Sounds Good: Soft Reeds @ Replay, MAW & Arthur Dodge @ Frank’s North Star, Big Boi @ Granada

Cold enough for ya?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?…  

Some dude:  Can you believe this weather?  Whoooeeeee!  You’d think it was still winter out there!  I had to pull my winter coat back out of the closet and get my ice scraper out of the trunk!  What the heck, man?!

Me:  Did you know that prisoners crush up ping pong balls and smoke them to get high?


Friday, May 3rd

Soft Reeds at the Replay in Lawrence

This KC band is coming to Lawrence for an album release party at everyone’s favorite hole-in-the-wall, the Replay.  Their new record, Blank City, can be heard in its entirety right here.  I dig it.  So does – they did a profile piece on lead singer/songwriter Ben Grimes that talks about the KC music scene, the new album, and what it means to be a “local” band these days.  Definitely worth a read.

MAW & Arthur Dodge at Frank’s North Star Tavern in Lawrence

For those that don’t know, Frank’s is a bar in North Lawrence that caters to the hipster crowd.  It seems like they’ve been doing pretty well since opening their doors, and this show is for their one year anniversary.  So get on your fixed-gear, wax that stache up, and grab your American Spirits, this one will be a fun time.

According to the band’s website: “MAW is [a] rowdy string band made up of Lawrence, KS women who like to play and sing songs about murder, mules, mining, and morphine.”

So there’s that.

These ladies do their thing crowded around a single mic, armed with banjo, mando, guitar, upright bass, and fiddle.

And of course, Arthur Dodge will grizzle your face off with his well crafted folk songs.

Sunday, May 5th

Big Boi with Killer Mike at the Granada in Lawrence

There’s no doubt that Big Boi is one of the most influential hip hop artists in history.  In fact, he and Andre 3000, aka OutKast, put out the biggest hip hop album of all time, 2003’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.  So he could easily sit back on his laurels in the ATL, produce some records for other artists, and generally chill in his mansion.

Instead, Mr. Big is hitting up smaller venues like the Granada with one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Killer Mike.  Mike has been tapped to play both Bonnaroo and Sasquatch! this summer, as well as the uber-hip Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.  What I’m saying is that you probably wont have the chance to catch these guys in such an intimate setting ever again.  You’re on notice.

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