Leftridge: Chiefs Taking This ‘Offseason Thing’ Way Seriously

chiefsboobsAccording to my kick-ass KCC Tipsters—aka, a graphic I saw on KMBC Channel 9—Kansas City Chiefs’ new season ticket sales are up an impressive 112% from last year and renewals up 5. As the free-agent signing period chugs along, the team has made a number of impressive moves that seem to indicate a commitment to winning, and for the time being, it would appear that the fans are buying what general manager John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid are selling.

So long, Peyton Hillis, Kevin Boss, and Stanford Routt. Fare-thee-well Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn and Lil’ Stevie Breaston. Oh, and Glenn Dorsey? You’ve been pretty awful, and you’re probably gone, too.

(BREAKING AND EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! Multiple sources are indicating that Dorsey has reached an agreement with the San Francisco 49ers. Thank. God.)

The turnover has been fairly magnificent in a very short span, giving hope to even the most miserable of fans.

It’s about time.

Last week, the Chiefs welcomed new defensive back Dunta Robinson. The veteran CB—known for racking up both bone-rattling hits and hefty fines—will likely slide in opposite Brandon Flowers, filling a hole that has been vacant since the departure of Brandon Carr. As some have been quick to point out, however, Robinson is 31 years old and therefore, practically ancient. But while we all sit around and wonder how much of an impact Old Man Dunta will be able to make with his crippled, arthritic legs filled with bone marrow that’s probably moldy dust, I submit for your approval the following fact: HE’S NOT STANFORD ROUTT, nor is he Javier Arenas attempting to live beyond his means.

Because of these reasons, and these reasons alone, I think this is a fine move.

01.chase.danielI also like the signing of former Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel. Interestingly enough, it seems that it’s mostly a local contingent (you know, people on my Facebook) panning the move; a lot of talk before free agency began cited Daniel as a “sleeper” whose signing had the potential to be a brilliant move for a team ballsy enough to take the chance. Why? Well, as a backup for Drew Brees in New Orleans, Daniel studied under one of the best QBs in the league, and, despite his diminutive size (same knock that hounded Brees early in his career), his actual skills have never been in question.

While I like the signing, Daniel must love it, because of A) duh: $3mil per year, and B) the fact that he has a MUCH better chance of seeing the field in KC than he ever would have in N.O. (Either by virtue of Alex Smith’s performance, or Smith’s slightly disconcerting history of ailments.)  So, yeah… nicely done, Chance Daniels.

(By the way– why won’t you answer Karen, Chase? Is it because she asked you a totally obvious question 12 hours after nearly every other media outlet had reported your impending deal as factual? Look:


Oh Karen, you so… crazy.

Sadly, Anthony Fasano is NOT related to former KC Royals catcher Sal.

Sadly, Anthony Fasano is NOT related to former KC Royals catcher Sal.

Trying to shore up a very thin tight end position—I like Tony Moeaki, but his lack of consistency and propensity for significant injuries are maddening—the Chiefs signed the quietly solid Anthony Fasano to a four year deal worth an estimated $16mil. The 28-year-old former 2nd round draft pick out of Notre Dame averaged 35 catches and four touchdowns per season during his Dolphins-days, and is a productive blocker to boot. He’s not exactly dazzling, and he’ll never revolutionize the position like Gonzalez or take absolute control of a game like both Graham and Gronkowski are capable of doing, but he finds the end zone every couple of games which is all anyone could ever reasonably want from a second tight end.

Finally, the Chiefs capped off day one of free agency by making a move that many have cited as a stealthily excellent one—signing former New York Jets’ defensive end Mike DeVito to a 3 year deal worth a reported $12mil ($6 guaranteed). DeVito, who has started for the past three years in a 3-4 defense (imagine the novelty of signing someone who fits your scheme! AMAZING!), will be reunited with former Jets’ coach/ new Chiefs’ defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Per Pro Football Focus, DeVito graded out as the tenth-best 3-4 DE in 2012. Not too shabby.

Dorsey(And though I couldn’t find Dorsey’s grading on the aforementioned site, I DID find this: Dorsey’s 2012 Cap Hit: $8.8m. Dorsey’s 2012 Performance Based Value: $750k. That’s a “Value Differential” of -$8m. GLENN DORSEY WAS WORTH NEGATIVE $8,000,000 in 2012! In terms of defensive linemen, this was second ONLY to Tyson Jackson. Say what you will, but at least the Chiefs are consistent with their terribleness across the board. Like it says in the Bible, “Let no shit outshine another; for all shit is equal in the toilet of the Lord.” I think it says that, at least… somewhere near the back, maybe. )

So, needless to say, the Chiefs have been on a trading/signing tear.

And while a starting cornerback, a defensive lineman, a second tight end and a backup quarterback won’t turn this into a playoff team overnight, it’s refreshing that these things are being DONE, and done quickly. Needs are being addressed, value is being added and the horrific incarnation of last year’s crap factory is slowly being swept away.

Personally, I can’t wait until September.


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32 Responses to Leftridge: Chiefs Taking This ‘Offseason Thing’ Way Seriously

  1. chuck says:

    That bible quote is pretty funny. 🙂

    The Broncos signed Wes Welker for 12 million. OUCH!

    We are playing for 2nd place, although Elvis Dumervil might be leaving Denver. OUCH again!

    Kero’s Chargers are led by the captain of a ruined arm. The Chiefs are now at least, warriors for the working day.

    Not bad.

    • Yeah, that Welker signing was a real kick in the groin. The thing is, I don’t think he was even on the Chiefs radar, which is too bad. But hey– Donnie Avery, right? WOO-HOO!

      They DEFINITELY need to add an impact receiver. The free agent selection is slim… anybody have Danario Alexander’s number? His knees might be suspect, but he’d still instantaneously be KC’s second best WR.

    • Libertarian says:

      Peyton Manning AND Wes Welker going against the Chef’s defense?

      Its gonna be a fun season!

  2. Jess says:

    I personally love all the moves that the Chiefs are making. But I can tell you this, if they draft anyone other than Geno I am going to take a vacation day to listen to KK cry like a bitch on air. The dude is ate up with Geno Smith, and not one NFL personnel guy says that he is worth the #1 overall, hell I have heard several of them don’t think there is a 1st round QB at all in this draft. But, I know these are the same people that thought Tom Brady was a 6 or 7 rounder. Time will tell.

    But it does make me sick that Denver added ANOTHER offensive weapon. I will bet that the AFC west will be a force soon.

    • chuck says:

      Jess, KK is “Fanny Price” obsessed with Geno Smith.

      It’s like we gave up the 2nd round pick for W. Somerset Maugham.

      One word. INTERVENTION.

  3. CG says:

    After the Chiefs got Alex Smith, for kinda cheap, they stopped. Free agency was a joke regarding who they ‘didn’t’ grab or try and grab. Clark did not go for it, did not open his checkbook. We still have but two weapons, Charles and Bowe. Thats it. Nothing more so far. I too was excited after we got Smith and resigned Bowe, since then nothing. Yes Chase is a possible upgrade at back up, the rest are hole pluggers. With the worst team in the NFL you need much more that that. No Wallace, no Jennings, so far nothing. Who will Alexis win with? The defense also has gained not much to this point. Looking like more of a 6,7 win season. If you are happy with that, ENJOY. I’m not. It’s the win now league, we’ve been building for the future forever, thats a b.s. line of crap. I give it to Hunt, looks like he pulled off the usual ‘come see us, anything can happen from the 50’ again. Please. The Royals however do look good, they didn’t need much but pitching that looks much improved, I see them as a contender.

    • Jess says:

      Are you kidding me? Not opening the check book? Have you even been paying attention to FA moves? Pretty weak take, may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Yeah, the Chiefs certainly aren’t being cheap… if that were the case, the same could be said about almost every other team in the league who DIDN’T sign Welker. No, the Chiefs are spending… it’s just a matter of whether or not they’re spending money the right way.

    • chuck says:

      Glaze, Miami is crazier than Harley’s pet coon. 30 Mil for Mike Wallace? They may as well have given the fu*kin money to Harry Reasoner. Miami has no running game, no QB, no offensive line. It won’t take “Mike Wallace” “60 Minutes” in Miami under the lights before he is feeling like John Ehrlichman.

      I think they did what they could considering the variables.

  4. CG says:

    Yeah I have, explain? You mean the big 7 million a year for STARTING QB SMITH? HE IS LESS DOUGH THEN MATT THE FRANCHISE. WHO I SAID WOULD BE CUT AND IS…they signed Bowe, big bucks, all teams have at least a couple of those. Nothing special, he is your offense. These other guys like Chase at 3 million for three years to back up are again under the ‘big’ payday numbers. You don’t know football. You are like thousands of fans ‘worried’ about how much we might have to pay a good or great player. That’s the Chiefs issue, we want to win and now. There is no future really in the NFL its the win now league, like crappy Seattle who is now a top five team or better in the NFL and a Super Bowl contender. We are nothing. We are the worst team in the NFL and have been for some time, we have done nothing. We are a joke, punchline in NFL jokes. If you read me last season you would know that I am expert at this you are not. Again let me make it clearer, if the Chiefs don’t do GREAT in the draft, pick up another TWO name quality players from somewhere…6,7, or 8 wins. YOU HAVE THE SAME TEAM WITH A NEW QB, BETTER BUT NOTHING SPECIAL, that includes the coach..how has he done lately, hummm…don’t question your betters my friend. So far this free agency outside of Alex Smith is an F- horrible, we got dick. Like last year, none of those guys are even here are they.

  5. CG says:

    P.S. Let me make it very clear and readers will raise an eyebrow on this one: or two: WE HAVE NOBODY TO THROW THE BALL TO SAVE BOWE, NOBODY. WE WELKER WAS PURCHASED BY DENVER FOR 6 MILLION A YEAR TWO YEARS…THATS RIGHT CHIEFS FANS A BID OF SAY 7 MILLION A YEAR WES WELKER WOULD BE A KANSAS CITY CHIEF. You say too much, really how much did we pay Jackson, Dorsey, Brestan? And a cast of thousands, BEST SLOT RECEIVER OF ALL TIME MAYBE, HAS YEARS LEFT, WE HAVE NOBODY AND YOU DON’T OFFER THE GUY 7 MILLION A YEAR? That means you are a still more worried about the bottom line, fooling your fans with one kind a big name, Smith and you are done. Oh yeah the draft, we are great at that, right. Also TWO: GREG JENNINGS IS IN THE VIKINGS CAMP TODAY, WE MADE NO OFFER. Welker a Chief at mayb 13.5 million for two years. End of story.

    • chuck says:

      Glaze Wes Welker would NEVER come to KC. He would only go to Denver with Manning, or New Orleans with Drew, or Green bay with Rogers.

      He is a great player in a system with a great QB

      Just my opinion.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        You mean there isn’t a Todd Pinkston on the Chiefs? Andy had TO (his most successful season btw) and mostly #2s passing as #1s. He’ll find some ham-and-eggers to catch balls and run routes.

        Now his success in drafting O-line is not good. Ryan was the best lineman during the Reid-era and he was a FA. He got good players to buy his system. That’s a plus.

  6. mark smith says:

    Good take Lefty. Now if we can figure out who this CG guy is. Aside from touting himself in every other sentence , there isn’t any similarity in the writing of the Ass Hat Formerly known as Scribe and the mysterious CG.

    • I don’t know that Glazer has ever suggested that he’s NOT “CG.” I think it’s just the cool, modernized, sleek moniker he uses to unleash his madness upon the unsuspecting public.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    I swear Andy Reid was at The Record Bar last night. Kitty would neither confirm nor deny the guy asked for crab fries.

    I guess Baccala will have to take the name-plate off of Breaston’s seat by the pole, eh?

    We need the real story Brando, was Chickie & Pete’s move to Worlds of Fun and (maybe) Arrowhead part of Andy’s contract? Will 610 be adding Howard Eskin to carry Andy’s water (if not, then who)?

    Still wish there was someone out there who really, really, really wanted the #1 pick.

    • Good question. I saw the “crab fries” thing referenced on another website. Alas, I have to concrete evidence- only hare-cocked, half-brained theories.

      And yeah, someone willing to let KC move down and perhaps pick up the lost 2nd rounder– or maybe a 3rd– would be amazing. Unfortunately, the chances of this happening seem very, very slim.

  8. Jimmy Cliff says:

    Chuck owes me money.

    I laughed sp hard at the Harry resoner comment i spilled my diet coke in my lap.

  9. smartman says:

    The CG cover is as fake as the hair on his head. Face it, he misses the give and take with the intellectuals, and the abuse he received here.

    Both are of a substantially higher pedigree than anything TKC can offer. But TKC has not cracked the whip yet on “the scribe” posting his own favorable comments. There is a certain sense of freedom when you can troll yourself.

  10. chuck says:

    Bleacher Report on Donnie Avery-

    “Kansas City Chiefs Sign WR Donnie Avery

    The Chiefs made a serious commitment to new quarterback Alex Smith, and now they’re seriously committing to getting him weapons. After re-signing No. 1 receiver Dwayne Bowe and bringing in tight end Anthony Fasano, they’ve now added former Indianapolis Colts wideout Donnie Avery.

    Avery, walking at 5’11”, 186 pounds, was the first pick in the second round of the 2008 draft. He showed good potential in his first two seasons, hauling in 100 passes for 1,263 yards and eight touchdowns.

    Avery’s development was cut short in his third year, though, when he blew his ACL in a preseason game. Avery missed the entire 2010 season and was released by the Rams. He was signed by the Titans in 2011 but barely got on the field for them; he was active for just eight games and caught only three passes.

    In 2012, though, Avery was back in form, this time in Indianapolis. He caught 60 passes for 781 yards and three touchdowns. Even if he can’t produce better than that in 2013, it’ll be okay. The more targets Alex Smith has who can get open past the sticks and catch it, the better chance he has to hit the Arrowhead Stadium ground running.”


  11. chuck says:

    Bleacher Report on Mike Wallace

    “Miami Dolphins Sign WR Mike Wallace
    Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images
    It was one of the most reported, likely free-agent moves, and now it’s happened: Blazing fast wideout Mike Wallace is headed to Miami, giving second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill a target who can scare defenses and force them to adjust.

    This very column named Wallace as potentially the biggest bust of this free-agent class, and his new contract, which Jeff Darlington of NFL Network states will be a five-year deal worth $65 million with about $30 million guaranteed, is a big reason why.

    Wallace is not a do-everything No. 1 receiver; he’s excellent on deep routes and screen passes, but his very slim build and inconsistent hands keep him from being a third-down safety blanket for Tannehill. Wallace will have to prove he can physically overcome a steady diet of double-teams.

    He’ll also have to prove he wasn’t just playing for this contract.

    Wallace’s talent is the kind the Dolphins need, but the Dolphins aren’t a great fit for Wallace. Worse yet, this is a scary level of money and commitment for a young player trending downward.

    Grade: D

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Chuck I like your spirit. I disagree, Welker maybe would have considered a 3 year 30 million dollar KC deal with Alex Smith and Coach Andy and some nice B.S. an 18 million check for sure against the 30 over his first two years. Nice. Getting a guy like that is maybe worth 3-5 wins. A game changer. We don’t have anyone like that save Bowe, and Charles in a lesser sense. Those two and our 5 all pros won us 2 games last year. Again Smith is a big help. If we don’t get anyone that matters, have a good draft, we sure might win 6-8 games. Again, if thats what you guys want. Enjoy. Welker with us, 9-11 wins. Denver wins AFC, NFC is likely a battle between Seattle and S.F. with a push from Packers and Washington if RG3 is healthy. Denver has Texans, Pats and the usual Ravens and Pitts making some noise. I think the Ravens were one and done. Hey SmartCoward, I have plenty of attention on Tonys site, don’t mind coming over here when I have something to say. When it comes to NFL or College football I am a proven expert so my thoughts matter. Remember like nobody else you know I put my money where my mouth was and won…I won every major bet I made in Vegas in football, five in three years against the Chumps, sad to see them improve. Nobody I can count on to lose every week.

      • “Getting a guy like that is maybe worth 3-5 wins.”

        Sorry Craig, but no… they have a way to measure that, actually. Win Probability Added (WPA). WRs are very, VERY rarely worth anything more than 2. There was a fluke season where two were above 3– Welker WAS one of them– but it was a complete anomaly. He’s good, but typically closer to the addition of a single win (maybe two) per season.

      • Hot Carl says:

        Welker worth 3-5 wins? Jesus, you’re a moron.

  12. chuck says:

    Glaze, I have never been more cognitively dissonant.

    The year before last, I won money (20 bucks a bet and I won about 100.00 bucks.) and I thought I hung with ya.

    Last year, I sucked bad and lost about 200.00 bucks. Your predictions of wins and losses, even with the “Tease” bets were impressive. Your predictions of how the Chiefs would do, are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD on the money.

    My average bet is 20.00 and I am just another guy on a blog telling everyone what to do. But, I do tell the truth. You kicked major fu*kin ass last year, not only with your predictions, which are somewhat arcane with the whole “teaser” bet sh*t, but in fact your advice, your implications and rhetoric with respect to who would do what every week was dead on.

    It is what it is.

    I bet every week, and this is the truth. Glazer really does a great job with his predictions.

    That said, you Glaze, of all people, should know, it’s what have ya done for me lately?

    It’s a new year and I, with my 20 bucks think I am better than you.


    Welker, you acid dropping freak will in no way get a categorical 4 wins.

    He is part of a team.

    He is part of a system and a philosophy.

    He is not Jerry Rice.

    I am so glad that you are commenting again with your real name.

    Let us address the “smartman” problem.

    Let it fu*kin go.

    Smarty, when he is not sharpening his Latin First Declension skills fu*ks with you like he pinched a zit in 1983.

    Sun Tzu my friend.

    Knowing your limitations is a strength. In fact, it is a weapon.

    For the record, I love the smarty. That fu*ker cracks us all up day and night.

    If in fact, in another world, you could actually be that utilitarian, John Wayne-Horse Sodiers (My Favorite flick with Wayne) kick ass extemporaneous-Ijustbrokeyournose guy, it would be ok.

    Not even close.

    Let it go.

    Fu*kin with smarty on a blog is insane. Seriously. INSANE.

    Things change. Dinosaurs need dignity too. I am a dinosaur and you gotta quit leaning into that left hand dude.

    Glaze, you have no need, none Whatsoever (Yeah, that pun intended, a great boxing club.) to prove yourself on the fu*kin internet.

    I mean no diss, but I have been stabbed once, shot once and been in over 40 barfights.

    I am 63.

    You know what that is?

    A disgrace.

    Let that sh*t go buddy.

    I like ya on TKC.

    That last article about starting a business was your best yet.

  13. chuck says:

    Let me reiterate and stay on subject.

    Glazer’s picks last year, I kept track because I gamble, were dead, DEAD on the money.

    It is what it is.

  14. Kerouac says:

    It’s Groundhog Day at Arrowhead again – John Dorsey, Andy Reid and Mr. Smith go to Kansas City, retracing the footsteps Larry Pioli, Moe Haley and Curley Joe Cassel, until and unless they prove otherwise, ‘Show Me’ state… the latters had impressive resumes elsewhere too, just as the formers.

    Same 2-14 finish year before each trio arrived, same ‘we got the best GM candidate in the NFL’ party line, and same high draft choice they’re again likely unable trade away; ‘Like smoke from a cigarette, dreams that you soon forget, it’s fading away, and it’s 20-09… yesterday’ (with apologies to Liz Damon.)

    For Norman Vincent Peale ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ devotees: 1963 Raiders went 10-4 off a 1-13 in 1962 season, while the ’66 Oilers improved from 3-11 to AFL Championship game 1967 (Peale was referred to as a con man & fraud by one mental health expert, according to Donald Meyer in his book “Confidence Man”.)

    It’s not cynicism if they back it up… KC has. Nod BC & AD, Chiefs AS (aft Hank Stram) marketing slogan the hiring Paul Wiggin 1975: ‘Chiefs Comin’ Back’… only seems 2000 years as the wait continues, several saviors later; could be worse: could be a Cubs fan.

    2013 looks better than last year/good on paper (always does), free agent signings and ‘a new Sheriff’s in town’ hype… merits & demerits/luck & fate considered, 7 -8 wins a likely apex 2013, rebuilding tack continuing a 44th season.

    1 DENVER

    : ) comedy ~ tragedy : (

  15. CG says:

    Thank you Chuck, always liked you. At least you were a brave man and came to one of Hearne’s parties and introduced yourself to me and other writers. I liked that and appreciate you. We don’t always agree, but you are a cool dude and respectful, again I like that. Like you I am a huge fan of the Chiefs and Royals, but they have been so awful lately I had to go after them in bets and comments. Sadly I was right. I am not happy with anything we have done past Alex Smith, the Chase Daniels thing was ok, I like him but he is a maybe. I think he might be decent…the rest…nobody impresses me so far, and I think Hunt should have spent a ton on at least one name wide out or play maker cause we have really none. Bowe and Charles are good not great, Charles can’t score inside the 20 and has few touchdowns at all. Charles can’t carry our team, we saw that last year. Bowe is lazy at times but has talent and is our most dangerous weapon. THATS IT nothing else for Alex to work with.

    Our coach is on the excitement plan, if we fall to 1-3 or so, he might cave in, as he did in Philly. They stunk and had great talent the last two years, THE DREAM TEAM…and they failed badly. Maybe Andy comes back, maybe not, same with Alex, no help, he might fail. As of now he has nowhere to go with the football outside of one back and one wide out. Welker could have been had, for a price and a nice story. I don’t agree with you, I think he is top notch, a game changer for a guy like Smith.

    The draft helps but usually those guys can’t save you in year one. Maybe we find a stud receiver, maybe not. We need a power back as well. I don’t like our D line its weak, our linebackers cover them on the run and short throws, none of them can get to the quarterback. DJ is very good, but doesn’t make enough big plays, no sacks. I feel he is a bit over rated. Tamba is a maybe, he was off his game last year, badly. We have no real consistent playmakers, thus the 2-14 season. Yes Smith will help, but he needs a team around him, right now its last years team with a new quarterback thats all I see.

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