Leftridge: Chiefs’ Draft Goes as Expected, Then Doesn’t

1steric-fisher-3I was prepared to make the headline some horrible pun. Something about “No Joeckel, Chiefs Get Their Man,” or some equally nauseating variation thereof. The headline practically wrote itself, but then the Chiefs went and threw a goose in my propeller by doing what few thought they’d do: they spent the first selection on someone other than tackle Luke Joeckel.

After a month full of murmuring and grumblings filled with clandestine whispers and what-ifs, Joeckel began to lose his footing as the inarguable first pick. In the past week, the murmurings and grumblings became a cacophony of coin flips: Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel, Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher. Giant White Guy A or Giant White Guy B. Pick your poison.

So the Chiefs went Fishing. (See, there we go. I still landed an awful pun.)

2ndfisherI like the move. I’m fine with it. It’s not a sexy pick, but pasty, sausage-stuffed offensive linemen rarely are. It was a necessary– if uninspired selection—but it’s exactly what the Chiefs needed. Central Michigan’s Fisher is more athletic than Joeckel, and, all things being equal, that seemed to be the difference-maker.

In a draft with few explosive, obvious options worthy of a number one pick, this move was an “A.”

In the second round… haha.

As you’ll recall, the Chiefs traded their second round selection to the 49ers for QB Alex Smith. And as I’m sure you all know, there followed a never-ending chorus of rumor about trading franchise-tagged tackle Branden Albert to the Dolphins for THEIR second round pick, but this deal seems to have fizzled.

So in short, Kansas City figures to have a hell of an offensive line next season.

I’ll admit, it’s slightly disconcerting that new Super General Manager John Dorsey couldn’t swing the deal, but I won’t complain about Albert’s presence. (I will say, however, with full disclosure, that Albert is overrated. He is a good lineman—not great—though he and his handlers are convinced otherwise.)

So without a 2nd rounder, the Chiefs did the next best thing: they moved on to round three.

And then, huh?

What just happened?

They selected whatnow?

Oh, hello tight end Travis Kelce from Cincinnati.

Yeah… I don’t… know?

combine-kelcejpg-959e9d857054fcf4Look, Kelce is a big dude, and he’s got great hands, but he’s not exactly “explosive” and his blocking abilities leave a LOT to be desired. I get that incumbent TE Tony Moeaki can’t stay healthy, and even when he’s not nursing lingering maladies, he doesn’t create unbridgeable separations. I ALSO get that tight ends are like good pitchers: you can never have too many. But Kelce isn’t Aaron Hernandez or Rob Grankowski, and he never will be. Nor is this New England Jr. (Not now, anyway.)

I just really don’t get this pick. Kelce could have been a late sleeper, but taking him with the first pick of the third round was confusing and misguided. I’d give it a “D.”

With the 96th overall pick– their second of round three– the Chiefs selected Arkansas RB Knile Davis, a speedy game-breaking threat prone to both fumbles and injuries. Backfield depth is/was an obvious area of concern, but I’m not sure Davis was a wise 3rd round selection. “C-” if they’re lucky.

(“Knile” is in contention for best name in the 2013 draft. It’s unlikely that he’ll beat Barkevious Mingo, Cornellius Carradine, Cordarrelle Patterson, Armonty Bryant, Stepfan Taylor, Jamoris Slaughter, Margus Hunt, Bacarri Rambo, Uzoma Nwachukwu, David Quessenberry, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Levine Toilolo, Shamarko Thomas, Martavius Neloms, Antavious Wilson, Kenbrell Thompkins, Vinston Painter, Stansly Maponga, Sam Schwartzstein or Prentiss Waggner, however.)

So overall, a pretty blah couple of days for Chiefs fans. Rounds four through seven run today, and I’ll be VERY interested to see what sort of black magic the two new boss-men can summon.

Oh, and in case you missed it:

Mizzou DT Sheldon Richardson went 13th to the NY Jets (very solid pick), San Diego traded up seven spots to 38 to select maligned Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o (I actually think this is good value for the spot), West Virginia QB and Kevin Kietzman boner-causer Geno Smith fell all the way to the Jets at 39 (I don’t think he’ll ever be better than average, but “better than average” is better than Mark Sanchez) and everyone’s favorite honey badger, LSU Tiger Tyrann Mathieu was picked up 69th overall by the Arizona Cardinals (which will either end up being a HUGE steal, or a huge joke).

Three rounds down, four to go.


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14 Responses to Leftridge: Chiefs’ Draft Goes as Expected, Then Doesn’t

  1. Super Dave says:

    This might be a what if year, filled with a lot of what if’s or maybe if only we had.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac was ready with ‘Chiefs fans Heckle Joeckel’ had the latter been the KC pick… instead, ‘The Fisher King’ the choice.

    Fisher OT – nice. If the Chiefs keep Albert (I think they should) they’ll potentially have great tackles & depth with Stephenson the swing guy, Schwartz in a pinch (too slow for an OT though, better inside at OG.) If KC does not keep Albert consider this: ‘if’ Fisher gets hurt (or Stephenson), KC is right back to where they were 2012 when Albert went down, visions Jordan ‘Highway 65’ Black at LT and maybe a sieve at RT too where Eric ‘The Mouth That Roared’ Winston flopped last season. ~ GRADE A

    TE Kelce I actually like at #3a… his size & game reminds me of former Chiefs great Fred Arbanas: big, physical, good receiver (and a nice retro haircut, as Fisher; well-groomed players are important, nod Gillette 1950’s: “to look sharp and stay on the ball, to be sharp…”, etc. ~ GRADE B

    RB Davis at #3b is a puzzler to me… two broken ankles – same one, may or may not rebound to form (in 2012 at least, he did not.) Big, fast and lots of potential… sounds like another Jonathan Baldwin, his spec sheet; only time will tell. ~ GRADE C

    MLB Johnson at #4 is a need pick at this point the draft; big guy & big school Alabama, though Ohio State’s Donald Washington & Missouri’s Will Franklin are former #4’s KC who proved alma mater is sometimes overblown (as the GM picked them.) ~ GRADE C


    ‘If’ KC were to trade Albert, ratgher than a future draft choice(s), I’d prefer the Chiefs acquire a proven player at WR or DE where speed the former and pass rush the latter are still needed in greater supply with apologies to Avery and Jackson et al. Alas, then (reiterating) the offensive line would be one injury away from a repeat the disaster ’12 as I referenced.

    • I liked the Johnson pick. Sounds as though we’re mostly in agreement, with the exception being Kelce. Still think they picked him too high, but that said, the selection wasn’t TOTALLY without its merits.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Adios Jake O’Connell; a sleight of hand guy who has carved out a 4-year NFL career via 15 catches and 0 touchdowns will be missed… Moeaki’s cushion from being bounced the street/curb just disappeared too.

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    Color me unimpressed. Looks like Alex Smith was the best value around for a 2nd rounder. Eric Fisher wasn’t exactly a college star, even at a small school so I sure hope we aren’t going into Dontari Poe territory here.

    As for the other guys it seems like we picked up some pretty mediocre players. A running back that can’t stay healthy and a boring TE, both projected to the 6th round.

    At least now we can see the idiocy of trading away a starting offensive lineman for the opportunity to pick up an extra one of those gems.

    My prediction is 5-11, with an opening week loss at Jacksonville.

  5. CG says:

    Agree with above same team new QB. A new past it coach. Sorry, losers again. No big changes, no playmakers on either side of the ball, none, zip, zero. Stink again.

  6. Super Dave says:

    There once was a center named Kush
    Who liked quarterbacks, who touched his tush!

    Way to go Chiefs, just give people a reason to laugh and make fun of us.

  7. cheech lifting weights says:

    Please let Kush make the team. It will become the official strain of…….your……..kansas city chiefs!

  8. chuck says:

    Lefty, you are 180 out on the tight end selection.

    That kid is tough as fookin nails.

    Glaze, what is the over under on the Chiefs in Vegas?

    I think 8 and 8 this year.


  9. CG says:

    I’ll check Chuck. More I look at who they play and when, and the fact they did have a ‘potential’ good draft, like the running back, maybe just maybe I might have been hasty on my 5/6 wins. This could be a year that if and only if two things happen, a back shows up and a receiver shows up, they could become ok. I just have to see preseason. With this team that has meant a ton. Some it doesn’t, this team it does. Lately. I’ll check on Vegas now, my guess is over/under is 7.

  10. CG says:

    Chuck, the Chiefs are ranked 25 of 32 teams, best to worst. AFC odds are 25 to 1 and Super Bowl is 70 to 1…fav’s are New England at 6 to 1 and Denver at 6 to 1 followed by San Fran at 7 to 1…I like SF and Denver at the moment. But hey with a quarterback going down or key players out, this can all change. My main hating on KC is they just to this point have no real standout players. As you know the 6 all pro’s was a huge joke, they had one and a half men…Charles and our punter Mister Relevant. If Charles had a real partner, and he hasn’t yet, then that could change things. If both running backs could catch, we keep a healthy Alberts at Left Tackle move our number one to Right Tackle for now…if Avery shows up at receiver, Baldwin can be a real NFL guy, then maybe, just maybe this team could do something. I just have huge doubt at this time. You have too. But hey the Royals are showing up big with pitching, no hitting yet, but it could happen. This April run by KC is not a fluke.

  11. paulwilsonkc says:

    Its time to….. Fisher cut bait.

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