Hearne: KCK Refugee Eric Stonestreet’s ‘Meat Club for Men’

Chateaubriand+pour+deuxThis just in…

How did this one fly under the radar for so long? Turns out Wyandotte County export Eric Stonestreet – of “Modern Family” fame – has hooked up with late night television talk show host Jimmy Kimmel have joined forces.

In the uh, meat biz it would seem, according to the National Enquirer.

Jimmy Kimmel and Eric Stonestreet have a friendship you can really sink your teeth into – they’re the founders of their very own Meat Club for Men!” the report begins. “The Emmy-winning star of ‘Modern Family’ and the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ host are so obsessed with red meat they actually send savory cuts of steak to each other by FedEx!”

Two sentences, two exclamation points, this must be big news.

But wait!

Eric+Stonestreet+2012+Taco+Bell+Star+Legends+Y2DPOfMIEmolIs it really a company or just a schtick between friends as the Enquirer story seems to imply?  According to Bizapedia there actually is Meat Club for Men in the form of a New Hampshire Corporation started more than two years ago.

However, attempts to reach the company’s registered agent Shawn M. Gagne were unsuccessful.


Here’s how the Enquirer tells it:

“(Jimmy) has sent me cuts of steak he likes, and I’ve sent him cuts from a place I really like,” Eric, 41, explained in a recent interview. “We’re bringing meat to each other.”

Cute, but there’s more.

“Jimmy, 45, who hosted the 2012 Emmy Awards and recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, ‘is all about flavor and tenderness,’ ” an insider told the Enquirer. “A medium rare porter-house is his idea of heaven. He and Eric once went on a coast-to-coast trip in search of the perfect Chateaubriand.”

But is it an actual business?

“The wacky steak fiends have recently expanded their exclusive meat appreciation society to other close pals and Hollywood carnivores, including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia,” the Enquirer adds.

slideshow_1053642_kansas-city-barbecueThere’s even a nod to KC ‘Cue, courtesy of Stonestreet.

“When we first started talking, (Jimmy) knew I was from Kansas City, so he asked me about barbecue and quickly figured out it was a passion of mine,” Eric said. “So when we get each other’s meat, I take a picture of the whole process. Defrosting on the plate, on the grill, bite in the mouth, and he’ll do the same. It’s a play-by-play of the meat.”

Sublime? Ridiculous? You make the call.



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  1. Kimmel, Stonestreet, Damon, et al, eh?>/i>

    I’ve nothing to add except, related: Pitchman for Las Vegas ‘Heart Attack Grill’ dies of heart attack.

    Best to ya, guys. Best to ya.

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