New Jack City: Two Thumbs Up One Final Time For Roger Ebert

roger-ebert-thumbs-up-2The passing of Roger Ebert – America’s most famous movie critic – brings back memories of face-to-face encounters with the great one…

I had seen him at ShoWest and other industry functions over the years but never got to see the Real Roger until I had him on-air on Jack Goes To The Movies during KY-102‘s glory days.

Roger was a great guest, a real down to earth mensch.

There was nothing phony about him and his approach to movie critiques were very much in line with the way I evaluate the products of the silver screen.

Namely entertainment for the masses.

Forget the art approach many self-important critics take, I’m more concerned with whether the guy spending money at the box office gets his 10 bucks worth.

Ebert and I are more “dinner and a movie” guys.

ebertFast forward several years to a roundtable studio junket in Chicago. Five critics per table with rotating movie stars. Wouldn’t you know my chair was right next to Roger’s. And after a round of introductions not only did Roger remember his earlier visit on Jack Goes To The Movies, he made the following observation:

“You’re from Kansas City, do you happen to know that quote whore from from there?”

I gave him a puzzled look and he shot it right back at me again. That said it all.

So two thumbs up for an industry great who raised the bar for all of us.
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8 Responses to New Jack City: Two Thumbs Up One Final Time For Roger Ebert

  1. rico suave says:

    I once met Gene Siskel while hailing a cab on Randolph St in Chitown.

    He didn’t seem too interested in chatting, and I think he took my cab ( I was first) .. but.. still a great show.

    R.I.P. to both.

  2. CG says:

    Reviewing movies live is all but gone these days, he was outstanding as was his partner who passed before him. You will be missed Roger.

  3. jon says:

    Very few good critics left on the national stage. Even in KC most of the Star reviews are imported from other markets so it’s hard to follow any of their critics. Same at the Pitch. At least KCC keeps reviews fresh and local.

  4. CG says:

    agreed, Jack is outstanding.

  5. the dude says:

    I think he was talking about Shawn Edwards and he had to go pee real bad, hence the repeat and stare. And then he ran out of the room was what you forgot to add.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    Heres what I found interesting that I’ve not heard more about, since it was a First Fridays weekend and I’ve not come up for air since Friday morning! He announced his cancer on one day at the Chicago Sun. The CS said he turned in a “Leave of Presence”, the next day he was gone. Anyone find that wording odd? A leave of “presence”? Did he check out on his own terms?

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