didn’t have all the answers and that the present three terminal setup was outdated for current and most likely future times.

So how do I REALLY feel?

We need a new ONE terminal airport to serve this market.

No additional runways, tower or other related items are necessary.

Just one terminal to service area fliers, connectors, traveling diners, shoppers—and the all-important security aspects of transportation in the 21st century.
So I DID weasel out when it came to conclusions in the last story.

Taj_Mahal_in_March_2004But my idea for a KCI rehab doesn’t necessarily call for a Taj Mahal.

That we don’t need.

I’d be in favor something along the lines of Midway Airport in Chicago. It’s most impressive how the Windy City turned this old and down-and-out facility into an efficient and modern two-story operation.

You say we’re not Chicago?
I get that, but Midway isn’t O’Hare either.

Midway could serve as a positive model for our nearly 50 year-old KCI.

So now you know the rest of the story—which should really be The MCI story.


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4 Responses to New Jack City: Jack Says, ‘Go For It!’ on New KCI

  1. smartman says:

    Nina Hartley is 54. Her three terminals are in great shape and still servicing passengers. Leave KCI alone.

  2. david says:

    She’s had more work done to keep ‘up’ her assets than KCI has…

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