Sounds Good: Ryan Bingham@Granada, Morrissey@Liberty Hall, Hank & Cupcakes@RecordBar

What to do, what to do?

I hear Yakov Smirnoff is in town.  Which means that, surprisingly, he’s still alive and doing stand-up comedy.  Crazy.  I wonder if he’ll have a bunch of St. Patty’s day jokes.  Because, you know, he always keeps it topical.

In Soviet Russia, green beer drinks you out of funnel! 

Russia is rough, man.  Stop being so lame and go to some shows for chrissakes…

Friday, March 15th

Ryan Bingham at the Granada in Lawrenc

Bingham is an Americana singer-songwriter, probably best known for his Grammy and Academy Award winning songwriting for Crazy Heart, the film where Jeff Bridges plays a drunk-ass, down and out country singer.  Good movie.

His most recent album, Tomorrowland, came out in September 2012.  Here’s what Paste’s Nico Isaac said about it:

“Tomorrowland is Bingham writing his own story, on his own terms. Count on the classics: dusty vocals and heart worn themes of suffering, economic strife, homelessness, and hopelessness. On track three, “Flower Bomb,” Bingham wails, “They tell us up in heaven there is food to eat/ But for now all we get is this shit on the street.”


Monday, March 18th

Morrissey at Liberty Hall in Lawrence

Morrissey postponed this show that was originally scheduled for several weeks ago due to bleeding stomach ulcers.  Presumably, his stomach is OK now.  But yesterday it was reported that he was diagnosed with double (secret) pneumonia.  So it’s kind of looking like this show could be postponed once again.

Stay locked on for the latest.

Hank & Cupcakes at the RecordBar in KC

This husband-wife duo is originally from Israel but now they call Brooklyn home.  Their music is kind of a Euro-pop-disco thing, with female vocals provided by Cupcake, which sometimes includes kind of old school 70’s-style rap.

In 2011, they were picked by the Huffington Post as one of 15 acts that would “break out.”  And while they haven’t exactly done that, H&C are slowly but surely finding their way into the dance music scene, not just in NYC but even here in the Midwest.
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  1. legendaryhog says:

    Ryan Bingham kicks ass. I’m hopeful that he will have a good crowd out, but he may be flying under the radar in Lawrence. May be an older-dude-crowd leaning artist. If you like you some Richmond Fontaine, Uncle Tupelo, Sunvolt, etc, you will dig it. There is a little of The Boss’s “Nebraska” sound mixed in there too. Kinda like Ryan Adams’ earlier stuff if he had balls. He also sounds as if he has been smoking since he was 4 years old.

    “Guess who is knockin on the door/Guess who is knockin on the door/It’s me motherfucker I’m knockin on the door!”

    I mean, come on, that shit rocks

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