Hearne: This is Chiefs’ Year, Says Channel 41’s Lezak

nfl_u_smith_d1_400Don’t think I haven’t noticed that some of you were underwhelmed by last weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs draft….

Not to worry, says Channel 41 meteorologist Gary Lezak.

See it’s like this, Lezak is just as big a Chiefs fan (or bigger) than many of you guys. So when he’s not listening to classic Men at Work albums, he’s stressing over what may go down this fall at Arrowhead Stadium while bleeding Chiefs red.

Lezak’s read on how this year’s team is stacking up to date?

“I think the Chiefs had a very good draft and I really like every move that they’ve made thus far,” Lezak says. “I like Alex Smith at quarterback. He’s totally an upgrade over Matt Cassel. And that’s a good sign for this team. We finally have a quarterback that if he stays healthy can look for that 3rd or fourth receiver. And I like the third round pick, the tight end and the running back from Arkansas if he can stay healthy.

1334526276520_ORIGINAL“And then you have coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey,” Lezak continues. Reid always wins 10 games a season – he’s a very good coach – and he’s come close to winning a Super Bowl. He just hasn’t gotten one yet.”

Lezak’s fearless prediction for the coming season?

“Right now I’m going to go with 10 and 6 and the Chiefs battling for first place and in the playoffs.”

Nuff said?

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12 Responses to Hearne: This is Chiefs’ Year, Says Channel 41’s Lezak

  1. CG says:

    Gary, WTF. Reid was one game better than our team and the NFL’s worst coach, Mister can I go a fishin now … Romeo. I think Gary would have been a better coach, he can spell football. Gary, we do have a super soft sched. so like 2010 a medicore team like KC could get lucky and win 9 plus if all falls right.

    As I wrote, we have no proven weapons, no play maker on either side of the ball and that includes Charles and Bowe. Charles can’t score inside the red zone or period really and Bowe is a once in while star…not dependable and alone. If those two get help from one of the draft guys and they might, the line gets better and it might, Avery helps Bowe and he might, then maybe the team can compete. But Reid has been Horrible the last two seasons, just bad news. Again Hunt got the best guy available, but does that make him good. No. Nobody else was available that had ever been decent. Reid was once decent, good in fact.

    I will hold my opinion til pre season again. I have called it on the nose for four plus years. This one will be a tougher call, again easy sched…hey I hope they are good. It would be nice for KC fans. The Royals are looking good. If they stay in first through May then they are a real contender and they just might. Need hitting.

  2. Mysterious J says:

    Two people whose opinions on the Chiefs matter not at all: Glazer and Lezak.

  3. Interesting Fact says:

    Have you ever noticed that idiots have a lot of friends? It’s just an observation.

  4. cheech lifting weights says:

    Back in the day I used to work Gate security at arrowhead for a few extra bucks. It was nearly impossible not to be let in with a valid ticket but we did reserve the right to not let in intoxicated people.

    The one person I ever denied admittance to was blind/black out drunk, barely able to support himself. He was screaming to everybody who would listen “Hey….EVERYBODY….IT’S GARY LEZAK…..!!!!”

    The man who he was yelling at was not, in fact, Gary Lezak. He was a paunchy latino man in his 50s with a full head of hair.

    And that’s how you be too drunk to get let into Arrowhead.

  5. CG says:

    The reason what I think counts my friend is my record on the Chiefs and NFL over the last several years. As readers know everyone has an opinion. However I backed mine up with my own dough. And as the season started predicted very well what the Chiefs and other teams would do. Nobody can be perfect. But my calls were by far the best published in KC. I don’t think anyone will argue that, who isn’t just a hater. Who else in the media did that? See what I mean. I hope the team is much better. I just have my doubts. Lets give it the summer and preseason before we all make our final calls. Last year after one preseason game I thought maybe the Chiefs would be ok. By the end of preseason I predicted they were the worst team in the NFL. The worst. They were and I flew to Vegas to make my point. There you have it. Gary is a homer and thats fine, thousands are, we all want our teams to do well, this organization has much to answer for, so lets see if they are on the right track.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Yes, everyone that thinks you’re an idiot is a hater. Very convenient for your over-sized ego.

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