Sounds Good: Black Joe Louis@Riot Room, Galactic@Liberty Hall, Waka Winter Classic@Bottleneck

Does everyone have all their shame-shopping finished up? 

Only two more days, guys!  Don’t eff it up.

If you just broke out in a cold sweat thinking of the brutal beating your old lady will lay on you if you come home empty handed, let me help you out.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  A secret whispered in my ear by none other than Mr. Jim Rome about a thousand times over the last few weeks: There is nothing any woman wants more than some fucking berries dipped in chocolate and stuff!

Or maybe, I don’t know, take her out to a concert?….


Thursday, February 14th

Black Joe Louis & the Honeybears at the Riot Room in KCA photo on Flickr

Sad and alone on Valentine’s Day?  It’s probably due in part to that weird smell that you have, just sayin.  But all smells are welcome at the Riot Room!  So get on down to see Black Joe Louis, a roots/funk/blues band that reminds me a bit of the Black Keys, but with more funk.  Way more funk, actually.  They write a lot of songs about booty.  And they throw down pretty hard, with full horn section in tow.


Friday, February 15th

Galactic at Liberty Hall in Lawrence

This classic New Orleans funk-rock act is swinging through just a tad late for Fat Tuesday, but no matter.  They make their own party wherever they go, beads and all.

Here’s a recent set list to give you a little taste of what to expect:

Ain’t What You Think, Cineramascope, Total Destruction To Your Mind (Glover), Out in the Street (Glover), I Don’t Know, But It Sure Is Funky (Glover), Keep Steepin, Bongo Joe, Kashmir (Glover), Hey Na Na (Glover), Goin Down (Glover), Boban, Garbage Truck, This Is the Way We Roll, You Don’t Know (Glover), Never Called You Crazy (Glover), Heart of Steel (Glover)

ENCORE: Shibuya, Jet Airliner (Glover)


Waka Winter Classic at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This show is an invite-only battle of the bands.  Winner gets to play at Wakarusa this summer in Arkansas.  And the cool part is that the fans get to decide who wins, so if you are a fan of beards as many local music scene insiders are, get your ass out and root for Tyler Gregory‘s beard!

Here’s the full lineup.  Oh, and it’s only $5!

Deadman Flats
Tyler Gregory and the Bootleg Band
She’s a Keeper
Shedding Watts
3 Son Green

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  1. legendaryhog says:

    When two beards cross paths, the lessor beard must back down. Such is the way of the wookie.

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