Hearne: Top KC Star Ad VP Takes a Spill, Splits ‘To Spend Time With Family’

gtr3q1o99cyusc58857nIn a shocker, top Kansas City Star ad gun Tim Doty is leaving the newspaper…

Here’s Star publisher Mi-Ai Parrish‘s missive to the flock:

“It is a bittersweet day for Our Star as I announce that Tim Doty, Advertising VP and all around great guy, has decided to leave and spend more time with his family. Tim’s two children are in Columbus, Ohio, where he and his wife plan to relocate.

“That’s never a good sign,” says one local media observer.

Doty’s leaving abruptly to spend more time with his family?

“Nobody uses that line anymore,” says one newspaper insider. “Except maybe politicians.”

Politicians under the gun, I might ad. But face it, selling newspaper advertising in the current print industry downturn is no easy task. And while Doty – as one of the Top Three on the Star masthead – could in fact be throwing in the towel on his extremely difficult mission, past ad sales VP departures would appear to suggest otherwise.

“I doubt he quit from over-work,” says the insider. “Ad managers leave because they can’t meet revenue goals – which has probably been the downfall of every ad manger the Star had in recent memory.”

cantrell_susan_t640Including Ralph Rowe, Steve Broas, Susan Cantell and now, probably, Doty.

“You just can’t make goals when the business is in secular decline,” says the source.

The $64 million question: who will fill Doty’s shoes?


Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Hearne: Top KC Star Ad VP Takes a Spill, Splits ‘To Spend Time With Family’

  1. Passed out Possum says:

    I wanna be the first mate on the sinking cruiseliner!

    • chuck says:

      Yeah, no sh*t.

      Carnival Lines should publish the K C Star from the Carnival Ship “Triumph” boiler room.

      Dead in the water.

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  3. Libertarian says:

    Who, you ask?

    They’ll probably have the janitor shoulder that job too.

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