Starbeams: Smoke Signals, Chase Daniels & Free Bon Jovi Tix

Jon_Bon_JoviThe YMCA is building a $30 million center downtown at 10th and Grand.  If you’re dyslexic, it can double as a MACY’S.


Catholic Cardinals are choosing a new pope.  White smoke from the chimney signals the conclave has not yet chosen a pope.  White smoke means a pope has been chosen.  Hickory smoke means they have chosen the Apostle, Arthur Bryant.


Remember the ban on fattening soft drinks, imposed on the residents of New York City by Mayor Bloomberg?   It has been banned by a New York Judge.  He claims it was fraught with “capricious consequences.”  A 24 ounce soft drink would have been banned under the new law.  Soda lovers in New York City tried, unsuccessfully, to jump for joy.


The Chiefs have agreed to terms to sign former MIZZOU quarterback Chase Daniels.  Among Chiefs fans, Chase will be the second most popular Daniels behind Jack.

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Andrew Cook, Kelly Urich and KMBC 9’s Bryan Busby weather

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  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Except it’s Chase Daniel, not Daniels. Nice try though. Maybe next time.

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