Sounds Good: Victor Wooten@Knuckleheads, Jason Boland@Granada

Lady-Gaga-lady-gaga-4745963-1688-2560After a week that included stadium style shows from the likes of Lady Gaga and Kid Rock, this weekend offers up some real music, devoid of shtick, flair, and spectacle.

Though to be fair, it would be kind of cool to see Victor Wooten take the stage in a meat suit.  Or anyone for that matter.  But I digress.

To the pickmobile!


Friday, February 8th

Victor Wooten at Knuckleheads in KC

This bass guitar virtuoso has been swinging through town a couple times of year lately, but I don’t recall him at Knuckleheads.  Should be a funky show as he’s bringing with him a handful of pros to fill out his world music catalog.  He’s touring on his most recent dual album release, a couple records that feature the same songs, but one with all female vocals, and the other all instrumental and jammy.


Jason Boland and the Stragglers at the Granada in Lawrence

This reddish dirt guy is another frequent visitor to the KC area, and probably many other areas since he basically never stops touring.  He’s country alright, but it’s far from the Nashville kind.  You will probably never hear a Boland song on the radio unless it’s an insurgent country hour or something.  But he’s been doing his thing for long enough to be truly established in the world of outlaw country.  His fans are diehards, and they show up in force, seeking out whiskey, women, and a good ol’ hoot.



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