Mancow: Communist Party Presents ‘The Oscars’

images-1I can’t stand the phoney baloney Oscars

Hollywood jerks.

What’s happened to our wonderful country?

Poisoned by rap music, socialists and underachievers. Awful, terrible.

By the way, see if you notice the same thing I’m noticing. Everything is about women. Even the ads. Men are just props or are treated as such.


God help us.

There are very few sane people remaining in America.

I realized that the Oscars is just the annual Meeting of the Communist Party.


The women posing on the red carpet- just empty soulless selfish egomaniacs. It reminds me of when they killed the lion in the “Chronicles of Narnia” and all the witches and goblins and creatures were there to enjoy his death.

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  1. the dude says:

    Hey, cranky old man- go the hell to bed and be sure to take your prune juice so you can leave a healthy crap in the morning.
    Leave the real living to us fairly young people and you just stay old and cranky you old bag of wind.

  2. admin says:

    Old man? Geez, he’s forty effing six!

  3. Dan Saults says:

    Is this a real posting? These seem like idle ramblings of a sourpuss drunk. Are these genuine?

  4. gerald bostock says:

    This has me reminiscing about the comparatively thoughtful and mature musings of Craig Glazer.

  5. smartman says:

    Christ Mancow, if you can’t bring some hangtime to the discourse at least bring some 5-7-5 haiku flavor

    Commies make movies
    I don’t like Communist f*cks
    The Oscar’s are sh*t

  6. CG says:

    Eric WTF, calm down bro. Its an insiders game played mainly in LA and a bit in NY. The public doesn’t realize there are only a few thousand voters. Now you only get in if you are nominated or are related to Steven, who lost again…I went to two of them, boring but very interesting, only cool if you are nominated or have a big movie out…but no they are not Commie’s. Why do you think that? Zero Dark Thirty had a ton of attention, pretty American wasn’t it?

  7. tiad says:

    This is why we need an IQ test and 14-day waiting period for smartphones.

  8. chuck says:

    Pretty funny Mancow.

    They are commie fu*ks.


  9. LAW4LIFE.COM says:

    God Bless Michelle Obama.

    She was SO, SO, SO wonderful!!!!!

    I got a thrill up my leg when she came on!!!

    I LOVE HER BANGS!!!!!!


    The Oscars are so much more important when she is on because of Black History Month!!

    Her appearance has changed the world!!

    I would vote for having the Oscars every week on Sunday Night. During Feb. The entire Obama family could host them every week!!!

    I wish Michelle would have brought the Dog.

    They should rename that breed of dog. Everyone could have a Dogbama!!

    Then our Dogbama’s could sit on our laps every week while watching the Oscars!!

    You could train your Dogbama to take your gun to the police station.

    You could train your Dogbama to attack with an attack word. “ZIMMERMAN!!!!!!”

    You could train your Dogbama to operate on your a*s when you get cancer, cause all of the doctors are vets from Pakistan makin 10 bucks an hour. “Scalpel, no, don’t go get your baby, SCALPEL!!”

    We would all name our dogs TRAYVON!!!

    “Here Trayvon, here buddy!!”

    You could train your Dogbama to break into your neighbors house!

    I have to go now, I am getting hundreds of thousands of emails from friends.

    • harley says:

      hahahaha……i hear crickets….
      nice writing wilson….lets hear one of your “funny” stories…
      i’ve been waiting all day and night..
      go to leftys article…please comment….that should be
      worth millions….
      lets hear about the story WILSON…….COME ON BUDDY…oh
      sorry i meant jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chuck says:

      Probably just me, but I thought that law4life post was hilarious Paul.


      I laughed my azz off.

      Just my opinion, but I think that might have been the funniest thing posted on this blog in a long time.

      Just sayin….

      Not tryin to stir anything up, but yeah, LMAO funny.

  10. Dan Saults says:

    Mr. Glazer. Which two Academy Ceremonies did you attend? And when you mean “attend” you mean you were in the audience where the awards were presented?

    • chuck says:

      Yeah, Glaze, that would very interesting.

      Who did ya see?

      Where did ya sit?

      etc. etc…

    • CG says:

      88/89 in fact I was likely the only guy who attended while in the half way house in downtown LA, I had just gotten out of prison in Oct of 88, on Halloween, so it was just weeks later. My pal, Sonny Landham invited me, he was a member…we spent 90 percent of our time in the ABC room…also with us was my writer of Outlaws, Bob Pool who had just written Outbreak with his partner and it starred Dustin Hoffman…fun night, long show…were you there? Yes we walked the red carpet, whole nine yards, all people who go in to the show do…

      • CG says:

        Boy I met a ton of stars, Kim Bassinger, dressed as little Bowe Peep, God knows why…we walked in, on the carpet, behind Speilberg and Lucas, my writing partner thought the applause was for us, uh…nope, them, hah..many did recognize Sonny he had recently co starred in Preditor and 48 Hours…I did not pick up a star, had to be back at half way house by 1030, left the area early, did pick up the head car parker a hot chick from South America, wanting to be a ‘star’ she never did but we dated for a couple months, a hottie…best part…saw Danzel win his first award, best supporting actor for Glory…this was the awards of 89, I got out in 88 but the event was in 89 a few months later…I believe March

  11. Dan Saults says:

    CG – What do you remember about the ceremonies?

    • paul says:

      Need cash.
      Will shovel your driveway for $10.
      Call me at 816 795 8436.
      Need it bad. Lights turned off because of bill.
      Can’t fix the couch.

    • CG says:

      The walk down the red carpet, but feeling a bit silly just being a guest. The majority of the members then as likely now, are not actors or directors, but executives, former and current so on….seemed the majority of actors there were either nominees or presenters. I feel its that way now. Seems film makers and actors that are not involved that year want little to do with the awards night.

      Also it seemed important to have the seats filled at all times. The show kept telling us to try and stay in our seats when the camera was on and the show was in progress. They had runners fill up empty seats on the floor if someone left or went to the bathroom. Like ‘we were all glued to our seats during the show.’

      My years were a bit soft, I thought the music sets were just ok. I mostly remember how long it was, but don’t get me wrong I was honored to be there and am glad I got to see the Academy Awards in person. Of course we had a film in 89 that was in the final ten for nomination CHAMPIONS FOREVER with Ali for best documentary. We felt we would be nominated and win. It was a bitter pill not to be, at that time there were still strong feelings against him being a black muslim so no dice. Years later he was part of a movie that did win best doc, we felt not nearly as strong as ours and we covered that fight in our film, but nothing you can do. (The Ali/Foreman Fight in Africa) When We Were Kings.

      So memorable event. Much more went on, but overall something anyone would want to see at least once. Unless you are a part of it, then more.

  12. A. Theist says:

    Nice (and predictable) job, Chuck…Run out of relevant content and start making racist accusations. Thanks for continuing the ineffective effort to make a point based solely on masking your inept point by calling someone out as hating Americans of color. Really? Who’s the racist? So sad.

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