New Jack City: Jack Puts Foot In Mouth @ CinemaCon 2013 Las Vegas

issue_35_cover_melissa_mccarthy_a_pNote to self…

Having returned from a week at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, do your homework before asking stupid questions of movie stars next time out.

A couple of examples, I’m definitely not proud of:

The first was with Harrison Ford who was at the convention to promote his November 1st Lionsgate release ENDER’S GAME.
I asked Ford whether he was surprised at how well “42” had performed at the box office. Well, not only did that not come out right, it didn’t seem to please Ford either.

The point I’d meant to get across was that the film had outperformed its projections by nearly $10 million on opening weekend.

Ford’s exact answer—which I seem to have blocked out of my mind—indicated that he wasn’t thrilled with my banal question.

But oh no, I didn’t stop there!

I followed that by bringing up STAR WARS—and should’ve known better.
“Any news about your rumored return to the LucasFilm franchise?” I asked?

“You talking to ME?” Ford shot back.

Strike 2.

The next star for me to make a fool of myself with with was Melissa McCarthy. Classy lady, can’t be more than five feet tall. And she was pushing THE HEAT in which she co-stars as a foul-mouthed cop with a much taller Sandra Bullock.

My question to McCarthy; Had she ever considered crossing over from all out, wild comedy to drama?

Not the greatest question, but I thought it was a safe one.

Until she answered that’s all she’d ever had done until her breakthrough with comedy.

tumblr_medf8ajUwn1qd7trbIf only I’d done my research first…….

At least she was gracious about it, and even shook my hand after the interview.

Other observations from CinemaCon include comedian Kevin Hart‘s reaction to his introduction where he was plugging his upcoming live concert-comedy film called LET ME EXPLAIN.

Apparently Hart wasn’t too thrilled at the light applause he received.

“You all can do better that that,” he said. “Stop being racist, clap your hands people.”

And director Guillermo del Toro with his PACIFIC RIM due in theaters soon, defended controversial elements of his films by telling us, “This movie comes with sauce. And if you don’t like the sauce, don’t eat the fucking sandwich.”

Universal honcho Adam Fogelson‘s insight into his studio’s musical hit LES MISERABLES went something like this: “Unfortunately not many characters actually survived to the end in LES MIS. There will not be a sequel forthcoming. But we’re working on other options.”

images-1Good one, Adam.

HANGOVER franchise director Todd Phillips offered a nice comeback when asked about HANGOVER III opening smack dab against FAST & FURIOUS 6.

“Come on, it’s fucking Vin Diesel and The Rock.”

And Adam Sandler brought just about his entire cast of GROWN UPS 2 to the worldwide movie conclave and got a good shot in at the expense of SMURFS 2.

“You overseas people are fucking excited about SMURFS 2,” he observed to the gathering which pretty well brought down the house.

So may the FARCE be with you. It sure was with me.
I’d have probably been better off hanging with the Pawn Stars just down the Strip.

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7 Responses to New Jack City: Jack Puts Foot In Mouth @ CinemaCon 2013 Las Vegas

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    If you are going to put a burr under Harrison Ford’s saddle you should have asked him how he felt about 42 making Robinson & his wife cardboard cutouts rather than exploring how they felt/reacted to the racism he received when the team played away.

    Obviously you missed this send up (or perhaps you inspired it) of Ford on Jimmy Kimmel.

  2. Majordomo Billy Bojangles says:

    Harrison Ford looks like he is drunk or vaguely autistic during TV interviews. Can’t tell which one.

  3. chuck says:

    There is an outside chance, those folks are taking themselves a little too seriously.

    They make a living pretending to be other, far more interesting people.

    I think you should just interview them when they are in character. I am pretty sure Daniel Day Lewis and Christopher Bale don’t actually exist.

    Next time tell Ford you are gonna pick up some milk on the way home, you will catch him next year right after the liver transplant.

    • Super Dave says:

      You know chuck I have at times wondered if these people after being someone else for maybe 2-3 months at a time just how much of that role becomes a permanent part of their life. If you go back and watch early Sean Connery movies before being Bond then watch his stuff in last ten years or so after Bond and you see a lot of the Bond character in how he acts.

      • the dude says:

        Meh, they are just people too under all those bags of money and dread. Imagine being asked the same question over and over again year after fcuking year. You would probably get tired of it too. From what I hear outside of the film universe Ford is a pretty cool dude.

  4. smartman says:

    Melissa McCarthy, 5 feet tall and probably 5 feet wide? If Spongebob Squarepants ever goes live action I’m seeing a big payday.

    So Jack, when you interviewed her did you all line up in a queue at the buffet and get to ask your question when she got to your corresponding dish?

    My favorite celebrity encounter came in 1992 when they were filming The Bodyguard at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami. Was on the elevator when Kevin Costner boarded with his posse. After the door shut and we started moving I turned to him and said, “You were AWESOME in Lethal Weapon”. Everybody busted a nut laughing after a pregnant pause except Kevin.

    • jack p says:

      No lining up at the buffett with McCarthy, smartman. It was more like a parade of stars being shoed through the small press room. One after the other. About 5 to 10 questions each. Then on to the next one.
      ‘Prettiest’ person of all in attendance—and there were many—had to have been Chris Pine who actually looks better in person, sounds intelligent and really knows how to handle himself.
      Mancrush, anyone?
      Maybe Craig could get Pine to play Glazer in his upcoming movie for Eastwood’s Malpaso Company?
      Don’t laugh, it would be better than Danny DeVido—-Just kidding, Craig….:-)

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