Starbeams: Speed Cams, La Raza, Atheists KC Bound

031510_ms_prius_NM_031510_11-22Red light Cameras in Kansas City are about to get a high-tech companion:  Speed Cameras are being considered by the Public Safety Committee.  Just what we need…another reason for Prius owners to drive 20 m.p.h. in the passing lane.


Latino leaders from all over the country will come to Kansas City in 2015 when KC will play host to La Raza, a civil rights group for Hispanics.  They avoided Kansas City in 2009 because of the Frances Semler/Minutemen drama.  Completely related: my wife says I’m a minute man…and that’s why she refuses to let me cross her border.


HASpeaking of crossing the border, Kansas City ranks #4 on the list of cities where residents commute to another state to work.  Around 95,000 Missourians cross into Kansas and 87,000 people go the other direction.  Only New York, D.C. and Philly have more border crossers.  The rest of us drive back and forth looking for free parking.


Atheists are upset at being snubbed by the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the parade weather was UNGODLY.


Iran just launched a domestically made Naval destroyer in the Caspian Sea.  It’s 1,400 tons and just long enough to look spectacular when we hit it with aerial strikes.

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