Starbeams: A Tebow in Wolf’s Clothing, Sprint Wars, Obama Surgery & Getting Away with Murder

kcwolfTim Tebow has received an offer from the Omaha Beef indoor football league to play for $75 a game.  For that kind of money he can come to Arrowhead and play KC Wolf.


SoftBank will not up its offer for Sprint, even after DISH came with a better offer.  And I was hoping the Japanese company would come to town and help raise our children’s math scores.


Michelle_article-small_11527A Kansas City attorney, once accused of murder, will be allowed to practice law again.  So, that’s a wash.


A new trend among women is upper arm plastic surgery so women’s arms can be like Michelle Obama‘s.  I’m having the procedure where I can be like President Obama – I’m having my spine removed.

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