Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Hits Kingdom In the Clouds

Jack-the-Giant-SlayerJACK THE GIANT SLAYER is a big screen fairytale bordering an action-filled spectacle…

A family adventure that’s probably not for the entire family—hence its PG-13 rating. Some of the film’s fighting and battle scenes are surprisingly graphic and could easily frighten the under eight age crowd.

Of course the fabled story is based on Jack And The Beanstalk and has Nicholas Hoult as the title character come into possession of some very unusual beans.

When one accidentally falls between the cracks and into a puddle of water—you guessed it—it shoots up into the clouds as a beanstalk. And it all happens faster than Kansas City’s ever exploding water pipes.

Yeap, farm hand Jack has opened the gateway to the world of giants and taken Princess Isabelle along for the climb.

An adventure playing out above the clouds that’s about to re-start an ancient war between those big boys now trying to reclaim the world they lost centuries ago.

Hope I got that right.

It’s an hour and 53 minute performance storybook with story telling and chuckle producing dialogue.

Director Bryan Singer has lined up an impressive cast for this latest cinematic fantasy. Like main male dude Nicholas Hoult fresh from WARM BODIES and Singer’s upcoming X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

jack-the-giant-slayer-ewan-mc-gregor-poster-taiwaneseIt also features Stanley Tucci as Lord Roperick, Ian McShane as King Brahwell and Ewan McGregor as Elmont, leader of the king’s elite guard.

Eleanor Tomlinson is the kidnapped by the giant’s Princess Isabelle. And Bill Nighy puts his head together with John Kassir‘s—LITERALLY—as the two-headed leader of the giants.

So will Jack save the princess? Will the beanstalk be cut down before Jack and the princess can make it down safely? And more importantly will there be a happy ending?

Hey, we all need happy endings these days.

As for the 3-D process in the picture, it’s OK but doesn’t really add that much to the total scope of the film. I’d say save the up-charge and see it in 2-D.

Jack’s mythology adventure was initially set for release last June. But apparently that was too close for Warner Brothers’ other major action flick THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that was set to follow in July.

So Jack’s bean tale was moved way back to this weekend. And on top of it all they softened the pix’s title from JACK THE GIANT KILLER to JACK THE GIANT SLAYER.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I’m handing this sprouting bean adventure 2-1/2 out of 5 mischievous fingers.

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