hunt_ira_205x235“We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever.”

Ira “Gus” Hunt
Chief Technology Officer- Central Intelligence Agency

In a stunning episode of candor, Mr. Hunt, while speaking at GigaOM’s
Structure Data Conference in New York City this week admitted that the CIA is collecting EVERYONE’S videos, text messages, tweets, voice males,
phone calls and more. And that they’re doing this data collection intentionally!

Here are a couple more chilling quotes from Mr. Hunt’s speech:

“It is very nearly within our grasp to be able to be able to compute
on ALL human generated information.”

Which would allow CIA to collect, categorize and distill down all of a person’s “digital breadcrumbs” as Hunt so eloquently puts it. The end game being for the CIA to be able to profile or otherwise investigate whomever is in their crosshairs at any given moment.

“You are aware of the fact that somebody can know where you are at all
times, because you carry a mobile device, even if that mobile device is turned off,” Hunt said. “You know this, I hope. Well, you should.”

BF-dQu7CEAAzNDWI have had people look at me like I’m crazy for YEARS after I’ve told them that. So for that bit of news, I would like to thank Mr. Hunt.

The next time somebody looks at me like I’m some wild-eyed conspiracy theorist for informing them that they have the privilege of paying for their
own, personal tracking device it will be nice to direct them to this

Fourth Amendment? Gone!

Right to Privacy? What Right is it that of which you speak?

Due Process… Hey, those who make the laws enforce them, they don’t follow them.

The US Constitution? Birdcage liner.

I guess it’s not over yet. We still live in a “relatively” free society. But if you somehow cross the “Powers That Be,” there’s a file with your name on it that “They” are ready to use against you.

And rest assured, whatever you’ve said, texted, tweeted, etc. can and will be distorted and taken out of context in order to paint you as an “Enemy
of the State.”

Which is why I only care about basketball anymore…

And with the NCAA Basketball Tournament starting and the
prospect of being able to witness KU and K-State advance to the “Sweet
Sixteen” at Sprint Center this weekend, I’m very excited.

Now here’s my data collection tip for the CIA:

Pay close attention to those buxom subversives @KuBoobs on Twitter.

You’re Welcome!

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  1. the dude says:

    I am sure if they were able to put RFID chips or recording devices on every person or in every US ID card in Uhmerica they would do it. The constitution is something they wipe their heinies with on a daily basis.

  2. BrknDwn says:

    Voice males? Now I am worried.

  3. smartman says:

    The CIA can lick my freshly shaven balls! Come and get me! The feds can’t even get their own employees to pay their taxes and I’m supposed to worry about my e-mails with the subject line Barry Soetoro is a gay communist?

    Where was the CIA in Bengazi? At Fort Hood? Exactly!

    Mega trillions of bits of data is scrubbed every day. In the world of Spy vs Spy it still requires HUMAN intervention and action to stop bad guys.

    Unless the computers can isolate, review, vet, validate an actual threat, wake up a judge to get a warrant and/or dispatch a drone all on their own this is just Putin-esque bravado b#llsh#t.

    With well over half of our smart devices and computers built in China how do we know that the Chi-Coms aren’t able to manipulate our devices and snap them into cyber war mode with the click of the mouse and send out all sorts of info to confuse and overwhelm the fed computers for $250.00 Alex.

    At best this capability will give the CIA the names of the terrorists after they hijack jets and fly them into more luxe real estate.

    All this technology crap is no substitute for boots on the ground and HUMINT as the capture and killing of Usama bin Laden proved. The guy was probably ordering porn online from Adam and Eve for years. How come the CIA never caught that?

    • the dude says:

      Well, I know one thing for sure, the CIA is good for getting drugs into this country for sale and torturing the literal sh*t out of people.
      Beyond that I don’t think they are much good for anything else.

  4. john noman says:

    Hey I dare you guys to upload this famous book to your Amazon cloud:


  5. expat says:

    They don’t need to track you directly for this to escalate into tyranny, all they need to do is assign you a score based on some arbitrary profile, then link it to your ability to use government services (or be targeted for them). They do this kind if profiling on a daily basis anyway but now they have the processing power and data to crunch to create a huge list of profile offenders (aka thought criminals). Then due to the Patriot Act and others are able to ‘check’ on thought offenders with little legal recourse by the targets. It’s only a matter of time before the police submit a binder of names and addresses with the matching profile as ‘probable cause’ for searches, harassment, whatever. If they’re not already doing it in secret.

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