Paul Wilson: Carol Burnett Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts – February 14, 2013

carol-burnett-opening-of-the-phantom-of-the-opera-production-run-01The handicap parking was packed an hour before showtime…

Not exactly a big surprise since the headliner was iconic, 79 year-old comic Carol Burnett. Clearly this was no Lady Gaga concert crowd.

That said, my first encounter of the evening was with a 20-something hipster couple dressed as if they’d made a wrong turn on the way to the Record Bar. Pitch readers, I suppose.

“She’s an INSTITUTION,” the dude said. “Some of my best childhood memories are of my mom and me watching her reruns.”

The Carol Burnett fan age gap was made even clearer by the fact not even said dude’s mother was old enough to have watched Burnett’s 1967 television series.

Naturally there were plenty of octogenarians there, who, like kids attending a rock concert in band swag, commemorated the occasion by wearing vintage Bob Mackie dresses.

imagesBut overall, the crowd was a surprising mix of all ages with a higher than normal ratio of gays, since Burnett is, after all, one of the Top 50 gay entertainment icons of all time. Right up there with Cher, Liza Minelli and Cyndi Lauper.

The lights dimmed, the curtain raised and a 60 second montage of Burnett’s famed Tarzan yell was beamed onto a giant screen as Burnett looked on. Followed immediately by videos from across the years, showing how Burnett’s hair styles and fashions evolved. As the last couple of videos flickered across the screen the spot light focused on Burnett on the left of the stage and the crowd applauded wildly and she walked out with a boisterous, “Well, HELLO!”

Burnett’s show was divided into three video segments that covered various
of her comedy skits from over the years, a sampling of her musical guests
and the movie take-offs she was so famous for.

However with the first video clip it became clear something wasn’t right.

The Kauffman Center has some of the best sound and acoustics in the world, but
it quickly became evident that Burnett’s source material was sub par to say the least.

rca-dogAs if for the 25 years her one woman show has run nobody bothered to remaster the old audio into something halfway listenable! Frankly, it sounded as if someone had dug up an old 1960s television set and turned up full blast.
It was at that point people began the frequent process leaning over to their
neighbors, as if to ask, “What did she just say?”

On top of that, Burnett insisted on wearing a clip on mic attached to her dress instead of a far superior over the ear boom mic, making her audio sketchy at best as she turned from side to side away from the mic.

Overall the poor sound quality was a major distraction.

The only time the audience could clearly hear was when someone in the crowd asked a question which came across crystal clear.

And Burnett took endless questions from the crowd – nothing edgy though as Hearne had suggested – pretty much all softballs.

7G72x4Jao1VRiYeShe did get choked up though when asked about her relationship with Lucille Ball. They were clearly great friends and shared an enormous admiration for one

In a broken voice Burnett said that Lucy had died on her 56th birthday, and
she’d gotten flowers from her that very day.

Asked if Burnett thought there would ever be a show like hers again, she
said she’d like to think so but it wasn’t likely.

Remember; when Burnett was at the height of her career, there were only three television networks and no matter what your ratings were within reason, you had a pretty good shot at getting a third of the audience. She had 30 million viewers
a week.

Burnett went on to explain that the expense of the show wouldn’t fit today’s budget model. Designer Bob Makie made over 60 costumes a week; they had a 16 piece orchestra and a staff of 35.

You’re simply not going to see that today with 200 networks to choose from.

And that perhaps is why Burnett’s been selling out shows all over the country in the 25 years she’s done this show.
One comment came from a 50-something black man who said he’d lived in a
home where his parents had not spoken for over a year. Then one night as
the family was watching Burnett’s show, as she did the Ty-D-Bol spoof
his whole family laughed and magically his mom and dad started talking from that moment on.

That same sentiment was echoed by a group I visited with after the show.

Two of them said they came from homes with difficult, controlling fathers and a
lot of stress in the family, but the one time everyone laughed was during Burnett’s show.

Which shows, I guess, that dysfunctional families have been around forever and laughter is still one of the best medicines.

The show ended with a montage of Burnett’s closing number – the song Hamilton, her husband and producer then, wrote as the theme song – that she sang at the end of every episode.

“I’m so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song, seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say, ‘So

DVD-2_Episode-903_EAR_TUG_carol_is_singing_and_pulling_earAbout half way through the video, the spotlight rose on Burnett and she sang along, tugging at her left ear at the end and telling Kansas City goodnight.

Burnett ended each of her television shows by tugging her ear as a message to her grandmother who raised her that she was doing well and loved her.

She then left the stage to a 90 second standing ovation.

Maybe Burnett’s just a great actress – maybe it’s real – but from all anyone
could tell, she was up there because she wanted to be; and nothing about
her gives away her 79 years.

I stood in the lobby afterwards for 20 minutes or so visiting with friends. When
we left and turned North on Broadway, there Burnett was – her black Suburban wedged between the security gate and the street – straddling the sidewalk as she hung out the back window signing autographs and talking to fans.

So it was that Burnett’s less than perfect sound got lost in the fastest 90 minute show one could imagine.

They don’t make ’em like Carol Burnett any more.

Who in today’s entertainment world will be doing a one man or one woman
show for 25 years talking about a television show that ended 30 years earlier?

I sure can’t think of anyone.
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129 Responses to Paul Wilson: Carol Burnett Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts – February 14, 2013

  1. mike says:

    I am 51 and used to watch that show growing up. Carol Burnett is a rare all around talent that can act, sing, and do comedy at a very high level. I used to particularly enjoyed some of her skits with Tim Conway. I would love to see her and Tim Conway get together and do some shows.

  2. Don says:

    That is interesting about Lucy. I never knew that, but when you think about it, you can see the influence. Two of the funniest redheads ever.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Don, it was interesting that, all those years later, she gets chocked up on stage talking about it. They were clearly great friends and it still moves her to talk about it.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mike, one of the opening skits was Tim as the dentist and Harvey as the patient, the one where Tim kept injecting himself. That kind of humor is lost today, the physical humor. The worst part is, its just as funny now as it ever has been! Where did it go and why?

    • mike says:

      Remember the one where Tim Conway was playing the old man and got stuck on the door knob? Harvey Kormann lost it. It always amazed me how Carol Burnett kept a straight face as some of Tim Conway’s things were ad lib.

    • mike says:

      By the way, my Dad saw Tim Conway this last fall in Branson and said he is as funny as ever.

  4. I am impressed that you worked Lady Gaga into this! I have mixed feelings about the Kauffment Center – have had good and bad experiences there, but I am sad I missed this show. My mother and I used to watch her when I was little!

    • Don says:

      Wow! If your Mom and you used to watch Lady Gaga when you were little, you must really be young!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Rachel, I added that just for you! The editor wanted to remove it but I talked him into keeping it, right, Admin?

  5. mike says:

    TV has really changed over the years. We used to have to choose between 3 good shows. Now we have the choice of 200 crappy ones. I kind of miss the old days, even though I was my Dad’s remote control.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Nice write up, Paul!

  7. Super Dave says:

    You see how this is done Hearne?

    Now thats a story a person can enjoy reading and relate to.

    Nice job Mister Man!

    • mike says:

      What I liked about it was that he made descibing the show and the background of the performer the focus instead of himself. That is how it should be done.

    • harley says:

      unlike super dave who’s disgusting comments about a local
      celebrity fill the blogs….specifically tonyskc
      show some class…you’re wearing out the keyboards
      attacking glaze and the woman….attacking a smart woman…yeah..
      thats typical for these losers!!!!!
      i know it’s hard when you find an easy target…but glaze
      already put you in your place….
      specifcially ms. jones…who i have met and is probably one of
      the rising stars in tv today. She doesn’t need losers like that
      to humiliate and try to destroy her reputation…lay off
      you know who you are!!!!! show some class..;what little you

      • Tonyskc says:

        And here’s more from Mr. Warmth himself:
        Least Walker is only black man I know of who claims to not have voted for Obama.
        But then he might very well be a liar as most are. Isn’t that right Rev Brooks? Maybe he should have worked in a stop by for the POSSE bunch but wait I bet Jimmy don’t have time for any poor black people.
        Still remember Hearne and some making a big deal because a security guard gave Walker and another ass clown some shit because they was all hooded up walking around in the channel 4 station before a show. Typical star bullshit by stars who don’t think they have to follow the rules or can do as they please. Then make a race issue of it. F***lk Walker!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Nice job impersonating Tony, Harley. As usual, this was a clean, interesting post with even a smattering of new people till you made your appearance and trashed it up for everyone.
          Didnt your momma ever tell you…if you can’t say something nice…….
          No one was on here talking to you. Carol is clearly only funny if you are both high and drunk, so why not just take a pass if you’re not really that interested in the topic anyway?
          We thank you in advance for the peace, quiet and civil discourse that was taking place prior to your arrival. I don’t go trash up your posts with your 4,000 likes, try to reciprocate, K?

  8. Pendergast says:

    I saw you guys down front by the box before you took your seats but too late to come say hi. I totally agree with your comment on the sound, it was terrible from our seats. I have 10 of her DVDs, why are they so clean, remastered? They can do that for a $19.95 DVD set but not for a $200 ticket to see her live? I was highly disappointed in the sound and for anyone who has ever been to the Kauffman, you know its not the house sound to blame! And you make a good point, its been 25 years she’s been doing this, what gives; 25 years not enough time to fix it or figure that out? That aside, we loved the show. Perfect recount of what went down.
    Great article by the way, good to see you on here! Maybe make it a habit?

  9. Veronica Hornsby says:

    What a great write up and a succinct summary of the show last night! Your wife is lucky to enjoy the benefits of a guy with taste as well as a clever knack for writing!!!

    I attended as well with my latest guy and was so impressed by the diversity of the crowd, the gracious way she accepted every request for autographs or the flowers one lady brought her, and the way she said everything in such a funny way. Her shared stories from behind the scenes were as entertaining as her show was!

    Gosh… I’d love to meet you and chat about the show. Great writing!

    • harley says:

      looks like someone’s got a secret crush on our new “scribe” at kcc!!!lol!

      • Super Dave says:

        Yes harley unlike you Paul has real life friends who he talks with not to just himself like you do.

      • Veronica Hornsby says:

        Who’s Harley??? If he’s supposed to be a picture of attractiveness, good writing and et all, then I have every reason to have a crush on Paul! I’ll gladly admit to finding Paul Wilson to having beat this Harley creep hands down at writing and general ability to be sweet and romantic (with his wife). He took her to Carol Burnett and enjoyed it without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He has a smooth way of writing about the experience and seems like he’d be well read and fun. You, Harley, seem like an uninteresting, rude, thug who likes to put on airs and pretend he can write and mistakenly thinks he is better than everyone else. It’s okay, little boy. Learn from a man like Paul how to be engaging and intriguing, well-written and gentlemanly… Maybe I DO have a crush. Humph! What of it? Someone’s clearly a wannabe and very jealous of Paul’s natural instincts and pizazz, lol!

  10. Trish says:

    Would have been worth the trip from OKC to attend, however, since I had other plans, your review was the next best thing. You made me feel as if I were there, right down to the Bob Mackie dresses! So cool!
    You made me laugh…and brought tears to my eyes as well. Just like our beloved Carol Burnett!
    (Mr. Wilson, I’d like to see you reviewing movies and books, as well as other performances. Anything in the works?)

  11. chuck says:

    Nice story Paul!

    Really enjoyed it.


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thank you, Chuck. Funny, it went 50+ comments strong all GREAT comments, till the resident special needs person showed up!

  12. smartman says:

    Brilliant Wilson! Your post just erased the bad karma from at least 4 of Glazer’s, but not the one about the porn star mom,her son and the aborted menage a tois. Well done chap!

    My audio engineer friend recommends the following headset mics, Audio Technica BP892 or BP893, DPA4061 (omni) or DPA4088 (cardiod), Senheiser ME3 or Shure Beta 54

    You’d think Carol would be sensitive to the hearing impaired or damaged among her fans.

  13. Orphan of the Road says:

    Nicely done. My memories pre-date her own show. She was on Gary Moore’s show, I think, before she got her own show.

  14. John says:

    Hello Mr. Wilson Thank you for taking us down memory lane and your excellent review of the show. Lets Hope that Dennis the Menace stop messing up your flower bed. 🙂

  15. John says:

    Kidding aside great review,,, Would like to have gone,, even people here in southwest part of Iceland knows who Carol Burnett is and seen her on thanks to AFRTS telvision. My wife Guðjbörg like her very much and we have many found memories of watching her together.

  16. Geri Wurth says:

    I really enjoyed reading your review of the Carol Burnett show at the Kaufman. Totally interesting point about the un-remastered sound. I felt like I was at the show from your description of the attendees and the graciousness of Carol herself.

    Favorite line of your review: “Which shows, I guess, that dysfunctional families have been around forever, and laughter is still one of the best medicines.”. I think that’s why all the people show up and continue to show up to her shows.

    Great review, Paul Wilson!

  17. Mizzougrrl says:

    Wilson! Oh, Wilson! Where have you been?? Good piece for such a schmuck! Lol! Never been to Kaufman Center, probably never will be. Based on review, there’s quite a few problems with the audio. 🙁

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mizzzzzuuuugrl, Kauffman didnt own this one; they have the best sound available, but if you bring a bad cassette tape recorded 30 years ago, play it on the best equipment available and, if not remastered and cleaned up, it’s going sound like a 30 year old cassette. We’ve had season tickets, never heard anything but flawless sound there. This was clearly the source material Burnett brought with her.
    And that’s Mr Schmuck to you!

  19. Drew Hertel says:

    A great and well written article Paul !

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thank you, Drew! And coming from a guy who wrote a GREAT story in this months KC Mag on the Midland wedding you designed and produced, I consider this an honor! We can now be friends again! You’re going to hear a lot of good stuff outta this Drew dude!

  20. Props to Paul says:

    Nice article and a good departure from the dribble of a recently departed scribe. I remember the show with Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Carol. Sometimes the most funny moments where when you could tell that they were struggling not to burst out laughing at themselves. Something I think worth noting is that when a good article is posted you clearly see that others share their input and memories. Plenty of people here that have never posted before and beyond the article the posts are a good read too. Hope it’s not the last bit of literature from this scribe!.

  21. Smemoma! says:

    Paul, I think you did such a brilliant piece on Carol Burnett. There are so many who feel as if she is family because they spent so much time laughing with her over the skits she did with Conway and Korman. Good, clean humor and explosively funny. Now a days it seems as if the comedians think they have to be sexually explicit or vulgar to get a laugh, but in Carol’s day you could let your whole family listen and watch without being concerned over the content. Love that Chelle got to be there and I hope that you get to do more writing as well! This was a good read!

  22. Janette kroeger says:

    wish could of been there bad sound and all truly one of Americas treasures

  23. harley says:

    wtf WILSON?
    as the formost and most famous commentator I wanted to say one thing
    and one thing only concerning your first attempt at being a journalist.
    You did not go to the most prestigious journalism school as I did…MU..
    you did not learn writing from some of the nations top writers and prognosticators…
    you will never replace glaze as the most popular writer EVER ON KCC…
    but your article was quite enjoyable.
    I remember harvey korman and tim conway…who could forget those
    skits they did.
    One night about 2 weeks ago…late into the night…after a few shall we
    say wacky cigarettes and 2 bottles of the finest weston missouri wines..lo
    and behold there comes on the carol burnett infomercial. To say the least
    we were on the floorv laughing. Don’t know if it wasthe accessories or that
    the stuff is just so freaking funny.
    Anyway…great job.
    I can only wonder if moshe was there if he’d be crying listening to the
    oh well…if people are smiling…then thats a great thing.
    your friend Harley
    oh one other thing…what was the movie where tim conway played
    the golfer with no legs???? gotta get that onnetflix one night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Super Dave says:

      Go away you pathetic loser

      • harley says:

        great way to go stupid dave.
        Not only can people see your vile disgusting and
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        all over tonyskc blog.
        What a disgusting human individual.
        Your hate filled comments including those against
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        up anger…he hates everyone”
        Truth is that your mouth got you into trouble with glaze
        and he called you out on it. You chickened out and shut your
        trap because you knew that glaze would hurt you really
        bad. You’re like the bully on the street…a big mouth with
        nothing to say. We know you’ve said you’re a maintenance
        man and pool cleaner for apartments so your deeds in life
        are probably limited to the fact that you saved your
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        Of course from someone so filled with hate and anger against
        everyone including glaze and everyone else on here..
        thats’ what is expected.
        What have you done? what can you add intelligently to
        the conversation? Can you debate in a civil manner with
        real facts and stats or do you just come on to try and
        verbally attack everyone on here.
        You’re a loser. We’ve seen it. We all know it. I get emails
        that point it out.
        Now…go clean out the septic tank at the apartment complex
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        Have a good day stupid dave..
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        You better watch what you say stupid dave…You’re moving
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        his personal life. And you know whathappenedto your
        freind smarmyman when he got out of line. He ran like
        a chicken and i expect you will toowhen it gets down
        to the bare facts.
        Have a great day.!!!!

        • Super Dave says:

          Glazer never called me out and as always harley you show your lack of education. You comment about myself and women as well is very off base and more unsupported jabber from you. I as well agree with what Mary says here.

          • harley says:

            sound familiar super dave…posted on tonyskc…
            you look like a liar now…

            Least Walker is only black man I know of who claims to not have voted for Obama.
            But then he might very well be a liar as most are. Isn’t that right Rev Brooks? Maybe he should have worked in a stop by for the POSSE bunch but wait I bet Jimmy don’t have time for any poor black people.
            Still remember Hearne and some making a big deal because a security guard gave Walker and another ass clown some shit because they was all hooded up walking around in the channel 4 station before a show. Typical star bullshit by stars who don’t think they have to follow the rules or can do as they please. Then make a race issue of it. F***lk Walker!

          • harley says:

            what about the crude remarks you made
            about glaze concerning the young woman?
            the constane vile…digusting…crude racist remarks
            that are always a part of your comments.
            you’re caught brother….

        • DebbieDesMoine says:

          And here is why I stopped reading KCC in a nut shell after being a long time reader but never commenting. I scanned the stories Saturday morning, this article caught my attention, read it, best thing I’ve seen on here in a long time. A writer I didnt recognize that painted a word picture of the show and a plethora of articulate comments from men and women! Iceland? OKC?
          I even reread the story, found it just as enjoyable the second time and told myself I was going to actually write a comment! So over my morning coffee and NYT I decided to do this first.
          And what to my wandering eyes appear? A great story has been once again bombed by one of the main offenders who kept me from reading KCC to begin with!
          And your opening salvo using kindergarten writing skills was to inform Mr Wilson that he, unlike you, had not been to J school? And the proof you have is what? You don’t seem to be able to compose a sentence that could match the writing skills of Rainman. Who are you to tell him what he is or is not? Who are you to tell someone that writing a comment at 1:20am indicates they have no life, but you commenting at 6:15am makes you the “foremost commenter”?
          For all those world famous prognosticators and writers you studied under, I apologize to them on your behalf. What a monumental waste of their time you were!
          “Hey, Harley, what did you do with all that money?”
          “What money?”
          “The money your mom gave you for J school?”
          Thanks for taking one of the best pieces I’ve read on here in a long time and, 1, embarrassing yourself in front of what looks like new readers, 2, lowering the collective IQ of the room by walking through the KCC door and 3, once again taking sound, interesting, constructive comments down the toilet. It’s too bad you aren’t bright enough to know what a complete ass you are.
          From what I gather Mr Glazer isn’t here anymore? If so, that fixed half the problem. Two days and 40 some interesting comments, you show up and a fabulous story goes to hell in a Harley hand basket.
          My apologies to the other readers on behalf off KCC’s special needs child, who in his on mind is always the smartest man in the room.

          • harley says:

            dear debbidesmoines..
            i would never insult a woman (unlike the
            other animals on kcc) so i will counter some
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            1. you seem like an intelligent woman.
            you read the new york times which is like
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            So if you were looking for new york times quality…i have to say Debbi…you’re way off
            base in that area.
            There’s not a single writer on kcc who does
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            But seriously…if you thought that wilson piece
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            don’t know quality from shinola.
            The story was all over the place without any
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            college when I actually attended classes.
            The story was ful of huge fact check problems and being an ardent reader of the new york
            time s you knowv how important fact checking
            is to that paper. You also know that when there
            is a mistake make that a alteration or a
            make good is made to explain the mistake.
            Do you find that at kcc…no…this is a fun and
            entertainment source for peoppe looking for
            a train wreck.
            The good style articles get 5-7 comments..the
            ones where glaze or wilson or stupid dave
            and smarmyman get into a fight get upwards
            of 50-70. The is wwf (world wrestling federation) style blogging. If everything in this
            was about old actresses with poor sound playing
            the finest performing arts theatre in the
            nation/world this site would die. It lives
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            As much as we do wish that it would be a little
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            REad my post…i never attack first…i only attack when someone can’t use a intellectual argument
            to refute what i say. The facts..the figures..
            the information for me is king.
            and should you doubt me i’m sure that your
            friend can verify everything I’ve said.
            He’s done an investigation…he’s googled my home…probably sent out pi’s…and other assorted actions to try to discredit me.
            But it’s nto worked.
            As for the other commentators…i’m sure you;re
            reacting to those that screamed “burn the jews”..
            kill the ni****rs…and the assorted othert
            abhorent language that hearne has allowed.
            I’m the smartest man in this room..until someone can prove me wrong.
            Have a great day debbi and if you need any
            advice or future newsletters i invite you to
            subscribe to my financial and economic
            papers at
            Asa new york times reader you’ll find my
            work very interesting…very fun and also
            very right on target.
            have a great day debbi…
            your friend

          • DebbieDesMoine says:

            Dear Mr Harley, your posts have been subverted and you have been unwittingly defeated by your own detractors, whereby, with each subsequent post you have assisted them in effortlessly proving their point for them. How brilliant of them! Not the sign of a national debate champion my deluded friend.
            Mr Wilson’s post full of holes? I have a broad trivia knowledge of Ms Burnett, I didnt notice any, just a clean, accurate review. If sound was an issue, it’s worthy of note, that’s not hate, it’s called a review.
            As for your other assertions, they matter not, my criticism was of your statement here, not those of others elsewhere. Clearly, as a debate god you should know to defend, not deflect.
            I honestly don’t care where you graduated from or even if you did, someone who claims to be who they are as you do (from the vantage point of complete annonimity) should at least be concerned that your writing doesn’t betray you as one of those single cells organisms you help research for the top docs in the nation instead of, what was your term, the most famous prognosticator on here?
            I have a full day to pursue, you be a good and do yourself a favor; don’t give these intelligent commenters such a plethora of ammunition, oh great forensics master.
            I’ve seen a lot of KCC posts, this one was great. The only ones I’ve seen in the past with more comments largely involve you talking to yourself. Again, not at all flattering of your great wisdom, prognostication and sky high IQ.

            Tis better KCC readers think you a fool than to type one word and prove them correct. You’re too good to them, sir, you give them more than they could hope for.

            Who needs google or a PI? That would be a total waste of time and money. In the end, you likely just wish someone really did care that much. And trust me, if anyone on here actually did that, Ill bet a substantial net worth they had a reason.

            Do yourself a favor, stop helping them, it looks way too easy without your non to small additions.
            It’s noon Sunday, “you have no life”. Take your meds and go enjoy the day in the silence and misery of being inside you. That is clearly what needs a “review”.

          • harley says:

            Sorry debbie you’re a fraud and a liar. I
            proved it. One minute you say you hardly
            read kcc..the next minute you say you read
            it often. Obviously something entices you
            to the site…and I’m guessing its glazes
            wild tales that get you excited.
            If you;re actually a woman…and i’m guessing
            you’re not…you’re no doubt proved yourself
            a liar and con artist.
            The woman I date and the women i assoicate
            both in business and socially have style…class
            …are articulate…well educated…are the
            top of the areas leaders.
            You are not any of these. You’re a mean
            spiritedv hateful witch who again proves that
            when you can’t refute facts…you attack
            Have a great day. Maybe we can set you
            up with glaze…he would love a woman like
            you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well…maybe not!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Hey, fact checker, here’s what she said;

            “And here is why I stopped reading KCC in a nut shell after being a long time reader but never commenting. I scanned the stories Saturday morning, this article caught my attention, read it, best thing I’ve seen on here in a long time”

            Now, Mr Man, I don’t know her any more than you do, but she said she had been a long time reader and quit. Did she say when? No, she didnt. No lie there. She may have quit a month ago, six months ago or a year. Regardless, you’ve been raising cane for long enough you’re like a soap opera, she could have quit, came back, and face it, nothing’s really changed. No lie there.
            Man you’re an ugly spirited human being to twist words. First, I said Burnett is gay, now Debbie is a discredited liar. Sad.

    • Mary says:

      Put a lid on it harley. No one wants to hear from you. You seem to enjoy being as big an a-hole as you can. Perhaps that’s your only pathetic claim to fame. Guess everybody has to excel in something….

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    The movie was Dorf.

    And please, don’t compare my writing skills to yours. If you keep repeating that you attended MU J School enough times it may be believable to you, but don’t depend on your spelling, grammar captivating style or content to make someone sit up, take notice and say, “by golly, I think that guys been to J School!”

    And finally, my intent in writing this was not to replace, equal or compare to anyone. It was simply to write a review as requested.

      • harley says:

        oh…wilson…thank you so much for finding out the name
        of tim conways movie where he has no legs.
        Last night at the ball we asked everyone we knew
        what the name of that movie was and not a single one
        of those people could name it.
        +1000 for wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        you are one smart cookie..
        and speaking of cookies…double chocolate chips and i won’t
        walk on your lawn ..hahahaha

    • harley says:

      Oh and mr. wilson. Yes..I did graduate from the journalism school at MU.
      Won 4 donrey awards for writing. You know where I live. You’ve
      come by to check out my beautiful house. come by and and I can show
      you those awards and more that I’ve received.
      What we do learn in journalism is that facts count. While your article
      is a nice try for a first attempt and it had some decent lines for the
      most part its filled with more holes than chef tony demonstrating
      a ginsu knife on tv.
      Your review was weak…but for an amatuer who has no previous
      writing experience i did compliment it for it’s overall feel.
      But you failed the major test of hearnes rules…get the facts right..
      and again always when you are trying to discredit me
      you got many facts wrong. Too many to discuss right now.
      1. Carol Brunett is not an institution. Her show ranked in the basic
      middle of the pack during her run on tv. Her show was outdone by such
      intelligent shows as adam 12,the beverly hillbillies, and your favorite
      show Fantasy Island where the midget screams..”the plane boss…the
      2. She did not have 30 million viewers. Check it out mate. At a time when
      there were no computers or cell phones and when tv was really the
      sole point of entertainment she had some nice audiences with some
      ratings that were pretty good but not great. Wrong again wilson…remember
      facts count.
      3. read some real reviews from that time. She was basically a talentless
      woman. Couldn’t sing…couldn’t dance…couldn’t act and her show got
      scalped regularly. If not for the greatest staff of hollywood writers
      behind the show she wold have ended up a stiff on tv. If you fact checked
      the history of the show you would have seen almost all the awards that
      the show got were for the writers…not her. Some of the best writers
      along with harvey and tim…she was along for the ride…nice ride but
      we give credit where the real credit is due.
      4. Production costs: the qoute about the production cost levels not matching
      todays levels was another absurd mistake. Maybe you need to get
      to vegas or to some of the large tour shows where millions are spent
      on the props…lighting…stage…pyrotechnics…and SOUND!!!!!
      Someone should have told carol this is 2013. One of the commentators
      on here complained that for $200 they should have at least had
      decent sound….Maybe pull on the womans ear and explain that the
      theatre is famous for the great sound system and that scratchy
      78’s and old 8 tracks don’t sound well in a hall like that.
      How many people does muriels room hold? 1500? I don’t know but
      glaze could take some of his bigger names at his place and filled that
      room. Tarzan yells…screaming etc. does not make a comedian in my book.
      “They don’t make them like carol burnett anymore”…well yes wilson
      that’s 1000% true. They don’t . Her three stooges style of humor
      wouldn’t last today. Without harvey and tim that show would be a flop.
      Watch the clips…read the mentions on this site of the funny sketches..
      they don’t mention carol…they mention korman and conway who made
      that show what it was. No doubt about it. And that’s not my opnion..that
      is the opinion of professional/real life/highly trained reviewers with
      backgrounds in journalism and having seen the greatest acts live.
      But your whole review goes to the overall attitude of the folks on kcc.
      It’s old time. Sure its fun to sit and watch some old shows and dream
      of the old days…but truthfully those weren’t the
      good old days. That attitude transcends the same attitude that you
      older men have about the world today. I call it the “Archie Bunker”
      attitude that is outdate and an insult to todays culture.
      Chuckles…smarmyman…and the rest of the old guys on here spew
      so fluidly with hate and disgust! “Lets burn the jews”…chucks
      famous racist commetns that have taken over tonys blogs and where
      people write that him and his buddies hate anything that’s not
      “white and straight”. Calling for violence..calling for hate…calling for
      killings….some of the most atrocious writings that we would never
      expect to find on kcc or tony’s blogs but on some white spuremecist
      blog filled with anti black/anti jew/anti immigrant/anti everything
      languaure. That’s old school…and thats what your “good ole days”
      represent. The vile digusting over the top comments made by
      the old guys on here…it’s turned many many people off !
      Carol is not a performer. No performer going onstage with that type
      of sound is ddoing her fans a service. Okay..she brings back memories..
      but to allow that show to go on as it did is absolutely attrocious and
      had the k’s been around after investing that money in one of the world’s
      finest performing arts centers…they would have been embarrassed.
      Someone should have been notified and the problem taken care of.
      And your attack on me wilson after i complimented your first writing.
      Thats typical of your style. You’ve spent tons of time trying to
      discredit me. And to absolutely no success. It’s okay wilson….i can
      handle it because i can understand the source. Youre personal
      hate for everything I write is fine…its just old and untrue!
      You go on to mention that carol is gay. Great news..I didn’t know that..
      but i’m sure that made a big differnce in her show. To write that the
      show was filled with gays was pure stupidity. Reviews at the zack brown
      band show would never say “the show was packed with drunk rednecks
      packing heat and driving 1999 ford f-150’s” has nothing to do with
      the show…and shows again the old style thinking that many of the
      old guys on here have. who cares who was there. If they were gay good
      because if they weren’t there the threatre probably would have been
      half full. How did you know this wilson. Did they hug and kiss each
      other? Did they wear flowery scraves? Are you so adept at identifying
      gays from your days at jardines or the jazz houses that you can immediately
      tell they’re gay. Again..old time…old school…old attitude…and really
      for someone who reads this reveiw…IT DOESN’T MEAN SH*TTTTT!
      In referring to the haters and jealous people on these blogs our good
      friend Glaze (who’se taken more heat and vile disgusting comments
      from people on here like smarmyman/stupid dave etc.) said it so eloquently:
      dont give up your day job wilson!!!!!
      TELL your friend on here what you found out about me. I know you
      ran an investigation about me…came to my house…found me at
      some restaurant where i didn’t see you…..i’m the real thing and as
      always harley is right. So far noones proved me wrong. Bring it on.
      Glaze and i have taken everything from anti semitic comments…to
      digusting lies and defamatory comments abotu our families and
      friends…we can take it..
      but stick to the facts boys…stick to the facts.
      We’re headedto lifetime fitness…getting our workout iin before the
      beuaitufl day starts…we invite any and all to join us…we have a blast…
      and we can show all you seniors how to enjoy life again.
      Its a beautiful world out there…no need to be grumpy…no need to
      be sad and out of shape…..thanks…great day to all.
      And wilson…i luve ya baby…who else would i have to debate with now
      that whiney has come over to the liberal side of america. I mean whiney
      now is attacking all his republican friends and taking on the
      police and the right wingers…whats this worold come to. Musthave
      had to sell his romney pic on ebay for a huge loss (lol)
      Who else would exchange insults while laughing with me…
      you’re one of a kind…and as always wilson…i’ll buy you a cigar
      and scotch anytime. And when we move…you’ll be the first one i’ll call.
      of course i want insurance to make sure nothing is broken!!!!!!
      You’d be cool to hang with…and tell your wife i am especially fond
      of double chocolate chip cookies…have a great day…

  25. Mary says:

    It is refreshing to see some intelligent writing on here for a change. Thank you! Have not visited this site for a while…too much drama… but if you start writing, maybe I’ll have to change my mind.

  26. Marilyn says:

    Nice job. Good to hear that Carol Burnett can still draw people in.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, Harley, Harley. You are something. Lets go with this, I’m going to throw you one, kind of like choosing the geek kid for your kick ball team because he’s never picked, just as my random act of kindness. I’m modifying my review, you are totally correct.

    To the 40 some odd misguided people who commented earlier, all of you who liked my review as well as Carol, I’m a sham, I was wrong. I’d like to apologize.
    Burnett HAD no viewers. It was a bottom ranked show. She was seen in her day as a no talent female. No one cared, no one watched and the facts I gleaned from HER talk were clearly lies in an effort to make the crowd think she had been something in her past when she’s clearly a loser has been, with no future.

    It’s idiots like you people who paid $200 for a ticket that allow her to perpetuate the myth she clearly is.

    And sadly, for 25 years to sell out venues, people, like you, all over the country have been complicit in this nobody telling her story. How’s she’s made so much on so little is beyond me. Why people pretend the like her escapes me.

    I’m sorry I wrote this. Harley is right, all the time, 100% of the time, just like he claims.
    (Is that better, oh great one )

    • DebbieDesMoine says:

      Mr Wilson, you certainly did not owe him that, but it sure was funny! Thank you, kind sir, for the chuckle of the day. Problem is, he will most likely take is serious and claim the win! The biggest fear, however, is that people like him are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle with nothing but six inches of paint on the centerline separating us from him!
      Bravo to the newby, non J dregreed most clever guy on the blog! I accept your apology and will never watch her again. It’s shameful the scam she’s perpetuated on us. You are in no way to blame.

      • harley says:

        I’d love to have youover here little debbi cupcakes..but
        I’d have to hide the fine silver…pull the fine art off the
        wall…glue down the statues and the nice antiques….
        frisk you when you walk in and out of my house (which from
        the determining of your size would probably take at least
        3 hours…and besides I would have to buy some haz mat gloves
        to touch you)….I wouldn’t let you in my house. You’re a fraud.
        We were going to make this a gated community but decided
        not to…now after thinking about people like you i might
        ask the hsa to reconsider.
        I’ve had some of the top people in the nationin here…
        had my home featured on the front pages of usa today..
        been featured in national morning shows…so no…now
        that i think of it…i wouldn’t let you in here…
        just too risky to let a lying skank into the house.
        And besides…your shoes probably have cow dung from
        des moines on them.
        Oh and wilson…people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
        I hearfrom close sources that some of those nightyly events at your home make my nights of partying seem like a high school pizza party!!!!!! hahahaha
        just kidding’re a good guy. And if you read my
        intial story i congratulated you on your review.
        Tell your friend debbi cupcakes to go back to the halfway
        house. Or better yet…i’ll call glaze and let hiim “straighten”
        her out!!!! (hahaha). Well maybe even glaze would turn
        that down!!!!!! She’s got a bad bad attitude and can’t
        even take a joke…even when she’s the joke.
        and no wilson..everyone need a little party time…don’t
        drink and drive…never have…take lots of 10/10 taxi
        clint and the greek…and as i alwasy tell friend and family…
        don’t drink or party and drive…the consequences are way too
        high…and i’ve never had a dui at any time.
        But you do…drinking that expensive scotch at the jazz joints…
        driving home with a few too many….truth is you’d not look
        pretty in that “BUSTED” MAGAZINE in the convenience
        stores. So when we do party..we stay home …..and by theway
        some of those weston wines are pretty good…try them
        sometime when you’re up north.
        Thanks for agreeing with me.
        I’m expecting debbi cupcakes to subscribe to my
        newsletter. MIght educate her a little so when she
        gets out in the nicer places in the city she can talk
        intelligently with the upper crust people of kc.
        Or maybe she needs to get some lessons on being
        a woman of society. Debbi…it couldn’t hurt. See the
        small fork is the salad fork…the third fork over is::::::
        when you run with the high brows in kc you don’t
        eat with the plasticware!

    • harley says:

      the challenge is real simple wilson and little debbi fruitcake…
      attack the facts …not the individual.
      Super dave/smarmyman the trash man/chuck/and the rest of the
      seniors on here have failed.
      someone step up and lets discuss the facts.
      Until then…i have the right to proclaim that what i say is correct.
      thanks for your time.

    • mike says:

      It’s amazing that it managed to stay on the air all those years, isn’t it?

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh, one last point, ALWAYS right Harley, you said I said Carol was Gay? Please go find where I said that, as it wasn’t said anywhere. She’s married to a 50’s something man.
    You have just been found wrong. But you won’t admit that, you never do. Find the quote; you’re wrong, it’s not there.
    Harley 0
    Paul 1

  29. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley says, and I quoted via cut and paste:

    “One night about 2 weeks ago…late into the night…after a few shall we
    say wacky cigarettes and 2 bottles of the finest weston missouri wines..lo
    and behold there comes on the carol burnett infomercial. To say the least
    we were on the floorv laughing. Don’t know if it wasthe accessories or that
    the stuff is just so freaking funny.”

    So, after your admitted use of illegal drugs and too much wine, you too found her funny.
    Weed, wine, on the floor laughing. I hope you weren’t driving as well.
    Imagine how badly you would attack someone else on here if they said that?
    You’re interesting, for sure. Interesting set of standards you have; one for Harley, another for everyone else. Have fun with that….no one here buys it.

    • harley says:

      wilson…if not for me this site would look like the mojave desert…
      We’d be left with stories about 79 year old comedians whostill
      use 8 track tapes in one of the finest theatres in america.
      Comeon…without harley. (now that glaze has moved to tonys place)
      we’d have nothing but litle debbi cupcakes and her fraud
      operation and you reporting on lawrence welk highlights.
      smile boys…this is fun stuff…

      • mike says:

        This article was getting plenty of comments before you got on here and had to ruin it by making it all about you. I really couldn’t care less about whether you have a journalism degree, where you live, what kind of art you own, etc. and I bet most of the other people on here agree with me. I thought you were not going to be on here anymore after Glaze left. What happened to that? Hard up for attention?

        • Mary says:

          Hey Mike, harley thinks we should hook up!! I damn near choked on my dinner!!! Ewwwww!! That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen put to print!

          • mike says:

            I love how harley claims to be a journalist with a degree from M.U. With his spelling, punctuation, and grammar, he couldn’t pass a high school journalism class, much less get a college degree in it! I’ve seen grade school kids with more mastery of the English language than him!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        There were 50 good, decent comments WORTH reading before you made your normal appearance. It was doing fine without you.

        I’m sorry you don’t understand that, but I just proved a great article can be written, new people come comment and it’s a classy place until you show up.

        You are the common denominator of what goes wrong on KCC, each and every time.

        You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

        • harley says:

          no wilson…the truth will set you free…
          I commented that it was a nice article.
          Read my post.
          It was nice but not correct.
          Go back and check your comments that you’ve
          made about other writers on here. You lambasted
          them for their remarks.
          When you become a writer on here you needto
          be factually correct…ready to defend your statements.
          and now that we’ve seen that many of these
          comments were nothing but phony made up qoutes
          we see that you’re really no better than the
          charges made against glaze and his phony comments.
          Come on wilson…you know the truth…you made
          a nice article but i did nothing different in pointing
          out the problems with the writing than what you
          have done to other writers (especially glaze and
          others…especially during your attempt to become
          an owner of jardines). You constantly pointed out
          the false comments and false statements made
          by writers on here including but not limited
          to hearne and other commentators on this site.
          You can dish it out…now take it.
          If you can’t take the heat of being a writer on this
          site then move on. That’s part of the job if you
          do choose to become a full time writer.
          Whinery…jack…hearne…glaze…and every other
          writer on here is subject to being outed for incorrect
          and false information. You are no different.
          If you can’t get a thicker skin move back to being
          a commentator.
          Don’t be such a big pu$$$$$$$ie.
          And lets be honest …..some of the comments were
          planted on here. NOt everyone jumped on here
          with such zeal to say what a great writer you were
          were actually real posters.
          We’ve never seen many of these posters…then all
          of a sudden they come on and say what a
          great writer you are.
          Sorry…i smelled a rat and your friend little debbi
          cupcakes proved that this was not what you made
          it outto be.
          Commentsfrom iceland…sure wilson….I smell
          something fishy in this whole episode…..
          many people complained that glaze and hearne
          posted phony fake comments…i surmise thatthe
          same thing happened here.
          Prove me wrong and I will agree…but this whole
          thing of 40 instant comments about carol burnett
          is nothing but a sham.
          Prove me wrong….and i will admit being wrong.
          Until now…I’ve been right on target with the
          horseplay on kcc…I smelled a rat…and i found the
          tell your friend debbi cupcakes hello for me.
          And do read my initial comment…it did say it
          was a excellent piece.

          • harley says:

            let me add further evidence…the comments
            came in one right after the other…something
            never seen on kcc before.
            This was your first writing.
            I can’t see so many “real” comments flowing
            in about a piece that was eseentially
            written on a friday afternoon.
            Check hearnes comments and the time and
            dates that most of them come in.
            They came storming in within minutes of each
            I really never doubted your story i just felt
            this was a set up by you and possibly hearne
            to pad the comments section.
            Amd again…not one single piece of evidence
            was every presented to refute my contentions.
            If as little debbi cupcakes said…this site
            should have fact check.
            Show me one single piece of information ort
            one comment showing that everyt point i
            made about the article was not factual.
            The immaturity of this audience shows that
            not one single individual had the ability
            to prove anything i wrote as being factually
            Jut personal attacks which are basic for
            foolish and idiotic readers of this blog.
            You can attack me persoanally…but as many
            of my emails have pointed out…i have been
            right on target when it came tothe facts
            of stories that writers and commentators
            have psoted on kcc.
            As always i say…present facts…facts count…
            and not one single person..included the
            debbi cupcake fraud could present anything
            to prove me wrong.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            “Commentsfrom iceland…sure wilson….I smell a rat”

            Interesting. I just emailed the commenter from Iceland, happens to be an old classmate, ran communications and security for two of our Presidential Summits there! Oh, I copied two of the KCC regulars on here as well so they could see who he is via his FB page. He’s + 6 hours so he won’t likely respond till tomorrow. Have Hearne check his IP; he can confirm it. That makes you….wrong! God I love the sound of that! I have plenty thick skin, I just don’t need it when the TRUTH is on my side. I handful of the others I know personally! They knew I wrote the piece and, as friends, came to read it and comment.

            Gosh, I’m sure sorry to tell you this, but you’re WRONG AGAIN! Hope that doesn’t hurt that 100% record? How many times can you be wrong in one piece and still be 100% right? I never was great at math.

            Thanks for playing along, two regulars on here know better and one of the females emailed to point out what a mess you were. Like I said, better to have them think you’re a fool than open your trap and prove them right!

            Harley 0
            Paul 3
            If you’re keeping score at home….

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        That’s an interesting reply, but it didnt address your illegal drug use and drunkeness. I’m sure your investors and docs would love that screen shot.

  30. Greg Clazer says:

    Harley is the biggest narcissist I have ever seen! And I thought I was bad!

  31. Harley's mom says:

    Harley really is a good boy….he just likes to play make believe and tell stories about himself… all should be patient with him…..hes not hurting anybody….just has always had a hard time geting people to like him…..other kids made fun of him because he was a little slow…..had higene problems…..he tried his best…..pleese be nice to him.

  32. killah says:

    That was a great article! We generation X-ers only have rerun versions of the Carol Burnett show, but we had Mama’s family. I was young watching this show, about 6 or 7 years old when it went off the air. I remember her witty humor and the way she talked so much “shit!” I absolutely loved the attitude!
    Now as far as the comments go, I am not going to try to sound smarter than I am. I’ve done 2 years of community college, work any job I can get, and grew up in the streets. But I feel just as qualified to make a comment as the next man.
    Harley, I don’t know who “Glaze” is, but if you can get his dick out of your mouth long enough you might gag so much, and might also be able to see that this was a great article by first timer Paul Wilson. Are you upset that it wasn’t you that wrote the article? And yes, I can see you’re a very smart man… Possibly the smartest on the page. But just because you went to journalism school, and have all kinds of achievements doesn’t mean anything if you are a jerk. I guess your are getting a lot of attention from your comments, so “mission complete,” but you are still a gutless faggot who tries to draw attention to himself by putting down others, obviously because you are not happy with your life even though you have credentials and money. Sounds like someone is overcompensating for a lack of something below the belt… Now go ahead and make your rebuttal, I’ve said what I have to say. And I will admit, you have nice rebuttals, so rather than going back and forth, I automatically forfeit… You win. But I guarantee I could kick your ass in real life.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Oh man, I owe you a big hetrosexual, full on hug! That was some funny stuff, my brother!
      Harley, if you want to know if THIS GUY is real, I can prove that one too! It would take all your NE buddies to drag you out of that little jam!
      I need to deliver a bike to him in the next few weeks for his full on custom treatment, you can ride down to Wichita with me and meet him!
      (doubt youre showing up for that one!)

  33. John says:

    Just to let everyone know I am a real person. Paul and I went to High School together and we are old friends. During my tour in the Navy I meet my wife and we settle down here raised two wonder boys and I have six grandchildren and I did help out twice with the Presidential visits once when I was a sailor for Nixon in 73 and again in 86 for Reagan at that time I was working for the Icelandic phone company. I wish you well Harley in you life and that may the Blessing of the Lord be with you.

    • John says:

      Sorry I should have checked my grammar better in my last post.

    • harley says:

      thank you john. You seem like a great gentleman.
      Never been to iceland but i’m sure its a beautiful country.
      Hopefully the global warming is not affecting your nation.
      INteresting that you did phone work for 2 presidents.
      Was nixons lines tapped (inside joke with us americans)..
      and did reagans phone lines have a direct link to lucille ball (another joke
      for us on this side of the pond).
      You seem like a gentleman. Hopefully some of that will be
      shown by your good friend and fellow linesman mr. wilson.
      First of all thanks for your service of our nations military.
      And congrats on your family nad your generous comments.

      I wish you good luck in all your lifes endeavors and as we say
      in my religion…shalom.
      may peace be with you and your fellow countrymen..
      oh…and stay warm…i hear it gets cold up there..
      your new friend harley.
      Oh and john…i’d love to have you as one of my subscribers to
      my newsletters. They are taking off. I have noone in iceland
      but we do get some great feedback about events around our
      nation and the world. It would be an honor to have you as
      a reader…you can contact me at
      I have had some pieces about european economics and
      the societal changes taking place in other nations and would
      love to hear how the recent economic calibrations and
      changes have affected you and your nation.
      Good luck…your new friend in kansas city.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Hmmm… looks like you were WRONG in smelling a “rat” on my Iceland comment, huh? Would that make you…….. WRONG?
        Oh, and all the other FAKE comments… I guess those people being real would make you… WRONG.
        But according to you, I dont address facts? I just did again and you remain… wrong.

        Next time I write something, if you dislike it so, just make a comment, say its a bunch of crap and move on. Dont attack a bunch of new readers I DREW TO THE SITE, 50 comments BEFORE you came along, which hardly EVER happens here!
        Yes, I DID that, Harley, without your journalistic insight. Suck it up.

        Next time… just tell me how bad it is and dont look like an ass to a bunch of new people who will be reading KCC now.

  34. harley says:

    FINAL COMMENT TO mr. know it all
    OKAY…maybe i was wrong about your friend in iceland. Never been there.
    Heard its nice if you like fishing. Been to sweden and most of the rest of that
    area…but iceland isn’t one of the places i’d love to go see.
    But your most recent comment is so indicative of you and your game.
    You just can’t stand the fact that I have it!!!!
    You can’t stand it. You have to keep score…the 3-0 score…the attacks
    om me personally…the failure to react to a factual debate about what you
    wrote in your review. Not once have you addressed the facts of misstatements/
    inccorrect facts/the issue of the sound/the totally incorrect facts that any
    gootd writer should be aware of. aND Every time you’ve doubted me on any
    subject I’ve made you look like a complete fool…the family
    connections…my life…my work…my daily life…you’ve tried to doubt me and every
    time you’ve been wrong and madee to look like a fool. I’ve got emails
    from people who pointed this out…come by and read them sometime…you’d
    faint reading some of them and who they came from.
    Read hearnes top story today where he talks about all the mistakes made
    at the star. Obviously hearne doesn;t read his own stories…or that of his
    writers. Had he fact checked your story like he did glazer there would have
    been about 10 lines of copy to print.
    Every time i make a statment you try to discredit it…and you never can.
    You try to make rude comments about me personally…never sticking to the
    facts or trying to debate the facts that i put out…because intellectually you can’t.
    the article about carol burnett is a perfect example of you and your life.
    NOthing personal…just my interprettion as you try to ridicule me…glaze
    and many other writers on this site.
    THIS”…i flew in a jet back years ago”…i did this…we did this…in my time
    i was this….It’s like your driving your liffes car by looking in the rear view
    mirror. YOu don’t get far bud. It’s always the good ole days with you.
    “i knew this icelandic guy when we did this”…”longtime friend from “”””….
    its truly like you have to go back in time to feel good about yourself.
    And maybe thats what someone like you needs. Its cool…we all need something.
    You’re always trying to measure up to me. YOu said i was poor…you made
    comments about me that were so untrue…yet you could never verify them
    until you decided to find out who i was…then you shut up because what i
    said was true. You even tried to track me down in vegas one time because
    you didn’t believe that i get vip treatment there. I do!!!!! At the palms…
    mandalay bay….desert inn (when opened)…wynn resorts…you actually
    could not stand it that yu felt inferior to me. I said i was eating at the
    capital grille…you supposed ly called the gm who was not only a good
    friend of mine but lied to you about being there…ricardo!!!!
    You claimed we knew many of the same people…maybe so..i know so many
    people in kc and with my huge family i know everyone everywhere i go.
    Come out with me sometime..i’ll introduce you to the top people in kc…
    Then you come up with thisvstupid scorecard…WILSON 3…HARLEY 0…
    how childish and stupid. Again …you’re trying to equal me but you can’t.
    and it that case with all due respect looking at both our lives right now (and i
    hate getting down to this level because I know it will eat you up)
    HARLEY 1000
    WILSON : 0…0….0…..0…..
    You’re considerably older than me. so you’re probably slowing down your
    life. thats cool…you’ve had a long hard life according to your writings.
    i’m all about looking forward…moving forward…do things…making new
    things…creating new things…sometime successful…sometimes not.
    You’re all about the old day. Those are over dude. And in your case you
    should be glad they are. Your obsession with me and what i do (remember
    you followed me thru a restaurnt…you claimed you talked with people about
    me…you know things about me…you threatened to have a bail bondsman
    come after me…remember all that wilson…how childish can you be at 65?)
    well wilson that’s freaking creepy!!!!!
    Yesterday is a long time ago…. stop trying to be somebody….because you’re
    really not. Using you’r real name isn’t a smart thing to do…come read my emails.
    so stop living life in the past.
    You win this round…3-0…i’ll admit mystreak is over…but dude….trying to
    compare yourself and your life to harley is a losing battle.
    settle down…you’re going to have a bad heart…i still luv ya nad as always
    would love to have a cigar and drink with you.
    take care…and where’s those cookies so i won’t walk thru your yard/?????
    oh and hearne should thank me…i doubled his readership on this boring
    old stale article.
    Nice try wilso…whats next on the topic list…THE HEE HAW REVIVAL IN
    have a great day…and as always keep smiling…

    • mike says:

      NEWS FLASH!!! The article was not about you. It also wasn’t written about you. You are the one that came on here and acted like a jackass and talked about how you had a “journalism degree” and Paul didn’t and went on to say you were a better writer than him. You always have to make everything about yourself. Maybe you have convinced yourself that the world revolves around you, but other people on here don’t buy it!

      • Harley's mom says:

        You don’t have to be meen to him…..blame me…..i may have spoiled him a litle bit….what was i supposed to do…..he was always crying because he didnt have any freinds….i tried to maek him happy…..gave him anything he wanted…..he still has the barbie doll colection i bought him….he realy is a good boy…he always ate his vegtabels…..was such a sweet boy….be nice to him pleese

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      I apologize, Harley, your COUSIN JOE confirmed where I was on my position about your family! Remember that little lie of yours?
      My friend John isn’t in the past; I was with him in October!
      This post had 50 comments before you came along, more than most that don’t involve your inane babbling!
      I’m very much in the present, kind sir! I was enormously successful in business and NOW have the full and total ability to explore other, more creative interests I have that I couldn’t explore when I had to make :
      $200k to raise 4 kids in JoCo. So I’m more vibrant in the today’s world than even back then, and far, far happier.
      The only interest in picking at you is your outlandish claims of 100% right, all the time, always. Your insane level of picking on people’s writing when every one on here is tired of reading your same ole stuff ;
      Old loser
      Stupid Dave
      I predicted the election
      Germ infested hot tub
      Rear view mirror
      And most of all, no one on here has ever done anything, has never been right, unless their name is Harley. The one who spews forth from complete anonymity.
      I’m sorry it’s hard for you to take that my review got 50+ comments, from REAL people, before you showed up. That had to hurt your ego. You have my email, I can identify a good deal of them for you.
      Thanks for your offer of introducing me to the top people in KC; I know them already and as much as we cross paths you know that.
      All I’ve done with you is bust your lies, isn’t that what you claim to do? Fact check? You just have a rub with me because I’ve been better at it than anyone on here. Sorry Harley, it’s not an obsession with you, it’s showing your lies for what they are.
      You go be a good Harley and if I write another Hee Haw article that gets this big a read….feel free to chime in and say you hate Hee Haw, but don’t attack real people as fake comments.
      Oh, I’m not 65. Or 60 anything.
      Harley 0
      Paul 6
      (And you’re wrong that many times in ONE story)
      Have a nice day, I love you like Jesus does.

      • harley says:

        you prove my point wilson…again…and again…and
        again…and again…
        stop….the emails i’m receiving are saying you make
        yourself look like a fool. Why continue this battle that
        you’ve chosen to fight and lose in the realm of the
        general public.
        the exes are laughing so hard…please stop…as i said
        its nothing personal…but you’re really looking bad
        in front of your friends and former friends with your
        “old time..long ago i did this” comments
        drop it….it appears you’ve got some good freinds
        and family commenting on this story…
        everoyone knows what you are like…be happy with
        yourself….but don’t make the same mistakes ….thats
        what hurts people.
        be calm….anger is your biggest enemy….remember????
        nothing is wroth getting all angry over….life goes on..
        smile…eat some cookies….releax…you’re going to
        break a blood vessel…
        you’ve not challenged one thing i’ve said with any
        facts or truth based information because you can’t.
        Isn’t this type of anger what getss people in trouble…
        relax….don’t relive the past….its all going to be
        live…prosper quietly….move on..
        I have. don’t repeat the mistakes of long ago…..
        thanks and have a great day….
        the show may have been academy award quality for those
        that atteneded…that was never contended…but
        the theatre should have done a better job.
        anger management…you need it…i thought you were
        over this…..
        this is not the end of the world!!!!!!!
        smile…your friend from iceland seems like a great
        man…emulate your friend….he’s at peace with himself…
        follow his lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Harley, do me a favor, make me the laughing stock of the site… POST those emails. With addresses so people can see who is saying that. You dont GET emails from people on here and we both know it. You are UNIVERSALLY disliked. Now, go back to doing what you do best… thinking up more great things about you.

          • harley says:

            truly wilson..even though we battle
            on this site…some of those emails were
            terrible indictments of you and your
            I would never put them in public.
            We all make mistakes..even harley
            some bigger than others..
            we all regret things we’ve done…
            no need to bring up old war stories..
            thats not the harley way.
            I’ll leave it at that…hopefully your life
            has changed and you are at peace with
            yourself and those closest to you.
            god bless…i truly mean that.

      • harley says:

        actually i once watched some reruns of hee haw.
        they were funny. If you like cornball country humor like
        that its a great show.
        I’m more into the more recent comics like lewis black
        and others….mr. stewart…a little more intellectual
        comedy that fits the times we live in.
        but be my guest…hee hwa probably has a big following
        in the kc area…..

      • harley says:

        your memory is failing wasn’t
        joe the guy we tlked about…it was manny.
        I told you to mention to manny ‘FLASH…ESTER..
        you’re wrong again…and again…ane again…please stop!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          How ’bout Stan Greenberg, your “attorney” you threatened me with? He was certainly fake, now wasnt he? You finally gave up and started using “his” email address as your own. You’ve been proven wrong more times than any one can imgaine, problem is, you side step it, shuck and jive some more and assualt again from a different direction. You deflect. Its endless, but I have other things to do right now.

          As I said, you are universally disliked on here, you own that, not me.

          • harley says:

            holy moly…a little article about an
            old 79 year olld senior comedian and we
            get to 105 comments…yeeeehaaaaawwwww
            as far as popularity wilson…you lose.
            since i opened my famous email site
            for comments its been flooded with some of
            the most incredible comments that i could
            never publish nor would i on a public site.
            I ‘m not into the past…i’m not into the
            threats of outing someone…i’m not into
            holding someone accountable for things
            thatvwere done under duress or in times
            of extreme pressure..
            but sir…you take the cake.
            i own nothing…you’ve threatened me…attempted
            to stalk me…you made serious connotations
            to me…i did report them to officials and they
            are on file with my friend stan greenberg
            who if you continue to pursue this mode of
            action will be seeing you in court. He no
            longer practices…did well in mass case tort
            actions but is truly one of the top fedeeral and
            state attorneys who owes me many many
            I asked you to stop. The emails to my
            address have come in over the last 24 hours
            and i don’t want a public pissing match with
            You have enough problemsv currently without
            having to deal with harley.
            Go home to your lovely wife..relax…you
            have lost this one…and lets just drop the
            whole case.
            Be like your friend from iceland…cordial..
            friendly…and not get yourself into trouble
            because of something said in anger.
            You’re a cool dude…you seem like a fun
            guy…but don’t go any further because you
            now are stepping over the line.
            Are you aware of what the cost is to defend
            a civil case in federal court is??????
            100k-150k ….please please please stop…
            meet for lunch…bring joe and manny and
            debbie cupcakes…bring mikey for entertainment…have smarmyman and
            glaze there too…chuck can bring the beers…
            hearne can record the entire event for
            mtv…super dave can clean up the tables
            after we’re done eating….heck invite john
            from iceland for some fish frying….bring the
            cookies and cakes…bring me some boxes
            I’m probaably moving and need some
            boxes…bring drew so he can decorate the
            joint…get janette kroger…bring all your
            exes…have hearne bring his ex and his
            new lovely bride…bring the jardine lady
            and the 2 gay guys who tried to buy it…
            heck bring adele hall…the guys from amc..
            i’ll bring the boys from the northeast end..
            nick/vito/izzie/pauly/vince/phat nickky/
            marian/mike g/jimmy hog…you bring over
            your people from the church…i’ll bring
            the congregation from the shul…we’ll have
            one big freaking party because truthfully
            wilson…this is all one big game for ever9yone.
            haven’t you learned that.
            this is better than ringling circus…better than
            the train wreck in the bottoms..
            this is fun and games and lets all laugh because
            we’re all just little pawns in life.
            Bring the capital grtille gu7 you called me on..
            bring the investigator you had check up on me..
            bring the judge/your attorney with the
            paperwork…bring them all pauly…
            A PARTY.
            also..bring chelle…read she makes good cookies
            but not as good as the dicapo wdddding cookies
            from price chopper…..bring a big pot of
            irish stew (are you irish)….bring some salami..
            come corned beef from the bronx…
            talk with my friends at marco polo and get
            some of shortys italian sausages (they’re to
            die for)…go across the street …talked to
            the my good friends the delunas with the fruit stand and get a couple vine ripen tomatoes
            and a fresh watermelon…
            head to 25th street to my boys liquior store
            and get some good vodka or go see
            my friends at cigar box for some top notch
            cigars then head to anthonys…ask for
            vito…get a dozen beautiful meatballs while
            listening to frankie cherrito sing my way
            by frank sinatra…then head to the market…
            go by lasalles and get a poor boy…head to
            garoozas and tell mike hello and get some
            garlic spiced spidini that he invented…
            then head north to cascones ….get the daily
            special….pay homage to sam…
            then go down to awg …tell them lou foxes
            god son said hello and pick up some
            frozen lobster tails…..wilson…you aint
            lived the life of harley…its beautiful.
            My moto in 2013…make lots of love..
            not war.
            come by…break some break..break passover..
            break lent.
            love ya? stop the war…i wanna get off!!!!!!!

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Adele Hall is DEAD, Harley.
            As for the rest of your BS, I stand is amazement of your thousands of email comments on your secret site no one can see. I got over a half million last night on mine; I win!
            I assume your attorney “Stan” is close enough friends that he was OK with you emailing me, impersonating him, threatening me, using your yahoo account? Thats a felony, sir. And yes, of course I kept the email and its IP trail that led to ONE place.
            Id love for you to stop the war because I’d love you to get off!
            This was the highest number of comments for a first time story, EVER. Fact.
            Take care, have a great day.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            One final thought, as you said 15 final thoughts ago, Im going to quote one of your old lines you used as a legal dislaimer:

            HAHAHAHAHA, Harley’s been PUNKED! None of that EVER HAPPENED!! I didnt do ANY OF IT! Youve been PUNKED!!

    • Greg Clazer says:

      Get over yourself! You have got to be the biggest egomaniac I have ever seen!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      harley says:
      February 18, 2013 at 8:08 am
      FINAL COMMENT TO mr. know it all
      OKAY…maybe i was wrong about your friend in iceland.

      First of all, your FINAL COMMENT is NEVER your final comment, and it wasnt, so youre wrong AGAIN. Thanks for the apology on my Icelandic friend. Now, would you please stop with the “Im ALWAYS RIGHT, 100% of the time, always”. Clearly, you’ve been wrong here multiple times.

      Just drop the always right line and I bet you get along a lot better. And that, to YOU… IS my final comment. You can rattle on all day if you like. I proved my point. I wrote a great story, it was enjoyed by 50+ comments BEFORE you. Your last story did what?
      Oh… thats right, you havent done one. Oh, I know, you’re so busy writing nationally, but won’t tell us where, so thats yet to be proven.

      I’ve got plenty thick skin, I just dont suffer fools well. You can say anything you want, it just needs to be fact. And in this story, you came up short. Padded comments, no real person in Iceland, everyting you said was off base. And Im still waiting for a defense of your use of illegal drugs. Imagine if Super Dave said he was with friends smoking some weed and having way too much wine. Oh man, you would have hung him from the highest tree.

      As usual, you take a great story and pull it over to Harleyland thinking youve done something really cool. Next time, and there will BE a next time, I’ll just encourage everyone, with me taking the lead, to just IGNORE what you say and pretend its not even heard. Thats what you do with a problem child, you dont honor their hunger for negative attention.
      Have a great day.

  35. Harley's mom says:

    Pleese dont be meen to him…..he means well…..he reely is a good boy…..i may have spoiled him a little…..what was i to do…..he was always crying because he had no freinds…..i tried to make him happy….he still has the barbie doll collection i gave him…he is reely sweet at hart……always ate his vegtables….be nice to him

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Im really sorry, Harley’s mom….. Maybe you should join in the Donald Trump lawsuit seeking proof an orangutan wasn’t involved in the process! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  36. KC Dude says:

    I agree with Paul — the show was fantastic in every way, except for the house audio which had no EQ or volume at all (I agree, the handhelds being passed around by ushers sounded way better than Carol’s clip-on). Throughout the first few minutes of the show, the elderly couple seated next to us kept yelling at each other, “I can’t HEAR her! What’d she say?” They finally got up and left. I hope they got a refund or one of the infrared assisted-listening devices the KCPA hands out freely to those who ask.

  37. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m going to wrap this up with an apology to the NEW readers of KCC, the people who came here to see what I wrote, to support me and the ones who took the time to leave great comments! This was a really well received story; it had a huge amount of comments. Then, Harley decided he had to put his two cents in, and as usually happens when he comments, things spiral downhill in a self obsessed diatribe by the H Meister.

    In his usual style, he had to berate Carol Burnett as a subpar performer, refute anything that was said positive about her and then decide to name a number of you as fake people, or suggest that this story was so well received because I had padded the comments with false comments/fake people. It’s sad that someone can’t just enjoy that something went well and, to you who he went after, John, DebbieDesMoine, etc,, I apologize on his behalf.

    He’s like the child who wants attention, negative OR positive, but he’s going to get attention. We would likely all be best served by not acknowledging he’s even said anything. I find that hard to do, but I really should be first in line to do so. It doesn’t do any good to engage him, it’s like that unruly child, he’s getting the attention he so craves, positive or negative.

    Here are some final thoughts on the show, regardless of what Harley thinks of her:

    From – The Carol Burnett Show is one of Televisions greatest show’s in history. Lasting 11 successful years starting in 1967 and ending in 1978 not without winning 25 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and 3 People’s Choice Awards.
    From the Huff Post – “The Carol Burnett Show,” which aired on CBS from 1967 to 1978, made grown people pee in their pants and gave children the gift of spending an hour in their living rooms laughing out loud with their parents.
    From IMDb – Half of the fun of watching Carol Burnett and Friends was watching the actors and actresses try to maintain straight faces during their skits, even when on the inside they were dying to burst out laughing. What made this series funny is that the actors and actresses ad-libbed most of their lines. This way, even the other actors didn’t know what would be said next. I’ve seen many episodes of this show and each one of them keeps me laughing. This is comedy at it highest, at a time when humor was based on slapstick humor and the totally unexpected instead of sexual one-liners

    From IMDb – Carol Burnett – 6 time EMMY award winner – the show – 25 EMMYs and 30 million viewers

    That’s good enough for me. Some people may prefer a different style of humor, but that’s not even what this story was about. It was about a female, comic actress whose show ended 30+ years ago. It was so well loved in its day, that today; she’s sold out theatres for 25 years taking questions from people, fans, who STILL want to talk about the show. That is a serious run! That is a successful run. You can like her or not, but I appreciate what she did in her day and enough people buy out her events, and have, for 25 years, to prove that’s how big she was.

    Some small minded people can try to make light of that, but the proof is in what she’s done. Some people may think it’s funnier to go hear the F bomb dropped 100 times in a show. Some people think that’s today’s comedy, but even they admit, when they get high, drunk, and see the Carol Burnett info commercial selling her DVDs, they laugh too. (There’s a character witness for you!)

    I admire her. It was a great show. Kauffman has GREAT sound, but her people brought bad material. You can’t make up for that on the sound board. Some people want to call it Branson humor, or Hee Haw humor, but they are wrong. They are just too small minded to let others enjoy what they want to enjoy.

    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them. I had a lot of friends read this and comment, all good people who aren’t used to the daily assault that can end up buried inside a really good story. So, again, I apologize for KCC’s problem child, Harley. I wouldn’t not have subjected the good and decent people who read this to those kinds of outbursts ever. Next time, like I said, we’ll just ignore it and see If it doesn’t go away.

    Thanks again!

  38. Kathleen Kunkler says:

    I must be living in a cave, as I didn’t realize Ms Burnett was in town. I’m sorry for that, as I would’ve loved to have seen her. Bad sound, or not, it would’ve been a privilege to have seen her live.

    I was one of those kids who grew up with her and all of her iconic characters. Between her show (and my crush on Lyle Waggoner), and “Johnny’s Monologue”, as my Dad referred to the 10 minutes I could stay up past my bedtime to watch the opening of Johnny Carson, I felt like I was on the edge of the entertainment world. I felt like Carol was laughing with ME when she and Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would crack themselves up.

    More importantly, it was a time that we all would sit down together, and watch tv. That, my friend, is what doesn’t happen anymore. What show is on tv today that can draw that kind of audience, regardless of the hundreds of channels available? Maybe I’m getting old (don’t respond to that..), or maybe I just miss entertainment that is fresh, honest, funny, and makes me really laugh.

    Paul, I imagine I’ve seen all of those clips a million times, and could’ve recited them with her, even if the sound was turned off. I believe that Kansas City wrapped there arms around her, as they do very well. I imagine she felt the love, and those lucky enough to be in that gorgeous theatre felt it right back.

    Good job, on your premier review. Hope we see more of them.


  39. paulwilsonkc says:

    Ahhhh, Kathleen, thanks so much to one of my favorite people!
    Read your email, you are totally correct! Thanks for your input! You live, you learn.

  40. harley says:

    Wilson..i received your long winded email at my site.
    let me reiterate an email i sent you earlier:

    “truly wilson..even though we battle
    on this site…some of those emails (and communications that i received)
    were terrible indictments of you and your actions. You know what i’m
    talking about.
    I would never put them in public. Thats not fair to anyone.
    We all make mistakes..even harley.
    some bigger than others..
    we all regret things we’ve done…
    no need to bring up old war stories..
    thats not the harley way.
    I’ll leave it at that…hopefully your life
    has changed from that point in your life and you are at peace with
    yourself and those closest to you and that you regret those actions
    you took at that tough time in your life.
    god bless…i truly mean that.”

    i’ve received communications from people close to you.
    They ask why you continue this type of fued with myself and
    others on a public site.
    why all the anger…they are trying to reach out to you
    to try to help you. I hope this does not affect your
    job and career. I hope you’re not using a company computer
    to enter this stuff. You’ve not only attacked me but many
    others on this site. And it’s gotten way out of hand.

    It doesn’t look good for you and i’m sure your
    family is feeling strange when this happens.
    stop!!!! my last comment was over 7 hours ago.
    You can’t let it go. Stop…this is making you
    look rather unusual in the general public.
    if need be you can call me and we can discuss this
    at length. You have made terrible comments about
    my family and my mom. That is going too far.
    I would never print the communications
    that i’vev received concerning your actions…as i said
    thats not how i work.
    But you’ve gone too far.
    Move on. Now!

  41. Robertoe says:

    I don’t blame Harley for constantly screwing up threads. You put up a wide open, no registration, no restriction comment section and website, the egocentric nutcases are gonna love it. Hearne can be very stubborn. He should have recognised this problem a long time ago. There’s never gonna be any quality discourse here. If you wanta know why I don’t post much anymore read this thread. Good article that will gravitate to the lowest idiocy. Why participate in this dribble?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, Robertoe, and you are totally correct. I’ve gotten countless emails from people on this thread saying the same thing. “Killah”, above, said it best. Everyone said a version of… you don’t rebut and idiot.
      The insults to poor Debbie went from:
      “dear debbidesmoines..i would never insult a woman (unlike the other animals on kcc) so i will counter some of the insults you sent without being a rude person (unlike the animals on kcc)…”


      Sorry debbie you’re a fraud and a liar. I proved it. Obviously something attracts you to the site…and I’m guessing its glaze wild tales that get you excited. If you;re actually a woman…and i’m guessing you’re not…you’re no doubt proved yourself a liar and con artist. The woman I date and the women i assoicate both in business and socially have style…class…are articulate…well educated…are the top of the areas leaders. You are not any of these. You’re a mean spiritedv hateful witch who again proves that when you can’t refute facts…you attack personally. Have a great day. Maybe we can set you up with glaze…he would love a woman like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well…maybe not!

      … all because she called a spade a spade. I know who she is, she’s a brilliant, classy female. And of course, the attacks on others have been far worse.

      Then attacks John as a false post because no one would comment from Iceland!

      Like I said, I apologized via email and on here to all who came to read this, because I DID react to and and just wont any more. Its not worth any ones time. You make a good point, I think a ton of people feel just like you.

      • mike says:

        He also said he would never attack a woman after he already had attacked Mary!

        • Mary says:

          Thanks, mike. Implying that I should hook up with you is the worst possible insult imaginable! And he probably doesn’t even know why!!! At least he is intelligent enough to have grasped the fact that we are “alike” in some way. Yuck!!!!! Not something I would ever want to admit to… Bleeecchhhhh!!!!! But, unfortunately, we do have a lot in common……. like the same set of parents, perhaps………oh yeah, we lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools, also…..might explain a few things…..

    • Super Dave says:


  42. Harley's mom says:

    He didn’t meen anything bye what he said….he somtimes doen’t think….he meens well….he cant help it…..his medicatoins dont allways work….bee patient with him….i dont want too see him hurt….the other kids used to pick on him….hed be so upset he would cry and wett his bed….poor little guy realy is a good boy

    • Mary says:

      Awwww……. poor little guy… maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on him… his poor little ego just might be shattered and hurt. Why should we burst his great big bubble that he’s blown for himself…that takes a certain amount of skill, after all… that great big bubble, didn’t we all try to blow one that big when we were little kids…. we should all praise and give huge kudos to him for that… for achieving that great huge bubble…poor little harley…he just puts others down because that makes him feel big and important…he has never gotten beyond middle-school maturity, but hey, his mommy spoiled him…be understanding….maybe he can’t help it…..Boo=hoo-hoo…

  43. the dude says:

    HARLINATOR. MEDS. NOW. Start taking them again. For the love of Gob get back on your damn meds and leave wilsun and debbie cupcakes alone.

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    Dude, email me.
    I have something to share with you.

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