Hearne: Lefsetz Disses Vinyl, Giant SUVs, Boomers, ‘Late Night’ & Radio

Frank-Zappa-Freak-Out-198235Am I lazy for sharing stuff with you guys from time to time? A ripoff?

I think not. Allow me to credit cranky music industry pundit Bob Lefstez for his latest grumpy list of pop culture pet peeves.


“It’s a hobby. Like stamp collecting. Albeit with a lot more press. Just because you spinners are yelling at the top of your lungs that does not mean the rest of us care. While you’re at it, why don’t you bring back dial telephones, typewriters, cathode-ray TVs, pagers…”

6d1c3f6e49af950d2f0f6a7067003663_originalWOMEN IN GIANT SUVs WITH CHROME WHEELS

“You know, their husbands made them buy them, so when they drive around town on the weekend they look like big swinging dicks, but their schlongs are probably tiny.”


“They’ve got all the gadgets, but they don’t know how to use them. Ever hear of Google? It’ll tell you everything you need to know! Baby boomers are all sheen and no substance, they didn’t grow up with gadgets and they don’t want to put the time in to learn how to use them. Baby boomers are all about resting on their laurels and whining that it just ain’t the way it used to be.”

styxrfddc5-5ljg81zjp80v9z8zp5_layout-1THE LATE NIGHT WARS

“Almost no one’s watching and no one’s doing anything new. It’d be like reading about the war between Styx and 38 Special every damn day.”


“Who keep writing and e-mailing how terrestrial radio is a triumphant juggernaut. Yes, radio is where the most people go to listen today. Just like network TV was triumphant before NBC was trounced by Univision in the last book.”


“Streaming wins. Just like digital photography killed film. Just because you hear about something for a decade and it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it still won’t. Digital killed film seemingly overnight. Same deal with streaming. As for the public’s ignorance, unknowledgeable that playlists live on your handset and no bandwidth is required…he who complains loudest is always the most ignorant.”





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4 Responses to Hearne: Lefsetz Disses Vinyl, Giant SUVs, Boomers, ‘Late Night’ & Radio

  1. the dude says:

    Well mastered digital is only now beginning to sound as good as well mastered and pressed vinyl. Digital is still a fairly young medium compared to analog playback and will only improve with time.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    I have a good friend who travels often to Japan for business. They still use typewriters, paper documents, filed by humans, no fax machines, a person standing by a vending machine to put the money in for you.

    Leftz’s eyes would spurt blood and his head would explode in their culture.

    If you are over 40 and have been listening to live music for anytime at all, your hearing has probably been damaged enough you can’t hear the full range which the great audio components deliver.

    Men buy red sports cars as a penis extension. Women buy big SUVs for the same reason.

    Maybe your banner on this page should announce, I read so you don’t have to.

    Wax cylinders, shellac/acetate recordings, 16rpm, 78 rpm, 33rpm, 45rpm, four-track, eight-track, cassette, digital cassete, cd. As an added bonus for us silverbacks the cd will soon go the way of all things music.

    I come by this grumpiness from prehistoric genetics. My people were put out of work by the invention of the wheel.

  3. Cheech lifting weights says:

    Funny stuff.

  4. Mysterious J says:

    You’re lazy…and streaming has gotten bigger but hasn’t won.

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