Hearne: Channel 41’s Lezak Declares Drought Dead

Playing in the rainDon’t look now but the Great Kansas City Drought is O-V-E-R…

After nearly a year of climate change up the you-know-what, the “wet stuff” has finally pulled Kansas City’s dry-as-a-bone chestnuts out of the fire.

“In my blog today, I declared that the drought is over,” says KSHB TV weather wonk Gary Lezak. “It ended by having storm after storm after storm after storm. We had 31 inches of snow and that was followed by a cool, wet spring so far and that’s going to continue.”

Going forward from here, “As far as the summer, I’m not sure yet, but I’m predicting a wet May and June,” Lezak says.

What about a worst case scenario?

Is it possible that another broilingly hot and dry July and August could shove us back into the drought?Gary-Profile-2020-300x233

“No,” Lezak says. “We could have a new drought that could start but I don’t think that’s going to happen. For the drought to come back over us it would take more than just a dry summer.”


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8 Responses to Hearne: Channel 41’s Lezak Declares Drought Dead

  1. Interesting Fact says:

    Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative

  2. Brother Sunday says:


  3. Duke says:

    Flooding all over the Midwest and this turkey calls the drought over. I wish I had his brains. He’s a regular John Madden, always stating the obvious. Lezak………….waaaaaaaaaay over-rated.

  4. admin says:

    You guys wouldn’t be up for a game of pocket pool by any chance would ya?

    As a former commodities broker, I can tell you that weather trends like droughts are significant and affect a lot more than the shows at Starlight Theatre.

    • Super Dave says:

      Nobody is arguing that at all Hearne, but Gary is far from the person or group who I would put any faith in when it comes to weather.

      Weather is very important to many people and these media clowns make a game for ratings in reporting it and preaching their opinions which more than not are incorrect. Gary needs to keep the foo foo thoughts for sharing with Windy.

      • admin says:

        I know what you’re saying, but Lezak is extremely passionate about his craft. More so than any other meteorologists I’ve met and interviewed over the years.

        They all make mistakes, but Gary lives and breathes this stuff. And I found it enlightening to hear his explanation of the drought having ended, beyond just having noted that we got lots of snow and rain lately.

        And that it’s going to take more than another molten hot July and August to kick us back into the drought.

        But that’s just me.

  5. glenn says:

    Hack is a media personality.
    The meteorologist with the brains and more accurate track record is Bryan Busby. Alas, BB doesn’t have cute dogs or a annoying voice or other traits that make one popular in the media.

    I wouldn’t bet a can of Alpo on any of Hack’s predictive outcomes.

  6. Duke says:

    Dear Glen

    You are delusion and not accurate in your assessment of BB. He is the phoniest of them all. Actually, only the guy on KCTV has the chops to be the best in town. He is seldom wrong and doesn’t run a dog and pony show or try to be the KC version of Al fuckin’ Roker.

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