Hearne: Krispy Kreme Relents, Free Doughnuts Are Back

4928320394_caf99809e5Once upon a time they were free…

Krispy Kreme was a kindly company that treated your kids to a hot-off-the-assembly-line fresh, hot, free doughnut. You didn’t even have to ask or buy anything, just happen by when doughnuts were being made and let the good times roll.

Then somewhere along the line – the economy hit the skids and Krispy Kremes were dropping like flies all around the country – and corporate went Grinch.

No more free doughnuts.

That’s what they told my kids a year or more back and it kinda took a lot of the fun out of going there with the family. Combined with the fact that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not exactly a healthy treat and my daughters were getting older, it made it easy not to stop by anymore.

However, with a sleepover in the works this weekend, I hit Krispy Kreme in Merriam on Shawnee Mission Parkway Friday afternoon and picked up a dozen to go, when…

“Would you like your free one,” the manager asked.

“Free one?

“Yeah, we’re doing it again,” he told me. “When you see the “hot now” light on in the front window, that’s when you know we’re making fresh doughnuts and you can come in and get a free one. All of the Kansas City Krispy Kremes are doing it again.”

Turns out, local Krispy Kreme managers were none too happy about corporate pulling the plug on the freebies, the manager said.

“A lot of us were upset when they stopped and we told the company they should start giving them away again,” he said.

pmv_borUnderstand however that Krispy Kreme’s freebie policy is not nationwide, it depends on where you live, he said.

Can you imagine the grifters that might descend on a Krispy Kreme say in New York City?

Once again, here’s how the game is played:

When you drive by a Krispy Kreme store, look to see whether the neon “Hot Now” sign is lighted.

“That means we’re making the doughnuts and you can only get the free doughnut when the hot light is on,” the manager said. “You can look for the light, or we’ve got an app you can put on your phone to tell you when you’re making them.”


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7 Responses to Hearne: Krispy Kreme Relents, Free Doughnuts Are Back

  1. jon says:

    Too cheap to pay for the donuts? Kcc’s lamest story ever. Hearns filly run out of material.

  2. admin says:

    Cheapskate, eh?

    I’ve never gone to a KK where I didn’t buy a dozen, freebie or no freebie. But it was a charming schmooze for people’s kids. And that’s why the local managers campaigned to get it back and the company brought it back.

    And after all these years, I never noticed that sign being on as a tip off to they were making fresh doughnuts. That’s a good tip, I think. But Watergate, obviously, it’s not.

    KCC is about news people can use, humor, hard, edgy news and opinion – a mix. Something for (almost) everyone at times. Even, grinches like you!

  3. tiad says:

    Jr. has dug to the bottom of the “hole” truth and exposed it for us on this one.

  4. Super Dave says:

    I have never had a KK donut free or other wise. I guess to each their own when it comes to sweets but to much sugar for me.

  5. gerald bostock says:

    I don’t know about grifters in NYC, but I now know of at least one grifter who goes to the Merriam Krispy Kreme. The real news will come when you persuade the Royals and Krispy Kreme to reinstate their 12-hit dozen-donut giveaway.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Every time the Royals bullpen blows a multiple run lead, you get a dozen donuts. But you are legally required to cry while you eat them.


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