Hearne: Sudeikis Gives Star Head Fake Wedding Gift

timengleNot so fast, my friend…

Make no mistake super good guy, FYI writer Tim Engle is a fan of KC Confidential. Why else, given the chance to corner Kansas City comic Jason Sudeikis – ostensibly for a schmooze piece about his improv gig tonight at the Midland – would the crafty Engle (and his headline writing copy editor) lead with the “news” that Sudeikis is not getting married in Lawrence?

Gee, I wonder where anyone got that idea?

Sounds like Sudeikis may be a KCC reader, too, given his familiarity with the getting-married-in-Lawrence rumor.

All of that said, let’s not be too quick to swallow the line Sudeikis fed to the Timinator:

“It’s definitely not in Lawrence,” Sudeikis told Engle. “It was never gonna be. I don’t know how those things start.”

True or not, Sudeikis has been around the block enough at this stage of his career to know how these things start. He’s no babe in the woods.

If you’re inclined to buy that Sudeikis leveled with the Star, try truth checking his followup quote to Engle:

jason-sudeikis“It’ll definitely be a wedding tour. Everywhere you’ve heard that we’re getting married, we are”- Tour bus and everything – “Lot of waving. Lot of pie eating.”

Now that’s what I call breaking news.

Meanwhile, back in the wide world of actual reporting, Lawrence merchants who have entertained Sudeikis and bride-to-be Olivia Wilde swear that they spoke to a rep for Wilde earlier this year who told them she was scouting wedding locations there.

And post the Lawrence rumor breaking on KCC, other LA folk from out of town have said the same, leaving out Sudeikis and Wilde’s names, saying only it was somebody famous who didn’t want any press.

Now anything is possible as a wedding location – including Kansas City where Sudeikis family lives – but what makes the Star think Sudeikis would level with them?

If he doesn’t want the Star (or any media for that matter) to know where the wedding will go down – or maybe just the bachelor/bachelorette action or reception – why would he rule out any possibility (unless it’s true).

It makes more sense if they were going to do the deed in upstate New York (New York Post) to be coy about whether it’s in Lawrence to help throw the press off the track.

So we’ll see.

But right now, Tim my man, all bets are still on and the jury’s still out.

You didn’t really expect Jason to confirm it to you if it was true, did you?

Tell me you didn’t.


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4 Responses to Hearne: Sudeikis Gives Star Head Fake Wedding Gift

  1. smartman says:

    Had breakfast with a friend of mine this morning. He retired from the FBI after 25 years and started his own security company advising Fortune 500 companies.

    He says that this “event” would be considered a high profile target by law enforcement that could possibly threaten the wedding guests and citizens of Lawrence. If this event were to be taking place in Lawrence it would require a security plan that would have to be approved at a minimum by Lawrence PD and possibly the Kansas State Police, KBI, FBI and Homeland Security. Could also involve the Missouri side as well if any high profile guests were to use private aviation that might land and take off from KCI or Wheeler.

    The couple most likely would have retained a security firm to develop the plan and coordinate with local, state and federal law enforcement.

    Street closures around the potential church or reception sight would most likely be required to control ingress and egress to invited guests only. Those permits would most likely be public info.

    Events like this typically would require bomb sniffing dogs, background checks on hotel or catering employees, limo drivers, etc.

    After what happened in Boston the standard security protocols have probably been beefed up.

    Being able to kill or injure two Hollywood stars would be a huge win for any terrorist organization. It’s a well know fact that there are some radical muslims enrolled at KU.

    He thinks upstate NY would be the better location since that area has played host to many high profile weddings and celebrity events and security protocols have already been established and previously executed. Ditto for Hollywood or SoCal.

    Betting money says Lawrence is a no go.

  2. Majordomo Billy Bojangles says:

    lol, smartman. This guy is a second rate star ex-SNL cast.

    Rob Schneider is probably worth 5x what he is worth.

    No shocker the private security firm suggests extra security. In other news, Real Estate Agent suggests you get a realtor and the best time to buy is now.

  3. smartman says:

    Ouch! Low blow with the Rob Schneider comparison. I like it! Don’t disagree. This ain’t Brad and Angie.

    This would be a BFD in Lawrence. If the wedding is going to be held there the coppers are going to get involved on some level.

    If the guest list includes Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon there’s gonna be some goon squad action.

    And we all know Glazer will figure out a way to crash it. There’s a $10,000.00 bounty out for his rug.

    • admin says:

      Good point, about the guest list being the key.

      Although remember, Sudeikis and his actor pals Rudd and Riggle come back every year for that goofy Royals promotion. Where they undoubtedly have pretty good security already.

      And who would be coming possibly on Olivia Wilde’s side of the aisle.

      Then again, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody much knows about it until it’s over…

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