Hearne: Buzz Beach Ball Says, ‘See Ya in September’

The KillersAbout this summer’s alt rock showdown in June between the Buzz Beach Ball and Kanrocksas

Call off the dogs of war.

Entercom station The Buzz is moving its Beach Ball concert date at Livestrong – I mean, Sporting Park – from June to September, sources say.

Word on the street is Beach Ball was having a hard time finding marquee acts for a hoped-for June 8th date.

“It wasn’t so much because of a lack of bands as better routing was available later in the summer and therefore better bands will be available,” says one source close to the action. “As you can tell by the  Kanrocksas line-up there’s not a lot of good routing and therefore good alternative bands available during that part of the summer. So Beach Ball would rather wait and get it right rather than be hell bent on a specific date.”the-lumineers_wide-5885af3b207985c96787dc0f5b001e55a11c9f21-s6-c10

It won’t be the first time Beach Ball has ping-ponged from early to late summer and vice versa.

“Unlike Rockfest  – which occurs basically the same weekend in May every year and the attendees have the expectation that it will always be that weekend – Beach Ball has always floated so there is no expectation that it will always be the same weekend,” says the source. “This enables it to be moved around in order to get the best possible entertainment.”

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4 Responses to Hearne: Buzz Beach Ball Says, ‘See Ya in September’

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    They will get much better attendance in September.

    Frankly, I’d be worried about a June concert at an unshaded speedway involving a dance-trance headliner known for high energy shows, dancing, and club drugs.

    If they don’t have spray tents and free water EVERYWHERE we are going to find at least one dead wookie.

    I’ve been to these June festivals relatively sober save for a few Busch Lights (because what fun is a concert if you can’t remember it) and it get really, really brutal. I remember being in an Oswego, NY airbase in July and I’ve never seen so many EMT calls. Most brutal here in KC is probably the Vans Warped tour at Sandstone as they oversell it, it is on asphault and there is lots of dancing.

  2. smartman says:

    Kids today are weak. Can’t imagine how D-Day would have turned out with todays “yutes” manning the battle stations.

    Black kids diminish their numbers by shooting each other. White kids get tweaked on meth and X and die from dehydration while dancing.

    As Chuck would say, “Quelle Horreur!”

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    smartman you sound like you’ve never left your basement for an open air festival. They are fun but they need to be planned for and costs cannot be cut on hydration stuff. You have young people who have not yet learned not to drink a case of beer in the sun.

  4. smartman says:

    Au contraire. In “the day” did the US Festival and Rock in Rio. In more recent times Coachella twice and Bonnaroo once. Schwagfest at Camp Zoe more times than I care to admit. Always had self sustaining provisions of food and water. NEVER drugs from a stranger. Buddy of mine at Zoe smoked the “herb” with a hippy chic that was laced with ketamine. He passed out, she cleaned him out.

    As with all things in life moderation is the buzz word that few seem to comprehend.

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