Starbeams: The Top 5 Similarities Between the Royals & North Korea

10korea2-span-articleInlineThe home opener in Kansas City is the day when we can all be optimistic that our team will make it all the way to June before falling apart…
 The Top 5 similarities between the Royals and North Korea:

#5. Both woud be better places if Herk Robinson were running them.

#4. They start with a bang, but blow up before reaching their goal.

#3. Both have a mascot into hot college chicks.

IztKjJtY#2. Both have leadership replaced by sons who have no idea what they’re doing.

#1. Both are secretly run by Walmart.

I had a chance to speak with several college students about the nuclear threat from North Korea and they all asked the same question, “Is that anywhere near South Dakota?”

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