Jack Goes Confidential: Melissa McCarthy Strikes Again—Well Sort Of

Identity_Thief_PosterHollywood’s advance tracking indicates there’s a strong interest in IDENTITY THIEF

If one can believe such stats then this laffer is hit-bound.

What we’ve got here is a road trip comedy about regular guy Denver businessman Jason Bateman who’s forced to take extreme measures to clear his name after his identity is stolen.

The thief is Melissa McCarthy who’s living the high life in Miami.
The I.D. she’s using to finance her excesses reads “Sandy Bigelow Patterson,” which, after all, would work for either a man or woman.

In this case Bateman’s character is the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson and his credit, finances and new job are now imploding.

Time to take matters into his own hands.

Desperately trying to get his name back, Bateman heads 2,000 miles south to hunt down the con artist before his world blows up completely.
His plan is to bring her back to Denver to straighten things out with the law, his new employer and the family.

So far. So good.

But when Bateman meets up with McCarthy it’s hell to pay—mostly for him. He coaxs, bribes, wrangles and is left with plenty of bruises for his efforts.

Identity ThiefThe return drive from Miami via St. Louis to Denver is a disaster. And that’s putting it mildly, considering both actors performed most of their own stunts.

The problem with the film is that while it opens strong enough, it loses steam as it progresses. And its second act becomes ever more predictable and drawn out.

With a running time of just shy of two hours, it would’ve played much better had it been sufficiently trimmed.

The supporting cast of Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau, Morris Chestnut and Robert Patrick are more than adequate.

But it’s KCK native Eric Stonestreet who almost steals the movie in a funny, raunchy role.

Bottom line: Following McCarthy’s breakout performance in BRIDESMAIDS, expectations here are high, but this is NO Bridesmaids!

So keep your expectation level in check and you’ll enjoy IDENTITY THIEF.

As to its rating…

For TV’s Mike and Molly crowd it should raise 3 out of 5 fingers/
2-1/2 for everyone else.

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9 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Melissa McCarthy Strikes Again—Well Sort Of

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    you are on comedy probation ever since you gave a glowing review to The Dictator. Looks like a piratebay dvdrip special to me.

  2. chuck says:

    I laughed my azz off at the trailers.

    Justin Bateman cracks me up in everything he does. He has that “Jadedcausticeveryman” schtick down pat.

    Remember the movie “The Ex”? Bateman sheds his usual role and is a guy in a wheel chair. OMG, when Ray Romano pushes him down the stairs I got sick from laughing. The story line, the situation and the build up to that point, with the subsequent fall in that wheel chair is as hard as I have laughed in a long time.

    Anyway, I never miss Bateman in anything.


  3. smartman says:

    Sorry Chuck but the trailer was PAINFUL. Jason Bateman needs to learn to so NO! He’s headed into Adam Sandler territory. Melissa McCarthy makes me consider being gay.

  4. jack p. says:

    Hey smartman, better get ready to bend over. Almost 50 people were turned away at our screening and I think this flick is going to do well.

  5. jack p. says:

    p.s.– Seeing Melissa McCarthy stuffed in a Fiat 500 is priceless. Hearne will love it.
    Then again I could have misten her for Jason Bateman in the mini.

  6. smartman says:

    To Jack and Chuck;

    To each his own. I have NEVER been one to follow the crowd.
    I thought Bridesmaids was awful and that anyone involved in the making of that movie should be executed.

    Just think what Melissa McCarthy looks like naked and then having to service that.Gives new meaning to Skynrd’s “That Smell”

    Best flick I saw recently Silver Linings Playbook. Worst, Stand Up Guys.

    Stay Calm and Carry On. Smarty’s Movie Reviews will return next week.

    • chuck says:

      With no diss to Jack, ya gotta check out Debbie Schlussel’s movie reviews. This is her url.


      It is amazing how grouchy she is. I love that about her. Her reviews will be posted later today or early tomorrow. She does three a week and it is hilarious how pissed off she gets. Most of the time she has good reason imo. but she never fails to give ya a different perspective.

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