Whinery: Devil’s Advocate for Dorner

dorner open fire meme-thumb-500x282Being a Criminal Defense Attorney, I’m used to defending people and actions that are, personally, repugnant…

So this is how I would defend Christopher Jordan Dorner. In case you don’t know who he is, Dorner is a former Lieutenant in the US Navy and a three-year veteran of the LAPD who went ballistic after being fired by the latter, and has accused the Los Angeles Police Department of continuing to use of force, racism, corruption then firing him for bringing up those issues. 

He’s currently wanted for the “alleged” murder of three people as revenge
for his “unjust” dismissal from the LAPD.

His “Manifesto” posted to his FaceBook page starts out quite lucidly,
pointing out what happened during his Board of Rights hearing where
Dorner accuses training officer, Teresa Evans, of kicking and tasering a mentally ill suspect to death. And he alleges that the three
judge panel which found him guilty of similar actions, did so in order
to cover up the institutional corruption which permeates LAPD.

christopher-dorner-jesse-jackson-giDorner essentially lays out in his Manifesto how NOTHING has changed
from the Rodney King/Mark Fuhrman days in the LAPD.

According to media accounts, Dorner snapped after his firing and the rest is history. Although it’s curious that it took him years to snap,

Now there’s a manhunt for Dorner that’s taken a “shoot first/ask questions later” tone.

If you want proof the LAPD wants Dorner dead, look at the shameful actions towards two Hispanic women, Margie Carranza, 47, and her Mother, Emma Hernandez, 71.

Hernandez is still in the hospital in serious condition and were not issued any warning before LA police fired over 70 shots into their vehicle- which was not even the same make, year or color as Dorner’s vehicle!

Could it be that Dorner, being a black military veteran joined the LAPD because he believed in service, only to find out that the job had nothing to do with public service and everything to do with enforcing the will of a fascist police state?

That unable to go along with the LAPD’s culture of brutality, he tried to complain through official channels, only to find him self framed for the very behaviors he was alleging?

KingAttackAnd now, in his own violent aberrant manner, is he trying to warn us all that something is terribly wrong in the LAPD and law enforcement in general with its growing paramilitary style of policing. Where citizens are no longer treated as suspects, but as enemy combatants?

These questions would be the cornerstones of my defense.

If I had to predict how this is going to end, I’d say it will probably be with
Dorner’s bullet-riddled body being stuffed into a Hefty bag. The LA Times has reported that the investigation into Dorner’s firing is being re-opened.

But it’s becoming abundantly clear that the LAPD have no interest in taking him alive.

I may be wrong, but if Dorner ever comes to the realization that he can do more good by turning himself in so he can testify to the crimes he witnessed as a member of LAPD, than by killing people.

He better line up enough support to protect him while he’s in custody, because that testimony is not something that LAPD ever wants to see the light of day.

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  1. the dude says:

    The LAPD is still the corrupt entity that oozed corruption through Rampart and Rodney King to today. Same problem with any kind of entity that gets that large and wields that much power; it ultimately gets corrupted to the core and must be taken apart, bit by rotten bit. But there lies the crux, you think the LAPD is going to let itself let alone any public entity let itself be stripped of power and be thrust on a salvage heap?
    Fat chance that happening anytime soon. Abuse of power shall continue.

  2. Reggin Tnuc says:

    Perhaps if he would kill Ryan Seacrest before tuning himself in we could consider the entire episode closed.

  3. smartman says:

    Defending this cat is a sure way to get your ticket punched to that corner booth in the sky with Bob Kardashian and Johnny Cochran.

    The LAPD motto is still “We Treat You Like A King”.

  4. Mr. Foot says:

    If the officers who shot up both trucks were soldiers in Iraq they would be facing hard time in Leavenworth for violating ROE (rules of engagement).

    • the dude says:

      But if they are Blackwater mercs, free rounds of beer and kill bonuses for everyone in the squad!!! Yeeeeehaw!!!

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    The LA PD didn’t even try to cover up their motives in agreeing to reopening the investigation; they said they knew their original findings were correct, they weren’t looking for errors in what they did originally, they weren’t doing so to come up with another outcome, they just wanted to show transparency to the public! Transparency of what?? That they are willing to do a 2 week shuck and jive where they’ve already told you nothing is going to change?

    How would that go down if you, Mr. Whinery, were granted an appeal and in doing so the Judge said, I’m confident of my decision, I’m not granting the appeal to see if there is anything new, if anything was done wrong, if there’s any other potential outcome, because I know we got it right the first time, I just want to show the public I’m open to an appeal, even though it’s not going to change anything in the end?

    I think the Bar would be hearing about that in short order and disciplinary action would be taken against said Judge.

  6. chuck says:

    So, the goal would be Jury Nulification by way of voir dire in LA County.

    Power to the People!! Aux Barricades!!

    It will work. Especially in LA.

    Chris Dorner’s fans are everywhere on social media.


    The support for a murdering, narcissistic, violent African American in social media, is the newest facilitation of a segue into the incessant glorification of a failed sub culture that consistantly produces bodies stacked like firewood exsanguinating into urban gutters all over America.

    The accelerating, desultory, downward cultural shift , accompanying the transgenerational demands of the ever increasing Roman Mob, steeped in a weltanschauung hive mentality of entitlement and identity politics gives way for racial propaganda of the deed. Those blood crimes can and will be forgiven by the Main Stream Media over the dead bodies of the victims and the moribund body of a now dystopian Thunder Dome America.

    Put the much maligned American Judeo/Christian ethos on trial. 2nd party the blame for the crimes. Mitigate by way of straw man arguments and red herrings the deaths of the victims and in fact draw falacious straight line references from the victims to the protagonist, who, left with no choice, heroically suffers for his noble deeds. A utilitarian man of action, who when faced with injustice, shoulders the people’s crucible and offers himself on an egalitarian altar in the hopes that the tyrants will some day be vanquished!

    Like I said, a reduced sentence, the apotheosis of a new American hero (With subsequent book deals, a movie by Tarantino with Jamie Fox as Dorner, which, in a celluloid pentecost, can be relived on video, again and again.) who will stand as a guidon to future generations of heros who slaughter more and more in the name of the revolution.

    Yeah, it will work counselor.

    The jurors you will need to aquire will be the usual reprobates with the IQ of Flipper Babies and a prediliction for government cheese needed during frequent adjournments required during trial for cell phone calls to “Boos” and baby daddy/mommas.

    The DA, if he has any sense, will plea it down to a misdemeanor.

    The denial of moral agency to selected groups based on the fear of social stigma, is a growing phenomena, which increases with the growth of social media and demographic change.

    “We the jury, don’t find the defendent innocent, but he is just so f*ckin cool, we can’t find him guilty either. So, instead of hanging the defendent, we will hang the “System” that produced this hero. Sir, you are free to go!”

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Chuckster, a good friend of ours, also an attorney, had coffee with us two weeks ago to give us some news. She’s leaving her law pratice within the next 5 years! She was a Masters level nurse, and later in life wanted to get her JD. And she did, at KU, top of her class. She’s practiced for a number of years now and said she can no longer take the lack of justice in the justice system!

      She said the things she sees happen daily is just too much for her. It has so little to do with right and wrong, legal or illegal and everything to do with how much money you have to put of a defense or your ability to work the system. And, dont get it wrong, she’s been on both sides of that. Shes defended multiple people who she “got off”, frankly, because shes a better attorney than whoever the DA’s office sent out against her! Shes not doing this because shes LOST too much, its because shes WON too many times when she knew she shouldn’t have.

      Same with a close friend of mine in LA. He left his criminal defense firm and went into corporate law for the same reason. Its said, but thats where we live today.

      • the dude says:

        Spot on Paul, jutice in this day and age depends on what counsel you can afford and what amount of the truth they can bury in discovery. In other words, jutice has nothing to do with justice.

      • harley says:

        more copouts and excuses from the old crowd on kcc…

        everything on earth for chuckles the clown goesto the
        heart of his vile racist views. As they said on tonykc
        the guy hates blacks and even the pillsbury bake off
        would have racist connotations to our friend chuck.
        as for wilson…his copout story of his friend the lady
        lawyer and his buddy who left criminal law for corporate
        truth is wilson thats not unusual in the legal field
        tdoay. They’re dropping like flies. The criminals have no
        money any more..so criminal attroneys except those that
        deal with white collar are leaving the business. No more
        pimps and whores for them. The money’s in corporate
        law…the big bucks…because the corpoartions have the
        billions in profits to fight everything and anything and to
        use that big billions to influence the justice.
        If that lady’s worried about justice..tell her to read the
        wall street justice. When the wall street gangsters steal
        billions and get no time while the kid who robbed
        a 7-11 for $50 get 5 years…thats the real problem.
        All this continued woe is me crap is so freaking old and
        outdated about the systme.
        the system is cooked..and rigged. If these so called
        barristers are so concerned with justice they’d stay in
        the criminal courts where the money is lean.
        These lawyers aren’t afraid of justice..they’re seeing their
        ranks swell and the money getting slimmer and slmmier.
        I know that now companies are getting companies attornys
        overseas to do the work at $70-$90 an hour..most of the
        work is paperwork…there’s no real lawyering anymore..
        just shuffle all the papers and the b.s. and charge the poor
        and the rich whatever you can get.
        Don’t feel sorry for the lawyers!!!!!! The personal injury guys
        are bitching too…the insurance companies aren’t paying them
        the big bucks…they can’t slide those easy cases thru the
        system and the insurance companies make them work for
        the settlements. and the juries aren’t awarding the big
        money anymore.
        The criminal guys…well who’s left the represent. The goverment lets the big guys off the hook so all thats
        left are the small time crooks on the street and they can’t
        pay the $300-$400 an hour…
        justice? since when was there justice wilson?
        when was justice mettled out fairly. Never…the rich
        get the breaks and the rest get shafted.
        The wall street guys get off and a kid 22 years old pays
        more money for a single dui in kansas than the guy who
        ran off with 100 million cash.
        And chuckles…your gig is so old you need to get off the
        lazy boy and get a life. For god sake…everything in the
        world is not blackand white.
        Where were you when the economy crashed by some
        white guys in suits. Not a peep.
        Your racist old southern hate and vilecomments are so
        old even the readers of tonyskc have caught on quickly
        to what you spew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          You know, Harley, you don’t know my friend OR her heart OR her motives. Shes MENSA level smart and making a life decision. It’s not yours to judge her, or why, OR tell me its a cop out from another old guy. I’m just trying to relay the story of a friend of mine, a good and decent person.

          News Flash, she’s not changing for money, she makes a lot more than you, but is moving into a new career, getting her third Masters and going to start her own company that PERTAINS to what she’s doing today but where she thinks she will do MORE GOOD and be more effective for clients! And, by the way, at a fraction of what she’s making today.

          Can’t you give it a rest and let someone do what they feel in their heart is the right thing for them? YOUR ACT is old; you have the same cut downs, the same ridicule for everyone on here. THAT… is what’s getting OLD. I’m not spewing racist views, I commented on a story that Whinery wrote and explained the perspective of a close friend, who has a much fatter balance sheet, morally, personally, financially that you ever will.

          Give it a break. I don’t need YOUR assessment of what all is wrong with my FRIEND. Go sell crazy somewhere else; we’re all stocked up here.

          Keep it up, I’m going to out your ass on here just for fun! I don’t care how many attorneys you have! For once can’t you just let it lay? I wasn’t addressing you, I don’t need your critical assessment of my my friends decisions are, what you think her motivations are or how stupid SHE is, from your point of view. She’s doing what she wants to do for her reasons. Isn’t that what you’ve done with your life.

          Just lay off. She’s still got a file with your name on it on her desk and she’s in business for 3 or 4 more years. I thought you’re version of truce was to shut the hell up if you weren’t addressed? You weren’t addressed.

          • harley says:

            that is whats happeningin the industry..
            i wish her luck..but you said she had
            problems withthe wayjustice/law is
            headed…shes very right…obviously
            she’s bright…but overall the legal/justice
            field is changing..
            there were no attcks against your friend
            or you…just pointing out that the entire
            justice/criiiiiiiiiiiiiinal /legal system is
            falling apart.
            however..i do have problems with chucks
            racist views..
            sorry if you thought i offended anyone..
            not intended..
            the world is crumbling around us..
            hopefully your friend will use her skills
            to solve problems…
            take care…

          • harley says:

            you attroney friend is a very very
            good one..met her…
            don[t blame her for leaving field..many
            are…the hours…the stress…and the
            money is not what it once was…
            wish her good luck for me..
            i think she helped out a friend of mine
            in family court.
            good day.

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Harley, knock it off. You DIDN’T meet my attorney friend (she has your full name and background, if she met you, trust me, she’d know it), shes NOT your “cousin”, shes not related to anyone at Mannys Bail Bonds and she didn’t represent your friend.
            I’m just way tired of no one being able to offer an opinion without the always right, 100% of the time HARLEY telling them how they are full of crap and YOU are the only one with the right answer.

            If you don’t have something constructive to add to the conversation, save us all the time and just take a pass on commenting. That way, we dont have to guess at what you meant to say, what the words really mean once we pick various spelling options you could have intended, and we don’t have to get one more offer for your next, upcoming report on what ever industry you are currently the expert in.

            I know youre busy inventing the next sure thing but we are weeks late on all your other promised reports on what is going to happen when and to whom. I think it was entertainment, then something about the economy and a half dozen other tomes you were going to publish.

            Everyone would like to be able to express an opinion here, even if it doesnt agree with yours and let it go at that. Your entitled you your own opinion, just NOT your own “facts”.

            Oh! And most of all, when someone uses a fake name on here, don’t be so GD fast to hang it on me or anyone else….. unless you KNOW. I think you’re well aware, anything I want to say here or anywhere ELSE…. Im perfectly capable of doing as myself, using my real name, or I wouldnt be here that way in the first place.

      • chuck says:

        Interesting stuff Paul.

        A quick burn out.

  7. Blaster99 says:

    If O’bamma had a son, he would look like Dorner! Not like Treyvone!

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    These questions would be the cornerstones of my defense.

    Well those questions would be disallowed as irrelevant, your client would be convicted and would be sentenced to death (as California has the death penalty again).

    The best defense would be a diminished capacity defense relying on a PTSD diagnosis from his tour(s).

    You would not win on an insanity defense as California uses the M’Naughton test and writing a moral screed about getting revenge on the people who wronged you tends to prove you know the difference between right and wrong and the nature and quality of your act.

    Whinery, proving once again that Washburn is a tier IV law school.

    • harley says:

      don’t know about that sir…i knew the dean of that school…
      and he and his son were very very capable barrister
      however balboni does know his legal stuff…
      and since whiney has been wrong on almost every major issue
      since 2011 i’ve got to say that if i need a great attorney i might
      have to go with balboni.
      by the way baldoni…whats your hourly rate. $!75? $250? do you
      do personal injury?

  9. harley says:

    justice…lets not forget the thousands of innocent people who are now
    being foujd innocent of crimes now that we have dna testing..
    119 in texas…and one very famous guilty guy from kc is about to
    be let go…harley told you first…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    wilson tell your law buddies this whole thing goes both ways…
    if you need more info i’ve got it…

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, Harley, if I need more info, you’ll be my first stop!

      (Im just an old broke dick, useless has been loser, who is now down, rock bottom, got nothin and can’t find his way back up… not a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of, thanks so much for caring about me…Im too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel. I clearly need all the help I can get to be a fraction of what I once was….almost all hope is lost. I may forever be a has been. Wheres my gun, I just can’t take it any more.)


      • harley says:

        thanks wilson…glad you’re back on the site again.
        i noticed you did not sign up for my literary works
        that are about to come out…please sign up at
        We’re approaching 400 subscribers and i’m sure it
        will interest you.
        Thanks for the compliments.
        Like others on this site..you’ve shown your appreciation
        for my insightful and honest explanations of the current
        state of affairs not only in business but in government
        and industry.
        I hope that if you have any questions that you address
        them to my site given above.
        From the response of readers and followers I can honestyly
        say that I’m humbled that people like yourself depend
        on me for pertinent information about topics like the
        state of the legal field.
        I look forward to more conversations with you and your
        family in the future.
        again…thanks for the compllment that you’re using me
        as a main source of information..
        good luck in the future..
        your friend

        oh yeah…i also should soon beannouncing a new
        format for signing up for the newsleter. I’ve been
        receiving many positive responses and am now
        considering adding a weekly sports paper with analysis
        by such numbers guys like nate silver who now is delving
        into the numbers and betting areas.
        i ‘m sure you did notice that i did pick the ravens to win
        the super bowl when all the pundits and experts including
        the nfl today stafrf picked san fran….again…harley is right!!!!!

        • harley says:

          i’ve always been a major supporter of the down and
          out in kc.
          Ihave worked with city union mission…slavation army…
          restart…and have seen many people who were down
          on their luck make an incredible comback in life
          and become successful again despite great odds.
          again..if you need any personal/financial/business/legal
          advicevi’m free to help you in any way possible. My
          legal background is limited but i have worked extensivelywith some of he top lawyers in kc and
          across the nation. If you have any questions email
          me at law4life1000@yahoo.com and if i can’t handle
          the question i can refer you to somone who has tremendous experience in the area you are worried about.
          I have many contacts withbkey people and
          vip’s in this city that can help you.
          feel free to contact me…i would love to help you
          in any way possible.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          In case you missed the intent of my response, which you clearly did;

          The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        In case you missed the intent of my response, which you clearly did;

        The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

        • harley says:

          no problem wilson…but again..i know what you’re
          going thru…\fi ktheres any thing i can do to help you please
          contact me at law4life1000@yahoo.com.
          I’m sure you could use some sound advice about
          business and financial matters and with my
          cirucle of contact i’m sure we can help you.
          There are other sharp people on here also
          I’m sure glaze might have some ideas on business
          to help you.
          Super dave can offer advice on housing and finances.
          Whinery can provide some much needed help with
          your legal affairs ata redcued fee..
          and i am alwasy available to answer your questions
          so you can get on the right track again.
          good luck…we’re all pulling for you…and again if you
          need some sound advice you can always count
          on the people at kcc. I have given my take on several
          fronts for people on my subscriber list and it’s
          help them out of some pretty big jams.
          good luck with whatever path you take…
          there’s also some counseling available online that
          you might want to consider. Or i know people who
          have listened to dave ramsey on 710 am and have
          had some good sound advice given to them.
          your good friend

          • paulwilsonkc says:

            Don’t give up your day job.

          • harley says:

            no problem wilson…
            i would never quit my day job..
            you’ve seen my huge house…checked me out..
            run my name…you’ve seen me…you know
            that i’m successful at what i do so why would i ever quit my day job. No way jose!
            Or the new project i’m working on…going
            coast to coast…i love it!!!!!
            or the charity programs i’m doing..
            or writing for major websites..
            i won’t quit my day job..i won’t quit any job..
            i’m not a quitter..i never give up…and when
            i was down in life…i raised myself back up.
            Never sat and made excuses..thats for
            just felt bad for someone and offered to
            help….no big deal!!!!!!
            have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. DSW-ESQ. says:

    There are two venues to fight a case like Dorner’s – public opinion & the courtroom- both will have to be taken into account to provide a proper defense…

  11. smartman says:

    Bottom line is the bottom line. If Dorner gets his day in court and gets the jury nullification prize it will open up a torrent of litigation against the LAPD that would most likely BK the city. Not a good prospect for either the city or the State as both are slowly sliding down that lofty Malibu perch into the Pacific.

  12. DSW-ESQ. says:

    Would take my chances concerning the first comment on trial publicity- particularly if I negotiated his surrender to the authorities- in the interests of public safety-

  13. DSW-ESQ. says:

    Get the Hefty Bags ready!

  14. balbonis moleskine says:

    I think its been a while since they stung anyone on a borderline 3.6 issue. And there is an exception for countering leaked info that may poison jury pools.

    In my limited experience, “this whole system is guilty” never works as well as it could though. I dont think lapd robin hood is getting out of this alive.

    • the dude says:

      It is hard to attempt to bring a dead man full of holes in him to trial.
      My money is he never makes it to court.

  15. chuck says:

    Big, big UPS to the LAPD!!!


    I’m gettin that Chris Matthews “Thrill up my leg.”

    • the dude says:

      What did I say Chuck? This dude was never gonna make it to court, he must have had some dirt on someone high up or something. Something didn’t pass the smell test when I heard about this whole ordeal. When the cops are so trigger happy to shoot up innocent people that fit the ‘black man’ description I gotta call foul.

      They know that when they sned tear gas into buildings the chances of starting a fire are very great, that is why they do it. Smoke them out, literally with fire.

      One thing is for sure- we will never know this man’s story because dead men tell no tales.

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